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Rhein-Ruhr 2002 Deluxe Upgrade Now Available

Last updated Tue, 22 Apr 2014 13:42:28 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 18 Aug 2003 21:11:15 GMT

Just released by Reiffer Bros. and Gruterich Software is an update for Rhein-Ruhr 2002 Deluxe scenery to make it compatible with FS2004. For details, click on Read More.

A free upgrade that will make Rhein-Ruhr 2002 deluXE fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight. Except for customized AI traffic, which will be supported later, registered users will be able to use the scenery add-on with the new simulator. 

Demonstration of the buildings included.

Demonstration of the buildings included.

The photo-realistic scenery add-on has been exclusively designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Take off from any of the included airfields of Essen-Mulheim, Dinslaken-Schwarze Heide and Marl-Loemuhle to discover picturesque valleys and lakes, medieval buildings and industrial sites from the 20th century.

The following modifications have been introduced:

  • taxiway guidance lines at all airfields
  • VASI bars at Essen-Mulheim (although they are rarely operated)
  • AI traffic, which has replaced the static planes.

The AI traffic pack will be available as a separate update from their website. The static airplanes included in Rhein-Ruhr 2000 were licenced to Simaviator and could therefore not be added to our new version. However, the AI traffic pack will soon bring the airfields back to life, more stunning than ever.

The saturation of these textures were carefully adapted to the surrounding FS2002 landscape in order to avoid a visible border line. Although some simmers were in favour of the more colourful version as shown in Rhein-Ruhr 2000 1st edition, the paler design comes indeed much closer to the dusty look of the Rhine-Ruhr area.

Rhein-Ruhr 2002 deluXE is compatible with all scenery add-ons which do not interfere with the Rhein-Ruhr region itself, by the use of mesh or flatten instructions for instance. Rhein-Ruhr 2002 deluXE will perfectly work with the German Airports series and the latest German VFR sceneries covering southern Germany.

The area has been recreated in high detail using topographic maps. Furthermore highlights as for example a completely new version of Rhein-Ruhr 2002 Deluxe, the highly detailed OWL2005-Scenery and Cologne city are included! For those of you who currently own the Rhein-Ruhr scenery, you will be glad to know that a free upgrade to make it compatible with FS2004 is now available. Martin Reiffer goes onto say: "Except for customized AI traffic, which will be supported later, registered users will be able to use the scenery add-on with the new FS2004". To download the free upgrade visit the website to download.

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