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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Scott AFB/Mid America Airport, Illinois (IL). Scott AFB is home to the 375th Airlift Wing and the 126th Air Refueling Wing associated with the Illinois ANG. Screenshot of Scott AFB/Mid America scenery. The 375th Airlift Wing operates the C-9 Nightingale aircraft providing medical support throughout the continental US. The 126th ARW operates the KC-135 aircraft providing refueling operations for the reserves and active duty forces. The civilian side of the airport, Mid America,...

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KBUF, Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport, New York (NY). By Daniel Wojdylo. Screenshot of Buffalo Niagara Int'l scenery. Installation: Place file in your Flight Simulator 9/Addon scenery/Scenery Folder. Restart your FS. ...

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PAKT, Ketchikan Int'l Airport, Alaska (AK). Overview of Ketchikan Inernational Airport. Having lived in Ketchikan for 2 years, I wanted a more realistic depiction of the parking areas there. I hope to modify more Alaska Airports as time permits. The AI aircraft now will back taxi for runway 11 for winds. Installation: Just drop the BGL file into your addon scenery folder in FS9 and you will be all set. If you don't like it just remove it and your original airport...

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LSZR, Saint Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Switzerland, for use with German Airports 1 commercial scenery. By Johan van Hensbergen. I have used Lee Swordy's AFCAD2 (2.04) to adjust the taxiway's, parkings and Runway to match St.Gallen-Althenrhein Airport from German Airports 1. St.Gallen-Althenrhein Airport installed under FS2004 causes the AI traffic to taxi besides the taxiways as the default and add-on do not match. I have removed the default parking positions and have added new...

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LTBA, Ataturk/Yesilkov Int'l Airport, Turkey. ...

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Norway AFCAD2 Files V1

AFCAD2 files for the add-on scenery Norwegian Airports version 8, update 9 (NORWAY8A.ZIP). By Anthony Dyer. Version 1 contains the busiest commercial airports that exist in Norway. These airports are for the cities of: Oslo Bergen Stavanger Trondheim Torp Bodo Tromso Kristiansand Installation: Add the AFCAD files to your Norwegian airports scenery folder or usual ADCAD scenery folder. Remove the static aircraft that exist in this addon scenery. To do this...

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Norway AFCAD2 Files V2

AFCAD2 files for the add-on scenery Norwegian Airports version 8, update 9 (NORWAY8A.ZIP). By Anthony Dyer. Version 2 includes: ENAL ENAT ENBO ENBR ENCN ENGM ENHD ENKB ENKR ENTC ENVA ENZV ...

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Tanzania AFCAD2

This file adds parking areas and gates to the following Tanzanian airports: Pemba (Chake Chake) Dar-Es-Salaam (Dar-Es-Salaam Intl) Dodoma Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro Intl) Zanzibar (Kisauni) Musoma (Warning: Dirt Runway) Mwanza Tabora This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work properly with addon scenery. This is not intended to be an accurate representation...

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TJSJ, San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, Puerto Rico. By Jesse Elliott. Extract the BGL file to your Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Load flightsim and your all set! Bottom line is, Microsoft messed this one up, on both the default AFCAD and on the actual terminals. So I've done the best to deal with the default scenery. Also a note: I could not find a diagram beyond American Airline's website (only terminal D) and Spirit's (only where Spirit parks). Everything...

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Comoros AFCAD2

This file adds more parking to two airports in the Comoros Islands, off the coast of East Africa, near Madagascar. Both airports are in the main city, Moroni. Iconi Prince Said Ibrahim This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work properly with addon scenery. This is not intended to be an accurate representation of the taxiing/parking layout at this airport, however it...

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ERAU AI Traffic

Adds Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Cessna 172 traffic to Daytona Beach Int'l and local airports. Includes both IFR and VFR training flights. You must have ERAU_172.ZIP file in order to see ERAU traffic. By Scott Medeiros. A fleet of Cessna 172's on the ground. ...

File size: 104.16 KB | Download hits: 84

AFCAD2 Files For Jamaica

Includes five airports: MKBS, MKJP, MKJS, MKNG, MKTP. By Martin Erinin. Just put to FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery then go to AFCAD.2 open airport the from File > Open. Then FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery/XX. Happy flying! ...

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AFCAD2 Control Tower Views

Control Tower Views for Los Angeles (KLAX), Atlanta (KATL) and Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW). Instructions to update AFCAD2 files for control tower views. By Ray Smith. Lee Swordy's wonderful Afcad_204 is required. To Install: Open up your airport afcad for KATL or KLAX or KDFW, at the menu click on Insert > Tower Viewpoint. At the Tower Viewpoint Properties window enter the following data: For KATL: Latitude: N33* 38.4532' Longitude: W84* 25.3051' Elevation(ftASL)...

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EDDK, Konrad Adenauer Airport, Koln-Bonn, Germany. ...

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KROC, Greater Rochester International Airport, New York. Gates and taxiways for the default FS2004 scenery. Adds correct gates, cargo area, GA and military parking. Installation: Simply copy the AF2_KROC.bgl into ...Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery. That's it! To uninstall, simply delete this file from the directory. This file works very well with Project AI and UT. If you do not have Project AI installed, however, the default FS2004 aircraft will still land and park at gates...

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NZPM, Palmerston North Airport, New Zealand. Set up to use assigned parking_code and parking_type. AF2_NZPM_tjb.bgl: is designed to work with the default scenery of Palmerston North airport. It has been substituted to an extent to work with the original scenery & improve the Ai movements. By Terry Booth. Overview of NZPM, Palmerston North Airport. Installation: Extract the BGL file to FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Note: This AFCAD file has been setup to use...

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UHWW, Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok, Russia. These gates are formatted to give traffic and color to the airport, and do not reflect authenticity. By Mike Pearson. Overview of Knevichi Airport. Created with Lee Swordy's new AFCAD2. Enjoy! ...

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UTAK, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan. ...

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EBBR, Brussels National Airport, Belgium, for Robert Buysen 's scenery (EBBR2002.ZIP). By Christophe Modave. Installation: Just unzip the BGL file in your FS DirectoryAddon SceneryScenery and launch FS2004. Thanks to Lee Swordy for his excellent AFCAD 2. ...

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KATL, William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, Georgia (GA). By Richard Mohammed. Simply copy and paste the file into your Addon Scenery/Scenery Folder. Enjoy! ...

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