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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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AFCAD2 Files For Italian Airports

Includes most airports in Italy: LIRF (Rome, Fiumicino) LIMC (Milan, Malpensa) LIML (Milan, Linate) LIRN (Naples, Capodichino) LIRA (Rome, Ciampino) LIRP (Pisa, San Giusto) LIPZ (Venice, Tessera) LIPR (Rimini, Mil) LIBR (Brindisi, Casale Mil) LIMF (Turin, Caselle) LIPE (Bologna, Borgo Panigale) LIMJ (Genoa, Sestri) LIME (Bergamo, Orio Al Serio) LIPX (Verona, Villafranca) LICJ (Palermo, Punta Raisi) LICC (Catania, Fontanarossa) LIEE (Cagliari, Elmas) LIPY...

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AFCAD2 Files For Narita

Narita (RJAA) and Haneda (RJTT) airports in Japan. These files are based on the default airports. Some of the gates have been assigned specific airlines. By J. Shephard. Installation: Just drop in to FS2004Addon SceneryScenery folder and then start FS2004 to see effects. ...

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KMCO UpdatePatch

KMCO, Orlando International Airport, Florida (FL) for use with Simflyers scenery. By John Kramer. Using airline names and aircraft radius. This is an update. Corrected AAL to handle the MD80s. Installation: Unzip into addon sceneryscenery. ...

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KTUL, Tulsa Int'l Airport, Oklahoma (OK). Increases the number of gates and features accurate gate numbers, real world airline assignments, correct GA parking and accurate cargo areas. By Kenneth Weik. Special thanks: Danny Fritsche for providing me with all of the info and testing I needed. Installation: Copy the KTUL.bgl file to your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it! To uninstall, just delete KTUL.bgl in your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

File size: 9.18 KB | Download hits: 33

Mozambique AFCAD2

This file provides some more parking at six airports in Mozambique, it does not fit gates to their real life airlines. By Leo Pardon. Beira Lichinga Maputo Nampula Quelimane Vilankulo This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work properly with addon scenery. This is not intended to be an accurate representation of the taxiing/parking layout at this airport,...

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AFCAD2 Military Parking

Pope, MacDill and Seymour Johnson AFB. By Dave O'Brien. Overview of MacDill Air Force Base. Add this to your airport txt file from Ttools and recompile. Airport Data: KGSB,N35* 20.36',W77* 57.63',110 KMCF,N27* 50.96',W82* 31.27',14 KPOB,N35* 10.25',W79* 00.86',217 Place the BGL's into your FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

File size: 653.37 KB | Download hits: 45


RJBB, Kansai International Airport, Japan, for use with Kazuhiro Miyazaki's scenery (KANSAI4.ZIP). Features: all gates and parking spaces are available; 41 heavy gates, 14 ramps and 12 cargo parkings; accurate gates and parking numbering, except those with letters in real life; accurate taxiway marking; cargo ramps at the southwest side; ground freq 126.2 is removed to avoid jamming the tower frequency; tower view is available. By Alan Chan. This file will only work in FS2004. Changes...

File size: 10.11 KB | Download hits: 210

AFCAD2 EDDF Two Versions

EDDF, Frankfurt-Main Airport, Germany, for use with Simflyers commercial scenery. Two versions included. Overview of Frankfurt-Main Airport. If you just want to see the gates full use the AF2_BLANK_EDDF.bgl. If you have followed the PAI parking codes/radius method please use the AF2_ASSIGNED_EDDF.bgl. Parking assignments are correct. Parking labels are correct to the scenery. Thank you Folkhart Wedel for the spread sheet. Taxiways are all labeled. Departures on 7L Arrivals on...

File size: 92.94 KB | Download hits: 44


EGCC, Manchester International Airport, UK, only for Simflyers commercial scenery. Two versions included. Overview of Manchester International Airport. Update: Added more gates to T3 to accommodate all the BA flights. Added all the correct parking codes correct from October this year. Tweak a couple of the taxiways. You will find 2 AFCADS in this zip. If you just want to see the gates full use the AF2_BLANK EGCC.bgl. If you have followed the PAI parking...

File size: 70.22 KB | Download hits: 22


KLAS, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Nevada (NV), only for use with Simflyers commercial scenery. All parking is accurate per McCarran website. All parking is coded per parking standards stated on PAI website. If you have issues with floating aircraft, there are two things you can do. Comment out the flatten switch inside the scenery.cfg file for the scenery (this may cause problems with uneven runways and taxiways). Deal with it until SimFlyers comes out with an update for the...

File size: 16.65 KB | Download hits: 19

Default LAX

LAX, Los Angeles Int'l Airport, California (CA). By Jesse Elliott. This AFCAD does it's best to handle the scrunched parking spaces in the default LAX. It was done as accurately as possible and requires that you set your parking_code and parking_type correctly in the aircraft.cfg files. (See AFCAD readme.) Installation: Extract the BGL file to your Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Load flightsim and your all set! ...

File size: 22.97 KB | Download hits: 33


EGNM default Leeds and Bradford Airport, UK. No parking assignments. Adds some GA ramps at the flying school on the far side. Overview of Leeds and Bradford Airport. This file only works with FS9/ACOF/FS2004. You use this file at your own risk! Thanks Project AI for eventually settling on a parking method. A massive thanks to Lee Swordy for AFCAD2. Installation: Unzip the desired *.bgl file into the Addon Scenery/Scenery directory. Located in your main FS9 directory. FS...

File size: 238.58 KB | Download hits: 12


EGLL, London Heathrow Airport, UK. By Rob Payne. This file is only suitable when using UK2000 scenery with FS2004. Has been compiled using Lee Swordy's excellent AFCAD 2 program. To install, simply place the file EGLL.BGL into the scenery folder of 'Addon Scenery' within Flight Simulator 9. I have delegated airlines to various terminals as per the Heathrow website. However, whilst those airlines listed are in the correct terminals, the list of airlines is not complete. ...

File size: 19.31 KB | Download hits: 38


EHAM, Schiphol Int'l Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Includes accurate parking codes for many airlines. By Victor Nauta. Aerial view of Schiphol Int'l Airport scenery. I made the parking assignment's as realistic as possible. If You use Ai-traffic from PAI there will be no problem. However, do you use Mytraffic or some similar add-on's you should check if the parking code's of the airplanes that are used by the AI are the same as that of the PAI system....

File size: 177.06 KB | Download hits: 219

AFCAD2 Files For Iran

Includes OIII, OIKB, OIMM, OISS. ...

File size: 19.54 KB | Download hits: 49


KFLL, Florida. AFCAD2 for Michael Ruehl's Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, FL. Uses airlines parking codes to assign airlines to the correct gates. By Chris Warner. Enjoy, ...

File size: 10.16 KB | Download hits: 19


KIND, Indianapolis Int'l Airport, Indiana (IN). This file increases the gates from 10 to 40. By Kenneth Weik. This file increases the number of gates at KIND to 40. There are 10 gates by default. It includes realistic parking, a separate area for US Airways, and it has all 4 commercial terminals as well. Installation: Copy the KIND.bgl file to your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it! To uninstall, just delete KIND.blg in your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

File size: 8.69 KB | Download hits: 20


KJAC, Jackson Hole International Airport, Wyoming (WY). By Kenneth Weik. This file increases the number of gates at Jackson Hole in a realistic manner. GA on the right and commercial on the left. Installation: Copy the KJAC.bgl file to your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it! To uninstall, just delete KJAC.blg in your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

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KMDT, Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania (PA). By Kenneth Weik. This file increases the number of gates at Harrisburg from 8 to 16. It has a realistic setup with proper military, cargo, general aviation, and airline areas. Installation: Copy the KMDT.bgl file to your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. That's it! To uninstall, just delete KMDT.blg in your FS2k4/Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. ...

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LFPO, Orly Airport, Paris, France. Radius/meter/aircraft type. gate small->10m->atr42,atr72, bech gate small->15m->bae146,f70,f100 gate small->20m->a318,a319,a320,a321,all 737,md80 gate medium->35m->757,767(except -400),a330(except -300),a300,a310 gate heavy->45m->a330-300,767-400,747,a340,777,md-11,dc10 ramp ga small->15m ramp ga medium->30m ramp ga heavy->45m ...

File size: 13.88 KB | Download hits: 23