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FSX Military Aircraft

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NASA Martin WB-57FComplete with Base Model

NASA Martin WB-57F Canberra for AI. Features the two aircraft operating from Ellington Field Houston, plus the earlier paint scheme. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of NASA Martin WB-57F in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Martin WB-57F_26_AI sim=JY_Canberra_AI model=WB57F_26 panel= sound= texture=WB57F_26 checklists= description=AI ui_manufacturer=Martin AI ui_type=Canberra B-57 ui_variation=WB57F 26...

File size: 4.40 MB | Download hits: 1053

Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

The Ralf Kreibichs FS2004 Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle updated by reworking the panel config file; with 90 percent kept original. Also adds texture thumbnails and HJG's CV990a smoke effects. No VC panel. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle in flight. Just copy the three files into your main FSX directory. It's just that simple. You will need to start the engines (CTRL+E). ...

File size: 51.07 MB | Download hits: 1008

USAF RQ-1A Predator UAVComplete with Base Model

Updated for FSX, USAF RQ1A Predator UAV, v1.0. Hard working unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) the General Atomics RQ-1 can collect and transmit data without endangering any aircrews' lives. Original model by Tim Conrad updated and repainted in Air Force colors for FSX. By David Robles. Screenshot of USAF RQ-1A Predator UAV on the ground. Copy rq-1_uav_FSX folder, and place in FSX usually located in the following: C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator...

File size: 1.77 MB | Download hits: 6995

Royal Navy Hawker Hunter T8MComplete with Base Model

The three aircraft of 899 Sqn RNAS Yeovilton, circa 1991. Ground support equipment and braking parachutes included. Can be added to ACG_HUNTERS_RN_X.ZIP (various other RN AI Hunters). By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of Royal Navy Hawker Hunter T8M's on the ground.   ...

File size: 2.77 MB | Download hits: 526

Acceleration Boeing/BAE T-45C Goshawk V2.25Complete with Base Model

The T45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the BAE Hawk single engine jet trainer, adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self shadowing, bump mapping and hi-res textures, working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, and reasonably accurate flight model. Includes custom HUD by Jivko Rusev and Scott Printz and sound package by Serge Lsa. Designed by Dino Cattaneo. Screenshot of Acceleration Boeing/BAE T-45C Goshawk in...

File size: 81.09 MB | Download hits: 2200

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Update 1BComplete with Base Model

FSX 2012 Patch 1b for AlphSim SR-71a freeware. Screenshot of Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird in flight. After installing the original distribution from files:,,,,,, extract and substitute the files in this update for the same files in the installation, over-writing the files. Improvements: sound refinements, added fuselage wing and scrape sounds; less likely to engine stall on level 2 turbulent max...

File size: 508.75 kB | Download hits: 893

Wildcats T-33AComplete with Base Model

The Official FSX WildCats T-33A. By Jamie Munn, Easton Finger. Image of a Wildcats T-33A poster. This is a revised air file and configuration file for FSX SP2/A Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Jet Training Aircraft. This file was tweaked using Air Wrench to get the performance closer to the actual aircraft performance and to ensure that the fuel pressure and oil pressure gauges operate correctly. The aircraft buffets at 0.8 mach at sea level and you can break the plane doing...

File size: 24.66 MB | Download hits: 529

HE-CCComplete with Base Model

CC model supersonic jet fighter from flight sim aircraft manufacturer HE. Model is fully animated, including controls, control surfaces, and landing gear. Includes custom 2D panel consisting of custom XML gauges, and a basic virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. Image of HE-CC against a white...

File size: 11.71 MB | Download hits: 301

Aermacchi MB-339A PAN V.2011Complete with Base Model

This model is a complete rework of the original MB339A PAN (Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale) released some years ago with an improved visual model, and virtual cockpit. This new version of the model contains textures for a standard example of "Frecce Tricolori", the acrobatic military Italian team, with added ten different fuselage textures to choose from to make a personalized tail code example in the team. Visual model, textures and revised flight dynamics by Massimo Taccoli....

File size: 15.96 MB | Download hits: 3966

RAF BAe 146-200Complete with Base Model

Complete package. This model represents ZE708, one of two refurbished BAE 146-200's purchased by the Royal Air Force in April 2012 to supplement the transport capability of the RAF. The aircraft was originally manufactured in 1991 and passed through the hands of several airlines until 2012 when it was refurbished by BAE Systems and converted to military configuration. Package includes custom panel and VC Model, panels & FD by Premier Aircraft Design. RAF paint by Stephanie...

File size: 5.82 MB | Download hits: 2813

Acceleration Boeing/BAE T-45C Goshawk V2.21Complete with Base Model

The T45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the BAE Hawk single engine jet trainer, adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self shadowing, bump mapping and hi-res textures, working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, and reasonably accurate flight model. Includes custom HUD by Jivko Rusev and Scott Printz and sound package by Serge Lsa. Designed by Dino Cattaneo. Screenshot of T-45C Goshawk in flight. VERSION...

File size: 77.77 MB | Download hits: 1473

Lockheed C-5 GalaxyComplete with Base Model

The Kazunori Ito C5 package updated for FSX. Includes panel by Philippe Wallaert and sound pack by Christoffer Petersen. Package by Michael Roberts. Screenshot of Lockheed C-5 Galaxy in flight. Unzip all files into the aircraft panel folder. EG: C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesLOCKHEED_C5panel Panel.bmp C5.CAB Panel.cfg Important notes: This panel needs the activation of auto-throttle. Please check that...

File size: 56.68 MB | Download hits: 11387

Royal Navy Hawker Hunter Flight LinesComplete with Base Model

Flight lines for each of 738, 759, 764 RNAS and FRADU, comprising 5-11 aircraft per unit. Low polygon,7-LOD, GA11, PR11 and T8 models with ground support equipment and braking parachutes (T8). Includes paint kit. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of Royal Navy Hawker Hunter's on the ground.   ...

File size: 31.15 MB | Download hits: 842

USMC C-40A VMR-1Complete with Base Model

This is the Project Open Sky B737-700 rendered as a C40A in a fictional US Marines paint scheme. Even though the US Navy is replacing its fleet of C-9Bs with the new Boeing C-40A, the USMC has no plans in the near future to replace its two C-9Bs operated by VMR-1. So whenever it does this is perhaps what they would look like. This is the whole POSKY aircraft with a functional VC. This includes the upgraded B737 VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena. By John Detrick. Screenshot of USMC...

File size: 75.90 MB | Download hits: 682

CASA C-295M PelicanoComplete with Base Model

The EADS CASA C-295 is a twin-turboprop tactical military transport aircraft manufactured by Airbus Military in Spain. The C295 is a further development of the successful CASA CN-235 with a stretched fuselage, 50% more payload capability and new PW127G turboprop engines. The C-295 is in service with the armed forces of more than ten countries. It has been widely tested in all kinds of aerial deployments: launching SAR rafts, emergency equipment, and parachutists. This package depicts the SAR...

File size: 44.48 MB | Download hits: 1715

F/A-18 HaniMod V3Complete with Base Model

This is the third version of the modification for the default Acceleration F/A-18 Horner model. It's simply a collection of add-ons, custom flight physics, stability in carriers traps. and added manual flaps use. Includes new glass reflections and new glass HUD. Blue personalized virtual cockpit added for some airplanes. Also realistic sound and 13 textures by Ray Gagnon. A total of 26 new textures. Package by Hani Michal. Screenshot of F/A-18 flying over...

File size: 104.82 MB | Download hits: 4294

Convair B-36 PeacemakerComplete with Base Model

The B-36H Peace-Maker was an improved version of the B-36F. Screenshot of Convair B-36 Peacemaker in flight. Eighty-three H models were built. Improvements incorporated into the aircraft included a second flight engineer station, relocation of the radar equipment inside the pressurized compartment to allow for in-flight troubleshooting and repair, and an improved AN/APG-41A tail turret defensive fire control radar system. The first flight of a B-36H was on April 5, 1952....

File size: 12.05 MB | Download hits: 4708

Avro Vulcan XH558Complete with Base Model

Avro Vulcan XH558 (civil aircraft registration G-VLCN) "The Spirit Of Great Britain" is the only airworthy example of the 134 Avro Vulcan V-bombers that were operated by the Royal Air Force from 1953 until 1984. Screenshot of Avro Vulcan XH558 on the ground. Vulcan XH558 served with the RAF between 1960 and 1985 in the bomber, maritime reconnaissance and air-to-air refueling roles. The RAF operated XH558 as a display aircraft from 1986 until 1992, when budget...

File size: 27.40 MB | Download hits: 6966

I3D Rockwell B-1B Lancer UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update to make the I3D B-1B Lancer flyable in FSX. You will need the model and texture folders from the original (B1B.ZIP) by I3D design group or B1BLANCER.ZIP. This update includes a new 4:3 glass (fictitious) panel, gauges, sounds, kneeboard checklist, reference, *. air file and aircraft.cfg. It is complete except the model and liveries. There is a VC that was originally modeled, partially textured, and no clickspots, it is virtually useless. By Don...

File size: 46.31 MB | Download hits: 3613

US Air Force Boeing C-32AComplete with Base Model

Repaint of the Project Open Sky B757-200 in USAF livery, registration 90004, cn-29028/829. Complete aircraft, includes models for aircraft with winglets and without winglets but with a virtual cockpit. Textures in 32 bit no mips. Repaint by Paul Craig. Screenshot of US Air Force Boeing C-32A on the ground. Installation: First you will need to copy & paste the zip CAB files from the following FSX default aircraft panel folders into the "Posky 757-200W...

File size: 13.23 MB | Download hits: 2259


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