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FSX Military Aircraft

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Sp2(Acc) - Aermacchi MB 339AComplete with Base Model

This is the full package (aircraft panel and sound) and is only for FSX.  To make this version of the plane I started changing my MB 339PAN model designed with FSDS v2.24, which I made in collaboration with Paolo Zamparo few years ago. The original panel has been partially modified to remove only the part regarding the smoke colored for the PAN model and the old gauges not more compatible with the FSX simulator. The model has been completely revised and, in particular in the virtual cabin...

File size: 21.97 MB | Download hits: 1824

HE-AA for FSXComplete with Base Model

AA model supersonic jet fighter from Flight Sim aircraft manufacturer HE. Model is fully animated, including controls, control surfaces, landing gear and folding wings and tail. Includes custom 2D panel consisting of custom XML gauges, and a very detailed virtual cockpit. Custom XML animations and visibility conditions add to the pilot's experience. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 9.13 MB | Download hits: 438

Aermacchi M-346 MasterComplete with Base Model

Aermacchi is now developing a next-generation jet trainer designated the M-346 now named MASTER.  This program began as a joint effort with the Yakovlev organization , resulting in the construction of a demonstrator, which is now performing test flights.  In Dec/18/2008 the plane was flown at mach 1.15.  Thank you for downloading this package, we hope you'll enjoy it.This is a full package aircraft and panel for FSX or FSX plus Service Pack 1.IMPORTANTYou MUST also insert the...

File size: 4.29 MB | Download hits: 1892

Canadian Forces DeHavilland CC-115Complete with Base Model

This model depicts CC-115 s/n 115461 in United Nations peacekeeping livery. On August 9th 1974 this aircraft was shot down by Syrian SAM missiles whilst flying from Beirut to Damascus on U.N. peacekeeping duties. The aircraft was completely destroyed and the crew of 9 were all lost. As a tribute to the crew, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWH), Hamilton, Ontario has restored a derelict Buffalo to static display condition and painted it to replicate 115461 in it's U.N. livery. This...

File size: 21.10 MB | Download hits: 2137

EADS Socata TB 30 EpsilonComplete with Base Model

EADS SOCATA TB 30 Epsilon Package. The Socata TB 30 Epsilon is a light military trainer aircraft produced by Socata (then part of Aérospatiale. It is a tandem two-seater with a metal airframe. The first prototype flew on 22 December 1977. ...

File size: 7.77 MB | Download hits: 1973

Lockheed Martin F-16 Complete PackageComplete with Base Model

Complete aircraft with panel including working radar shows vAI traffic, panel VC, drag chute, and realistic F-16 sound. This package includes anything what's needed to fly this aircraft in flightsimulator. F-16A MLU M4 Fighting Falcon of the Royal Danish Air Force. The MLU M4 updates introduces a software tape enabling the aircraft to carry and deliver the latest air to ground munitions like the JDAM. In addition to the already advanced and highly capable AIM-120 AMRAAM, the super agile...

File size: 79.33 MB | Download hits: 52720

F-22A Raptor PackageComplete with Base Model

FSX F-22A Raptor Package. This Product comes with a total of eight high quality textures covering some of todays leading U.S. Air Force squadrons, such as the 'Fighting Eagles' at Langley AFB and the 'Black Widows' at Luke AFB. Virtual cockpit included. The F-22 Raptor will become the replacement for the F-15 Eagle air-superiority fighter. It combines a stealth design with highly maneuverable, supersonic (supercruise) speed, with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. Ex Iris Simulations...

File size: 16.46 MB | Download hits: 14916

Vought A-7 Corsair II PackageComplete with Base Model

Vought A-7 Corsair II Package. This is the Iris A-7 Corsair released ex payware for FS2004 and modified so it can be use in FSX. All incompatible gauges replaced by FSX XML gauges. Revised 2d panel and virtual cockpit. Thank you to iris for the wonderful model. Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier, Bourbon-Lancy, France.Multiple liveries/models: A-7 Corsair II US NAVY"Blue Diamonds""Rampagers"Naval Air Test Centre "Pax River""Blue Diamonds""Rampagers" ...

File size: 26.07 MB | Download hits: 1885

McDonnell FH-1 PhantomComplete with Base Model

The FH-1 Phantom was one of the first US Navy carrier based jets. Only about 60 were produced as it suffered from lack of power from the early axial flow jet engines. This is a FSX native project compiled with the Acceleration version of Xtomdl. It has the usual animations plus folding wings and operating tailhook. The single Landing Light is controlled by tailhook position thanks to a XML gauge created by Rob Barendregt. It has reflective glass, specular shine, bump maps and .dds...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 405

Royal Air Force C-130 HerculesComplete with Base Model

Royal Air Force C-130 C3 Package adapted for FSX.  This is the Simshed C-130 with all gauges replaced with FSX compatible gauges in both the VC and 2d panel. Now you can fly the best freeware C-130 in your FSX. Panel updates by Dannier Garnier, Bourbon-Lancy, France.  Thank you for downloading the SIMSHED Hercules.  This is my rendition of the Royal Air Force C-130 C3. Available in Grey and Green versions.I have a great time making this aircraft for MS FS2004 and hope you have as...

File size: 20.87 MB | Download hits: 14188

Piaggio PD-808GEComplete with Base Model

This is a complete simulation of the Piaggio PD-808. It includes advanced engine management, realistic systems, and some failure modeling. The model features a complete 3-D virtual cockpit,and a 2-D panel. The external model features all typical animations plus a load of custom ones. Also incluides all custom special effects, including different selectable floodlights for the virtual cockpit (by simply flicking ON the proper light switch on the cockpit itself). Plus with a fly-on-the-numbers...

File size: 14.19 MB | Download hits: 634

Fiat G46Complete with Base Model

This is a full package (aircraft and panel) for FSX Delux Edition or FSX Delux Edition plus SP1. This file works also on FS 2004, but the sound configuration might require a change. Designed by italian Ing. Giuseppe Gabrielli, the G46 was a conventional, low-wing monoplane with tailwheel gear, the main units of which retracted inward. In the Trainer version the student pilot and instructor sat in tandem under a long canopy.IMPORTANT!===========You MUST also insert the enclosed...

File size: 2.82 MB | Download hits: 445

USAF Lockheed C-5B GalaxyComplete with Base Model

FSX USAF Lockheed C-5B Galaxy, operating out of the 97th AETC/OG Altus, AFB. This is the highest flying and most powerful military cargo aircraft in the US Air Force inventory. Designed for long distance flights, and high altitude. Includes cargo and crew access doors. Flight dynamics are as "real as it gets". Designed for experienced "heavy aircraft" simmers and military buffs. By Douglas E. Trapp. ...

File size: 56.95 MB | Download hits: 8453

Boeing C-17 Cargomaster IIIComplete with Base Model

FSX Boeing C-17 Cargomaster III Intended to replace the venerable C-141, the C-17 fulfills the airlift mission like no aircraft before it. Able to lift bulky heavy loads it can operate out of airstrips that were previously reachable only by much smaller aircraft. By Mike Stone.FSX Boeing C-17 Cargomaster IIIThis aircraft was built for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. I am not sure if it will work in FS2004 but you are free to try!---> Special thanks to Mike Stone for the base...

File size: 13.56 MB | Download hits: 7112

Macchi 416Complete with Base Model

FSX Macchi 416. The Aermacchi started the production of this trainer in summer 1951 under license from Fokker, while a second production line was established at Aerfer (Naples). This model reproduces the aircraft on display in Vigna di Valle Aeronautical Museum (near Rome) and features reflective metallic skin plus full animations. The panel background has been created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some photos from official documents. ...

File size: 2.88 MB | Download hits: 340

Grumman HU-16 AlbatrossComplete with Base Model

This is a model of Greg Pepper and Micheal Verlin's  Grumman HU_16 Albatross.  Originally built for FS9, it has been reworked to fly in FSX sp1. Not tested in sp2. The 2D dash does not work in it. But the VC is fully funtional. Other tther problems still need to be fixed such as the lights do not come down out of the wings.  Unfortunately Greg Pepper is no longer with us. But Michael Velin has given me permission to Make this available again. This is freeware and is to remain...

File size: 53.78 MB | Download hits: 2280

Embraer A-29B Super TucanoComplete with Base Model

FSX SP-2 AccelerationEMBRAER A-29B SUPER TUCANOModern Brazil made trainer and light attack aircraft. FSX SP-2 model has two paint schemes, front seat VC, and selectible underwing stores. NOT tested in Vista or DX10.1)After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder.2)Copy the A-29B Folder over to your FSX Aircraft folder.3)Copy the cab.a29b  gauges file over to your FSX gauges folder.NOTAMS:The underwing stores are controlled by two switches in the VC. For the drop...

File size: 9.59 MB | Download hits: 7473

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Package for FSXComplete with Base Model

This is a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker package for FSX. Have you ever wanted to fly the SU-27, but couldn’t find one for FSX? Now you CAN find a Su-27.This SU-27 model can perform the "cobra", a manueuver that allows the pilot to take a snap missile shot at an enemy fighter above or behind him. Pressing the "I" key activates the weapons system. This package includes a Su-27 with a 2D panel. Sorry, no VC. No Russian jet collection is complete without a Su-27....

File size: 60.34 MB | Download hits: 10800

Tupolev Tu-95MS BearComplete with Base Model

TUPOLEV TU-95MS “Bear" FSX /Acceleration / XP /Tested VC / Droppable & Exploding Missile Legendary Russian nuclear bomber, one of symbols of Cold war. The example of air longevity - created in 1954 many times was modified and now stands on arms in Russia. Tu-95MS - carrier winged missiles X-55. G-max model with full animation. . Two new effects - smoke and drop missiles X-55. Panel.The in-depth manual Autor - V.Zhyhulskiy. Updated by The Nor-Cal Prop Club. ...

File size: 19.46 MB | Download hits: 6721

Canadian Forces DeHavilland DHC-5Complete with Base Model

FSX De Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo, Canadian Forces. This powerful twin turbo-prop has amazing STOL performance and is used as both a transport and a search and rescue aircraft. The rear loading ramp opens to air drop position and ground loading/unloading position. Full package for FSX, panel, VC and custom sounds. Full model animations including animated flight crew. Flying tips and html check/ref lists included. Compatible with Acceleration/SP2 By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier...

File size: 20.66 MB | Download hits: 3153


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