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FSX Military Aircraft

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Republic F-84F ThunderstreakComplete with Base Model

In 1949, a swept wing version of the F-84 Thunderjet was created with the hope of bringing performance to the level of the F-86. The Republic F84F Thunderstreak was the first American-built swept-wing turbojet fighter-bomber. At least 2711 examples of this model were ultimately produced . Deliveries began in 1954 with most going to Tactical Air Command (TAC) and NATO. Alphasim freeware. Textures by Manuele Villa, Jim Domzalski and Paul J Kellens. Seven variants included. Upgrade to FSX...

File size: 14.72 MB | Download hits: 191

Fairchild C-82 Packet With Fixed VCComplete with Base Model

The C82 Packet was a twin-engined, twin-boom cargo aircraft designed and built by Fairchild Aircraft. It was used briefly by the United States Army Air Forces and the successor United States Air Force following World War II. The aircraft was named as a tribute to the packet boats that hauled mail, passengers and freight in Europe and its colonies. This package features a VC fix as the original VC by Daisuke Yamamoto as well as the FSX update by Michael E. Roberts displayed a major graphic VC...

File size: 22.66 MB | Download hits: 411

Supermarine SwiftComplete with Base Model

The Supermarine Swift was a British single-seat jet fighter of the Royal Air Force (RAF), built by Supermarine during the 1950s. The Swift was a somewhat unsuccessful early British jet designed as an interceptor and then as a low-level recon plane, but due to numerous mechanical issues never really reached its potential. Just 197 were built before production was discontinued in favor of the Hawker Hunter. Tested in Windows 7 and 8.1. Alpha freeware, .air file and effects by Bob Chicilo,...

File size: 3.93 MB | Download hits: 218

Aermacchi MB-326 E-G-H-KComplete with Base Model

The Aermacchi or Macchi MB-326 is a light military jet aircraft designed of Italian design. This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self shadowing, bump mapping and hi-res textures, multiple liveries, working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, accurate flight model and support for Tacpack and VACMI. Fully compatible with Prepar3D v2.0. Textures by Alessandro Barbarini, flight model by Roy Holmes, sound package by Serge Luzin, additional coding and flight testing by Mario Motta....

File size: 237.89 MB | Download hits: 810

Lockheed U2SComplete with Base Model

The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed "Dragon Lady", is a single-engine, ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It provides day and night, very high-altitude (70,000 feet / 21,000 m), all-weather intelligence gathering. The U2 has also been used for electronic sensor research, satellite calibration, and communications purposes. This is the Alphasim Lockheed U2 Dragon Lady with...

File size: 16.87 MB | Download hits: 1092

US Navy E-2C 2000 HawkeyeComplete with Base Model

Grumman E-2C 2000, AB-601, USS Enterprise. Model and sound by Pierre Marchadier and Gmax Academy. Texture and FSX 2D panel by Enrique Medal. (This panel only uses FSX default gauges.) Screenshot of US Navy E-2C 2000 Hawkeye in flight. Installation: Just copy the aircraft folder to your fs aircraft folder (Airplanes folder in FSX). ...

File size: 9.35 MB | Download hits: 831

Update For The Martin MercatorComplete with Base Model

First flown in 1946, the P4M lost the competition to be the Navy's next maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft to the smaller and less expensive Lockheed P2V Neptune. Unlike the Neptune, which had its auxiliary jet engines tacked on as an afterthought on later models, the Mercator was designed as a four engined aircraft and its jets were integrated into the engine nacelles. Procured in small numbers, the Mercator had a distinguished career in the electronic reconnaissance or...

File size: 28.39 MB | Download hits: 141

T-28 Texan With Updated PanelsComplete with Base Model

The package features two different models and textures by Mark Rooks of RDG with an entirely re-worked and enhanced VC, which is based upon the olds Alphasim VC for their T28 model. Designer of the 2D panel unknown. Smoke effect has been added, too. Original model by Tim Conrad, new textures by Mark Rooks and original VC design by Alphasim. New VC and smoke effect configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of T-28 Texan in flight. Installation: In the case you already have...

File size: 16.30 MB | Download hits: 306

Grumman Avenger TBM-3WComplete with Base Model

The Eastern TBM-3W Avenger was an airborne early warning radar aircraft developed during the Second World War but that only entered service in May 1946. The TBM-3W joined the fleet in May 1946, and was soon paired with the TBM-3S in hunter-killer anti-submarine teams. The powerful radar in the -3W would be used to find a potential Soviet submarine, guiding the -3S onto its target. The -3W remained in service with the US fleet until the mid 1950. Gmax model, tested in FSX/FSX Acceleration/FS2004...

File size: 8.95 MB | Download hits: 182

US Navy North American T-28 TrojanComplete with Base Model

This is Tim Conrad's T28 Trojan modified for FSX. The T-28 was the primary trainer for many Air Force and Navy pilots. This model is painted in United States Navy colors. New flight dynamics, a new modern VC cockpit using default gauges and textures with exhaust flames effect, complete instructions for use on your own project Aircraft has a 2D and 3D panel. Includes pictures and history of the T-28 Trojan. By Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft. Screenshot of US Navy North American T-28...

File size: 20.90 MB | Download hits: 167

Convair B-58 With Updated PanelsComplete with Base Model

The package features a re-worked VC, which is now authentic to the real B58 Hustler panel. In addition, VC and 2D panels now match entirely. New VC configuration and design by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Convair B-58 in flight. Installation: If you already have my earliar update, delete it and copy the Convair B-58 Hustler folder into your FSX/ Simobjects/ aircraft directory. Copy the gauges in the gauges folder into your main FSX gauges directory (no need to...

File size: 18.59 MB | Download hits: 552

RAF Airbus A400MComplete with Base Model

This is an update of the A400M by Patrick LE Luyer and repainted by Stephen Browning. The 2D panel background has been redone so it is a bit more like the VC, and gauges have been changed and added to it so it is more user friendly. The flight dynamics have been updated so it will reach 37,000 feet, if you want to, and so it will fly at mach 0.72 at 29,000 feet and at up to 16x time compression. The rest of the wheels have been added and the contact points and lights changed as necessary. This...

File size: 27.22 MB | Download hits: 1339

North American Aviation AT-28 TrojanComplete with Base Model

This is Tim Conrad's T-28 Trojan modified For FSX. This is the AT28 version, the attack model of the T-28D trainer. It was used for Close Air Support (CAS) missions by the USAF and allied air forces in Southeast Asia. It was fitted with six underwing hardpoints and the rocket-powered Stanley Yankee ejection seat. New flight dynamics, a new modern VC cockpit using default gauges and VT-5 textures with exhaust flames effect complete instructions for use on your own project. Aircraft has a 2D...

File size: 21.58 MB | Download hits: 94

Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark With Updated PanelComplete with Base Model

This is Paul Clawson's Douglas Skyshark with an updated VC and a new 2D panel. The package features an entirely re-worked and enhanced VC with more gauges added, a new 2D panel and smoke effect. Credits go to Paul Clawson for the original model and his FSX update. New VC configuration, new 2D panel and smoke effect by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark in flight. Installation: In the case you already have this aircraft, delete it and copy my Skyshark...

File size: 52.05 MB | Download hits: 276

Fuji T-7 TrainerComplete with Base Model

In the 1990s the Defense Agency planned to procure primary training aircraft for the Air Self-Defense Force. The newly planned aircraft model was to replace the T-3 primary trainer. In 1998, the T-7, developed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), was adopted. The first of 67 Fuji T-7 primary trainers, powered by the Model 250-B17F, was delivered to the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force in 2002. The Fuji T-7 is used for basic flight training by the Air Training Command and the Air Development and...

File size: 2.45 MB | Download hits: 155

US Navy North American Aviation T-28 VT-5Complete with Base Model

This is Tim Conrad's T28 Trojan modified for FSX. The T-28 was the primary trainer for many Air Force and Navy pilots. This model is painted in United States Navy VT-5 colors. The T-28 was powered by an 800 hp Wright R-1300 with a two blade constant speed propeller. New flight dynamics, a new modern VC cockpit using default gauges and VT-5 textures with exhaust flames effect, complete instructions for use on your own project by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft. Aircraft has a 2D and 3D panel....

File size: 23.46 MB | Download hits: 224

Iris F-15 C/D/J UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the freeware Iris F-15 C/D/J. All models other than the clean ones have been eliminated. Most of the textures have been remoed so there are only three paints left. The flight dynamics have been updated, which included changing all the contact points as well as the positions of the wings, horizontal tail and the vertical tail. A trim gauge was added to the 2D cockpit, also the gear lights were added from the VC, a speed brake light, a flaps gauge, and another...

File size: 55.39 MB | Download hits: 379

Romanian Air Force IAR-93 VulturComplete with Base Model

The Avioane Craiova IAR-93 Vultur is a twin-engine, subsonic, close support, ground attack and tactical reconnaissance aircraft with secondary capability as low level interceptor. By Marco Falcao. Screenshot of Romanian Air Force IAR-93 Vultur in flight. [fltsim.0] title=IAR-93 Clean sim=IAR-93 model=2CLN panel= sound= texture=01 kb_checklists= ui_manufacturer=Avioane Craiova ui_type=IAR-93 Vultur ui_variation=Romanian Air Force Clean description=The Avioane Craiova...

File size: 17.10 MB | Download hits: 209

McDonnell FH-1 Phantom With Updated PanelComplete with Base Model

The FH1 Phantom was an American jet fighter developed by McDonnell/Douglas towards the end of WWII, whose maiden flight took place in January 1945. It was the first pure jet-powered aircraft to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. The package features both a completely re-modeled and enhanced VC and 2D panel. It also includes new smoke effect. Original model by Paul Clawson, new panel and smoke configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of McDonnell FH-1 Phantom in...

File size: 59.75 MB | Download hits: 160

Soko Galeb UpdateComplete with Base Model

The Soko Galeb was a Yugoslav jet trainer which served in the Yugoslavian Airforce for 30 years. The package features seven beautiful paints and a new VC configuration, as the original VC didn't display functional gauges. It also includes new smoke effects. Original model by Luka Midic and Goran Savic and some repaints by Djurdjev Nenad. This is the whole aircraft. New VC configuration and smoke effect configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Soko Galeb in...

File size: 11.82 MB | Download hits: 195


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