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FSX Military Aircraft

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McDonnell FH-1 Phantom With Updated PanelComplete with Base Model

The FH1 Phantom was an American jet fighter developed by McDonnell/Douglas towards the end of WWII, whose maiden flight took place in January 1945. It was the first pure jet-powered aircraft to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. The package features both a completely re-modeled and enhanced VC and 2D panel. It also includes new smoke effect. Original model by Paul Clawson, new panel and smoke configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of McDonnell FH-1 Phantom in...

File size: 59.75 MB | Download hits: 160

Soko Galeb UpdateComplete with Base Model

The Soko Galeb was a Yugoslav jet trainer which served in the Yugoslavian Airforce for 30 years. The package features seven beautiful paints and a new VC configuration, as the original VC didn't display functional gauges. It also includes new smoke effects. Original model by Luka Midic and Goran Savic and some repaints by Djurdjev Nenad. This is the whole aircraft. New VC configuration and smoke effect configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Soko Galeb in...

File size: 11.82 MB | Download hits: 213

FA-18E Super Hornet UpdatedComplete with Base Model

This is an update for the FA-18E recently posted. That file revealed problems both with the VC window being opaque and the VC cockpit view. Now one can enjoy the VC interior and the view out of the VC cockpit. This is the whole aircraft. Original model by Team FS KBT. New configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of FA-18E Super Hornet in flight. Installation: Delete your FA-18 folder (in the case you have downloaded the upload mentioned above) and copy the new folder into...

File size: 40.78 MB | Download hits: 1849

Sukhoi Su-33 FlankerComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the SU-33D Flanker. At least it was billed as the carrier version by the person who uploaded it, even though it has no seeable tail hook. There is no readme file or any other file with the download that tells who uploaded it. The flight dynamics have been updated and it has been given a second 2D panel with American type gauges so people can fly it easier than trying to learn to read meters above the ground, etc. A tail hook light has been added to each of the...

File size: 21.99 MB | Download hits: 937

MiG-25 FoxbatComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX version of the Alpha MiG 25 Foxbat. This is the second update for the aircraft. While flying it, it was noticed that it would not slow down properly from high speed to cruise speed or below. This is now fixed, plus changed the smoke effects, and made minor changes to the panel. This is the whole aircraft, you don't need any other update for this to work. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of MiG-25 Foxbat in flight. There is still one problem with the...

File size: 9.21 MB | Download hits: 656

RDAF Skrydstrup Typhoon SquadronComplete with Base Model

Royal Danish Air Force Typhoon Squadron based at Skrydstrup. For use with scenery by Jens Peter Pedersen. Original aircraft model by Nick Black. Ray Parker's F104 flight plans have been modified to fly out of Skrydstrup. They are 15 aircraft. Royal Danish Air Force Typhoon repaint by Aaron Penn. Traffic files by Aaron Penn, Martin Gossmann, Ray Parker. Screenshot of RDAF Skrydstrup Typhoon Squadron on the ground. ...

File size: 8.23 MB | Download hits: 146

German Air Force AlphajetComplete with Base Model

A full working Dassault/Dornier Alphajet with German Luftwaffe textures, Repaint by Randolph Windler. Screenshot of German Air Force Alphajet on the ground. [fltsim.XX] title=Alpha Jet GAF sim=alphajet model= panel= sound= texture=Luftwaffe checklists= kb_checklists=alphajet_check kb_reference=alphajet_ref atc_id=EAC1 atc_id_color= ui_manufacturer=Dassault/Dornier ui_type=Alpha Jet German Airforce ui_variation= GAF...

File size: 17.78 MB | Download hits: 684

Dassault Rafale A And C UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the Rafale A and C aircraft by Cyril Pioffet. Includes updated flight dynamics and modified panel. Included are two flights that include a moving carrier. The first is just after the carrier departs Norfolk, Virginia. The second is about two hours later with the carrier heading south on the ocean. These flights were included with this update because even though the aircraft does not have a visible tail hook, because the real aircraft doesn't have one, a tail...

File size: 14.94 MB | Download hits: 365

Rafale MComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the Rafale M by Cyril Pioffet. Includes updated flight dynamics from the previous update of the same aircraft, changes the original panel a bit, and adds a second panel for those who might like it better. Also includes the carrier tutorial for the Raffale as it was while trying the aircraft out in the tutorial that it was discovered how to make the view in the tutorial the same as the 2D view in free flight. This is the whole aircraft. By Bob...

File size: 15.36 MB | Download hits: 368

F/A-18 Hornet UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update the default FA-18. Includes an added 2D panel with the VC left as before. Flight dynamics have been redone and the fourth wheel added. Included is a carrier tutorial, because the 2D panel is not visually compatible with the original tutorial. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of F/A-18 Hornet on runway. Unzip to a folder of your choice. After you have renamed, or otherwise backed up your air, aircraft.cfg files and the panel folder; copy the air, and aircraft.cfg files and the...

File size: 18.02 MB | Download hits: 189

M.Dassault-Breguet Atlantic 1 V2.2Complete with Base Model

FSX M.Dassault-Breguet Atlantic 1, version 2.2, French Marine, for FSX Acceleration, DirectX9 mode. Completely reworked from the original model released many years ago and now it has an animated 3D virtual cockpit. The package contains a specific version of the Atlantic that was used by French marine in two different liveries, the old colors and the new ones. The model with the older livery carries the badge of the 24F navy squadron, the example with new livery carries that of 23F navy...

File size: 12.86 MB | Download hits: 403

M.Dassault-Breguet Atlantic 1 V2.1Complete with Base Model

M.Dassault-Breguet Atlantic 1, model version 2.1, Italian Air Force. The present aircraft model had been completely reworked with this version as regards to the original model released many years ago and it has now an animated 3D virtual cockpit. The model is painted in two different liveries of Italian Air Force examples. Enclosed two other special commemorative paint schemes. Full package includes model aircraft and main textures by Massimo Taccoli. Special commemorative paint schemes by G....

File size: 19.93 MB | Download hits: 130

Accell Harrier GR7 Hovering FDEComplete with Base Model

New dynamics for the APD Harrier GR7 (hovering version). Model original by Adam Preece, now for FSX Accelleration (not DX10). Will take off/land vertical. High performance to boot (aerobatic capabilities). Simple to fly. Power, flaps and spoiler is all you need. Some info for H. J. Altman 'jet' panel, and Erick Cantu sounds. FDEs by Charles Backus. Screenshot of Accell Harrier GR7 in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Harrier GR-7 APD H //title=AP Designs BAe/McDonnell-Douglas...

File size: 1.29 MB | Download hits: 609

Bristol B-188Complete with Base Model

The supersonic Bristol B-188 was developed by Bristol Aeroplane Co. to investigate the thermal effects of high speed flight. This is the original package created by the Transglobal Aircraft Team (R Hazeldine, B Horsey and R Pegram). The VC and the 2D panel have been modified by adding a few more gauges to make the panels look more complete and the appearance of the panels has been re-designed. The contrail configuration has been corrected and smoke effect added. New configuration by Michael...

File size: 9.19 MB | Download hits: 333

McDonnell-Douglas F-15E's of Railroad ValleyComplete with Base Model

This standalone full package of a modified and upgraded version of Iris' F15E Strike Eagle. It sports the tail codes of the Aeroworks Flight Centers in Railroad Valley, Nevada. The package includes two schemes in different configurations, updated autopilot, differential brakes and various other upgrades and changes. Incorporates popup FSX native radar for AI and multiplayer aircraft. Updated by Jason L. Terry. Screenshot of two McDonnell-Douglas F-15E's in flight. UPDATES...

File size: 55.36 MB | Download hits: 228

Spanish Air Force Eurofighter 11-91Complete with Base Model

This is the complete Alphasim's Eurofighter (now freeware) with textures of Spanish Air Force, in single version and two seats, and both unloaded weapons. Single seat with original texture. Repainted two seats texture by Enrique Medal. Screenshot of Spanish Air Force Eurofighter in flight. Installation: Just copy the "ALPHA eurofighter Typhoon EFA sp FSX" folder to the "Airplanes" folder, and copy the contents of the "Effects" folder to the...

File size: 23.12 MB | Download hits: 629

Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing UpdatedComplete with Base Model

This package is for those who are missing a VC in this aircraft, even though it is only a static VC with non-functional gauges. Original XB35 model by Kazunori Ito, 2D panel modifivation by Erwin Welker, new static VC and smoke effect configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Northrop XB-35 in flight. Installation: Copy the XB-35 folder into your FSX/ Simobjects/ aircraft directory. Copy the gauges in the gauges folder into your main FSX gauges directory and the effects...

File size: 13.41 MB | Download hits: 532

Update For The Grumman CougarComplete with Base Model

This package features an entirely new designed VC, since the default one was completely transparent. It also includes a 2D panel which matches the VC as well as new smoke effects. The package includes three models: one two seater and two single seaters. Original model by David Wooster, VC and 2D panel update and configuration by Michael Pook. Screenshot of Grumman Cougar in flight. Installation: Copy the two aircraft folders into your FSX/ Simobjects/ aircraft...

File size: 25.67 MB | Download hits: 260

Admiral Kuznetsov And Su-33 PackComplete with Base Model

A model of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with working ski-jump for use with AI Carriers (AICARRIERS2.ZIP). This is an update of the previous version that includes working arrestor cables as well as static jets on the flight decks of the carriers. Includes Su-33 by Sergey Bunevich. Also includes Chinese carrier Liaoning model and J-15 livery for the Su-33. By Dr. Macouglious. Screenshot of Su-33 in flight. Note the following animations on this aircraft do not...

File size: 44.99 MB | Download hits: 616

Lockheed P-3C Orion V3.31Complete with Base Model

This version corresponds to DX10. The fault of the texture in the model which became DX10 correspondence is corrected. Of course, this model can be used also under the environment of DX9. This is a native FSX model. VC and 2D panel are beta versions, and part of operation cannot be done. Exterior and painting of this model has been created in more detail than previous work, especially the main wing relation (flap and engine nacele, etc.) is the new designs. Several kinds of P3C were prepared...

File size: 140.85 MB | Download hits: 1200


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