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FSX Military Aircraft

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RAF Black BAE Hawk FTSComplete with Base Model

FSX RAF Black BAE Hawk FTS. A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A of the RAF Flying Training School. The Hawk has now been in service with No. 4 FTS for nearly thirty years and has been a landmark in RAF history. Today No. 4 FTS's training course is split between two reserve squadrons, No. 19 and 208. The model represents a Hawk T.1A from No. 4 FTS in the current gloss black paint scheme used on all RAF training aircraft....

File size: 23.70 MB | Download hits: 1460

Hawk T1 RAF 4th FTSComplete with Base Model

FSX Hawk T1 RAF 4th FTS A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A RAF Flying Training School. The Hawk has now been in service with No. 4 FTS for nearly thirty years and has been a landmark in RAF history. Today No. 4 FTS's training course is split between two reserve squadrons, No's 19 and 208. The model represents a Hawk T.1A from No. 4 FTS in the smart red, white and blue training colors utilized during the 1980's and early...

File size: 20.46 MB | Download hits: 809

Royal Air Force Red ArrowsComplete with Base Model

FSX Royal Air Force Red Arrows. A repaint of the David Brice and David Friswell T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the Royal Air Force's demonstration team The Red Arrows. The Red Arrows were officially formed at RAF Fairford on 1 March 1965, led by Flight Lieutenant Lee Jones, flying seven Folland Gnat aircraft. In 1966 the number of aircraft was increased to nine, and since then the classic 'Diamond Nine' formation has become the team's trademark. In 1979 the Red Arrows converted to...

File size: 20.91 MB | Download hits: 6303

MiG-15Complete with Base Model

FSX MiG-15 Comes with two different paint types, a complete flat camo paint and a gloss red show paint. Includes a new paint effect; the bare aluminum parts are more glossy than red painted parts for show MiG. Aircraft has a new animated panel and afterburner / smoke and startup effects. By Mel Mutter. ...

File size: 17.74 MB | Download hits: 2247

F-20 TigersharkComplete with Base Model

FSX F-20 Tigershark. A rebuild of the DSB F-20 Tigershark for FSX with new 2D animated panel, some .air file tweaking / complete rebuild of afterburner and smoke system. By Mel Mutter. ...

File size: 33.05 MB | Download hits: 2357

F-15 Desert CamoComplete with Base Model

FSX F-15 Desert Camo version 2. A repaint of Nathan Fife's F-15 Strike Eagle for Flight Simulator X with added afterburner effect and new desert camo textures and updated panel. Modifications by Mark Rooks of RDG. ...

File size: 9.54 MB | Download hits: 1941

F-15 494th FS PanthersComplete with Base Model

FSX F-15 494th FS Panthers v2. A repaint of Nathan Fife's F-15 Strike Eagle for Flight Simulator X. The paint scheme is from the real 494th FS 48th Fighter Wing Lakenheath, England, "The Panthers". Included are pictures and history of the squadron. Aircraft includes an updated panel, .cfg modifications, effects and textures by Mark Rooks of RDG. ...

File size: 9.45 MB | Download hits: 1253

Grumman AF-2S GuardianComplete with Base Model

FSX Grumman AF-2S Guardian. The Grumman AF-2 Guardian was a single-engine, carrier-based, anti-submarine aircraft used by the US Navy during the Korean War. A prototype of the Guardian first flew on 18 December 1946, but the Guardian went through a lengthy development process with several different prototypes being built. The first production Guardian flew on 17 November 1949, and Guardians entered service with the US Navy on 18 October 1950. The Guardian was designed to be used in...

File size: 10.20 MB | Download hits: 1104

McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike EagleComplete with Base Model

FSX McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle, of the 492nd Fighter Squadron (Mad Hatters), 48th Fighter Wing (Liberty Wing), USAFE, RAF, Lakenheath. Features bombs that drop, animated ailerons, all moving tail, rudder, flaps, engine intakes, airbrake, gear with compression, canopy and emergency tailhook. Includes panel and sound. By Nathan Fife. ...

File size: 7.86 MB | Download hits: 6405

Hellenic Air Force Mirage F.1CG FixComplete with Base Model

FSX Hellenic Air Force Mirage F.1CG Fix, for use with MIR_F1CG.ZIP. Model by Kirk Olsson. Repaint and Modified by Delizisis Thanasis and Delizisis Panagiotis. ...

File size: 19.92 kB | Download hits: 1036

ROC (Taiwan) AF Lockheed Martin F-16AComplete with Base Model

FSX ROC (Taiwan) AF Lockheed Martin F-16A. A collection of all known ROC (Taiwan) Air Force F-16A Block 20 liveries as of 2007. Most of the fleet is divided between the 455th and the 401st Tactical Fighter Wings based at Chiayi and Hualien Air Bases, respectively. The remaining aircraft are kept in the US for training and test purposes. Complete package. Model by Kirk Olsson, panel by Eric Marciano, FSX adaptation by Bob Chicilo, ROCAF repaints and Block 20 panel changes by Mike Huang. ...

File size: 10.60 MB | Download hits: 2070

MiG-21 FishbedComplete with Base Model

FSX MiG-21 Fishbed. Features 2D panel and static VC, full animations. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 1.84 MB | Download hits: 2164

Piaggio P-149D PackageComplete with Base Model

FSX Piaggio P-149D Package. The Piaggio P-149 is a trainer-laison aircraft. It first flew in June 19th, 1953. It's a development of the P-148 model, with increased seat capacity, tricycle retractable landing gear and a more powerful engine, featuring a three-bladed constant speed propeller. Repaint, panel mods and aircraft file updated for FSX and mods by Mel Mutter. ...

File size: 25.67 MB | Download hits: 1871

Sukhoi Su-34Complete with Base Model

FSX Sukhoi Su-34 with three paint schemes. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. ...

File size: 10.80 MB | Download hits: 7622

Martin Seamaster P6M-2Complete with Base Model

FSX Martin Seamaster P6M-2. A swept wing, four jet, transonic flying boat--what a handful! Entirely new aircraft and effects made with FSDSv2. Plane and panel by Frank Elton, Pegasus Aviation Design. Converted to FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 5213

CF-220 GrizzlyComplete with Base Model

FSX CF-220 Grizzly. Visual model completely reworked from the earlier versions, incorporating a VC (no 2D panel included). Total file size amounts to 56% of my original Grizzly, despite having the VC and additional details. Textures included for Canadian Armed Forces (two military versions plus an air display scheme), Australia, Japan, Finland, and two paintkits, with a choice of armed or unarmed models. See Readme for acknowledgements and additional details. By Brian Sturton. ...

File size: 17.15 MB | Download hits: 2643

TVA Lockheed C-141B StarlifterComplete with Base Model

FSX TVA Lockheed C-141B Starlifter. Model by Mike Stone. Textures by Garry J. Smith. ...

File size: 7.51 MB | Download hits: 5538

Boeing X-45Complete with Base Model

FSX Boeing X-45, updated for FSX. The X-45A is a UCAV, "Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle". Model by Kazunori Ito. ...

File size: 503.91 kB | Download hits: 2468

Northrop YB-49 Flying WingComplete with Base Model

FSX Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing. The YB49 was an XB-35 prototype that had the original powerplant of four piston engines replaced by eight turbojets. They also were modified with the addition of four fins and "air dams" or fences along the swept wings. By J. Higgs. ...

File size: 4.03 MB | Download hits: 2938

Grumman F-14D TomcatComplete with Base Model

FSX Grumman F-14D Tomcat Rev 2. Flight Dynamics,(V 03-07), FDE & Aircraft.cfg by IVAN KOSTIC". Aircraft perfectly controllable & maneuverable within the whole original Tomcat's flight envelope. F14D custom sound file by Christoffer Peterson given to me as a gift will full usage rights. Rework of Scott Printz's HUD_Hornet.XML for HUD development for the F14D & original aircraft.cfg by Ivan Kostic.  FSX aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg...

File size: 85.63 MB | Download hits: 53428


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