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FSX Military Aircraft

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California Air National Guard Boeing KC-97Repaint

Textures for Manfred Jahn's FSX update of Greg Pepper's KC97; requires FSX Boeing C-97 V.1 Beta Base Pack (FSX_BOEING_C97_V1B.ZIP) and FSX Boeing C-97 V1 Beta Patch (C97_PATCH2.ZIP) by Manfred Jahn and Team Strat, a work in progress. You must have this aircraft installed in order to use the Cal Air Guard textures. By Dave McQueen. Screenshot of California Air National Guard Boeing KC-97 in flight. Installation: In your main FSX folder, open the...

File size: 9.39 MB | Download hits: 83

Luftwaffe F-104G 22+55 JaboG 34Repaint for Payware Model

These files depict the special last flight color scheme of the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter from JaboG 34 at Memmingen AB on September 23, 1987. To use these files you need the payware model F-104 G from Skunk Work. By Richard Wisman. Side view of Luftwaffe F-104G in flight. Installation: Unzip straight into your main FSX or P3D folder. Add the entries below to your aircraft.cfg file, renumber the [fltsim.X] sections and enjoy. A text file with entries is located in the...

File size: 7.91 MB | Download hits: 40

North American T-28C ZK-JGSRepaint

This repaint of the freeware Alphasim T28 Trojan is based on the example that has been flying in New Zealand since it was imported by a private owner in 1989. The aircraft a 1956 T-28C c/n 226-140 is flying in the USN trainer scheme of VA-122 with its original Bu. No. 140563. Paint by Hayden Himburg Fr8paints using the Alphasim T28 paint kit. Screenshot of North American T-28C ZK-JGS in flight. The airplane was imported into New Zealand in 1989 by a private owner, and has been...

File size: 1.16 MB | Download hits: 57

Boeing C-97 V1 Beta PatchPatch

This patch contains various corrections to the FSX Boeing C97 V.1 Beta by Team Strat (FSX_BOEING_C97_V1B.ZIP) -- smoke effects, altimeters, VOR gauges, improved avionics. It also includes the Patch1 revisions previously published at Sim Outhouse. By Manfred Jahn. Screenshot of Boeing C-97 VC with notations. List of changes: Revised engine smoke by Ted "Tufun" (thanks Bill Leaming). VC: Altimeter pressure set knob. Note: click to set current, mouse click or wheel...

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 71

Spanish Air Force Casa C212 Aviocar 37-18 Grey NATORepaint

Textures for Casa C-212 Aviocar. Ala 37 based in Villanubla, Valladolid. Numeral 37-18 in grey NATO. You need the model by V. Zhyhulskiy (CORREOS_C212-200.ZIP). By Antonio Diaz. Screenshot of C212 Aviocar 37-18 in flight. [fltsim.XX] title=C212-200 37-18 sim=CASA212 model= panel= sound= texture=37-18 ui_manufacturer=CASA ui_type=C212-200 ui_variation=37-18 visual_damage=1 atc_id=37-18 prop_anim_ratio=-1.54 kb_checklists= kb_reference= description=CASA C212-200...

File size: 6.46 MB | Download hits: 88

Spanish Air Force Casa C212 Aviocar 37-18 CamoRepaint

Textures for Casa C-212 Aviocar. Ala 37 based in Villanubla, Valladolid, numeral 37-18 in Spanish camo livery. You need the model by V. Zhyhulskiy (CORREOS_C212-200.ZIP). By Antonio Diaz. Screenshot of C212 Aviocar 37-18 Camo on runway. [fltsim.XX] title=C212-200...

File size: 8.59 MB | Download hits: 85

Spanish Air Force Casa C212 Aviocar 37-18 FixPatch

For use with FSX_CASA_C-212_SPANISH_AF_37-18_CAMO.ZIP. Changes the old texture "C212_WN2" of the Casa C-212 Spanish Air Force 37-18, for this new. By Antonio Diaz. Screenshot of C212 Aviocar 37-18 on runway. ...

File size: 585.17 KB | Download hits: 78

Fuerza Aerea del Peru C27J Spartan FAP328Repaint for Payware Model

A repaint for the Iris Simulations C-27J Spartan. This repaint was created by using the original paint kit released with the aircraft and represents the first of four Alenia C27J Spartan aircraft acquired for the Peruvian Air Force. By Jorge Chin. Screenshot of C27J Spartan FAP328 in flight. Installation: Unzip the file. Put the folder "texture.FAP328" in the directory SIMOBJECTS/AIRPLANES/IRIS C-27J SPARTAN. Open the aircraft.cfg file and paste the following...

File size: 5.14 MB | Download hits: 187

US Air Force Boeing KC-97G In Natural MetalRepaint

This is a natural metal repaint of Team Strat's Boeing KC-97G and depicts a standard USAF model, 53-0276 as photographed at AMARC in 1970. The texture set has been created with Manfred Jahn's paint kit supplied from 'Team Strat' using a new stencil set and metal panel shading derived from examining dozens of photos of different examples when in service. By Dave Quincey. Screenshot of US Air Force Boeing KC-97G in flight. Installation: Unzip the file to a...

File size: 14.35 MB | Download hits: 38

Grumman US Navy E-2C Hawkeye VAW-125Repaint

Three repaints of VAW-125 (CVW-1) E-2C, AB600 (CAG), AB601 and AB604. Actual current aircraft in VAW-125 are E-2Ds. Also known issues with tail flashes not properly aligned but released as is anyway. Original model by Pierre Marchadier (GMAX Academy). Repaints by S. Peterson. Screenshot of Grumman US Navy E-2C Hawkeye VAW-125 in flight. Add the following lines to aircraft.cfg, replacing "[fltsim.X]" with the next consecutive number (eg...

File size: 3.81 MB | Download hits: 253

Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G 20+49 FeldwerftRepaint for Payware Model

This repaint depicts the special color scheme in yellow/black for the last flights at LwSchleuse 11, from July 11, till August 27, 1987, 25th anniversary "Feldwerft Manching". To use this repaint you need the payware model from Skunk Work. By Richard Wisman. Screenshot of Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G Feldwerft in flight. ...

File size: 16.34 MB | Download hits: 30

Pilatus PC-9ARepaint for Payware Model

These are some repaints for the payware Iris PC9A, including Swiss air Force, Slovenian air Force, Pilatus factory. By Sylvain Borne. Installation: Copy the, Texture.slovenian and Texture.HB-HPA into Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes/Iris PC-9A. Copy the texts below in the Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes/Iris PC-9A/aircraft.cfg and replaces X by the number of the texture. Enjoy your flights! [fltsim.X] title=Pilatus PC-9/A (T) - Swiss Air...

File size: 39.46 MB | Download hits: 138

Boeing K-97L Stratotanker UpdatedComplete with Base Model

This is an FSX update for the Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker and includes three Airguard textures (Arizona, California and Utah). The package features a reworked and enhanced VC with many more (FSX compatible) gauges than the original VC had as well as a 2D panel matching the VC. In addition, the aircraft has new smoke effects and additional cabin views. Original model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, KC-97L mods by A.F. Scrub, flight dynamics/textures by James Craig and original ANG textures by Dave...

File size: 34.4 MB | Download hits: 593

Iran Air Force (IRIAF) F 4E Phantom IIRepaint for Payware Model

Paint kit by Milviz, requires the payware Milviz F 4E Phantom II. Repaint by Mohsen. Screenshot of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) F 4E Phantom II in flight. [fltsim.XX] title=F-4E 3-6525 iriaf sim= f4e_10 model= panel= sound= texture=3-6525 kb_checklists=Phantom_check kb_reference= ui_manufacturer=F-4E ui_typerole="Twin Engine warbird" ui_createdby="Milviz" ui_type= Milviz Phantom ui_variation=3-6525 Bushehr...

File size: 12.32 MB | Download hits: 462

Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G 98+04 (26+60) WTD61Repaint for Payware Model

This repaint depicts the special color scheme for the very last F-104 G Starfighter flight in Germany on May 22, 1991. To use this repaint you need the payware model from Skunk Work. By Richard Wisman. Side view of Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G WTD61 in flight. [fltsim.xx] title=F-104G GAF 98+04 WTD 61 sim=f104g_clean model=SSW-F104G-CONSORTIUMq7_gaf panel=SSW-F104G-CONSORTIUM sound= texture=textures9804 kb_checklists=F104_check kb_reference=F104_ref ui_manufacturer=SIM SKUNK...

File size: 8.41 MB | Download hits: 40

Railroad Valley F-15E UpdateComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX of the Railroad Valley update of the Iris F-15E. Includes modified 2D panel to include a pitch trim gauge, the landing gear lights from the VC, a flaps gauge and a speed brake light. Also changed the 2D HUD and edited out non-functional parts of the panel like one of the bitmaps and the mini panel section of the panel.cfg. Also updated the flight dynamics so it makes Mach 2.5 at 37,000 feet and did the usual correcting of the contact points and things like the wing...

File size: 53.39 MB | Download hits: 1202

Boeing C-97 V.1 Beta Base PackComplete with Base Model

FSX Boeing model 367 / C97 Stratofreighter / Stratotanker. By Roland Berger (testing), Manfred Jahn (models, textures, Monitor gauge), Dan McManus (technical research, VC and panel textures, crew calls) Wayne Tudor (Flight Data Envelope), Ted Wolfgang (sound set). Interior model adapted from Greg Pepper's original FS2002 model. Side view of Boeing C-97 in flight. Installation: Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer. There are two...

File size: 83.77 MB | Download hits: 477

Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G 20+36 BavariaRepaint for Payware Model

This repaint depicts the special scheme "Bavaria" for the last F-104 Starfighter flight of JaboG 32 on April 18, 1984. The F-104G model of Skunk Work is needed for using this repaint. By Richard Wisman. Profile view of Luftwaffe Lockheed F-104G. Aircraft.cfg entry: [fltsim.XX] title=SSW F104-G 20+36 Bavaria JaboG...

File size: 6.15 MB | Download hits: 58

US Navy Lockheed S-3B VikingRepaint

A repaint of the Dino Cattaneo S3B "Viking". These textures represent a Viking of VS-21, "Redtails" that was at Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi. On February 28, 2005, the squadron was officially disestablished as the Vikings were eliminated from USN inventory. This version has the TPS. The textures are those of an artist interpretation and resulting rendition. These are textures only, you need Dino Cattaneo's Lockheed S-3B Viking freeware package. By Russel R....

File size: 16.17 MB | Download hits: 194

German Air Force Lockheed F-104GRepaint for Payware Model

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, 26+62 Bavaria. This repaint depicts the special scheme for 25th anniversary of JaboG 32 used from on August 31, 1982 till July 26, 1983 with Bavarian colors "white-blue" on rudder and tip-tanks, The F-104 G model from Skunk Work is needed for this repaint. By Richard Wisman. Screenshot of German Air Force Lockheed F-104G in flight. Aircraft.cfg entry: [fltsim.XX] title=SSW F104-G 20+62 Bavaria JaboG...

File size: 8.9 MB | Download hits: 159