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FSX Military Aircraft

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SIAI Marchetti Aermacchi SF-260Complete with Base Model

SIAI Marchetti Aermacchi SF-260. The SIAI-Marchetti SF260 is a light aircraft marketed as a light attack/aerobatic military trainer. It was designed by Stelio Frati. First flight of the prototype on July 15, 1964. SIAI-Marchetti purchased the design, soon after the tests, and started production. The military versions are popular with smaller air forces, and can be armed for close-support role. The SF.260 is also popular among many aero clubs around the world. This model features the usual...

File size: 2.17 MB | Download hits: 3054

North American Aviation RA-5C VigilanteComplete with Base Model

North American Aviation RA-5C Vigilante. This is an update for FSX of the Alphasim RA-5C Vigilante made for FS2004. The author has given it a 2D panel and put gauges on the virtual cockpit so both look similar. Best of all, the HUD shows properly in the VC. The flight dynamics have been adjusted some as well. This is the whole aircraft. By Bob Chicilo. North American Aviation RA-5C Vigilante in flight. This is an update for FSX of the Alphasim RA-5C Vigilante made for FS9....

File size: 1.79 MB | Download hits: 599

Brazilian Air Force Airbus A319-133X CJComplete with Base Model

Brazilian Air Force Airbus A319-133X CJ. The main presidential aircraft currently used to transport the President of Brazil is a modified version of the Airbus A319, with tail number 2101. It was designated by the Brazilian Air Force as VC-1A, and officially christened as the "Santos-Dumont", after the Brazilian aviation pioneer. It is used to transport the President on all medium and long-range international flights. By Marco Fischbach. Brazilian Air Force Airbus...

File size: 18.79 MB | Download hits: 866

Spain Air Force F4 PhantomComplete with Base Model

Spain Air Force F4 Phantom. A repaint of Kazunori Ito's F-4 Phantom II. This aircraft in a Spanish Air Force plane with the Ala 12 Squadron tail colors "No le busques los tres...". Texture and updates by Juan Carlos Chavez and TCH Projects. Spain Air Force F4 Phantom in flight. Virtual cockpit of Spain Air Force F4 Phantom. ...

File size: 8.87 MB | Download hits: 986

F/A-18C HaniModComplete with Base Model

F/A-18C HaniMod v2. This is the default Acceleration X F/A-18C Hornet model with a collection of add-ons, custom gauges and modified Aircraft.cfg and . air files. With this package you will have two another different F/A-18 from the same model without any influence for the default aircraft. Pack includes two different tweaked . air files and two different tweak aircraft.cfg, one with realistic all low gear position and another with only rear gear low position. Features better flight physics and...

File size: 96.90 MB | Download hits: 2047

F/A-18 Combat VersionComplete with Base Model

F/A-18 Combat Version. This is the Acceleration F/A-18 Hornet equipped with 20mm M61 cannon and a fully functional air-to-air gun mode found in the real F/A-18. With the two radar modes, the two gun sights and the flying tracers, the virtual dogfight will be very similar to a real one. You will not be able to shoot down other aircraft, but you will receive an immediate indication on your HUD if a bullet hit the bandit. The flight model is unchanged from the Acceleration F/A-18 except for...

File size: 13.62 MB | Download hits: 22891

Acceleration RAF Beagle Basset CC1Complete with Base Model

Acceleration RAF Beagle Basset CC1. Native FSX model of the Beagle Basset CC1 light twin with modelled gauges, bump mapping, specular shine, DDS textures. Includes two paints, one for XS 777 and one for XS 770 of the Royal Air Force. This is an updated model with night lighting. By Robert Richardson. Acceleration RAF Beagle Basset CC1 in flight. DeHavilland DH100 Vampire F Mk3. For Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration. Installation is as usual, normally to...

File size: 11.82 MB | Download hits: 874

SIAI 208MComplete with Base Model

SIAI 208M. Derived from the S205, in 1968 the S.208 version became available, produced basically as a five-seat, more powerful version of the S.205, with some 60% of its structural components in common. By February 1973 approximately 80 S.208s had been delivered to customers in Europe and Africa, including 44 S.208Ms to the Italian Air Force for liaison and training duties. A version for general duties, including agricultural and ambulance work, was developed as the S.208AG. The package...

File size: 4.71 MB | Download hits: 668

SP2/A Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Jet Training AircraftComplete with Base Model

SP2/A Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Jet Training Aircraft. Developed from Lockheed's F-80 Shooting Star jet fighter, the T-33 went on to become one of the most successful jet trainers in history. Over 5000 were built with license production in Canada and Japan adding several hundred more. This is a redone model, based on Tim Conrad's FS2002/FS2004 T33A, for FSX SP2/Acceleration. It is a native FSX SP2/A model and will only work in FSX SP2/A. Model includes virtual cockpit, smoking engine and...

File size: 32.44 MB | Download hits: 1279

Lockheed VP-3A CatbirdComplete with Base Model

Lockheed VP-3A Catbird by FS KBT. Updated to FSX by Shane Reilly and Bob Familton. Additional textures by Jens-Ole Kjolberg and Nobu Aki. This is the full aircraft, complete with VC and additional textures. Lockheed VP-3A Catbird in flight. FS KBT Lockheed VP-3A Catbird for FSX FS KBT P-3C Orion required. Updated by Shane Reilly and Bob Familton FS KBT Original Aircraft. I thank them for their beautiful design. Thanks to Jens-Ole Kjolberg for his CIA repaint...

File size: 43.73 MB | Download hits: 1426

USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAVComplete with Base Model

USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV. The Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) is a high altitude, long range, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operated by the U. S. Air Force. This model incorporates all known real world flight dynamics and engine ratings, making it one of the most accurate FSX aircraft on the planet. Study the "Readme" text file before installation and flight. Created by Kazunori Ito. Panel by Bob Chicilo. Sound by Aaron R. Swindle. Flight dynamics, data and modifications by...

File size: 3.08 MB | Download hits: 2259

North American T-2C Buckeye UpgradeComplete with Base Model

North American T-2C Buckeye Upgrade. Kazunori Ito's T2C Buckeye, converted for use in FSX. Includes sound package and 2D panel based on original by J. Graham Fuller. Photo of real panel included. No 3D panel. Extensive revisions made to aircraft.cfg and .air file. This is the whole aircraft. By Bill Lowe. (See also T2CFSX-FIX.ZIP). North American T-2C Buckeye on runway. This T-2C Buckeye was originally designed by Kazunori Ito for FS2002/FS2004. It has been extensively...

File size: 24.86 MB | Download hits: 1370

US Navy Boeing KC-135T Drogue TankerComplete with Base Model

US Navy Boeing KC-135T Drogue Tanker. This is a KC-135 tanker with navy drogue that was adapted for use in FSX. The original FS2004 KC-135T aircraft textures/model from Rok Dolenec was combined with the FSX-ready tanker gauges from Bob Chicilo (for Mike Stone's KC-135 Tanker) to make this useable and flyable within FSX. The tanker gauges include: VC-clickable buttons, B737 style radio stack, GPS9, throttle quadrant, and autopilot panel. There is also an AI traffic flight plan included...

File size: 12.64 MB | Download hits: 13116

USMC TO-2/TV-2/T-33BComplete with Base Model

USMC TO-2/TV-2/T-33B. This is a rework of Tim Conrad's Lockheed T-33A for FSX. Includes new .air file, new .cfg and new sounds. The main texture bitmap for the outside has been resized. The USN/USMC operated the T-33 until 1976. The original designation for the USN T-33's was the TO-2, and then changed to TV-2 and in 1962 changed again to T-33B. Includes four variants, a TO-2 assigned to VMIT-20 (Marine Instrument Training Squadron), MCAS El Toro in 1952. The second variant is a TV-2...

File size: 38.02 MB | Download hits: 457

SIPA-300Complete with Base Model

SIPA-300. The SIPA 300 was a tandem two-seat ab-initio jet trainer first flown in September 4, 1954. It was powered by a 350 lbst Turbomeca Palas, as the Sipa 200. Provisions were made for the installation of a more powerful Turbomeca Marbore II. This model features reflective metallic skin and full animations. The panel background is based on photographic material found in the net. Included in this model there is also a virtual cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated...

File size: 1.54 MB | Download hits: 201

Lockheed Neptune UpdateComplete with Base Model

Lockheed Neptune Update. This is an update for FSX of the AI Lockheed Neptune by Jaap de Baare. The author has updated the panel so it would work in FSX. This update was done because Piet de Geus found and renamed a file so the props would not appear solid when running; so thank him for this update. This is the whole aircraft. No virtual cockpit. By Bob Chicilo. Lockheed Neptune in flight over water. Unzip to a folder of your choice. Copy the aircraft folder to the FSX...

File size: 6.42 MB | Download hits: 694

EF2000 Typhoon UpdateComplete with Base Model

EF2000 Typhoon Update. This is an update for FSX of the Alphasim EF2000 Typhoon. The author has fixed the smoke position, and changed the gauges where necessary on the 2D and 3D panels so the panel would work in FSX. Tested running FSX with both service packs, no Acceleration. So far most aircraft brought into this FSX from FS2004 works the same as it did in FS9. The only exceptions being the gauges that don't work in FSX, possible model file problems, and the smoke position needing...

File size: 6.12 MB | Download hits: 1501

Lockheed NeptuneComplete with Base Model

Lockheed Neptune. Originally an AI aircraft by Jaap de Baare, upgraded for FS2004 by Bob Chicilo (AI_NEPUP.ZIP). This version adds a virtual 2D cockpit adapted to FSX and a Spanish S. A. R. texture (unreal). This is the whole aircraft. By Juan F. Tomas. Lockheed Neptune. This is an update for FS9 of the AI Lockheed Neptune by Jaap de Baare. He has supplied me with a model file for it that has the jet engines uncovered. I have made it flyable and updated the flight dynamics,...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 636

SP2 Acceleration Douglas A-1H SkyraiderComplete with Base Model

SP2 Acceleration Douglas A-1H Skyraider. This release includes two Viet Nam era Navy paint schemes and visibility options for the underwing stores. Must have Acceleration for some features to work. This is a stand alone-pack, no need to have my earlier A-1J USAF Skyraider. By Tim Conrad. Douglas A-1H Skyraider in flight. SP-2 Acceleration Douglas A-1H Skyraider 1)After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder. 2)Copy the A-1H Folder over...

File size: 8.02 MB | Download hits: 2916

Douglas XB-19Complete with Base Model

Douglas XB-19. The Douglas XB19 with a wingspan of 212 feet was the largest airplane ever built before the B-36. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It features reflective .dds textures, reflective glass, and the normal animations plus cowl flaps. The VC has animated flight controls and working gauges. The gauges at the flight engineer console also work. A camera definition has been added to the extensive flight deck. There is no 2D panel. By Paul Clawson. Douglas XB-19 in...

File size: 9.18 MB | Download hits: 735


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