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FSX Military Aircraft

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Lockheed Martin F-16 ThunderbirdComplete with Base Model

Lockheed Martin F-16 Thunderbird jet. The F16 Fighting Falcon updated for FSX with FSX compatible gauges for the FC and 2D panel. Model by Kirk Olsson. Updated by Danny Garnier. Lockheed Martin F-16 in flight. This package work out of the box. I have added FSX compatible gauges to the VC and 2d panel. Due to the way this aircraft was designed VC is limited in how many gauges can be added but I added all I could. Some areas of the VC are not editable. Fully edited 2d panel....

File size: 19.88 MB | Download hits: 5314

Acceleration Grumman F-14D Tomcat V1.06Complete with Base Model

Acceleration Grumman F-14D Tomcat v1.06. The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing aircraft. The F14 was the United States Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance platform from 1974 to 2006. This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self shadowing, bump mapping and photoreal hi-res textures, working virtual dynamic cockpit, 3D gauges and completely new flight model....

File size: 27.98 MB | Download hits: 11734

New FDEs For BAe GR-7 HarrierComplete with Base Model

New FDEs For BAe GR-7 Harrier. Config and .air file for Adam Preece's Harrier GR-7 (APDHARR7.ZIP). Mods to FS2004 files to work in FSX. See EZfly.txt for new and simple way to fly (flys itself). Only .cfg and .air files are needed; nothing else to install. The author only included the model and texture for 'clean', so you'll know not to overwrite your original cfg; back it up please. By Charles Backus. New FDEs For BAe GR-7 Harrier. INSTALLATION: Just...

File size: 25.45 kB | Download hits: 1539

B2 SpriritComplete with Base Model

B2 Spririt stealth bomber. Mostly an assembly of parts originally for other planes including panel originally for SR-71. FSX B2 Spririt in flight. Stealth B2 Spirit for FSX. I simply used the GMAX B2 airplane for FSX changed the panel annd other files. Note: 1-The AIR file is from the SR-71. 2-The B2 will act vey different from reality. 3-All files are from other airplanes that I simply changed. 4-This airplane's panel is for FSX Deluxe Edition ONLY. 5-The...

File size: 7.28 MB | Download hits: 1382

Acceleration Grumman F-14D TomcatComplete with Base Model

FSX: ACCELERATION GRUMMAN F-14D TOMCAT V1.06.  The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing aircraft. The F-14 was the United States Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance platform from 1974 to 2006. This package contains an entirely new visual model,with self shadowing,bump mapping and photoreal hi-res textures,working virtual dynamic cockpit, 3D gauges,and completely...

File size: 27.98 MB | Download hits: 15823

Lockheed C-141 StarlifterComplete with Base Model

FSX Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. The Lockheed C141 Starlifter for FSX based on real-world flight dynamics. Originally designed by Mike Stone for FS2004, it now contains realistic dynamics including engine specs that make her fly like the real-world aircraft. Please read the "Readme" file enclosed for further details. She now flies comfortably at FL410E for over 7000 nm at mach .74, or higher at up to mach .80 in speed. Realistic sound is included. Flight dynamics by Douglas E. Trapp, FS Flight...

File size: 51.52 MB | Download hits: 7977

David Copley's P-38 LightningComplete with Base Model

FSX Updates For David Copley's P-38 Lightnings. David has released several versions of his Lockheed Lightning for FS2004. For the most part, they convert well to FSX. The primary exception is some of the gauges. This update deals with these issues - and also provides thumbnails for the texture folders, making the aircraft fully compatible with FSX. Update by Roger Mole. ...

File size: 3.06 MB | Download hits: 5072

Vought Corsair F4U-1Complete with Base Model

FS2004/FSX Vought Corsair F4U-1. Big, tough, and fast, the gull-winged Corsair was a formidable fighter against any opposition. It was the first navy fighter to exceed 400 mph in level flight. The Corsair's signature gull wing prevented its immense propeller from chewing up the deck while keeping the landing gear struts short enough not to buckle in rough carrier landings. Original CFS2 model by Dbolt, upgraded to FS2004/FSX by A.F. Scrub. ...

File size: 9.88 MB | Download hits: 5966

North American Aviation F-86 SabreComplete with Base Model

This is an update for FSX acceleration of the F-86 hard wing (full vr) by Kirk Olsson. I have redone the flight dynamics, changed the vclight, changed the smoke effect, and added or changed gauges as necessary. This aircraft has both 2D and virtual cockpits. This is the whole aircraft. I eliminated the limited vr aircraft as they looked the same as the ones here but had a black rectangle where the gunsight is in the virtual cockpit. ...

File size: 22.61 MB | Download hits: 1987

North American F-86E SabreComplete with Base Model

FSX North American F-86E Sabre made by SectionF8 and updated by others "See Credits" just to work for FSX, official update will come from the author later. Package assembled by Wesam Baker. ...

File size: 55.51 MB | Download hits: 6702

Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting FalconComplete with Base Model

FSX Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon (Viper). This is Kirk Olsson's VIPERDEN F-16 with most gauges replaced to it can be used in FSX. Now you have a working virtual flight deck (VC) and 2D panel. All incompatible gauges replaced with FSX XML gauges. Updates by Danny Garnier. Re-skinned and repackaged by Neal Newbill. ...

File size: 50.81 MB | Download hits: 12376

F-15J PackageComplete with Base Model

Gmax model with virtual cockpit, 2D panel and effects (JASDF/USAF). By Kimitaka Nishida, Atsushi Terui / Coral-FLT Updated to use in FSX by Danny Garnier. Panel mods to include FSX compatible gauges. Now fully working package includes multiple livery and full working 2d panel and VC 3d panel. The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat. Developed for the United States Air Force, it...

File size: 22.84 MB | Download hits: 4253

Mirage F1 PackageComplete with Base Model

Gmax Mirage F1 Package. This is a Gmax rework of my Mirage F1V2.0. It is a complete package with a simple 2D panel, sounds and With their permission, I've also included the gauges from Romain Lucas and Laurent Lucas's SUPER ETENDARD. There are 4 F1 versions within this package (VR cockpits are all CR models). They are the F1C, F1AZ, F1CR and F1CT. I've added all new textures, a new custom soundset and added many Gmax features to improve realism. One of the major improvements to this plane is...

File size: 87.85 MB | Download hits: 6929

Acceleration Boeing/BAE T-45C GoshawkComplete with Base Model

The T-45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the Bae Hawk single engine jet trainer,adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains an entirely new visual model,with self shadowing,bump mapping and photoreal hi-res textures,working virtual dynamic cockpit, 3D gauges,and reasonably accurate flight model.Ver.1.85:several minor enhancements.Acceleration package required for HUD,MFD,sound and carrier ops. Designed by Dino Cattaneo. ...

File size: 19.87 MB | Download hits: 4154

Lockheed Martin F-16DComplete with Base Model

FSX Lockheed Martin F-16D Fighting Falcon, updated for FSX. Pilot position corrected. Panel revised to include all FSX compatible gauges. Some areas of the VC were not editable due to the model. All editable areas have been updated. Model Kirk Olsson. Updates by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 23.36 MB | Download hits: 3816

Lockheed SR-71 BlackbirdComplete with Base Model

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Package for FSX. This is an update of the GMax Academy SR-71 so it will run in FSX without problem. This is the best freeware SR-71 originally design by Stephane Masset et Pierre Marchadier for FS2004. Now updated to work with FSX with all incompatible gauges replaced with FSX XML gauges. The package include complete aircraft with VC and 2d panels. Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier.   ...

File size: 12.00 MB | Download hits: 26298

BAe Harrier Jump Jet GR.7Complete with Base Model

The Harrier GR7 is used by the RAF for battlefield and air interdiction. This version has been updated to work with FSX, including new XML gauges. Original by Adam Preece (AP Design). Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 28.58 MB | Download hits: 5826

Northrop F-20 Tigershark PackageComplete with Base Model

This is the superb F-20 A and B package released as freeware for FS2004 by Iris and now modify to use in FSX. Panel modified and adapted for FSX. Incompatible gauges replaced with XML gauges. Come in multiple USAF variants and textures including Air Superiority Role,  Counter Air Role, Air Interdiction Role, Maritime Strike Role, Red & White Scheme, Medium Level Strike Role, AGM65 Strike Role, SEAD Role, F-20B 482nd Fighter Wing U.S.A.F.  Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier....

File size: 45.01 MB | Download hits: 2288

Turkish Air Force AWACS Boeing 737-700Complete with Base Model

FSX Turkish Air Force AWACS Boeing 737-700 "Peace Eagle" (Baris Kartali). Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Salih Tora Benzeyen. ...

File size: 5.39 MB | Download hits: 1703

SP2 Aermacchi MB 339 CDComplete with Base Model

This model is a modification of the original aircraft, the old version of MB339 A - PAN released some years ago with a new visual model, panel and virtual cockpit. This new version of the model contains textures for two Italian Air Force examples. Visual Model, textures and panel and revised Flight Dynamics from original by Paolo Zamparo, by Massimo Taccoli. Gauges by Paolo Zamparo, Sound files with permission of Aaron R. Swindle. ...

File size: 14.83 MB | Download hits: 1990


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