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FSX Military Aircraft

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Hunting/BAC Jet Provost T.Mk5Complete with Base Model

FSX Hunting/BAC Jet Provost T.Mk5. Includes model, custom panel and sounds. By Rick Piper. Sounds by Aaron Swindle. Panel by Saverio Maurri and Dave Booker. Tested for FSX use and thumbnail added by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 15.72 MB | Download hits: 3313

SAAB J-29B And FComplete with Base Model

FSX SAAB J-29B And F. The Saab J-29 was the first swept wing jet built by Sweden, first flying in 1948. Designed around the Ghost engine and central air intake, the resulting rotund fuselage instantly resulted in the name "Tunnan", Swedish for "barrel". Models A and B were fighters, the model C was a photo recon plane, and the final F introduced an afterburner, and new dogtooth wing leading edges. J-29's served with the Swedish and Austrian air forces, and also served with...

File size: 8.72 MB | Download hits: 1663

Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-15 Bis FagotComplete with Base Model

FSX Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-15 Bis Fagot, serial 325 used by Colonel Yevgeny Pepelyayev, 196th IAP / 324th IAD Antung AB 1951. Model by Jean-Pierre Langer, Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, Benoit Dube, Marc Hardouin. Thumbnails and testing for FSX by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 6.33 MB | Download hits: 1329

Canadair CL 215 PackageComplete with Base Model

FSX Canadair CL 215 Package. A Gmax model of the Canadair CL215 with simple virtual cockpit, 2D panel, functional water system and a collection of textures. By Gmax Academy - J.P. Langer, Benoit Dube, J.P. Bourgeois and Pierre Marchadier. Thumbnails for FSX by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 27.93 MB | Download hits: 4516

French Air Force Dassault Mirage 2000NComplete with Base Model

FSX French Air Force Dassault Mirage 2000N, from 2/4 squadron, Luxeuil. Features Gmax model with animations, virtual cockpit and more. By Roland Laborie. Panel adapted for FSX and thumbnails added by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 13.79 MB | Download hits: 1865

Chance Vought F8 CrusaderComplete with Base Model

FSX Chance Vought F8 Crusader, flotilles 12F-14F. Original design by Laborie Roland, Laurent Correia, Jean Pierre Langer, Jean Pierre Bourgeois, Claude Yves Marie and Roland Peltre. Tested for FSX/SP2 compatibility and thumbnails added by Danny Garnier. ...

File size: 73.22 MB | Download hits: 3599

USAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIComplete with Base Model

FSX USAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, 88-0266 Charleston. A complete overhaul of the .cfg and .air file plus completely repainted textures of the Pierre Marchadier/Gmax Academy C-17 Globemaster III. Repainted in the 437th / 315th AW "88-0266" based at the Charleston AFB. All textures are hand painted and the flight dynamics got a complete overhaul. By Ryan Cobb. ...

File size: 1.10 MB | Download hits: 8026

FSX/SP2 Grumman OV-1 Mohawk PackComplete with Base Model

FSX/SP2 Grumman OV-1 Mohawk Series Super-Pack. An FSX rebuild of the earlier OV-1 series. This "SuperPack" contains the OV-1B's OV-1C and OV-1D's that were previously released separately. The OV-1's now sport improved VC's, 2048x2048 textures and added animations. Not tested in Vista/DX10. By Tim Conrad. ...

File size: 24.09 MB | Download hits: 3540

FSX/SP1 Fouga Zephyr CM175Complete with Base Model

FSX/SP1 Fouga Zephyr CM175, v1.1. The Zephyr is the naval version of the Fouga. This is a new version designed by the Restauravia Team that features a complete aircraft with 2D panel and functional virtual cockpit. Model by Andre Chancel. (See also FZ11XUP2.ZIP) ...

File size: 20.09 MB | Download hits: 1327

FSX/SP1 Fouga Magister CM170Complete with Base Model

FSX/SP1 Fouga Magister CM170, v1.1. A French military jet trainer designed by the Restauravia Team. Model by Andre Chancel. ...

File size: 29.54 MB | Download hits: 2071

Mikoyan MiG-29AComplete with Base Model

FSX Mikoyan MiG-29A (NATO reporting name Fulcrum) for FSX SP2. Includes two models, armed and not armed, plus textures for Poland, Germany, USSR. Features dynamic virtual cockpit. MiG-29 by Grzeslaw Bator. ...

File size: 12.60 MB | Download hits: 4024

CF-220 Grizzly v2Complete with Base Model

FSX CF-220 Grizzly, v2. Includes main aircraft files plus textures for Canadian warbirds in three schemes, with 409, 410, 425 and 441 Squadrons being represented. Armed and unarmed models included plus numerous extras. See Readme for acknowledgements and additional details. By Brian Sturton. ...

File size: 60.64 MB | Download hits: 1099

SAAB J32E LansenComplete with Base Model

FSX SAAB J32E Lansen. A single engine, two seat jet plane for land and sea attack from the early 1950's. By Per-Anders Wikstrom. ...

File size: 10.39 MB | Download hits: 1365

Royal Australian Air Force 737-700WTComplete with Base Model

FSX Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-700WT "Wedgetail". Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Simon Gray. ...

File size: 4.91 MB | Download hits: 1556

OV-10A SeriesComplete with Base Model

FSX OV-10A Series. New FSX only models and textures for the recent North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco series release. This all-inclusive pack contains new .mdl's and 2048x2048 DXT5 textures,made with the latest FSX Accel/SP2 SDK's. Will work without the earlier FS2004 OV-10A pack. Not tested in Vista/DX10. By Tim Conrad. ...

File size: 18.64 MB | Download hits: 2088

EAF Mirage 2000Complete with Base Model

FSX EAF Mirage 2000 desert. Original model by Roland Laborie, Jean Pierre Bourgeois and Pierre Marchadier. FSX adaption and Egyptian Air Force livery by Sammy Dowidar. ...

File size: 16.01 MB | Download hits: 3509

SP-2 Mitsubishi T-2Complete with Base Model

FSX SP-2 Mitsubishi T-2. Japan's first native designed supersonic aircraft. Based on the European Jaguar, which Japan had wanted to buy, the T-2 served as an advanced trainer and enabled Japanese industry to put to use the knowledge and skills acquired from years of license manufacture of Western types. This model has two paint schemes, front seat VC, full animations and 2048x2048 textures. This model was made with the FSX SP-2 SDK, but was not tested in Vista/DX10. By Tim Conrad. ...

File size: 5.91 MB | Download hits: 1761

Grumman F9F PantherComplete with Base Model

FSX Grumman F9F Panther; updated version of Aeroplane Heaven's freeware. Composed by Wayne Farrell. ...

File size: 30.19 MB | Download hits: 3319

Shaw AFB F-16Complete with Base Model

FSX Shaw AFB F-16, in desert scheme livery.A repaint of Kirk Olsson's F-16 Viper. The aircraft is painted as an F16 based at Shaw AFB in a desert camo paint scheme. It has afterburner effects and a new panel. Textures and updates by Mark Rooks of RDG. ...

File size: 19.82 MB | Download hits: 3526

100 Squadron Boneyard HawkComplete with Base Model

FSX 100 Squadron Boneyard Hawk. A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk. The paint scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A RAF. No. 100 Squadron formed at Hingham in Norfolk on 23 February 1917. The squadron motto "Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok" is Malayan and translates as "Never stir up a hornets nest". All squadron Hawk aircraft are marked with the blue and gold checkers of the borough of Stamford either side of the fuselage roundel. These relate to a...

File size: 20.61 MB | Download hits: 996


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