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Flight One Announces Ground Environment Series Updates

Last updated Thu, 02 Aug 2018 21:00:11 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 18 Feb 2012 03:00:00 GMT

In March 2010, Flight One announced its release of 2 updates to the Ground Environment X series of products for FSX.

The product which was formally known as the USA/Canada edition has a new name – Ground Environment X North America. This is a comprehensive update designed to enhance many aspects of the product.

Screenshot using Ground Environment X.

Screenshot using Ground Environment X.

Flight One decided to call the product Ground Environment X North America because the improvements to the older product are significant, and the product now covers the broader North American continent. Flight One announced that there will be no incremental patch to upgrade to the North America edition because this is a full product update.

Customers who already own all previous USA/Canada editions of the product will receive a free upgrade of the North American version. To get the new version of the product, simply use your old key if you purchased by download. If you purchased the DVD version, you can go to Flight One website to get more information about how to get the new version of the product:

Key features of GEX North America version 1.09 are as follows:

  • Automatic detection of UTX USA, Canada or Ultimate Alaska is added when the interface is run
  • Replaces the whole interface system to sync up all GEX current and future releases which provides a 'shared' region backup system for all GEX versions
  • Improved over 90% of North America textures from past versions of GEX USA-Canada
  • Added an autogen building patch which enhances building night lighting
  • Replace most of the desert and mountain environments
  • Add GEX autogen tree fix to increase performance in large forest areas
  • Additional support for Ultimate Alaska with glacier texture upgrades
  • Adjustments to all night lighting tiles and reduced rural lights
  • Adjustments to autogen for UTX patch tiles
  • Bug for backing up and restoring UTX files is fixed

Flight One also released the latest version of Ground Environment X Europe.

Key features of GEX Europe 1.02 Update are:

  • The entire winter season has been adjusted to address user concerns with color in winter – there will be no snow winter tiles
  • Replaced autogen and made adjustments to some UTX patch tiles
  • Shared textures have been adjusted to sync Europe with the North America v1.09 release
  • Minor backup path issue with the backup system interface has been fixed
  • Generic masks to better display texture transitions  have been added
  • Airport pads have been replaced and dry location airport pads have been fixed

Both Ground Environment X North America and GEX Europe 1.02 Update offer better simulation experiences to users. Made from aerial and satellite photography, the products have improved pixel textures and provide more clarity, which in turn enhance FSX experience.

You can get the Ground Environment products over at

Ultimate Terrain X, Ground Environment X and Flight Environment X Demo Video

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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