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FSX Missions

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Direct Fly 2 Mission

Direct Fly 2. Fly the second mission of the series Direct Fly and bring the passengers of flight Orbit (QX) 2609 safely to Oakland. Test your skill by landing the CRJ-700 in pure weather conditions, only by using the instruments. The mission is based on the original flight of Horizon Air 2609 from Portland to Oakland International. As a new feature, the mission includes a simulation of a ground alert system if you land at Oakland and a altitude alert system if you reach the different...

File size: 16.47 MB | Download hits: 2063

Airbus 320 Short Flight Mission

Airbus 320 Short Flight from LFLC (Clermont Ferrand) to LFPO (Paris Orly). It's a windy end of day in Auvergne as you assume flight in a A320. Check briefing before start mission. Includes aircraft, briefing. This is the French version of the mission (dialog and text). By C. Durand. Airbus 320 Short Flight Mission. Install: Simply unzip the "MissionNAF_FR.exe" in your FSX folder. Indicate where is locate your FSX Folder like this: C:Microsoft Flight...

File size: 18.61 MB | Download hits: 2457

Tuchaca Fever... At The Mines! Mission

Tuchaca Fever...At The Mines! The Tuchaca Fever is very severe. You are having fun or working then in a blink of an eye your temperature goes to 40 degrees and your left toe starts to shake, your nails hurt and you see everything pink! The Mexican Silver Toxedo Mines S.A. have been striken with the fever. Many miners have it right now. You have been assigned flight 43434 to pick up six miners that are very ill. A woman doctor will accompany you, be polite and no baloney of any kind! May the...

File size: 589.36 KB | Download hits: 222

Holiday At Italy Mission

Holiday At Italy. Are you ready to fly to your deserved holidays? Take off with friends from Germany to Lake Garda, Italy. By Simon Brugger. Holiday At Italy Mission. Install: Unzip the "Holiday At Italy" an put the folder in your mission folder of the FSX. C:..MicrosoftFlightSimulatorXMissionsThe Good Life. Have Fun! Holiday At Italy Mission. ...

File size: 2.54 MB | Download hits: 1132

Lost Child In New Hampshire Mission

Lost Child in New Hampshire. Fly from Franconia Airport using your choice of three aircraft. Locate the campground with the lost child and circle until the rescue team on the ground reaches him. By David J. Crandall. Lost Child In New Hampshire Mission. INSTALLATION 1. Open Addon Scenery folder, Open scenery folder, Select ALL and COPY. 2. Open your FSX folder. Open the Addon Scenery folder, Open scenery folder, PASTE. 3. Go back to Lost Child in New Hampshire...

File size: 11.4 MB | Download hits: 389

Tre Piloti Mission

Tre Piloti (Three Pilots). All over the world pilots are always putting their lives on the line. This is a rare chance for you to get in the action with three pilots in Chile, Italy and USA... A volcano is acting up, the Pope needs a new man and a Mayor just broke his knee! Fly with these three gentlemen and fix all these problems but be ready to encounter many dangers... welcome to FSadventureSky once again! By Gera Godoy Canova. Tre Piloti Mission. 1) Place al .bgl...

File size: 981.54 KB | Download hits: 263

Carrier Ops Mission

Carrier Ops. Flights that let you take off and land on a static aircraft carrier located off the coast of Texas (TX) near Galveston. Includes scenery of local oil rigs (by Timothy T. Marson), AFCAD files for the ship and for nearby Freeport, TX. ...

File size: 38.35 KB | Download hits: 912

Fly The Paradise Islands Mission

Fly the Paradise Islands. Adventure flight--As a real estate investor, you will spend the weekend checking these islands off the coast of Panama a few miles from Panama City... Fly from your city to MPTO then get on the evening shuttle to Jesus Lopez "Rent-a-Plane FBO". Once in your Cessna or other, fly the blue skies even if you find a thunderstorm here and there. Check all airfields and see the burning fishing boat--the thing exploded last night but no injuries. Don't forget...

File size: 1.5 MB | Download hits: 371

Direct Fly 1 Mission

Direct Fly 1: Orbit (QX) 2191 - CRJ700. A short commuter flight between Seattle Tacoma and Portland International, based on the original flight QX 2191 of Horizon Air. A guiding copilot will be on your side, to give you all important information during the flight, so that you are able to bring the jet straight in to the air and in the end, safely back to the ground. Requires FSX with SP2. By Carsten Wanzelius. (See also DIRCFLY2.ZIP). Direct Fly 1 Mission. Requirements:...

File size: 12 MB | Download hits: 1859

Flying For Salmon-Last Episode Mission

Flying For Salmon-Last Episode. As a bush pilot you have found the best "smoked salmon" of Canada, up in the Western Mountains near the State of Washington. Not an easy area to fly in for bad weather and towering mountains are king. This niche is rather unique and not too many pilots take the risk of flying around here to get some salmon for specialty restaurants. OK, time to fly. You have been fixing some engine problems all day but now at 4:15 PM you are ready to go. Weather is...

File size: 1.06 MB | Download hits: 508

Flying For Furs Mission

Flying For Furs. An FSX adventure flight: Joshua Buckhorn is getting ready for his trip into the Canadian western fur route. As a trader of furs and FBO owner things up here in north Washington are hard in this year of 1949. Just 5 years ago he was flying a huge B-17 over Germany now a new life has brought him into the dangers on bush flying. As always before these flights, new oil and spark plugs must be placed in the plane, tires must be just right and the fuel tanks have got to be full to...

File size: 366.31 KB | Download hits: 273

Utah's Lake Phenomenon Mission

Utah's Lake Phenomenon. An FSX adventure flight: "Phenomena" of some kind is happening in three Utah lakes (USA). The situation is very delicate as you will see. Strange moving objects are on the surface of the lakes and water is in agitation around them. On two of the lakes the residents are all near the shore and in one they have even set up tents and barbeque stands are all over, just like a big circus--This to say the least could be considered very dangerous for no one...

File size: 47.5 KB | Download hits: 305

Transport To Lonesome Lake Mission

Transport To Lonesome Lake. A seaplane mission to transport cargo to Lonesome Lake hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. By David Crandall. Transport To Lonesome Lake Mission. Installation DO NOT UNZIP INTO YOUR FSX FOLDER. UNZIP INTO A FOLDER OF YOUR CHOICE. From a folder of your choice open the Cargo Transport to Lonesome Lake 1. Open the BGL folder, select ALL, COPY. 2. Open your FSX folder, Open Addon Scenery,open scenery folder, PASTE. 3. Open the...

File size: 23.84 MB | Download hits: 510

Russian Serenade Adventure Flight

Adventure Flight--Russian Serenade. Igor Popovsky, captain and gentleman flying for Vladivostok Air Express, has appointed you as his co-pilot for the long passenger and mail Northeastern Route 33. You will fly out from Khabarovsk Novy Airport to several destinations in the lonesome and large territories of the east. Be prepared to land the jet commuter in fairly short airfields and change over to the old company floatplane to carry doctor Kruvisky to his clinic out in the long yellowish river....

File size: 1.39 MB | Download hits: 266

Furnace Creek Rescue MissionComplete with Base Model

Furnace Creek Rescue. Rescue crash victems by helicopter. Requires Acceleration. By Andre Gauvreau. Furnace Creek Rescue Mission. This flight will only work in FSX "Acceleration". When you've run the lift flight, you will be sat, rotors running, on the tarmac. Front of you a PALLET BOX to transport to the ceash site use hook & winch cam to help you to make your lift. Your load hook is active by default. Ensure you're less than 12Kts,...

File size: 7.17 MB | Download hits: 2228

Impossible Mission

Mission Impossible Beta 1 - Preview. A low altitude helicopter police chase mission. Includes custom scenery. Requires FSX Acceleration. By Joey Sipos. Impossible Mission. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1st Step: Move Mission Impossible Scenery Folder: (IMPORTANT - YOU MUST INSTALL THE SCENERY FOR THE MISSION TO WORK!!!. It includes custom made mesh along with many static scenery objects. This mission also includes very high resolution aerial imagery for the backdrop of...

File size: 77.45 MB | Download hits: 549

CSK3 Lift Mission

CSK3 Lift. Transport a generator from Aeroport de Mascouche (CSK3) to Montreal Trudeau Airport (CYUL) by helicopter. Requires FSX Acceleration. By Andre Gauvreau. This flight will only work in FSX "Acceleration". When you've run the lift flight, you will be sat, rotors running, on the CSK3 tarmac. Front of you a generator to transport whit 2 workers helping you to make your lift. Your load hook is active by default, and when you bring your GPS up, you will see...

File size: 195.57 KB | Download hits: 179

Darwin Rescue Mission

Darwin Rescue. Rescue three men thrown into the ocean in a storm and transport them to Darwin Airport (YPDN). Requires FSX Acceleration. By Andre Gauvreau. Darwin Rescue Mission. This flight will only work in FSX "Acceleration". When you've run the lift flight, you will be sat, rotors running, on the YPDN tarmac. Take off to rescue 3 mans overboard on a thunder storm capsize. Once successfully hoist up, fly direct to Darwin airport (YPDN), and land...

File size: 251.3 KB | Download hits: 823

ATR Delta Flight Mission

ATR Delta Flight from KGON to KALB. Fly a scheduled flight from Groton/New London to Albany using an ATR 42-500. By David Crandall. ATR Delta Flight Mission. ATR Delta Flight Copy the "ATR Flight GON" folder to your FSX/Mission/Pilot for hire folder. The three JPGs of this flight is available for you to print. If you do not already have the the ATR 42-300 Delta aircraft in your fleet, you will need to download it from on Prop page...

File size: 12.86 MB | Download hits: 548

Kutra Station Adventure Flight

Adventure Flight--Kutra Station. The 2002 treaty with Russia-Kyrgystan on ICBM destruction has not been enforced for two bases and Jackolong Steward Dewane has been ordered by the ICBM Destruction Association to plant the charges that will evaporate the missiles' engines. You, as pilot of the Association has been ordered to take Dewane and his group to these bases. Kyrgystany authorities have given you the super secret aerial charts pointing their locations. You take off tomorrow in the...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 591

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