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FSX Missions

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Jackson Hole Glider Race Mission

Jackson Hole Glider Race Challenge, Take off from private airstrip by tow from Maule. Will take you to 10,000 feet. Tow will disconnect, fly to start of race at Jackson Hole Airport. Race will begin, you will be flying against AI FSR's - Racer 1, Racer 2, Racer 3. Fly to driggs and turn around head back to Jackson Hole, land and come to complete stop. Your time will be displayed, You can either get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, an award for each is given. Thermals are plenty throughout...

File size: 19.12 MB | Download hits: 778

Mystery Object In The Amazon Mission

Mystery Object In The Amazon. An FSX mystery flight. A strange glowing object has been seen in a lone airfield deep in the Jungle of the Amazon. You have been hired to fly scientists to take a peek at it and discover what it is but before you must stop in four out of the way towns to pick up the women helpers (?). This is the same flight which will be flown on-line on Saturday May 6 at 9:00 PM (EST) and all pilotos are invited--boiled iguana will be served near the coke machine at the hot,...

File size: 6.5 MB | Download hits: 373

Acceleration Mission

Acceleration Mission. This mission will test your flight skills from dead reckoning to a full instrument landing. It has been put it into the advanced category because of the weather conditions, but it's a Cessna flight and with practice, a beginner can succeed. It lasts about 70 minutes and has a reward for successful completion. By Jimmy Carlos Rogers. Acceleration Mission. Acceleration ONLY! DO NOT try to run this Mission in other version of Flight...

File size: 14.01 MB | Download hits: 681

Alien Transport Mission

Alien Transport. Transport wounded aliens from crash site to Lone Pine Airport. Switch aircraft, fly to Edwards Air Force Base to drop them off to the Waiting Mother Ship. FSX Acceleration required, Uses SimVar to automate flying functions. By Ed Olander. Briefing- Scenario - Your mission today is to fly to the crash site where and unidentified aircraft has crashed. Wounded aliens need transportation to Edwards Airforce Base. You will need to return to Pine Lone Airport to switch...

File size: 6.19 MB | Download hits: 562

Amazonas Air Mission

Amazonas Air. "It's raining again", said Martha as she called Tom for the third time over the radio. Thomas Ascara, chief pilot of "Amazonas Air" was to land in a few minutes. He was returning from his day-long flight over the great southern Amazon Basin where his small Air Service flew day in and day out. Flying in this territory is quite a challange for rain and fog usually is the common day to day situation for at least nine months a year. The Amazon weather never...

File size: 14.37 MB | Download hits: 452

Easter Egg Hunt Mission

Easter Egg Hunt (updated). This is an Easter egg hunt in the fields of Kansas. Using a sectional chart and the coordinates provided, locate and plot your way to nine Easter eggs. You must be able to read and understand a sectional chart to play this mission. By David J. Crandall. Easter Egg Hunt Mission. INSTALLATION Unzip the Egg hunt folder into a folder of your choice. DO NOT UNZIP INTO YOUR FS FOLDER. 1. Open the BGL folder from the folder you just unzipped...

File size: 25.09 MB | Download hits: 210

Land At The Fly-In Mission

Land At The Fly-In. Everyone is waiting and watching for our arrival. Land the Cub on runways 6 at Cascade Locks State. We are lined up on a long final. Brett Lee / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 FSX ONLY! This is a mission designed for fsx, do not try to intall to fs9! This mission was designed by Brett Lee. This mission can in no way, shape, or form be modified, redistributed, or sold without my permission. This mission has only been tested for Windows Vista, I do not accept...

File size: 1.65 MB | Download hits: 269

Acceleration Candy Bomber Mission

Candy Bomber Berlin. English version of the "Rosinenbomber Berlin" mission. Reward is included. Note that a repaint for the default FSX Douglas DC-3 is included in the download. Three possible versions for those who want to fly with bare metal, the included repaint or even with the DC-3 Dakota of MAAM. You will need FSX Acceleration as the scenery of Berlin Tempelhof is required. Not tested with the other FSX versions. By Tim Morianz. Acceleration Candy Bomber...

File size: 11.46 MB | Download hits: 480

Acceleration Rosinenbomber Mission

Rosinenbomber Berlin. The German version of the "Candy Bomber Berlin" mission (different reward than the one of the Emglish version). Note that a repaint for the default FSX Douglas DC-3 is included in the download. Three possible versions for those who want to fly with bare metal, the included repaint or even with the DC-3 Dakota of MAAM. You will need FSX Acceleration as the scenery of Berlin Tempelhof is required. Not tested with the other FSX versions. By Tim...

File size: 20.81 MB | Download hits: 460

The Most Dangerous Airports Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 3. These missions are based around the most dangerous airports of the world. This particular airport is Meribel in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports Mission. NOTES: This is my third attempt in creating a mission. I had great fun in creating it. The following zip files for the mission needs to be found on the net and installed: which contains the...

File size: 590.57 KB | Download hits: 1221

Salmon Run Mission

Salmon Run v1.1, a backcountry mission in Idaho wilderness where you fly ranch guests. Involves short, challenging runways and includes sounds, goals and rewards. By Wesley Wood. Salmon Run Mission. Version 1.1 This update adds some scenery features and the mission compass waypoints. It also fixes a bug with the Caravan at McCall Installation - 1. Copy the contents of the REWARD folder into your C:FS INSTALLATION PATHRewards Folder 2. Copy the SALMON_RUN...

File size: 20.33 MB | Download hits: 722

Eastern Guatemala Small Mission

Eastern Guatemala Small Airfields. This is the second part of three scenery/flights of some small and rugged airfields in Guatemala, land of th Mayas. In this episode you will start your flight in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala's Caribbean Port, and fly to a tourist resort in Lake Izabal, then on to Zacapa where the soccer teams of Panama and Guatemala are meeting in a not to friendly match! Then you will go to Cahabon, a rough town up in some mountains, then on to the new Mayan ruins of...

File size: 2.66 MB | Download hits: 552

Cylon Raid Mission

A challenging mission usng A-12(Piglet), EH101(FSX), and SF-MKII(Piglet), CR-14(Piglet), Battlestar(Bruce F.). Takeoff from a non-moving carrier with fellow A-12's. Fly tail in diamond formation, maintaining a 500 foot radius behind A-12 lead. Cylone Raiders are approaching, when contact is established caos follows, evade asap. Fly to either a designated airport or land on the moving carrier in the A-12(Reward). Switch to the EH101 and fly rapidly to the Battlestar. During your return...

File size: 7.28 MB | Download hits: 406

Welcome To The Club Mission

Welcome To The Club. Welcome to the Arrow Flying Club. This mission is somewhat of an orientation to the club. You will take off and fly a traffic pattern with club founder, Brett, at Cascade Locks State. This mission will only take about 10 minutes to fly. By Brett Lee. ONLY! This is a mission designed for fsx, do not try to intall to fs9! This mission was designed by Brett Lee. This mission can in no way, shape, or form be modified, redistributed, or sold without my...

File size: 5.07 MB | Download hits: 208

Varadero Crosswind Mission

Varadero Crosswind; Spanish and English versions in the same download. Almost ready for your 737 certification, your last flight is a landing with dreadful crosswinds at Varadero, Cuba. You'll feel for yourself some of the infamous weather tricks: downdrafts. You'll need all your skills and more, and quite a bucket of cold blood to finish happily. You'll get your reward if you manage to land on the runway and stay there fully. By Jose Enrique Arino. Varadero...

File size: 6.29 MB | Download hits: 1553

Carrier Ops Recon F-18 P-2 Mission

Carrier Ops Recon F-18 P-2. F18 Hornet carrier recon mission using FSX Acceleration default F/A-18 and high definition landable carrier. Off the Coast of Iraq, you will be flying wingman for Viper-1. Your mission is to stay with Viper-1 while he gets recon photos of Basrha Int'l, and Shaibah Airports. Easy flight we hope. It is dusk and there is enemy anti-aircraft positions surrounding the airports. Be on your toes, stay tight with Viper-1, be prepared for anything. FSX Acceleration...

File size: 3.35 MB | Download hits: 2746

Polar Express Mission

Polar Express. Fly the King Air through Canada and Alaska, transporting dignitaries to the Polar Bear conference in Juneau. Mission created by Wes Jones and Larry McPhee. Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air 350 Location: Canada, Alaska Goals: Transport VIP dignitaries to the Polar Bear conference in Juneau. Estimated Completion Time: 60 minutes Category: Backcountry Skill Level: Intermediate Follow the instructions and the waypoint markers to navigate this mission. Turn on...

File size: 8.44 MB | Download hits: 506

Gunateeta Air Shuttle Mission

Gunateeta Air Shuttle. The Gunateeta Air Shuttle is owned by Ingur Sing, an old pilot who flew for many years as co-pilot for India Airways. One day he decided to quit the airline and open his own business with an Auster which he bought for 70,000 Rupies. He flew passengers and cargo to many towns with just a grass strip near Bombay for about 10 years. He now owns two DH 104 Doves but he is too old to fly them so he hires pilots that have the needed credentials to fly his planes to small...

File size: 5.51 MB | Download hits: 378

The Lakes of Tibet Chapter II Mission

The Lakes of Tibet Chapter II. Visit the three most important projects in the lakes of Tibet. You will hear the humming of the Fish Canning Factory ship as you approach it and wonder how the chain gang works in there with so much noise. Land by the expeimental station of Hung-Ku and stop over at Bukalam Airport... all ficticious places in the Roof of the World. By Gera Godoy Canova. The Lakes of Tibet Chapter II Mission. 1) Unzip the to a Temporal folder. 2) Place...

File size: 845.13 KB | Download hits: 314

Project Gremlin Mission

Project Gremlin v1.0. Fly chase plane for full scale crash test. Estimated time to complete: 40 minutes. Aircraft: Bombardier Learjet 45. Intro, music, briefings, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach. Project Gremlin Mission. Project Gremlin , V1.0, 3/21/09 Installation Instructions: Unzip in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. Restart FSX for the reward to work. This zip file will install the following files in these folders (used for...

File size: 6.88 MB | Download hits: 1129

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