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FSX Missions

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Flight To The Gold Light Missions

Flight To The Gold Light Missions. FSadventureSky FSX flight: Today you fly to two African missions. You will deliver seeds, fertilizer and medicines to Father Bersitti'd Golden Light Mission and then you go to Fathers Ephrom's Bowl of Happiness Mission where they are expecting cement and other construction materials. What?, yes the weather is pretty bad. You fly with your routes map only! No flight plan here, dude. So keep one eye on the map and the other where you need it... Have a...

File size: 4.23 MB | Download hits: 1519

PIA Internal Shuttle Flight 559

PIA Internal Shuttle Flight 559. FSadventureSky FSX Mission: You have been assigned to PIA Flight 559. As a pilot for Pakistan International Airline you stay on these shuttle flights three months a year to teach new pilots and the rest you fly with international operations. This time you will fly the nicest of all routes, the one always full of tourists who want to enjoy wonderful scenery. For FS2004 users an FS2004 plan plan is included too. Uses PIA ATR 42-500 (APATRBHN.ZIP). By Gera Godoy...

File size: 9.51 MB | Download hits: 1781

Tvilat Esh Mission Part 1 & 2

Part 1 & 2 all in one pack. Tvilat Esh - Part 1. Hello! THANKS (for those who care): I started the research in Mai 2009, bought the first things like the stamps on the Russian Flee Market at Dizengoff Square. Had a long funny talk with the seller who gave the stamps to me for free as he liked the idea. Hope the pictures give him the credit. Then there was the model shop on HaAliya Street, Tel Aviv. He gave the decals for the painters as a reference. Of course...

File size: 150.33 MB | Download hits: 799

Canadian Bush Flying

Canadian Bush Flying. This is the first part or episode of FSadventureSky's series "So You Want To Be A Bush Pilot?", a group of missions for bush pilots and those that want to polish their flying skills to be one. The mission will take the pilot to a small fishing village in a lake up in the Canadian Rockies. You will deliver a hog and three hundred chicks. Take a rest and then fly your only passenger, a famous belly dancer from Argentina, to the luxury spa and hotel up in...

File size: 24.37 MB | Download hits: 1877

Cargo Flight Panama City To Mendoza

Cargo Flight Panama City To Mendoza. FSadventureSky South America cargo flights series. It's 6:01 AM and the old cargo DC-6B is loaded to the rim. Your co-pilot, miss Eliana Delfanco, has checked the loading of the freight and has signed the papers from the loading manager. She calls you and with a beautiful smile says "Capitan, we are ready to dance". You smile back, and board the silver bird. It will be a long flight to Mendoza. By Gera Godoy Canova. Cargo...

File size: 1.66 MB | Download hits: 770

Air France Regional Shuttle Flight

Air France Regional Shuttle Flight. FSadventureSky Mission for FSX: shuttle flight from Bordeaux to Lyon with stops in Lourdes, Andorra, Montpellier, Marseille and Cannes. You will be accompanied by two young crew members, Lina and Juliett, plus a full plane. You need the Embraer 120 by Premier Aircraft Design. "Bonne journee, bienvenue a bord du vol 559". By Gera Godoy Canova. Air France Regional Shuttle Flight Mission. DROP THE COMPLETE DIRECTORY INTO...

File size: 27.6 MB | Download hits: 4857

Rio Napo Adventure Flights

Rio Napo Adventure Flights. FSadventureSky Flights Series--FSX Flights. You have been hired by "Amazonas Air" to fly in one of their prettiest routes, the Rio Napo from its base station in Iquitos, Peru. The Napo River is one of the longest affluents of the great Amazon river starting in Ecuador. The route maps will give you a panorama of the whole area as well as water ports and airfields on the route which you will have to fly to. Be ready for a few weeks spent here since the job...

File size: 635.95 KB | Download hits: 450

Real ATC Mission AZ296 Patch

Real ATC Mission AZ296 Patch. Patch for FSX Real ATC Mission AZ296 landing to LFPG. Flight to Paris CDG with real ATCvoices. By Patrizio Migliola. Real ATC Mission AZ296 Patch. WARNING If you installed FSX on a different folder than the default, go to the folder : X:\YOUR FSX DIRECTORYMISSIONSAPPLFPG and with Notepad open the file Mission.flt and change the line at the bottom: ABLSCRIPT=C:ProgrammiMICROSOFT GAMESMICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR XLESSONSLFPG...

File size: 6.61 MB | Download hits: 1333

Real ATC Mission AZ296 Landing To LFPG

Real ATC Mission AZ296 Landing To LFPG. Flight to Paris CDG with real ATC voices. By Patrizio Migliola. Real ATC Mission AZ296 Landing To LFPG. WARNING If you installed FSX on a different folder than the default, go to the folder : X:\YOUR FSX DIRECTORYMISSIONSAPPLFPG and with Notepad open the file Mission.flt and change the line at the bottom: ABLSCRIPT=C:ProgrammiMICROSOFT GAMESMICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR XLESSONSLFPG ApproachAPPLFPG.abl with...

File size: 6.61 MB | Download hits: 1765

Mountain Eagle Charter Flights

Mountain Eagle Charter Flights. FSX FSadventureSky--Warning, this is a very difficult mission! Designed for the Carenado 208, but you can use the default 208 also. This flight will take the Lama Chanting Band, four guys plus two drums and a flute, to small airfields in the mountains of Buthan. Weather is really bad but the show must go on! Flying around these mountains as Lama Phumpha-Phom says "It is an exercise for high flying buzzards and not meant for humans". Anyway you, the...

File size: 25.18 MB | Download hits: 805

Experimental Flight UHU-559

Experimental Flight UHU-559. FSX-FSadventureSky flight: Late in 1943 the lastest version of the Junkers 290 made an experimental flight to test new engines and landing gear. Captain Upsherfulf commanded it for his experience in the Russian Front with dive bombers was made into a movie. The flight made all its stops with no problems but somehow it was never seen again... Fly the route he took and try to find out what happened to the plane and the crew... really strange. By Gera Godoy...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 438

Doherty's Difficult & Dangerous Approaches

Doherty's Difficult & Dangerous Approaches. This is an update for FSX of Volume 2 of Doherty's Difficult & Dangerous Approaches. Any aircraft needing it, was changed to ones that are default in FSX. Changes also include a few other things to the author's preferences, like the outside view to locked spot. All flights start on pause, with the aircraft starting position almost exactly where the original flights began. Update by Bob Chicilo. Doherty's...

File size: 1.15 MB | Download hits: 2834

Three Mercy Flights For The Weekend

Three Mercy Flights For The Weekend. Flying for the Red Cross in the world is not very easy. Here are three flights of mercy and assistance. Freezing Norway, hot Sierra Leone and some islands off the coast of Malaya will be your test ground for these kinds of flights. You need the following aircraft: Cessna_404_TITAN_HOPE_FLITE.ZIP">FSX_Cessna_404_TITAN_HOPE_FLITE.ZIP. By Gera Godoy Canova. Three Mercy Flights For The Weekend Mission. I recomend you also Download...

File size: 1.32 MB | Download hits: 350

Kirongo Oil Ltd FSadventureSky Flight

FSadventureSky Flight--Kirongo Oil Ltd. The Kirongo Oil company has been having problems with their computer systems for some time. Three systems engineers will be taken to the two most important locations where the troubles have been occuring. The default Cessna 208 is the prefered plane for the trip but you may use any STOL. Check the route map for other stops will be made. Weather varies but the large lake is a generator of thunderstorms at any time and anywhere... Do check the landing...

File size: 1.08 MB | Download hits: 289

Sink U-199

Sink U-199. 31 July 1943 early morning, a USN Martin PBM-3C Mariner from the VP-74 squadron, based in Rio de Janeiro, located and attacked the U-199. The U-boat was damaged but was not sunk and kept firing chaotically at the American aircraft. Brazilian defences were alerted and a Brazilian Hudson, crew of Sergio Candido Schnoor soon took off from Rio de Janeiro. It attacked the U-199 with two Mk. 17 bombs which fell short of the U-boat, in a second run Schnoor started to shoot U-199 with...

File size: 787.23 KB | Download hits: 377

A U-Boat In The Amazon?

A U-Boat In The Amazon? Captain Igmar Schroonk set course west 23 degrees right toward the South American coast. He now realized that this was the end and the only possible course for survival. The southern Atlantic was rough but he knew the ocean as he knew the palm of his hand. After a week of very slow passage and on a sunny day at the bridge of the boat, Hans Slother noticed, in his binoculars, the green coast of Brazil and called his captain. That night at 12 miles from the mouth of the...

File size: 1.73 MB | Download hits: 542

Pan Am 300 Flight

Missions--Pan Am 300 Flight. This is a mission involving flying from Kennedy Int'l to Los Vegas Muni on a Pan American Boeing 747. It uses the default Boeing 747 and uses a Pan American repaint (PAN_AM_B747-400.ZIP). Welcome to the Pan Am Flight 300 Mission. INSTALLATION: Go into the file you have downloaded called Pan Am 300 Flight and copy IFR Kennedy INTL to Las Vegas Mun.PLN Pan Am Flight 300 Pan Am Flight 300.FSSAVE Pan Am Flight 300.WX the above files into My...

File size: 83.47 KB | Download hits: 520

Find Dr. Laura Fokkler

Find Dr. Laura Fokkler. FSadventureSky New Flight Series "Your Flight". WW2 started yesterday and Laura Fokkler is missing. This female scientist has been working on a secret project for the US Army Air Corps since 1932. The juice of a plant called "Sangrilla Fuculentus Blafimus" has been found to have strong explosive qualities. Fokkler came to Darien, Panama where the plant is used as a fire starter and has been here since 1939. Now she has been missing for over two...

File size: 3.26 MB | Download hits: 524

Bad Weather To Tirana Flight

Bad Weather To Tirana. FSX FSadventureSky new flight series "Your Flight". A stormy day in Southern Italy. Your flight leaves from Taranto to Tirana with full house. After crossing the Adriatic you have your lunch at the New Tirana Airport and get assigned to a late afternoon cargo flight to Kukes. Weather has been bad all week and there is nothing you can do but man your plane and get on with the job which you love... Introducing a multi-media instruction manual with interactive...

File size: 816.88 KB | Download hits: 900

Congo School Of Aviation Special Exams

Congo School Of Aviation Special Exams. FSX FSadventure Flights--The Congo School of Aviation is offering for this week only four exams for pilots who want to qualify for the "Jungle Bush Pilot" certificate. Bring your own plane and get a discount at the school's motel. You must have a pilot's licence from somewhere which can be checked. The exams will prove to you and the School Masters that you can muster the rigors of flying around jungles and out of the way places with...

File size: 1.3 MB | Download hits: 831