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FSX Missions

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Ghost Ship Of The Southern Sea

Read the story and fly the adventure series. FSX/E-short story of an expedition is south Chile and you will be in the middle of it together with Max Rex, Dr. Buenas and a beautiful lady... "Santiago tower, this is CP559 about twenty miles from your station to land". Max shut the microphone and waited through the radio static a response. After a few seconds a noise crackling voice said "CP559, land as you see fit, there is a large thunderstorm over the city but two planes just...

File size: 967.99 kB | Download hits: 1582

The Forgotten Tomb - A Story Plus Flight

FSX/FSadventureSky e-short story and flight series. One more "e-story + flight", not an FSX mission" Dr. Ding finished his tale and took a long drink of Vietnamese red wine. Max was looking at him wide eyed and followed him with a large glass of cold beer saying "It is hard to believe what you just told me but if you are right it is imperative we find that tomb". "I think we should not tell anyone where we are going and keep this secret totally to us" said...

File size: 10.82 MB | Download hits: 787

The Mermaid Lake Of Nepal

Adventure Flight. The Mermaid Lake Of Nepal. E-short story and adventure flight: "Max Rex woke up as the far away thunder and wind made the flaps of his bedroom window slam against the wall. He got up and walked to the window and felt the humid wind from the coming storm. He looked at his watch noting it was very early, only 4:55 am. He saw huge cumulus clouds churning as the stormwind pushed them toward the small city of Bhinga in northern India. Max had come to visit his old friend...

File size: 19.55 MB | Download hits: 1511

Anatoly's Vacation Flight

Each Soviet citizen could take a vacation for 22 and more working days. Some groups like the military, doctors, etc. would take one for 30 or 40 days. People would go to the sanatorium in their region, they could go to the Crimea, the Caucasus, Bulgaria and sometimes to other Eastern Countries of Europe. A boom place was Sochi. To the Russians the equivalent of the Mediterranean Coast with palm trees, hotels, large beaches, hot weather, vodka and women. You can join the IL-14 crew and take a...

File size: 18.08 MB | Download hits: 591

Tour de France 2012 Flights

On 30 June 2012, the Tour de France 2012 starts in Liege, Belgium. The 21 flight plans, mostly for the default Cessna 172, follow the stages to a large extent. By Nis Verkijk. 'Tour de France 2012 Flights' route map. The 21 flight plans, mostly for the default Cessna 172, follow the stages to a large extent. Although stage #14 should be flown at 8,500 ft, you may need to fly at 10,500 ft for a few minutes. The same applies for stage #17 in the Pyrenees mountains,...

File size: 987.18 kB | Download hits: 1905

Juan de Nova...Oil Island Mission

FSadventureSky FSX Mission: Juan de Nova Island (French: locally Ile Juan de Nova or officially Ile Juan da Nova), also known as Saint-Christophe, is a 4.4 square kilometer (1.7 sq mi) low, flat, tropical island in the narrowest part of the Mozambique Channel, about one-third of the way between Madagascar and Mozambique. This is where five oil rigs are looking for oil. Once a year the "rig guys" get a week of vacation to Mozambique or Madagascar "Caguachatti Oil Rest...

File size: 20.80 MB | Download hits: 1933

Oslo To Amsterdam PMDG 737NGX Mission

This is a real flight, Scandinavian 821 from Oslo Gardermoen to Amsterdam Schiphol with real ATC voices. By Patrizio Migliola. Unzip and launch SAS821.exe. Read carefully the details in the mission briefing page, where you can also find flight plan, charts, loadsheet, met report, notam. PMDG 737-800ngx Scandinavian livery is requested. ...

File size: 100.20 MB | Download hits: 5445

Jungle Merchant--Jungle Flying DeLuxe Mission

An FSadventureSky FSX Flight. "Dear Sir... You have inherited the one aircraft "Amazonas Air Freight Airways" from your ex Air Force buddy Siverton Ecceter or "Chewing Gum Gogo", he flew over the horizon yesterday after getting drenched in the "Mother of all Thunderstorms" as some heavy rain showers are known here in Bolivia. You get a Beechcraft 99 with a big pod in the fuselage underside. You also get his "Merchant Route" which is valid for one...

File size: 7.32 MB | Download hits: 2572

Ancient Machines Mission

FSadventureSky FSX Mission--The Prime Minister has ordered for you to fly Dr. Sing and his party to a Chinese village beyond the mountains. 'Ancient Machines Mission' route plan. There you will listen to the oldest Lama and proceed accordingly. This is a super secret mission without the authorization to use Chinese airspace. If you fly higher than indicated their radar will pick you out and a missile will surely hit you so fast you will not know what happened....

File size: 20.07 MB | Download hits: 1036

Out To Grass UK Flights

Out To Grass (OTG) is a series of ten flight plans covering most of England and using only grass airfields. The flights are intended to exploit the VFR Photographic Scenery X and the UK2000 Scenery airfields for the three areas covering England. Full briefings are included describing the areas and airfields visited, along with some help with the flying. The Readme has full instructions for installation and recommendations for freeware add-ons required. By Gordon Wilkinson. Essential...

File size: 457.94 kB | Download hits: 432

Rome To Asmara 1936 Mission

FSX/FSadventureSky Historical Flights Series. Ala Littoria flew the SM-73 over mountains, the Mediterranean Sea (Mare Nostrum) and the sands of North Africa to arrive one evening at the beautiful city of Asmara. Passengers and crew lived together for three days in order to get there. Fly the dangerous skies of the 30s where a navigator would be the owner of many lives for many hours and pilots literally battled the elements in order to bring his souls on board safely to their destination....

File size: 30.14 MB | Download hits: 821

Amazonas Wings Regional Needs You! Mission

FSadventureSky Airlines Series Episode. Airline founded in 1932, flying today in a dense region of the Amazon River Basin. Need pilots with captain qualifications. Will fly several types of aircraft to large, medium and small towns in the central Amazon region. To some villages too! It's hot here, lots of mosquitoes and all kind of wild animals. Hard work, pilots on some airports carry the clients baggage to the plane and serves coffee while waiting for plane to be fueled. Not too many...

File size: 13.64 MB | Download hits: 1388

Flight Plans In Support Of SRX2012 AlphSim SR-71A

FSX flight plans for the SR-71 Blackbird includes: Screenshot of SR-71 Blackbird taking off. Historical mission flight plans including World Record Flights. Imaginary flight plans, most departing and arriving at military bases around the world. KC135 refuel flight plans in support of the Beal-Farnborough and Farnborough-Beale world record flights ( Text file detailing stats, waypoints, and procedures for the flights (plans...

File size: 160.70 kB | Download hits: 1414

Oregon Ablaze Mission Correction

If you have a problem with an immediate crash after starting the Oregon Ablaze fire mission (PHMISX_1.ZIP) this may help. It is thought that the tailboom of the helicopter is in contact with the hangar. By William D. Smith. Screenshot of helicopter in the 'Oregon Ablaze Mission'.   ...

File size: 35.17 kB | Download hits: 2002

Barton To Cardiff Mission Update

This is an update to Barton to Cardiff, July 1995 to correct an error in the flight plan location. All files are included. By Andrew Webb. This is an FSX Mission, and it requires SP2 or Acceleration Pack All the files you need are in the main zip directory, and you need to make a choice which version of the files you copy to FSX: it depends if you have photo-realistic scenery for the area (England & Wales). As it's a replication of a flight I actually made, there are no...

File size: 7.98 MB | Download hits: 225

2012 Mystery Temple Mission

FSX/FSadventureSky Mystery Flight How are you supposed to react to all 2012 Mayan predictions and Nostradamus prophecies, Holy Bible Doomsday, Apocalypse theories, information about polar shift in the year 2012 and many others foretelling the end of the world on 21/12/2012? Dr. Eulogio Belafontes and three other earth scientists will be visiting the latest discovered temple in February of this year. The temple is located, luckily, very near Puerto Maldonado. Sixteen other scientist have...

File size: 20.83 MB | Download hits: 894

Famous Writer Sloop On Fire Mission

FSX/FSadventureSky Mission. The whistle sounded at the French Naval Station. Soon the pilots were told to go out and search for the famous writer's sail boat "Matador" that sent a SOS reporting fire on board! It's raining and clouds are low. Will you accompany these 1938 SAR pilots who put their life on the line to save others? "Aller l'homme, ne pas aller plus de temps a perdre". Get moving, no time to loose, the Loire 130's engine is roaring. By Gera...

File size: 14.02 MB | Download hits: 383

French Alps Rescue Mission

A family of tourists is reported missing, they would have spent the day in the mountains. Find them, and bring them back to the hospital. Your co-pilot will handle all radio conversations. Uses EC-145 aircraft. Includes rewards and audio files either in English or in French. By Damien Martin. 'French Alps Rescue Mission' route map.   ...

File size: 71.92 MB | Download hits: 2009

WW2 Series 'The K-GO Project'

FSX/FSadventureSky WWII flight. Early on in the war Commander Kimatura Research Institutes Chemical Section, had requested Admiral Omaruka the separation of Uranium-235. The work went slowly, but shortly before the end of the war he had designed an ultracentrifuge (to spin at 60,000 rpm) which he was hopeful would achieve the required results. Only the design of the machinery was completed before the Japanese surrender. In early 1942 Squadron 45B-38 flying Catalinas was ordered to start...

File size: 3.89 MB | Download hits: 764

Not Well Known Flights Part I

FSX/FSadventureSky Flight. This is Flight I of the Episodes "Not Well Known Flights". It started in Tapachula, Mexico back in the early 50s with two Martin 404s carrying anything that wanted to go to Las Palmas in Belize, when the territory was part of the British Empire highly contested by Guatemala. Now the flight is mostly a passenger one in neat ATRs. So, Capitan, board your plane as grandad did or now as a young pilot all ready to go chatting with that lady from down under......

File size: 3.98 MB | Download hits: 737


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