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FSX Missions

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Lunch In Huesca Mission

Lunch In Huesca. English version. You may think that one flight from Pamplona (Spain) to Huesca is easy. But when you have to take photos near the ground, and your plane is a little old, that flight would be a challenge. Will you accept it? Only for Acceleration users. By Jose Enrique Arino. Lunch In Huesca Mission. NOTES: This mission is only for acceleration users, and is my first mission. Has been tested in diferentes computers with XP...

File size: 6.86 MB | Download hits: 387

Miracle On The Hudson

FS2004 Miracle On The Hudson. Recreate the US Airways Airbus emergency landing on the Hudson River after a bird strike shortly after departure from La Guardia. Requires UWA321.ZIP which is modified to make it floatable. By Carlyle Sharpe. This will make the FSX default Airbus A321 "floatable", so that one can retrace the flight path of flight 1549 and have your own "Miracle on the Hudson." First: Download "" for the US Airways texture for...

File size: 306.04 kB | Download hits: 848

Mt. Lassen Scenic Mission

Mt. Lassen Scenic Mission, California (CA). Includes add-on scenery enhancements for the area including a high detail Chester Rogers Airport (O05), effects (smoke at the lumber mill and steam at Bumpass Hell), and a photoreal rendition of the Cinder Cone. Also includes a mission that combines real world flying techniques with a narrated scenic tour. Scenery by Lance Tucker. Mission by Geof Applegate. Mt. Lassen Scenic Mission. This readme is best viewed in notepad with word...

File size: 80.79 MB | Download hits: 681

Where is the Yowie? Mission

Where is the Yowie? Australia Today News Agency: For centuries "The Yowie" a creature of huge size and horrible odor has been seen by a few all over the Continent Island. Now, a beauty queen (Miss Southern Italy-2002) and master anthropologist have embarked on a dangerous expedition to find it and dissipate once and for all the mystery. She is accompanied by six other women scientists, a local guide and you--pilot and gentleman. The mission starts in Melbourne and will travel to...

File size: 15.23 MB | Download hits: 313

S.F. Bay Area Tour Mission

S.F. Bay Area Tour. A sightseeing tour of the San Francisco Bay area of California (CA). Mission created by Wes Jones. S.F. Bay Area Tour Mission. This mission is a sightseeing tour that covers the San Francisco Bay Area. For the best experience, fly the mission with the cockpit in the "mini-mode" (From the default virtual cockpit hit F10, then hit "W" three times). It's not necessary to fly directly into the waypoint markers, they are only...

File size: 12.39 MB | Download hits: 655

Operation Bible Sweep Mission

Operation Bible Sweep v2. Pilot a De Havilland Beaver into the heart of mainland China in a clandestine Bible smuggling operation that will keep you guessing at every turn. Evade patrol ships, radar and the Chinese Air Force in a mission created with multiple variations generated from random variables and further modified by the way you fly. The mission comes with quality custom audio tracks and has been comprehensively beta tested. This mission is compatible with all FSX Service Packs. By...

File size: 8.53 MB | Download hits: 479

El Paso Run Mission

El Paso Run. The mission itself is pretty simple - a quick flight from Alamogordo airport to El Paso airport. Oh yes, and you must stay within a narrow corridor along the way. An old college buddy and his wife are on their way to Europe for a month. They live in Alamogordo, but need to catch their flight in El Paso. He just called up and asked if you would take them in his Mooney Bravo; as payment, he will let you "take care" of it while they are gone. By Brian...

File size: 8.16 MB | Download hits: 390

Cellular Madness Mission

Cellular Madness. You have been hired by CelCab, Panamanian cellular provider to take some badly needed parts to their four antenna locations in Chiriqui Province in the north of Panama. It is the rainy season so expect rain all the way. The mission is for "intermediate pilots" so if you follow instructions you will be OK... It would be a good idea to wear yellow socks for good luck. Good luck piloto! By Gera Godoy Canova. Cellular Madness Mission. Unzip the...

File size: 15.57 MB | Download hits: 755

British Columbia Flying Tour

British Columbia Flying Tour. A VFR flying tour of 3 major river systems on the north coast of B.C. Canada - the Kitimat, the Skeena, and the Nass. It is an excellent way to see the terrific topography of this area as well as test your VFR flying skills. Requires Ultimate Terrain Canada for FSX. By Doug Keech. British Columbia Flying Tour. 3 River Tour for Ultralights and Bushplanes This is a flying tour of 3 major river systems here on the north coast of B.C. Canada -...

File size: 10.28 MB | Download hits: 596

Deadliest Flight Mission

Deadliest Flight v1.0. Enjoy the beautiful Islands of the Aleutian chain on this cold weather flight. Estimated time to complete: 60 minutes. Aircraft: Beech King Air. Includes intro, music, briefings, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach. Deadliest Flight Mission. Deadliest Flight, V1.0, 1/3/2009 Installation Instructions: Unzip in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. Restart FSX for the reward to work. This zip file will install the following...

File size: 3.35 MB | Download hits: 839

Balloon Rescue Mission

Balloon Rescue. Rescue a participant in a balloon race who has had problems in the rolling hills of Napa, California. By Wes Jones. Balloon Rescue Mission. To install: Double click the installer icon and follow the prompts. If you are having trouble hearing or understanding any of the dialog in this mission, go to the general settings on FSX and turn dialog captioning on. Mission *should* work with all versions of FSX. Authored by Wes Jones Have...

File size: 645.38 kB | Download hits: 380

Flying Into Hell's Hills Mission

Flying Into Hell's Hills. Your contract with "Lukla Flying Budda Air Lines" was severed after you stashed the old and venerable DC-3 at Chinese Clock mountain near Everest. Luckily you were only carrying 5000 bats to Dr. Mien Chung at Kuripuk... Now you got this "on condition", three week contract, with Golden Squirrel Mines in Canada. Three flights have been agreed with you. To Cross Bones Station, Cemetery Valley and Skull Ridge Air Park. Weather is so so, so be...

File size: 1.04 MB | Download hits: 426

Mountain Fire Mission

Mountain Fire. Help the California forestry department fight wildfires in northern California. By Wes Jones. Mountain Fire Mission. To install: Double click the installer icon and follow the prompts. If you are having trouble hearing or understanding any of the dialog in this mission, go to the general settings on FSX and turn dialog captioning on. Mission *should* work with all versions of FSX. Authored by Wes Jones. Have Fun! ...

File size: 5.73 MB | Download hits: 1113

Albanian Wings Ltd. Mission

Albanian Wings Ltd. This Albanian Airline is looking for pilots for their local routes in Albania (the country located to the east of Italy). Pay is good and the beaches around the country are just great. If interested you will have to pass their exams given by their all woman pilot crews (hehehe). It will not be easy for examinations require absolute concentration and very good piloting skills. If you pass you are in as co-pilot with one of the girls for a few weeks then you get your own...

File size: 3.59 MB | Download hits: 331

Holiday At Italy II Mission

Holiday At Italy II. Fly your helicopter on a fishing vacation. By Simon Brugger. Holiday At Italy II Mission. Installation: Copy the "Holiday At Italy II" folder to your mission folder in your FSX. That´s all =) e.g.: C:...Microsoft Flight Simulator XMissions Have fun! THIS IS FREEWARE. THE AUTHOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY LIABILITIES THAT YOU MIGHT INCUR AS A RESULT OF USING THIS PRODUCT. YOU ASSUME THE RISK OF...

File size: 2.13 MB | Download hits: 507

MIA...Finding Arby Mission

MIA...Finding Arby. On October 31, 1944 Lt. Arby Goldsony took off in his DC-3 from Mavis AAF Base in New Zealand. His flight was to deliver Capt. Joseph Allison to Flikker Field in Australia carrying some orders for the 13th P-51 Squadron based there. No one ever heard of Arby and his crew from that day on. Since the end of WW2, Amy Goldsony wife of Arby, has been trying to find out about her MIA husband. Now the MMPRG (MIA military personnel recovery Group) has placed Arby's name on...

File size: 133.44 kB | Download hits: 161

Expedition To Peru Mission

Expedition to Peru...Find El Dorado. Flying into the deep jungles and mountains of Peru is no joke. You will be taking an Italian expedition to some out of the way places in this land of the Incas. Get ready for a deluxe adventure flight, ride and navigate an out of the way Lake... By Gera Godoy Canova. Expedition To Peru Mission. 1) Place all .BGL files in your FSX/Addon scenery/scenery directory and activate them. 2) Place the .BMP fileS in your FSX/Addon...

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 316

Direct Fly 2 Mission

Direct Fly 2. Fly the second mission of the series Direct Fly and bring the passengers of flight Orbit (QX) 2609 safely to Oakland. Test your skill by landing the CRJ-700 in pure weather conditions, only by using the instruments. The mission is based on the original flight of Horizon Air 2609 from Portland to Oakland International. As a new feature, the mission includes a simulation of a ground alert system if you land at Oakland and a altitude alert system if you reach the different...

File size: 16.47 MB | Download hits: 1770

Airbus 320 Short Flight Mission

Airbus 320 Short Flight from LFLC (Clermont Ferrand) to LFPO (Paris Orly). It's a windy end of day in Auvergne as you assume flight in a A320. Check briefing before start mission. Includes aircraft, briefing. This is the French version of the mission (dialog and text). By C. Durand. Airbus 320 Short Flight Mission. Install: Simply unzip the "MissionNAF_FR.exe" in your FSX folder. Indicate where is locate your FSX Folder like this: C:Microsoft Flight...

File size: 18.61 MB | Download hits: 2063

Tuchaca Fever... At The Mines! Mission

Tuchaca Fever...At The Mines! The Tuchaca Fever is very severe. You are having fun or working then in a blink of an eye your temperature goes to 40 degrees and your left toe starts to shake, your nails hurt and you see everything pink! The Mexican Silver Toxedo Mines S.A. have been striken with the fever. Many miners have it right now. You have been assigned flight 43434 to pick up six miners that are very ill. A woman doctor will accompany you, be polite and no baloney of any kind! May the...

File size: 589.36 kB | Download hits: 176

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