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FSX Missions

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Operation PAMPA-4 Mission

Operation PAMPA-4 - The Doomsday Flight, February 1944. It has been reported that German scientists have built since 1938 several mysterious Instalations in the Republic of Argentina. Now there are confirmed reports that these plants are probably producing "Hard Water" which is needed for Atomic experiments. Start The Doomsday Flight...NOW! By Gera Godoy C. Operation PAMPA-4 Mission. A MARTIN B-26 IS NEEDED FOR THIS OPERATION...Download ( you can use...

File size: 440.12 kB | Download hits: 289

The Chase Mission

The Chase. Catch an out of control unmanned plane before it's too late! The Chase Mission. To install unzip the file to your missions folder. Just in the main missions will do so you can access it from the missions menu. Also place the effects file named fx_engfire.fx in your main effects folder. Enjoy. Cheers, GS. ...

File size: 725.13 kB | Download hits: 527

Africa Ranger Challenge (English Fix) Mission

Mission-Africa Challenge Fix; English version. Categories fix back to English. Trigger fix at the Ranger Camp. By Dirk Stuck. Africa Ranger Challenge Mission. Sorry for this ! Greetings, Dirk. ...

File size: 247.39 kB | Download hits: 204

Africa Ranger Challenge (Fix) Mission

Mission-Africa Challenge Fix. Categories fix back to English. Trigger fix at the Ranger Camp. By Dirk Stuck. Africa Ranger Challenge Mission. Sorry for this ! Greetings, Dirk.   ...

File size: 247.37 kB | Download hits: 110

Africa Ranger Challenge (German) Mission

Africa Ranger Challenge; German version. Become a ranger in Hwange National Park. Includes vehicles and aircraft. Estimated time: 2 hours. By Dirk Stuck. Africa Ranger Challenge (German). ...

File size: 24.39 MB | Download hits: 312

Africa Ranger Challenge Mission

Africa Ranger Challenge; English language version. Become a ranger in Hwange National Park. Includes vehicles and aircraft. Estimated time: 2 hours. By Dirk Stuck. Africa Ranger Challenge Mission. This a Project From Fireeagle Estimated time to complete -approx 2 hours incl. Vehicles Aircraft- Volvo UN Truck and AI,- Land Rover Defender Mission Target - Become Safari Park Ranger Leader in Hwange-Nationalparks. ...

File size: 33.56 MB | Download hits: 368

The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla V2 Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla V2. Approach to Lukla v2 (totally new mission). You are a very experienced pilot flying the Twin Otter for Yeti Airlines on an imaginary flight to and from Lukla. Take-off from Biratnagar airport VNVT climb to at least 13500 feet to WP1 turn to Lukla. From WP1 carefully descend to 10000 feet (there should be cloud cover to make it more difficult, if you have some sort of weather add-on running) to WP2 approach to VNLK, after passing through the gate turn...

File size: 2.17 MB | Download hits: 1588

Adventure Flight--Ecuador Lake

FSX Adventure Flight--Ecuador Lake. You have been hired by NATO (Office of Adventures and Mysteries) to fly one of their agents around a large mysterious lake in Ecuador. They seem to think something out of the ordinary is happening there. You will make four landings before heading to your final destination at Los Peres. According to local newspapers your plane will land there but you and your passenger won't be in it...What? By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 720.23 kB | Download hits: 2445

Discover FSX Flights

Discover FSX Flights Flight 12 (FMCH - FMCZ). Provides a pre-selected flight plan created using pre-selected VORs, NDBs and waypoints, with careful selection of realistic departure and arrival tracks. This flight is from Prince Said Ibrahim International / Comoros Islands (FMCH) to Pamandazi / Mayotte (FMCZ). By Ali Zied. ...

File size: 376.41 kB | Download hits: 1548

Adventure--Welcome to St Tummy Goumy

FSX Adventure--Welcome to St Tummy Goumy Asylum. You have come to Africa for two reasons: to test your new autogyro (UAGYRO.ZIP) and photograph some animals in the plains. But, General Bakuze Mungatta, president of the country has "kindly" asked you to take some "tranquilizer syrum" to his brother up in St. Tummy Goumy Asylum. You say "yes", looking at the nice smile of the president, and fly to the asylum, deliver the syrum, spend an afternoon there with the...

File size: 345.38 kB | Download hits: 1018

Adventure--Evacuate Now!!!!!

FSX Adventure--Evacuate Now!!!!! For months Mount St. Helen has shown signs of an imminent eruption. This adventure flight takes place just a few days before the cataclismic explosion. You and your amphibian will fly to lakes and mountain hideouts and retreave several persons from dangerous areas. Fly low and slow but get on with the job, there is no time to lose... By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 96.19 kB | Download hits: 2276

Adventure Flight--Hang Glider

FSX Adventure Flight--Hang Glider. Practise with a hang glider (AIR_C4.ZIP) from the Top of the Water Volcano, right off Guatemala city and glide to a camp which has been set up in the shore of Amatitlan Lake. The top of the volcano is about 12000 feet, which will give you the needed experience for what awaits later on....The Mission comming soon will not pardon your bones if you don't master the technique! By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 262.96 kB | Download hits: 962

Adventure--Road To Kamura-Tuk...Final?

FSX Adventure--Road To Kamura-Tuk...Final Episode? Mickey and you are asked to fly to Bolivia and find the "Last Strange Machine". You both get a €55,000.00 cash bundle for the service. The camp is marked by a hot air balloon and the search site is emitting strange lights. You will again fly the autogyro in the search...The long legged lady will be there also, you lucky pilot! By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 300.12 kB | Download hits: 784

Mission--Monks To Go

Monks To Go, a flight adventure for SFX. Due to their misbehaviour, three monks of the Order of the Gulp have been sentenced to spend a few years in their Monasteries in Honduras. You have been chosen by Brother Ephrom to fly these dangerous individuals as soon as possible. Will you deliver them or will they harm you during the flight? By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 495.92 kB | Download hits: 905

Adventure--Wrong Way Charlie

FSX Adventure--Wrong Way Charlie. Charlie Hungsfinger took off from KaraKose in eastern Turkey in his yellow Piper Cub on a VFR tour...but ended up going the wrong way. This multi-part mission involves flying in to rescue him in a large plane such as a C-130 and escaping in a Stalwart armored truck (FSXSTLWR.ZIP). By Gera Godoy C. ...

File size: 299.19 kB | Download hits: 1266

Mission--Mountain Soaring

Mountain Soaring v2. Fly the DG-808S sailplane from Sion to Geneva through the rugged Swiss Alps. This is a thermal soaring challenge. New to FSX are cumulus clouds to mark the thermals. There will be a reward for a safe landing at Geneva. This is a beginner level mission. The time to complete will be 70 minutes. This version is the complete mission and fixes the missing flight plan. By Ed Dumas, Sr. ...

File size: 6.44 MB | Download hits: 1013

Mission--SOS Belize Atolls

SOS Belize Atolls. The "Nozyru San Maru", a Japanese zoo ship or rather a ship which is carrying many animals to the Belize Zoo, is in deep trouble. Not in deep water but on the shallows of an atoll off the coast of Belize. While everyone was entertained last night feeding the animals a large wave hit the ship on its side and crashed it into the atoll. Many animals jumped out and are now running around howling their throats out. Some were placed in lifeboats and the current has taken...

File size: 283.23 kB | Download hits: 1186

Bolivar Mission

FSX Bolivar Mission. This mission has you fly from Springfield/Branson regional airport to Bolivar Municipal Airport. It also contains a reward. By Chris Crossland. ...

File size: 8.80 MB | Download hits: 1639

Oil Rig Rescue SAR Mission

FSX Oil Rig Rescue SAR Mission. Fly a Bell JetRanger to an oil rig in the Chukchi Sea of northern Alaska where you will pick up an injured worker and return to the main land. Requires B206DVFC.ZIP. By Mike Lanza. ...

File size: 678.45 kB | Download hits: 2563

Mission--Night Flight By Air Bear

Night Flight By Air Bear. This mission is a "virtual recreation" of one of the author's private pilot night flights back in October of 2006. Actual flight was in a Piper Warrior but the "feel" of this mission closely resembles what was experienced at the time except for a few "minor exceptions". By Woody House. ...

File size: 11.24 MB | Download hits: 1488

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