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FSX Missions

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737 Captain - Auckland STAR Arrival

737 Captain - Auckland STAR Arrival. FSX training mission. Pass your '737 Captain' checkride by flying the STAR arrival and ILS landing at Auckland International Airport at the top of New Zealand's North Island in challenging IFR conditions. This is an expert level mission and a good understanding of IFR procedures is required, however there is a link to a step by step pictorial guide on how to fly this arrival and ILS approach in the overview and read me files. Approach charts are...

File size: 4.1 MB | Download hits: 2229

Lake Tahoe Rescue

Lake Tahoe Rescue. An intermediate level search and rescue (SAR) mission. By David J. Crandall. Lake Tahoe Rescue Mission. This is from a SAR mission. Install Instruction: Select the zip folder, next select Extract all from the File menu and extract to your FSX/Mission/Emergeny folder. This mission is rated Intermediate. David J Crandall ...

File size: 7.47 MB | Download hits: 830

Where Is Pete? Flight Adventure

Flight Adventure--Where Is Pete? Back in 1957, Lord Peter Asroll Buckmartes got up from his dinner table and told his wife Ethelflor that the strawberries needed some mint cream liqueur and that he would go to the corner deli to get some. He got up called Presley, his driver, and boarded his silver car. Up to now Pete has not returned home! London papers had this tale on the headlines next day and for many more but no one has ever seen Pete since. There is a dirty rumor that Lord Buckmartes...

File size: 407.2 KB | Download hits: 212

Atlanta Accident With Bell

Atlanta Accident With Bell Ranger. This is the same mission as ATLCRASH.ZIP but it uses the default Bell Ranger Helichopter for those that do not have the FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack. By Max Scarcia. Atlanta Accident With Bell Mission. This is a simple mission of a Bus and Truck accident that takes place close to Peachtree Dekalb Airport in Atlanta Georgia. INSTALATION: - Copy the files inside the Scenery folder to the Addon SceneryScenery folder in Flight...

File size: 1.77 MB | Download hits: 851

Atlanta Crash (Update)

Atlanta Crash Update. This is a simple mission about a bus accident that takes place close to PDK airport in Atlanta, Georgia. This update has a trigger when you land at the accident that tells you when it is ready for you to take off from the accident and come back to the airport. By Max Scarcia. Atlanta Crash Mission. INSTALATION: - Copy the files inside the Scenery folder to the Addon SceneryScenery folder in Flight simulator X that is located normally...

File size: 1.77 MB | Download hits: 663

737 Captain ILS Approach Training

737 Captain ILS Approach Training Mission, for FSX Acceleration. By Rob Sitter. 737 Captain ILS Approach Training. For FSX SP2 and FSX Accelration. Required Scenery. NONE. Required Aircraft SKins (Supplied). '737 Captain' - By Jon Murchison for the FSX Default Boeing 737-800. THIS MISSION WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT INSTALL THIS REPAINT! Installation of Mission: Unzip to a location of your choice (My Docs) Copy the folder named '737...

File size: 3.31 MB | Download hits: 2671

Sounds Air ARNZ X

ARNZ X Mission--Sounds Air. Requires FSX Acceleration. A mission for the default Cessna 208B, flying a scheduled Sounds Air service. Includes ATC and pilot copilot voices. By Jon Murchison. Sounds Air ARNZ X Mission. ARNZ X MISSIONS To get the most from this mission and ensure correct operation, please read and follow the instructions below, failing to do so could mean this mission fails to work. Note: FSX ACCELERATION MUST BE INSTALLED TO USE THIS MISSIONS. All our...

File size: 2.34 MB | Download hits: 374

A Normal Day Over Nepal

A Normal Day Over Nepal (?). Captain Jackson Kungfu-Larz has been flying the Lukla route for around 21 years. Flying tourists and mountain climbers to this little mountain town is just one of those things. Today he and his co-pilot, you, will abandon the regular route and take a "supply" plane from Lukla to Tumlingtar where you'll will pick up spare parts for a Polish motorcycle group out in a mountain road, then you fly to Gutaba where you will transfer to a helicopter to...

File size: 838.66 KB | Download hits: 811

Mail Run For Volunteers Flight Adventure

Flight Adventure--Mail Run For Volunteers..1939. The war in Europe is nearing and the Canadian Armed Forces are beefing up. The North Mail Route-34 flown by Conrad Wooly and yourself for more than ten years is a weekly routine flying to several towns and fishing communities along the north shores. This week the RCAF has sent to many their acceptance papers to volunteers that will probably be flying in European Skies soon. This then, is a proud flight, knowing you are being part of the hammer...

File size: 586.46 KB | Download hits: 267

FSXA Postcards From Around The USA

FSX-FSXA Mission-Postcards From Around The USA! 256 postcards from select airports throughout the USA and its territories. Just land or do a touch and go to get the postcard. If you have already been to one of the 256 airports (and it's in your logbook) you will automatically get the reward after installation. So fire up your favorite plane and explore the US! By Brian Boyce. Thanks for downloading US Postcards. This has been a culmination of many, many hours, days, weeks and months...

File size: 2.92 MB | Download hits: 541

Flight To The Mayan Curse Adventure

Adventure--Flight To The Mayan Curse "Hondo". "At 8:45 PM the land slid inward for more than 3 minutes. It felt like if everything was being sucked down to the bowels of the earth." Gonzalo Carnesco told the chief of police near the town of Pallasco in the central mountains of Honduras. An emergency strip on road CA17 has been cleared for all the incoming scientists and geologists. You have been hired to fly an emminent professor and his two women assistants. Once there, if...

File size: 2.35 MB | Download hits: 299

Find The Tanker

Find The Tanker. Take off from Douala, Cameroon, and spot a polluting tanker to take some pictures. By Eric Vignaud. Find The Tanker Mission. This is my very first mission for FSX. However it's a second try since my initial upload pointed to a wrong path for the FLT file and the mission was set as "FSX + Accel + SP2" while it should run with FSX "RTM". With this new release I hope you'll get as much fun to play it that I got to make it....

File size: 1.39 MB | Download hits: 377

SAR...Bimbo, Zula, And Dobo

SAR...Bimbo, Zula, And Dobo. Russian Circus "Flying Sagitarius" is visiting Georgia and its mountain communities. Due to the cold weather, not expected by Yokoliv Burulov, owner and trapeze flier of the circus, three of his "stars" had to be taken by truck to a hospital since their bowels have suffered "Dirruscus-Megra" a common cold water desease in the mountains. The three ill "stars" are the elephant "Bimbo", "Zula" the laughing...

File size: 5.96 MB | Download hits: 298

United States Navy Training

United States Navy Training Mission. You will be flying the T-45C Goshawk and Naval Air Station Meridian. Follow the instructions inside the mission. By Jim Sears. ...

File size: 4.66 MB | Download hits: 664

Flight To Area 61

Flight To Area 61 "Nowhere-Land". Captain Igor Kringbrinsky of the "Special Air Service" will be piloting flight XX-C4 to "Special Area-61" better known to pilots as "No-whereland". As usual he is being moved to the base at the Ust-Kamenogorsk Airport (UASK) three days before the flight. Using an old ANT-2 he will carry electronic supplies and will also pick up on the way to the different locations (to be known only before the flight) special personnel...

File size: 5.93 MB | Download hits: 445

Mercenary Rescue

Mercenary Rescue Mission for FSX SP2 or Acceleration. You and your aging but sturdy DC-3 have been hired by the commander of a mercenary unit operating in Angola. They have been contracted to rescue a high-profile political prisoner who is soon to be executed. By Jim Keir. Welcome to the Mercenary Rescue mission for FSX SP2 or Acceleration. To install, double-click the MSI included in this zip file. Uninstall using the normal Windows 'Add/Remove Programs' control panel. The...

File size: 5.86 MB | Download hits: 499

Day On The Farm (Sounds Update)

A Day On The Farm Sounds Update, for use with ADOTF.ZIP. To add even more realism to the farm strips scenery. the author has produced a few typical farmyard sounds. Farm strips will never be the same again! By Neil Birch. To add even more realism to the flightsim, I have created a few typical farmyard sounds. Once downloaded the zip file (Neils farms sound update)will contain 3 folders 1/EFFECTS 2/SCENERY 3/SOUNDS. Copy the all the EFFECTS files, not the folder just the files into...

File size: 65.25 MB | Download hits: 183

Grenada Breakout

Grenada Breakout. Start twenty miles off the coast and infiltrate the island of Grenada and rescue some scientists. By Ed Olander. Grenada Breakout Mission. **To Install -> #1 - Supplied is an Installation MSI File Created by Jim Keirs Mission Builder tool. This will install everything for you in the Directory of Choice. #2 - After installaling, start FSX, you will be prompted with a Warning to use the SimVar executable if not installed already, These are used...

File size: 18.98 MB | Download hits: 641

Flight Plans Around Tahiti

Flight Plans Around Tahiti. You may need to download two aircraft, the Piaggio P180 and BAE Hawker Raython 125-800 (available on this site). The story will have you taking of from NTAA (Tahiti) and fly some trips around French Polynesia between Maupiti and Bora Bora, Mururoa and Ranguiroa and discover this part of the Pacific with beautiful islands and lots of challenges (short runways, ATC reduced, vegetation in front of runways). Includes 20+ flight plans around little islands, weather...

File size: 395.33 KB | Download hits: 469

Ala Littoria Flight

Ala Littoria Flight to the innaguration of the airline's modern 1937 "Water Port" in Naples, Italy. The flight will make two stops on the way...This is the author's first FSX mission as such and more should follow. It includes a self installing program for your convenience...Take the big shots for a flight of their life with the Prime Minister telling jokes, and a storm looming on the horizon! By Gera Godoy C. Ala Littoria Flight Mission. This is a...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 306

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