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Once They Were Gods, Now Only Statues Mission

Once They Were Gods, Now Only Statues. This is an FSX-AdventureSky Flight--The expedition leaves from Lima, Peru to Nazca, land of the famous strange desert Lines where the expedition STOL plane is waiting. From here you will fly to the three most famous Inca statues still standing in mountains and jungles. These flights are not easy! You must use your map reading and navigation skills to reach these remote places. A real challenge for all. Will you find the old gods now turned into stone?...

File size: 3 MB | Download hits: 483

Western Cape VFR South Africa Flight 1 Mission

Western Cape VFR South Africa Flight 1. You are the chief pilot of the South African Air Force Caravan 41 Squadron, based on AFB Swartkops in Pretoria. You have been given the task by the Chief of the Air Force (CAF) to assist in a public relations exercise with the US Navy, who have an aircraft carrier docked just outside Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa. The admiral on board with a few high ranking officers are to be entertained during their visit at Naval Base Saldanha. You...

File size: 4.39 MB | Download hits: 1091

2012 Adventure Mission

2012 Adventure. After three important earthquakes occurred in 2010 (Haiti, Chile and Turkey), Britain's government starts research about the main tectonic plates. The most important geologic scientist in the world Dr. Jessica Rose and her assistant Katherine Heingel, a chemist, are hired by Land of the Queen. Both are from New Zealand and start the research in New Zealand and Oceania, after Alaska, San Andreas and eventually South America. By Sergio Ambrus. 2012 Adventure...

File size: 6.23 MB | Download hits: 2069

Door to Atlantis: Episode II Mission

Door to Atlantis Episode II, "Looking for the Mysterious Statue..." Dr. Lamont has just entered the Shorts twin engine aircraft, the rest of those going to Punta Gorda with him to look for the mysterious statue are already in their wicker chairs munching some dried meat as their early breakfast. "Gentlemen", says the doctor, "this is one more step in our search for the Door to Atlantis. Let me warn you all, that we are heading into the unknown and danger lurks every...

File size: 28.89 MB | Download hits: 606

Glassgoi To Befast Mission

Glassgoi To Befast. This in an emergency mission so you'll have to land it in the water. Everything is included. By Lachy Macartney. You will find it in load flight. Glassgoi To Befast Mission. ...

File size: 3.27 MB | Download hits: 1802

Cargo Transport To Lonesome Lake Hut Mission

Cargo Transport To Lonesome Lake Hut. You are a pilot and owner of a de Havilland Beaver and have been hired by the Appalachian Mountain Conference to bring supplies to the AMC Lonesome Lake Hut, New Hampshire. There is no mission pointer for this mission. You will need to use the navigational chart to complete this mission. By David Crandall. Cargo Transport To Lonesome Lake Hut Mission. INTALLATION: 1. Run the setup program which will install this mission into your...

File size: 28.58 MB | Download hits: 1074

Door to Atlantis: Episode I Mission

Door to Atlantis Episode I. Dr. Jackes Lamont has, he thinks, discovered the biggest mystery of the 20th Century! To find Atlantis, his research points out, the secret "Door" to it must be crossed... no time to waste! The expedition steams to Chilian waters with several aircraft. As pilot of this adventure you are about to embark in the most challenging flights of your life... Four thrilling episodes. By Gera Godoy Canova. Door to Atlantis: Episode I Mission. I...

File size: 87.65 MB | Download hits: 981

Crystal Skull Mountain: Episode 2 Mission

Crystal Skull Mountain Mystery Part II. This is part ii the final episode--Two years ago Iliana Fragatelli returned to Rome without her father who was lost looking for the cursed Crystal Skull Mountain. She and her pilot did find the last camp where the expedition had sent their last transmission but only two totally stunned members of her father's team were laying on the ground with no recollection of what had happened. Now after two years of very careful study of one of her...

File size: 67.5 MB | Download hits: 447

Airlift To Berlin (Update 1.1) Mission

Airlift To Berlin Update 1.1. This archive contains files that will a) make the "Berlin airlift" mission (AIRLIFT.ZIP) playable for users who do not have Acceleration and b) correct a few minor issues in the mission (for both Acceleration and standard users). By Robin Hutter. Airlift To Berlin (Update 1.1) Mission. Berlin airlift - Update 1.1 This archive contains files that will: a) make the mission playable for users who do not have Acceleration. b)...

File size: 673.94 KB | Download hits: 457

Mail in the Thin High Sky Mission

Mail in the Thin High Sky. Flying in the Andes during the 1920s and 30s was indeed as dangerous as bathing in a sea full of sharks. The sharks here were the Mountains, the changing weather, the hights and the lack of oxygen. Besides the pilots of the era were flying aircraft with rather small and not to powerful engines. This is a mission of the Air Mail Service in the southern tip of Chile around 1929. You will board your plane at Dawson Island where the Air Mail Reception Station 403 is...

File size: 33.13 MB | Download hits: 477

Airlift To Berlin Mission

Airlift To Berlin. Christmas Eve 1948. Your job is to fly a load of coal into besieged Berlin to relieve the pain of the people suffering from hunger and cold during the blockade by the Red Army. This is your first trip in "Operation Vittles" so your co-pilot, who is an experienced candy-bomber crew member will fill you in about some details. The mission begins with your cold and dark C-47 Skytrain overloaded at Fassberg airfield. Weather is rather bad: snow and thunderstorms. What...

File size: 4.59 MB | Download hits: 741

Crystal Skull Mountain: Episode 1 Mission

"Crystal Skull Mountain" Mission. Episode 1 of 2. In 1934 while fying over the southern part of Chile, Dr. Fragatelli of the Roman Museum of Lost Civilizations saw what appeared to be a huge shinny skull in a strange mountain. Now in 1936 he and his expedition are lost in that same mountain. Since last Friday the expedition has not answered any transmission. His daughter, Dr. Iliana Fragatelli, has asked you to fly her to the last known position... you do, and with her on the...

File size: 50.54 MB | Download hits: 398

Race To France-Uruguay Soccer World Cup 2010 (Update) Mission

Race To France-Uruguay Soccer World Cup 2010. This is a mission of an historical nature. If you have ever flown in the Concorde or admire it, you will enjoy this mission. It recreats a fictional race to watch the World Cup Soccer France-Uruguay Friday 11 June 2010 on 08:30 pm South African Time life. Starting in Paris and racing down towards Cape Town with a refuelling point halfway in the Atlantic Ocean. By Robbie Albers. Race To France-Uruguay Soccer World Cup 2010 (Update)...

File size: 547.42 KB | Download hits: 1403

Race to France-Uruguay Soccer World Cup 2010 Mission

Race to France-Uruguay Soccer World Cup 2010. This is a mission of an historical nature. If you have ever flown in the Concorde or just admire it, you will enjoy this mission. It recreates a fictional race to watch the World Cup Soccer France-Uruguay 12 June 2010 on 08:30 pm South African Time. By Robbie Albers. The following zip files for the mission needs to be found on the net and installed: Concorde Engine Fix to make startup possible. Concorde package for FSX for the aircraft...

File size: 805.82 KB | Download hits: 306

The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla MissionComplete with Base Model

The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla. The next in The Most Dangerous Airport Mission Series: namely Lukla. This is a mission, a simulation of Yeti Arlines flight into Lukla. The Lukla approach is very unusual because there is no turn-around; one attempt and one landing. Pratice before hand is in order. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla Mission. I have include several webpages from the internet as a guide. INSTALLATION: All files are include,...

File size: 17.89 MB | Download hits: 36784

Thunder Night Mission

Thunder Night. In the snow covered mountains of eastern Turkey a town has run out of fuel. You have been appointed by your boss to fly out and take some fuel drums to the fuel-less inhabitants. Weather: Thunderstorms all over! This mission has been done for the Flight1 "Islander" but you can use your own plane too. Oh! Your co-pilot will be miss Rena Chuckersky on her first flight in the company Islander. By Gera Godoy Canova. Thunder Night Mission. 1) place...

File size: 6.85 MB | Download hits: 966

La Mole / Saint Pons Gliding Mission

La Mole / Saint Pons Gliding competition. A mission in real weather, part of the tour de France in gliding. By Mathieu O'Hare. La Mole / Saint Pons Gliding Mission. VERY IMPORTANT : you have to use the "roussillon livery". If you do not use that livery the mission will not work. ...

File size: 14.35 MB | Download hits: 294

Training In The Pyrenees Mountains Mission

Training In The Pyrenees Mountains. Fly commands over the Pyrenees in an Augusto H101. By Mathieu O'Hare. Training In The Pyrenees Mountains Mission. ...

File size: 20.7 MB | Download hits: 1009

Islander To Tajur Jungle Lodge Mission

Islander To Tajur Jungle Lodge. A mission specially made for the Flight1 Islander, but you can use any freeware aircraft. The tenth and last passenger just boarded your 30 year old Islander--full house! La Paz, Bolivia airport is IFR and you have been cleared to take off. The flight takes you from 13000 feet Sierras to the fertile Matto Grosso, the jungle. Weather is pretty bad and you will make two stops before reaching the Tourist Lodge. An easy flight? By Gera Godoy...

File size: 18.72 MB | Download hits: 448

Flying The Airbus A320 Mission

Flying The Airbus A320. Learn to fly the next generation aircraft A320 of Wilco/feelThere. A guiding copilot will be on your side, going through all procedures with you and giving all important hints during the flight, so that you are able to bring the jet straight into the air and in the end safely back to the ground. The mission based on the real flight of JetBlue Airlines 241 between Oakland International and Long Beach in Los Angeles. An additional tutorial-document is including, that...

File size: 25.34 MB | Download hits: 6231