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FSX Missions

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Flight 333 Is Lost Mission

Flight 333 Is Lost. Experienced bush pilots are required by the Bolivian AF to help find a DC-3 lost in a storm over the Andes 55 years ago! The pay is juicy but the danger is as great as putting your head in the guillotine. Many pilots from all over the globe have arrived in Cochabamba to meet the challenge. Senorita Lt. Hilda Baroon is the guide. Much secrecy has gathered around this operation and a newspaper is suggesting that the plane was carrying some WW2 secret weapon. Are you...

File size: 835.05 kB | Download hits: 441

Kathmandu To Lukla Mission

Kathmandu To Lukla. A simple flight from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport using the Augusta Westland EH101 helicopter from FSX Acceleration. Kathmandu To Lukla Mission. Briefing- Simple flight form Kathmandu to lukla Airstrip. My First mission creation. Just getting my feet wet on the process. Hope you find it somewhat fun and challenging. I Created 3-goals - 1.) Start the Engines within 2-minutes after the overview - Blah Blah. You have plenty of time just looking to get...

File size: 1.53 MB | Download hits: 600

White Castle Run Mission

White Castle Run. This mission is loosely based on an actual event which took place a few years ago here in the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois. A couple of local disc jockeys, who originally hailed from the Chicago area, devised a plan to have a bunch of White Castle burgers flown in from Aurora IL. There are no White Castle restaurants in the Quad City area, and the Chicago area offers the closest location. It's about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from the Quad Cities to Chicago, and...

File size: 7.18 MB | Download hits: 354

You And The River Mission

You And The River. Aafke Gruttzen, a Dutch pilot, has been flying the Usumasinta River for over 42 years. This natural border between Mexico and Guatemala is a long river which moves thousands of tons of water irrigating many kilometers in the Lacandon jungles of both countries. Aafke flies from Tenosique in Mexico to the oil refinary deep in the river basin of Guatemala. All mail and general merchandise travels in either his old 140 or DH2. Today, his last day on route, is sad and rainy....

File size: 85.69 kB | Download hits: 226

The Great 1922 Ezarbaijan Race Mission

The Great 1922 Ezarbaijan Race. In the year 1922 the Municipality of Belokany in Azerbaijan has decided to make a flying race. All participants must be WW1 fighter or bomber aviators that are now barnstormers both in Europe and America. The race will start in this golden city and the route will be through the gullies, hills, mountains and valleys of our beloved countryside. Aviators will only fly WWI flying machines and will strictly follow the Official Map. Any deviation from it will...

File size: 506.25 kB | Download hits: 122

Panama Tourist Flight Adventure

Adventure--Panama Tourist Flight. The routine tourist flight bewteen Panama City and David is taken over by Booze Pirates. The flight is diverted to an island, later to a lonesome road and finally you will be surprised by a quick turn of events. You fly for this company captain, its gonna be your flight! What a day! By Gera Godoy C. Panama Tourist Flight Adventure. 1) Place the PANA-CAP.bgl file in your FSX/ADDON SCENERY/SCENERY directory 2) Follow instructions in...

File size: 605.39 kB | Download hits: 432

Space Shuttle Launch Mission

Space Shuttle Launch. While you have no control over the actual launch, once at 800,000 feet you can take control. By Ron Jeffers. Space Shuttle Launch Mission. The setup is simple..just copy the (Microsoft flight simulator x) folder here and overwrite it to where you have FSX installed on whatever drive you have it installed. If not sure..then find your (Microsoft flight simulator x) folder and copy and paste all the folders from this ((Microsoft flight simulator x)...

File size: 5.23 MB | Download hits: 4209

Discover Flight 4

Discover Flight 4: YMAY to YMLT, 404 nm, regional commuter service. A pre-selected flight to help you discover all the airports and terrain of FSX. Includes flight plans with VORs, NDBs and waypoints with careful selection for realistic departure and arrival tracks. By Ali Zied. Discover Flight 4. Discover FSX flights by Ali Zied Amman Jordan Discover FSX flight 4 : (YMAY) - (YMLT) (404 NM) (Regional Commuter Service). With all the many airports and various...

File size: 524.41 kB | Download hits: 656

Adventure Flight In The Italian Alps

Adventure Flight In The Italian Alps. Luckily you arrived with your pilot buddy in Aosta this morning. Two mountaineers have had an accident in a nearby lake and your amphibian is perfect for the SAR job. You volunteer for the task even though the weather is deteriorating fast. The Italian Alps are no horseplay so use your immagination, wits and valour to save the two intrepids who should have stayed home. By Gera Godoy C. Adevture Flight In The Italian Alps. The beauty in...

File size: 468.51 kB | Download hits: 511

Halloween At Salem (Fix 2) Mission

Halloween At Salem Fix. Includes the missing .bgl file that places the Common Park in Salem. For use with SALEM.ZIP. By David Crandall. Halloween At Salem Mission. This is a missing bgl file which places the Common Park in Salem. Copy the bgl file and paste it in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/scenery folder. David Crandall ...

File size: 1.42 kB | Download hits: 138

Halloween At Salem (Fix 1) Mission

Halloween At Salem Fix, for use with SALEM.ZIP. Includes missing .bgl and texture files that were part of FSXSimCopter. By David Crandall. Halloween At Salem Mission. If you have not downloaded my FSXSimCopter missions, then you are most likely not able to get Salem Night to work. The reason why is that you are missing the bgl and texture files that I used from FSXSimCopter. This download includes those missing files. Installation: 1. Open the BGL folder and select...

File size: 14.51 MB | Download hits: 125

Halloween At Salem Mission

Halloween At Salem. Happy Halloween. You are in Salem Massachussetts and it is October 31st. You have been hired to fly the Bell206B helicopter to fly a tour group around Salem and return to the helipad. You will have to either hover or do a tight circle around each attraction as the tour guide give talks to the paasengers. David Crandall. (See also PRKSALEM.ZIP). Halloween At Salem Mission. Happy Halloween You are in Salem Massachussetts and it is October 31st. You...

File size: 6.52 MB | Download hits: 189

Chile Mission

Chile. An adventure flight along the southern mountains and lakes of Chile, land of great sights, dangerous approaches and changing weather. Take your passengers to their jobs, honeymooners to their moon, farmers to their lands, explorers to strange rock formations, a glider instructor to his field and a mountain policeman to his post. Do it safely and on time. A relaxing flight? No way! By Gera Godoy C. Chile Mission. LAND OF LAKES ADVENTURE FLIGHT 1) PLACE THE...

File size: 796.19 kB | Download hits: 363

Lunch On Catalina Mission

Lunch On Catalina. Fly from Van Nuys and pick up a friend at Santa Monica for lunch on Catalina Island off the California coast and siteseeing around Los Angeles. By Chris Klein. Lunch On Catalina Mission. Unzip all the files to your FSX Missions folder and enable "use folders" option. Move the "lunchreward.RWD" file to your FSX REWARDS folder if you want to get the reward!!! If FSX crashes on you when you go to this mission's briefing,...

File size: 2.27 MB | Download hits: 678

Operation "Wherewolf 1942" Mission

Operation "Wherewolf 1942". Captain Swanzy Clickaram Buckter, top Navy submarine destroyer pilot, has been ordered to take a B-24 from Quantico Naval base and check the shipping lane between the coast of eastern USA and Bermuda. Two ships, the USS Marin, a coastal patrol destroyer and the Norwegian freighter, Sunnycoast, were sunk two days ago. It was reported, by coastal observers in Bermuda, that at least two Nazi submarines of the SDR type have been seen near these coasts....

File size: 932.49 kB | Download hits: 387

Montreal Rally (English) Mission

Montreal Rally (French version). For this mission to be completed, you must install two scenery's created by Sylvain Tremblay (MONT_VFR.ZIP and MASCOCSK.ZIP). By Remi Marier. Montreal Rally Mission. This is a mission for flight simulator X only. By Rémi Marier This is my first mission. I hope Please enjoy it. I'd Like to Thank Mr Sylvain Tremblay for his assistance on creating certain files, the Montréal_VFR scenes, and the airport...

File size: 16.10 MB | Download hits: 206

Montreal Rally Mission

Montreal Rally (French version). For this mission to be completed, you must install two scenerys created by Sylvain Tremblay (MONT_VFR.ZIP and MASCOCSK.ZIP). By Remi Marier. Montreal Rally Mission. This is a mission for flight simulator X only. By Rémi Marier This is my first mission. I hope Please enjoy it. I'd Like to Thank Mr Sylvain Tremblay for his assistance on creating certain files, the Montréal_VFR scenes, and the airport of ...

File size: 19.61 MB | Download hits: 174

When The Land Trembles Mission

When The Land Trembles. At 8:46 a.m. a 6.2 Earthquake hit the western mountains of Guatemala, Central America. Two flight routes have been set up by the Civil Defense and SAR authorities. They use two airports to reconnoiter their respective areas. It has been reported that two mines in the western Pine Mountains have been heavily hit and in Mine 1 (Socrates Fer Coal Ltd.) there are some wounded miners who must be picked up. You can choose Red flight, where you will use a fair transport...

File size: 460.17 kB | Download hits: 188

Discover Flight 3

Discover FSX Flight 3: Kahului, Hawaii (PHOG) to Johnston Atoll (JON). By Ali Zied. Discover Flight 3. Discover FSX flights by Ali Zied Amman Jordan Discover FSX flight 3 : (PHOG) - (JON) (818 NM) (Heavy Passenger and Cargo Haul) in Stubborn weather. With all the many airports and various terrain on FSX, I have decided to contribute to the FSX flight community by providing pre-selected Flight plans which i have created using pre-selected VOR's , NDB's...

File size: 433.50 kB | Download hits: 1042

Emergency In Nantes Mission

Emergency In Nantes. Recommended for use with NANTESVL.ZIP scenery. A helicopter rescue mission out to a ship. By Marc-Henri Guitteny. Emergency In Nantes Mission. Precisions concerning the installation. !! Warning !! before installing the mission, it's strongly recommended to install my scenery "Nantes-ville" for FSX. This mission was made for Flight Simulator X, with Gmax, and the SDK of MS. Simply double-click on mission_nantes.exe file and...

File size: 7.15 MB | Download hits: 563

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