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FSX Missions

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Dangerous Airports (Update) Mission

Dangerous Airports Update for the Dangerour Airports Mission 1 and Mission 2. By Robbie Albers. ...

File size: 3.08 kB | Download hits: 277

Veggie Run Mission

Veggie Run v1.0. Deliver fresh vegetables to lodges in Alaska. Estimated time to complete: 40 minutes. Aircraft: de Havilland Beaver DHC2. Intro, music, briefings, map, audio, and a reward. By Dave Gundlach. Veggie Run Mission. Veggie Run , V1.0, 3/21/09 Installation Instructions: Unzip in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. Restart FSX for the reward to work. This zip file will install the following files in these folders (used for un-installing the...

File size: 11.27 MB | Download hits: 788

F18 Hornet Carrier Mission

F18 Hornet Carrier Mission, using FSX Acceleration default F/A-18 Hornet and high definition landable carrier. Off the coast of Kuwait in the Middle East you are part of a carrier group performing the commands missions. Your mission this afternoon is to escort SP677 (Sierra Papa six seven seven), an unmarked 737, to an undisclosed location. By Ed Olander. F18 Hornet Carrier Mission. Briefing- F18 Hornet Carrier mission using FSX Acceleration default F18 and High...

File size: 19.84 MB | Download hits: 6739

Dangerous Airports (Mission 1) Mission

Dangerous Airports Mission 1. This mission is based around the most difficult approaches of the world. This particular one airport is Megeve in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers. NOTES: This is my first attempt in creating a mission. I had about 20 attempts, before I got what I want. Still a few bugs I want to look into, like creating an award for the mission, the fsx mission editor manual is not of any graet help on this. I am not planning to add any...

File size: 533.31 kB | Download hits: 711

Dangerous Airports (Mission 2) Mission

Dangerous Airports Mission 2. This mission is based around the most dangerous airports of the world. This particular one airport is Courchevel in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers. Dangerous Airports (Mission 2) Mission. NOTES: This is my second attempt in creating a mission. I got what I want in a much shorter time now. Still a few bugs I want to look into, like creating an award for the mission, the fsx mission editor manual is not...

File size: 830.24 kB | Download hits: 1917

Gabon Mission

Gabon Mission. You are a pilot in a rescue unit in Sette Cama, Gabon. Your mission today is to deposit an important passenger on the oil platform and return safely to base, while avoiding rebel units. Mission made by Alain Larios. Gabon Mission. Unzip and copy the "Gabon" folder in your FSX "Mission" folder. Copy the file "SetteCama.RWD" into the "Reward" folder of yourFSX. Start FSX and in your "Mission" menu,choose...

File size: 3.31 MB | Download hits: 960

Acceleration Las Vegas Game Mission

Las Vegas Game. A night mission that is also a game; you will have to figure out where to go to reach your friend's party. By Jose Enrique Arino. Acceleration Las Vegas Game Mission. Requires FSX Acceleration Install: 1. Double click en installMissionE.exe.Choose "YES" when install program asks you if you want to create the folder. 2. Copy the cubata.rwd file that is in reward folder into your fsx'rewards folder Mission will appears in...

File size: 15.83 MB | Download hits: 460

Faroes Island Search Mission

Faroes Island Search and Rescue. Fly your helicopter from Klaksvik heliport to rescue and return a sick tourist. Requires FAROES3.ZIP scenery. By Alexander Remus. Faroes Island Search Mission. Thank you for downloading this FSX mission. It is the first one I decided to publish. 1. This is freeware but remain legal proberty of the author. Nobody may be charged for this software. You may freely redistribute the unaltered package, but when you alter it in any way you...

File size: 6.82 MB | Download hits: 1093

Iditarod Supply Run Mission

Iditarod Supply Run. By Wes Jones. Install the mission by double-clicking the installer and following the on-screen prompts. Enjoy your flight! Wes Jones ...

File size: 10.25 MB | Download hits: 278

Niagara Rescue Mission

Niagara Rescue. A logging accident has created a strange rescue for a couple of women trapped in a floating bucket. Since their boat has overturned by logs they where washed away down towards Niagara Falls. They are trapped between two logs up against some rocks near the base of the falls. A boat rescue is too risky. They need a sling extraction ASAP. By Ed Olander. Niagara Rescue Mission. Briefing- A logging accident has created a strange Rescue for a couple of...

File size: 7.83 MB | Download hits: 934

Pakalolo Drop Mission

Pakalolo Drop. This is a short but fun cargo drop run on Oahu, complete with some slack key guitar played by the author. PAKALOLO DROP Aloha. To install just run the included msi file. This is a short but fun cargo drop run on Oahu, complete with some slack key guitar played by the author. Enjoy! No support needed for this, it works with all versions of FSX. Mahalo! ...

File size: 14.00 MB | Download hits: 203

Direct Fly 3: Orbit Mission

Direct Fly 3: Orbit (UA) 1164 - B738. Fly the third mission of the series Direct Fly and bring your passengers safely from San Francisco to San Diego Lindberg Field. The mission is created this time for the default Boeing 737-800. A guiding copilot will be on your side, giving you all important information and hints during the flight, so that you are able to bring the twin-jet straight in to the air and in the end safely back to the ground. The flight is based on the original commuter flight...

File size: 21.96 MB | Download hits: 2363

Eduador Crop Dusting Mission

Eduador Crop Dusting Mission. By Walter Santiago Siavichay Alvarado. ...

File size: 31.51 kB | Download hits: 529

Islas Express S.A Mission

Islas Express S.A. -- Island Flying. Tiny courier air services abound all over the world, there is one even in Bhutan and another in the Salomons, but the one that concerns us in this Mission, is one in Panama. Late take off from David (MPDA) carrying scuba diving equipment, picking up a nice lady and taking her to her own island is just one of so many flights. You can fly this one, there is a little rain falling and the humidity is high but the view is just great... You will need the...

File size: 10.93 MB | Download hits: 256

Las Vegas Game Mission

Las Vegas Game. A night mission in Las Vegas. This mission is also a game: you will have to figure out where to go until you reach your friends' party. Maybe you'll need some help from your copilot, Gill Grissom. Spanish and English version in the same download. By Jose Enrique Arino. Requires FSX Acceleration Install: 1. Double click en installMissionE.exe.Choose "YES" when install program asks you if you want to create the folder. 2. Copy the cubata.rwd...

File size: 15.83 MB | Download hits: 200

The Guggenheim Robbery Mission

The Guggenheim Robbery. Music, lights, rewards... The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has been robbed! Thieves are on the run. Police know that they are fleeing to Bayonne (France) aboard an aircraft. But French Police have no jurisdiction over them, so it is up to you to catch them if you can. Our mission is to reach Bayonne Airport before them, and then take them unawares as soon as they land. Be careful! The range between the speed that you need to catch them and the Lear's overspeed is...

File size: 10.10 MB | Download hits: 695

Hurricane Landing MissionComplete with Base Model

Hurricane Landing. Your task is to fly an Airbus A320 from Munich to Hamburg during a heavy storm. Weather conditions are modelled to closely resemble those on March 1st 2008, when Lufthansa flight 044 almost crashed at Hamburg airport. By Robin Hutter. Hurricane Landing Mission. INSTALLATION: ============= 1. Extract the contents of to a temporary directory. Be sure to have the "Use folder names" (or whatever this is called by your ZIP program)...

File size: 47.36 MB | Download hits: 22372

Acceleration Multiplayer Carrier Ops

Acceleration Multiplayer Carrier Ops. Use the FSX Acceleration carrier in multiplayer! This is a multiplayer mission which includes a fully functional Acceleration carrier outside the San Francisco Bay area along with a custom carrier camera to watch takeoffs and landings. Do multiplayer carrier ops with your friends and have fun. By Orion Lyau. Acceleration Multiplayer Carrier Ops. Acceleration Multiplayer Carrier Ops - San Francisco By Orion...

File size: 1.83 MB | Download hits: 1139

FSadventureSky WW2 Series Nazi Sub

FSadventureSky WW2 Series--Nazi Sub Search. FSX Adventure Flight//Secret Flight. Scotland 1940. The German Navy moved fast into the English Channel to disrupt British shipping in 1940. German submarines started sinking transport ships all over the coast of England. U-Boat 455 and 744 were assigned the north coast of Scotland. Their mission "Sink all shipping along the coast, forgive none". By December 1940 they had sunk four freighters and two naval mine laying tugs. As RAF Coastal...

File size: 336.17 kB | Download hits: 299

Ferrocarril De Atlantico Mission

Ferrocarril de Atlantico. A sight-seeing tour in the default DC-3 that follows the route of the Costa Rican "Ferrocarril de Atlantico". Fly from Alajuela to Puerto Limon and Bocas del Toro, and learn something about Costa Rica along the way. By Owen Graham. Ferrocarril De Atlantico Mission. COMPATABILITY Should work with all versions. I have the original deluxe version with no service packs or Acceleration installed. INSTALLATION Just extract the...

File size: 4.25 MB | Download hits: 403

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