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FSX Missions

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The Sacred Ledge Mission

The Sacred Ledge. Nepal is a land of wonder and huge mountains where the lamas chant to their gods. For many years it has been running, in the history classes of many world universities a tale that it is here that the "child god -Hig Chui- played ball". The exact place where he did so is very much a secret of the monks of the " Aerial Divine Wind". Phillip Crustaseos Pickeringo, well know adventurer is now very near where this place should be! Monk Fong-Wun-Tuk, has...

File size: 18.54 MB | Download hits: 377

The Most Dangrous Airports: Barra Island Mission

The Most Dangrous Airports: Barra Island. This is another mission in the most dangreous airports range. If you have ever been to Barra Island you will know that the airport is on the beach and only accesible during low tide. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangrous Airports: Barra Island Mission. NOTES: This is a mission is another in the most dangreous airports range that I am doing. If you have ever been to Barra Island you will now that the airport is on the beach and...

File size: 3.70 MB | Download hits: 1219

Hairy Landing At PAKP Mission

Hairy Landing At PAKP. Fly a Civil Air Patrol mission in Alaska. Aircraft: Maule Orion (Civil Air Patrol) Estimated time: 45 minutes. Includes: briefings, Garmin FP, audio and reward with two goals to complete. Open the zip file and double-click on the Windows installer. Find the mission under Backcountry/Advanced. By Ed Neuhauser. Hairy Landing At PAKP Mission. Aircraft: Maule M7 (Civil Air Patrol) Location: Alaska Goals: Fly from Crevice Creek (1AK1) to the Civil...

File size: 13.07 MB | Download hits: 939

Australian Challenge Part 1 Mission

Australian Challenge Part 1 - Gliding Across Australia, Perth Jandakot / Margaret River. The Australian challenge consists of crossing Australia from west to east by leaving the airport of Perth Jandakot for arrival on the east coast in Sydney. The first part will take you to Alice Springs in the center of Australia in the desert. This part is divided into eight stages, the longest stage is 350 nm. The difficulty in these runnings is to be able to keep your height. After every takeoff you...

File size: 5.66 MB | Download hits: 313

Capt Gorky Trusky's Mini Mission

Mini Mission--Capt Gorky Trusky's Flight. Flying from Kosice to Tatry is a daily affair for Capt. Gorky Trusky. Each morning he gets up at 5:00 am has his frozen kuriku egg breakfast (?), gets into his moped and drives to the airport. After kicking the tires of the old AN-26 he plays with "piktu" the airport dog, checks on Milia the company secretary then gets into his aircraft's seat to start his daily chore. Today is raining pretty hard and there are many thunderstorms on...

File size: 13.37 MB | Download hits: 398

Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run

Martha's Vineyard - Black Dog Run Mission. In this 30 minute mission, you fight rain and wind to get from Cape Cod to the Black Dog Tavern on Martha's Vineyard. Extensive narration provides a back story full of information about MV. There are a couple of suprises along the way, so be careful as you enjoy the flights. Includes a special item reward for successful completion. Originally created as a $100 Hamburger Xtreme Edition flight for the FSBreak podcast. By Danton...

File size: 24.18 MB | Download hits: 891

Circuit Of Reunion Mission

Circuit Of Reunion. A 130 nm gliding race over Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. By Mathieu O'Hare. Circuit Of Reunion Mission. ...

File size: 5.87 MB | Download hits: 307

Find Hurricane Bill Mission

Find Hurricane Bill and others. This mission will allow pilots to search for Hurricane Bill until it dissipates. You can used it to find other hurricanes as the season continues. You will need Hi Fi's "Active Sky" weather program since it's the only one that depicts a hurricane perfectly in FSX. Uses the Orion P3 in NOA's livery as the default aircraft but you can use any you desire. Have a good flight hunting hurricanes. By Gera Godoy Canova. Find...

File size: 5.86 MB | Download hits: 529

The Concorde 3 Mission

The Concorde 3. This mission is exactly the same as the first mission, except for the take-off time which is now early in the morning, flying back into night and landing again after sunrise. You are a captain of the famous Concorde registered in Air France colors. The flight is a routine flight from Charles de Gaulle to John F. Kennedy that was on the daily flight schedule in the peak of the Concorde's life before all the problems started. By Robbie Albers. The Concorde 3...

File size: 1.20 MB | Download hits: 1032

The Concorde 2 Mission

The Concorde 2. You are a captain of the famous Concorde registered in Air France colors. The flight is a routine return flight from John F. Kennedy to Charles de Gaulle that was on the daily flight schedule in the peak of the Concorde's life before all the problems started. Interesting feature is the take-off at sunset and landing a few hours later after sunrise. By Robbie Albers. The Concorde 2 Mission. NOTES: This is my second concorde mission. I have made a...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 873

The Concorde Mission

The Concorde. You are a captain of the famous Concorde registered in Air France colors. The flight is a routine flight from Charles de Gaulle to John F. Kennedy that was on the daily flight schedule in the peak of the Concorde's life before all the problems started. By Robbie Albers. The Concorde Mission. NOTES: This is a mission of an historical nature. If you have ever flown in the Concorde of admire it like me, you will enjoy this mission. The following...

File size: 1.26 MB | Download hits: 2640

Demonstration Flight Mission

Demonstration Flight. In this mission you will be flyng a demonstration flight, but on a carrier. With half the nation looking at you, you must make sure you do this mission right. It's very important for the Blue Angels. For Acceleration only. Run the .exe file and install. Restart FSX and your done. ...

File size: 6.20 MB | Download hits: 378

The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 4 Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 4. These missions are based around the most dangerous airports of the world. This particular airport is Apls d'Huez in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 4 Mission. NOTES: This is my fourth mission. I had great fun in creating it. The following zip files for the mission needs to be found on the net and installed: which contains the...

File size: 824.08 kB | Download hits: 1132

Bugli Air Service Mission

Bugli Air Service. There is a shuttle service called in Indu "Wings of the Lucky Elephant" or Bugli Air Service. It takes off early in the morning with almost anything like people, chickens, rope, paint gallons, nails and sometimes caged cobras sent out to some witch doctor from the local snake market. This "airline" is not new. Back in 1947 Duart Mooresby started the business with an old 1939 DC-3 and his son continued it in the sixties with another used C-46 and a twin...

File size: 470.24 kB | Download hits: 241

The Lost City Of Brahmasutra Mission

The Lost City of Brahmasutra Expedition. Dr. Giulio Bernotti and his daughter Dr. Silvia Lina Bernotti will be going to Bangladesh where they hope to find the lost city of the god Drunkamasutra near the great river Brahmasutra. The city is described in the book of Tutashunkamasutra as "the city that shines like the sun of night" and is believed that it was the center of all trade and science of the Kilunmasutra Epoch. You will be piloting their personal aircraft as well as the...

File size: 2.19 MB | Download hits: 315

Cunderdin To Beverley Mission

Cunderdin To Beverley Checkride, v2.0. To rent a Cessna 172 you must first take a 20 minute check ride with the rental guy. Includes audio, ATIS, etc. By David Rogers. Cunderdin To Beverley Mission. Mission - You are renting a C172 here in Western Australia. Before you can take the plane for the weekend, you need to take a 20 min checkride flight with the friendly rental guy. Includes audio, ATIS, etc. To install, extract the main "Cunderdin to Beverley Checkride"...

File size: 14.54 MB | Download hits: 623

Antarctic Supply Run Mission

Antarctic Supply Run. By David Rogers. Antarctic Supply Run Mission. Installation:- Extract main "ANTARCTIC SUPPLY RUN" file from zip and place in the main FSX 'Missions' folder (usually C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XMissions). ...

File size: 4.37 MB | Download hits: 771

Midway 1942 Mission

Midway 1942 v1.40. Fly as a Japanese or U.S. Navy pilot in a mission of June 4, 1942. Fly an SBD-3 dive bomber or Nakajima D3A Val. Navigate your course and then attack a moving target. Mission by Ronald Dandurand. (Previous version had 1234 downloads). Midway 1942 Mission. ...

File size: 32.50 MB | Download hits: 1245

Atomi Emergency China Mission

Atomi Emergency-China. An FSX adventure flight--Dr. Laura Berlotti, Prime Atomic Scentist, has been asked by the Chinese Government to inspect several atomic plants which suddenly have becomed "hot"! She hires you to be her pilot since she has permission to fly in her own plane. Suddenly, you receive a tiny camera from your old commander at AA with a little note "Take pics..Urgent". Off you go to Beijing where the plane is waiting with Wan Tu, your 27 year old ex beauty...

File size: 544.68 kB | Download hits: 255

F-14 Ops On CV69-12 Mission

Start off in Dino Cattaneo's F-14 Tomcat on Javiers(Thrawns) CV69-12 Busy Carrier. 5-Tomcats will be flying patterns and landing. Fly in Free Flight Mode or Fly the Quick Mission. Simply Land 3-times on either Carrier. 3-rewards are possibly, 3-traps reward, Buzz the Tower Reward, Cable 3 reward. Simple easy mission, not a whole lot of logic other than counting how many times you landed, also logic for the 5-tomcats coming and going. After last Tomcat lands there is a 7:00 minute...

File size: 13.37 MB | Download hits: 3983

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