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FSX Missions

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Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis

Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis. First you can perform a launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Your Shuttle, standing at the launch tower, is prepared for the lift off (ATLANTIS-1.ZIP from Bruce Fitzgerald required). You can watch the spectacle as commander through the window from the cockpit or as spotter from external view. After leaving the stratosphere you can release the boosters and the external tank. Now take control of the shuttle. The second flight is in the orbit in upside down...

File size: 702.74 kB | Download hits: 5399

The Final Encounter Mission

The Final Encounter, Episode 1. Dr. Andro Bitti has the OK from the UN, and the funds, to check the infamous Inca tale of the "Fallen Gods" which has been going around scientific circles since 1957. Nanko Lucca, the Peruvian planetary scientist, wrote a paper about this tale last year and warned that his astronomical findings in the Crab Nebula were exact as the computations found in the Kaulis Temple in the jungle of Peru. This is the first episode of this mission which will take...

File size: 23.10 MB | Download hits: 688

Saba Mission

Saba. Perform an amazing flight around the Dutch Antilles. Estimated time to complete: 60 minutes. You should be able to take off and land on very short runways. This mission could use the FlyTampa St. Marteen scenery. English and Spanish versions included. Jose Enrique Arino. Saba Mission. Saba Mission. ...

File size: 8.11 MB | Download hits: 899

Autumn Rally Mission

Autumn Rally. This year's autumn event for The Texas Hill Country flying club is an airplane rally that takes about 90 minutes or so of flying. Follow the instructions closely and see if you win a prize in the Beechcraft Baron. Autumn Rally Mission. INSTALLATION: Unzip the files to your main FSX folder. Everything should go into the right place. If you prefer a manual install (I understand!) just point the unzip to a dummy folder. The mission will install in the...

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 468

The Most Dangerous Airports: Madeira Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: Madeira. The airport runway has a unique feature, it was lengthened by about one mile by adding a section built on 70 meter high pillars. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: Madeira Mission. NOTES: I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Madeira. The airport runway has a unique feature, it was lengthed by ± 1 mile by adding a section build on 70 meters high pillars. The following...

File size: 15.07 MB | Download hits: 6364

The Ruins At Buluti Ridge--Last Episode Mission

The Ruins At Buluti Ridge--Last Episode. These ruins prove that Dr. Felicia Fickle's laboratory is right here. In 1854 she constructed very large kites that were able to carry up to three passengers to very high altitudes. This airfield, very old indeed, was used in the latter part of the 19th century to launch her kites in the windy ridge. Now the ruins are visited by most tourists visiting this part of Turkey. A bed and breakfast hotel is busy all summer and Igor Turksvyok flies his...

File size: 2.72 MB | Download hits: 233

The Most Dangerous Airports: Gibraltar Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: Gibraltar. Gibraltar is situated on a peninsula on the southeast coast of Spain and has several daily flights. It also serves as an air force base. The two interesting features about this airport is the intimidating peer into the sea on the west coast and the main road crossing the runway with a set of traffic light to stop traffic during take-offs and landing. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: Gibraltar Mission. NOTES: I...

File size: 6.14 MB | Download hits: 5696

The Most Dangerous Airports: Saba Island Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: Saba Island. The next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Saba Island. The Saba Island is close to Princess Juliana and has a extremely short runway, only 800 feet long. You have been chartered by a honeymoon couple to take them to the island for their honeymoon. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: Saba Island Mission. NOTES: I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Saba...

File size: 2.57 MB | Download hits: 1017

Acceleration Helicopter Transport Mission

Helicopter Transport. Use the default Bell 206B JetRanger and transport the movie star from his resort to Park City, UT for his film festival. Made to be used with UTAH_COMPLETE.ZIP scenery add-on. Can be used with default Scenery. By Dave Feeger. Acceleration Helicopter Transport Mission. Install this mission in the FSXMISSIONS"pilot for hire" group. Copy the file "moviestartransport.rwd" into the rewards folder of fsx and you're ready to...

File size: 2.10 MB | Download hits: 847

Acceleration Ranger Transport Mission

Acceleration Ranger Transport Mission. Use the default Bell 206B JetRanger to transport a forest ranger to his fire tower in the Idaho wilderness and do any other job the base asks you to do. By Dave Feeger. Acceleration Ranger Transport Mission. Install all files into the missionbackcountry folder of your FSX folder. Copy the "rangerdropoffandmailservice.rwd" file into your rewards folder of FSX. That's it! have fun and enjoy. I have also included the...

File size: 3.41 MB | Download hits: 995

Sur America Cargo Episode II Mission

Sur America Cargo Episode II. FSAdventureSky 1959 flight "Cargo Run From Panama City To Bucaramanga", The Coast Route of Colombia, Panama City, February 1959. This flight will leave Panama City very early in the morning making its first stop in Cartagena, Colombia. The flight starts at Tocument Airport at 5:30 AM with a full aircraft of Chiquita bananas as well as pineapples and melons. Sometimes the captain will take his wife but not on this trip since the weather is not the best...

File size: 1.02 MB | Download hits: 426

German Guerrero's Leave Mission

German Guerrero's Leave. An FSX FSadventureSky Flight. German Guerrero (RIP) was a great friend, a gentleman and an officer of the Peruvian Army back in the 40s. He used to tell great stories of his years in the army posts of the Peruvian Amazonas. He would tell some that were "outrageously funny" and some very serious and becoming. He is gone now but I always remember him with a smile in my face. This "Flight Adventure" is one of those flights he used to take to...

File size: 1.11 MB | Download hits: 172

RAS Air Race - Male Mission

Roussillon Aero Simulation Air Race. RAS air race - Male / Maldives. Medium difficulty, uses the Extra 300. RAS Air Race - Male Mission. ...

File size: 2.70 MB | Download hits: 325

RAS Air Race - Tahiti Mission

RAS Air Race - Tahiti / French Polynesia. An advanced level mission flying a P-51 Mustang. By Roussilon Aero Simulation. RAS Air Race - Tahiti Mission. IMPORTANT: Files starting with _recorded_ and _synthesized_will be overwritten or deleted by Instant Mission Maker without warning. ...

File size: 3.31 MB | Download hits: 203

Grand Canyon Race Mission

Grand Canyon Race. Race along the Grand Canyon floor. Aircraft: Extra 300 (Red Bull). Estimated time: 30 minutes. Includes: Three goals to complete. Requires: Acceleration Pack. By Ed Neuhauser. Grand Canyon Race Mission. Aircraft: Extra 300 Location: Marble Canyon Airport, Arizona Goals: Fly and win a timed race down on the Grand Canyon floor Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes Category: Racing Skill Level: Intermediate Turn on captions in the FSX...

File size: 5.31 MB | Download hits: 470

Princess Juliana Airport Mission

The Most Dangerous Airports: Princess Juliana. This is a mission of an historical nature. Both for the route and the aircraft. The flight in an old online flight found on a virtual airline web site, Air France Virtual. The Princess Juliana International airport is rated as the number one most dangerous airport, due to its approach, which is extremely low over the sea. The airport is famous for its short landing strip--only 7152 feet, which is barely enough for heavy jets. For this reason as...

File size: 575.21 kB | Download hits: 887

Cargo Run From Quito To Guayaquil Mission

Cargo Run From Quito To Guayaquil. An FSadventureSky Flight: Sur America Cargo Ltd is taking heavy machine parts to Guayaquil with one stop. The best part of this flight is that new pilots will be able to criscross the Andes Mountain range at no less than 21,000 feet. The mountain range is one of the most beautiful in the world. Takeoff starts at the company's office and warehouse in Quito, one of the highest cities in the world, at middle afternoon and arrives in Guayaquil, by the...

File size: 771.83 kB | Download hits: 603

Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission

Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission. Use the default Bell 206B JetRanger and rescue accident victims in the Virgin River Gorge by St George, UT. Made to be used with UTAH_COMPLETE.ZIP scenery add-on. Can also be used with default Scenery. An "Instant Mission Maker" mission. Splash image by Olivier Roderiz. Mission by Dave Feeger. Acceleration Canyon Rescue Mission. Helicopter rescue mission. This mission is a straight forward flying mission with no aircraft...

File size: 4.45 MB | Download hits: 1496

Acceleration Helicopter Rescue Mission

Acceleration Helicopter Rescue Mission. Can you get the scientists off the mountain in time? A fun mission made with 'Instant Mission Maker'. Includes IMM file for others to change mssion and have fun with. By Dave Feeger. Acceleration Helicopter Rescue Mission. Install all files into the missionemergency folder of your FSX folder. Copy the "volcanorescue.rwd" file into your rewards folder of FSX. That's it! have fun and enjoy. The vocals are...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 784

Amazonas Air Chapter 5 Mission

Amazonas Air Chapter 5 "The Expansion". FSX scenery and flight. Attention Amazon River Basin pilots! New routes have been opened for diligent entrepreneur pilots who want to have a share of these. Needed is a good passenger, freight aircraft or a fleet of them! New scenery and adventure are waiting for you--another "FSAdventureSky" out for the aligators on the runway! New towns and airports. These were added so new places could be inhabited by so many .bgl...

File size: 3.30 MB | Download hits: 273

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