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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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Perth Int'l Airport

Perth Int'l Airport (YPPH), Ausralia. This file is a version for the default airport with 33 gates/parking and for the heli pilots i have added 3 helipads, taxiways realigned, and all taxiways now have lighting. By Ray Smith. Perth Int'l Airport Logo. To Install: Simply take the AF2_YPPH.bgl file and put it into Flight Simulator 9 > Addon Scenery > Scenery Folder. Start up the Flight Sim and the changes will be present. To Uninstall: Delete the...

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KDEN, Denver Int'l Airport, Colorado (CO). By Richard Mohammed. Simply copy and paste the file into your Addon Scenery/Scenery Folder. Enjoy! ...

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LEBL, Barcelona El Prat Airport, Spain, for use with default scenery. By Oscar Caravaca. Overview of Barcelona El Prat Airport. Installation: Simply UNZIP AF2_LEBL.bgl in your [FSMain Main Folder]Addon SceneryScenery and restart FS9 if you have it open. This AFCAD file has been developed attending to publicized charts by AENA. Runway 20 has been closed to landings. New taxiways has been added, and closed old ones. You can print all PDF files to have a quick reference...

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EGLL, London Heathrow Airport, UK. By Henry Lidster. Overview of London Heathrow Airport. Installation: Simply drop the AF2_EGLL.bgl file into your Flight Simulator 9Addon SceneryScenery folder. FS will automatically recognize the file, and install it. To uninstall, just delete the AF2_EGLL.bgl file, and FS will revert to the default settings. About the AFCAD, and where things park. T1: BMI and BA Domestic and European flights. T2: Shorthaul european airlines apart...

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LJLJ, Ljubljana Airport, Slovenia. Updated parking spots for default LJLJ. I tried to make this as realistic as possible within the limits of the default airport. By Jure Dolanec. This only works in FS9, a.k.a. ACOF a.k.a. FS2004. Special thanks to Lee Swordy for AFCAD2 and making this possible! Installation: Put AF2_LJLJ.bgl into Addon Scenery/Scenery directory which you can find in your main FS9 directory. That's all. ...

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CYQR, Regina Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada. ...

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RKSI, Incheon, South Korea. By Roman Fedotov. Installation: Unzip the .zip file to somewhere on your computer. Open the 'AF2_RKSI.bgl'' with AFCAD2. Save it in Flight Simulator 9 > Addon Scenery > Scenery. I could not include all the gates in this AFCAD, because MS made most of the airports too small. Sorry. ...

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Dorval Int'l Airport, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for use with CYUL 2002 v1.0 scenery by Guy F. Jutras and Rafael Sanchez, Quebec Virtual Pilots. AFCAD2 file by Normand Boucher. Installation: Put the BGL file in either your "CYUL2002Scenery" or "FS2004Addon SceneryScenery" folder. This first version of AFCAD2 file for CYUL 2002 does not contain any airline assignment to gates. We are accumulating data in the hope of being able to add this feature in a later...

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UTAM, Mary, Turkmenistan. Map showing Turkmenistan. ...

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Bangkok Int'l

Bangkok Int'l (VTBD), Thailand. A version for the default scenery with 85 gates and parking spots. By Ray Smith. This file is a version for the default airport with 85 gates/parking/cargo parking, airport views are from the roof of the control tower (only when you are in TOWER view) for those that have Lee Swordy's wonderful afcad_204, can lower the tower height by 50ft you will then be inside the control tower but may find the tinted glass to dark to see clearly especially at night...

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Burundi AFCAD2

This file adds more parking areas to the main airport of Burundi, Bujumbura Intl, which is also the only airport in the country capable of supporting AI in FS2004. By Leo Pardon. This is for use with AFCAD 2.04 by Lee Swordy and is for FS2004 ONLY, it is intended for use with the default scenery and I can not guarantee that it will work properly with addon scenery. This is not intended to be an accurate representation of the taxiing/parking layout at this airport, however it adds more...

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Magdeburg Airport

Magdeburg Airport (EDBM), Germany, for German Airports 4 commercial scenery. By Tomas Knaifl. Installation: Copy EDBM.BGL it to Addon Scenery/Scenery in your FS2004 installation. ...

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Schonefeld Airport

Schonefeld Airport (EDDB), Germany, for German Airports 4 commercial scenery. By Tomas Knaifl. Installation: Copy EDDB.BGL it to Addon Scenery/Scenery in your FS2004 installation. ...

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PAJN, Juneau Int'l Airport, Alaska (AK). More realistic depiction of the parking areas at Juneau Douglas Airport. I hope to modify more Alaska Airports as time permits. Dave. Overview of Juneau Int'l Airport. Installation: Just drop the BGL file into your addon scenery folder in FS9 and you will be all set. If you don't like it just remove it and your original airport will be restored. Enjoy! Dave. ...

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KHOU William P. Hobby Airport, located south of downtown Houston, Texas (TX). Hobby is one of Southwest Airlines many hub airports. It also has a large amount of corporate jets. Also included is the control tower position. By Eric Fricke. Overview of William P. Hobby Airport. There was NO add-on scenery used this is the default scenery form FS2004. The problem this causes though is that Microsoft didn't update KHOU for FS2004 thus this AFCAD is really based on what I can...

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Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport

Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport (KORD), Illinois (IL). Adds very accurate gate assignments to the Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport. Also adds more GA parking and 'heavy' overflow parking. For FS2004 default scenery. By Jonathan Vida. Overview of O'Hare Int'l Airport. Installation: Just place the .BGL file into your FS2004/Addon Scenery/Scenery and start up FS2004 and you are good to go. That's it! Enjoy. ...

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GCRR, Lanzarote Airport, for use with Sim-Wings commercial Canaris Island and Lanzarote scenery. By Claudius Karch. Aerial view of Lanzarote Airport scenery. Installation: Copy this file into your "fs9/Addon Scenery/Fuerte+Lanza2003/Scenery" folder.  That's it. Notes: The hold short node for RW 03 cant be placed in the right position. This is a limit of FS9 and the same limit as in FS2002. The Military parking is used by "normal" planes too....

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KNZY, NAS North Island. An AFCAD file for the Naval Air Station on Coronado Island just south of San Diego, California (CA). By Ray May. Overview of Coronado Island NAS. ...

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Toronto International AFCAD2

An AFCAD2 file for SimFlyers version of Toronto (Pearson) International, Ontario, Canada. It probably wouldn't work very well with the default scenery. Lots of parking slots are provided at all three terminals. Airline priorities are set up. Freeware; users are welcome to modify it to their hearts content. By Brian King. Overview of Toronto (Pearson) International. Parking is provided in almost all the places shown in the scenery, at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. No parking is...

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EDLP, Paderborn-Lippstad Airport, Germany. ...

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