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NAHA (ROAH). Gates and taxiways for Naha Airport (Japan military and civilians Airport). NAHA.ZIP is required. By Hiroaki Kubota. Overview of Naha Airport. Install to FS9/AddScenery/Scenery/AF2_ROAH.bgl JMSDF Parking Area. The number of the maximum parking "6": [fltsim.X] title=JMSDF P-3C,YS-11_205tomboy or 61SQ atc_airline=NAVY atc_parking_types=MIL_CARGO atc_parking_codes=M003 JASDF Fighter Parking Area. The number of the maximum parking...

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Ben Gurion Int'l

Ben Gurion Int'l Airport (LLBG), Israel. This file covers all parking/gates, including runway takeoff and landing normal procedures at LLBG. Cargo and special airline parking is ready for suitably defined aircraft - cargo aircraft park at cargo gates, etc. This file works only with VATIL LLBG 0.51b Ben Gurion scenery by Moshe Chetrit and Chanan Epstein. By Alexander Lawrence. Copy the AF2_LLBG.bgl file to the ..Flight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery directory - that's it. To...

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Manchester UK airport with corrected runways, taxiways and gates. Install in to FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery/ ...

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Scotflight Edinburgh (EGPH) AFCAD2

Scotflight Edinburgh (EGPH) AFCAD2, Scotland, UK. This is designed to work with Scotflight Scenery's Edinburgh Airport, Edin2002. It provides all gate parking spaces with some degree of airline association. It also closes runway 12/30 for takeoff and landing. By Alex Berry. Installation Instructions: Place the file AF2_EGPH.bgl in the following directory /Flight Simulator 9]/Addon Scenery/scenery/ FS2004 should then automatically pick up the new scenery when it next starts. If it...

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Lambert St. Louis (KSTL) AFCAD2

Lambert St. Louis (KSTL) AFCAD2, Missouri (MO). Uses stock scenery and adds numerous gates and parking spaces at KSTL. By Rich Kaminsky. A reasonable representation of KSTL using AFCAD2. Some adjustments were made from the real airport due to the limitations of the stock FS9 version of KSTL. This AFCAD adds considerable additional parking, including many gates for American Airlines. Gate radius settings are based on the recommended sizes from Project AI. Installation: Simply unzip the...

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MMMX Mexico City AFCAD2 File

This AFCAD will add many more gates and parking spaces to the default MMMX scenery. Also lights leading into the gates, fixed tower view, and repaired taxiway on the east end of the main terminal. By Miguel De La Cruz. Overview of Mexico City Airport. Installation: Just place the BGL into your FS9/Addon Scenery/scenery folder and your done! This file is safe. I cannot be held responsible if it damages your system, use it at your own risk! ...

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AFCAD2 Files For Argentina

Files to use with Argentinian Raul Terraz sceneries. By Alejandro Atashian. It includes the following airports: Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Ezeiza Rosario Cordoba Don Torcuato (for using with the default scenery because the add-on has some problems with FS2004) San Fernando (for using with Vision Real scenery, it looks more real because is where I flight every day) La Plata Trelew Comodoro Rivadavia Rio Grande ( the city that I love) Rio Gallegos Ushuaia (for using...

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LPPT Modifications AFCAD2

Some modifications made to the LPPT scenery to use only with Portugal 2000. Improves taxiways and gates. By Luis Reis. Use this file to modify your LPPT(Lisboa-Portugal) airport. Note that you need the shareWare scenery Portugal2000. Just place the bgl file into the addons scenery directory of your FS2004(there Drive:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9Addon Sceneryscenery). This is just a previous version,will be update to correct the some errors. ...

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Of Italy

AFCAD files for Italian airports (Rome, Milan, Turin, Catania, Naples, Florence, etc.). By Marco Miraglia. ...

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San Juan

This file adds almost all gates and parking spots with real world airlines assignments. Taxiways were inspected against AI traffic collision and/or wrong ATC taxi routes. American Eagle gates are correctly in place as in real life, giving a huge enhancement to San Juan - Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. With this file there is no need to worry about AI traffic, there is plenty space for them, but most of all, all traffic are assigned to their real life gates and parking spots. By Rafael...

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Bilbao Airport Gates And Taxiways

For use with the LEBB by Fernando Fajardo only. AFCAD2 file by Werner Vogt. Overview of Bilbao Airport. ...

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AFCAD2 For Valencia Airport

The file is a representation of the parking spots and taxiways in the Airport of Valencia-Manises (LEVC) in Spain. It has been designed over the payware scenery by Simwings, and and probably will not work well with the default airport. By Carlos Lorenz Benlloch. Overview of Valencia Airport. This is my first experience with AFCAD 2, but considering the similarity with the previous version of this editor, I think the results aren't so bad... This is my little contribution to...

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Budapest Airport

The file is a representation of the parking spots and taxiways in the airport of Budapest (LHBP) in Hungary. It has been designed over the payware scenery Budapest 2004 by Andras Kozma and probably will not work well with the default airport. By Carlos Lorenz Benlloch. Overview of Budapest Airport. These are my first experiences with AFCAD 2, but considering the similarity with the previous version of this editor, I think the results aren't so bad... Installation: Simply...

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Re-done parking space map for KWVI (Watsonville Mun.) in California (CA). It adds the "partially" fictitious 1000 foot glider dirt runway (13-31). This will also fix the inaccurate taxiways, add a bunch more parking spaces for medium and small GA traffic and fix the tower viewpoint closer to the runway. By Nickolas Peros. Overview of Watsonville Mun, CA. Just put the whole thing in your "FS9/Addon Scenery/" folder. Open the sim and click on the...

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AFCAD2 For Auckland International, New Zealand. Highly accurate and detailed airport and facilities data for Auckland International (NZAA). This file is only for use in FS2004 and was created with AFCAD 2. By Michael Corcoran. Overview of Auckland International, New Zealand. To install my AFCAD2 files just copy the .bgl file(s) to FS9Addon Sceneryscenery and you're done. I may not be held responsible for any damage, imagined or real, caused by the files in this package...

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FS2004 AFCAD2 File For RCKH and RCSS, Taipei Sungshan Airport and Kaohsiung Airport, for use with the default scenery. By Hyun-wook Hong. ...

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