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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio (OH), for use with the default scenery. By Patrick Finch / Alpha-India Group. View of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Cleveland Airport System was established in 1925 with the opening of Cleveland Municipal Airport, now Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), the first municipally-owned commercial airport in the United States. Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2005, CLE is the largest commercial airport...

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Ben Gruion Tel Aviv Airport, Israel. By Matthew Brooks / Alpha-India Group. View of Ben Gruion Tel Aviv Airport. Ben Gurion is Israel's main international airport and is currently a joint use civil and military airport. Terminal 3 is used exclusively for international traffic and Terminal 1 for domestic flights. The only exceptions to this are the Jet2 flights, where passengers check in at T1 but are then taken by bus to T3 and it is thought that the Easyjet service...

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Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii (HI) for use with the default scenery. By Paul Harrison / Alpha-India Group. View of Honolulu International Airport. Honolulu International is the main airport in the State of Hawaii and is one of the United States busiest airports with passenger numbers exceeding 21.5 million in 2007 and rising. The airport handled in excess of 389,000 tons of cargo in the same year. Honolulu International is the principal hub of Hawaiian...

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Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, Russia, for use with the default scenery. By Matthew Brooks / Alpha-India Group. Plane taking off from Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. Domodedovo International is one of Moscow's three major airports and is the largest in terms of passenger numbers and cargo volume. 20.43 million passengers used the airport in 2008 through a terminal originally designed to handle far less than that and with just one wing each for domestic and international...

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Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney, NSW, Australia. with corrected and hi-res taxiway signs. In the stock airport, the taxiway signs are incorrectly placed on runways and taxiways. This file also provides clearer and easier to read taxiway signs on the ground. By Toby Rayfield. Repaired Airport Layout File for YSSY Airport: Taxiway sign positions have been corrected. To Install: Make sure FSX is not running and then copy the file YSSY_ADEX_TR.BGL to your...

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AFCAD Charleston AFB/International

South Carolina (SC). This AFCAD has all the bells and whistles: new taxi signs and runway distance remaining markers, redesigned ramp areas, Boeing facility for the Dream Lifter and much more. By Ryan Cobb. Aerial view of Charleston AFB/International. Drop the 2 .bgl files into your addon scenery/scenery folder and load up.. Let me know if there are any mistakes that I may have missed on the airport or any other feedback you may have. ...

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Danbury Municipal Airport, Connecticut (CT). Just a few of the enhancements include: added taxiways, signage, aprons, parking, helipads, hangars, LOC/RWY holds. Numerous extra objects bring life to the project. Placement using photo-satellite imagery. Includes a well-equipped private hangar and an uniquely created segmented circle. Too much to list, See Change-log for more. By Ed Tomlinson. View of Danbury Municipal Airport. Installation: First remove or delete...

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Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines. This AFCAD, which is part of Round 4 of releases from AIG Ground, gives the default airport a complete makeover including accurate changed parking to incorporate Terminal 3 now in use, makes the runways crosswind and incorporates a large number of improvements and changes to the default scenery in and around the airport. V2 of this AFCAD corrects a small problem with some AI aircraft timing out at R13. By Matthew Brooks and Alpha India...

File size: 272.14 KB | Download hits: 2393

AFCAD Enhancement For Stock KSNA

Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California (CA). Represents a modification to the stock FSX airport scenery. Some of the changes include updated approaches, custom AI terminal parking assignments, additional fuel trucks, cargo parking, fixed jetway/terminal connections, added gate 4 at Terminal B, spot lighting and revised vehicle paths. By Kambiz Agazi. Screenshot of Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport. KSNA represents a modification to the stock FSX airport...

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AFCAD Enhancement For Stock KDCA - Second Edition

Washington National Airport, Washington, DC. In this edition of KDCA, primary/secondary runway ends were changed for 15-33 in order to link the runway operation of 1 and 33 and 19 and 15 (using the crosswind runway technique) together as per real world operations. In this edition, runways 14-22 are open under crosswind conditions only. By Kambiz Agazi. Screenshot of Washington National Airport. KDCA second edition represents a modification to the stock FSX airport...

File size: 3.27 MB | Download hits: 761

AFCAD Enhancement For Stock KDCA

Washington National Airport, Washington, DC. KDCA represents a modification to the stock airport scenery. Some of the major changes include: all runways active, new LDA-R approach for runway 19 (Rosslyn LDA), updated the existing LDA runway 19 approach, new RNAV (RNP) approaches with transitions for runways 1-19, airport spot lighting, custom AI parking sizes and terminal assignments per the website and modified land class north of runway 19 at "Gravelly Point". By Kambiz...

File size: 3.27 MB | Download hits: 223

AFCAD Modification For Stock KPSP

Palm Springs International Airport, California (CA). It was discovered that the RNAV (RNP) transition at BALDI to 31L tracked to the IF at TEVUC making for a very interesting ride. This has been corrected. BALDI now tracks to the curve approach at CUPOL according to the plate. By Kambiz Agazi. Aerial view of Palm Springs International Airport, California. KPSP FIX: The RNAV(RNP) Transition at BALDI has now been corrected in accordance to the Plate. Sorry for any...

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AFCAD Old Takamatsu Airport Japan

The Takamatsu airport employed as a vestibule leading to the outside of the empty in Kagawa Prefecture till the December, Heisei 1 (1989) was reproduced. By Roy Focker. Screenshot of plane approaching Takamatsu Airport, Japan. First,This text has only translated the contents of the html text of Japanese readme into English by machine translation. Because, since I am a Japanese, I am because I cannot understand a foreign language. Old Takamatsu airport ver.1 The...

File size: 386.47 KB | Download hits: 89

AFCAD Enhancement For Stock KPSP

Palm Springs International Airport, California (CA). New RNAV (RNP) approaches and transitions with holds for 13R - 31L. custom AI parking and much more. By Kambiz Agazi. Aerial view of Palm Springs International Airport. KPSP_KA.bgl represents a modification to the FSX stock airport. Changes to Palm Springs International Airport include: Gate numbers and airline assignments per official Website and google maps and parking sizes optimized for MTX 5.2 and WOAI...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 93


This is an actual AFCAD for Shaikh Isa Airport. Shaikh Isa is a military airport near Bahrain Al Manama International Airport, Bahrain. By Chris Dohring. How to Install : Got to C/Programms/Microsoft Games/FLight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. ...

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AFCAD Enhancement For Default KLAS

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV). By Kambiz Agazi. McCarran International Airport terminal map. This airport scenery represents a modification to the default FSX KLAS. Some of the changes include: New or reworked - taxiways, vehicle paths, holding pads; cargo parking; aprons and ramp parkings; new extension to the D gates at Terminal 1 (based on google maps and the Web page); airline Terminal assignments per Web page and parking sizes optimized for...

File size: 1.9 MB | Download hits: 410

AFCAD Enhancement For Stock KOAK

Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, California (CA). By Kambiz Agazi. Aerial view of Metropolitan Oakland International Airport. KOAK is a modification to the default FSX KOAK. Some of the changes include: New or reworked - taxiways, vehicle paths, aprons and ramp parkings for larger challenger sized GA. enhanced cargo overflow cargo parking per google maps. extension to Terminal 2 with 7 new gates (based on google maps and the Website). removed 1 gate from the...

File size: 398.85 KB | Download hits: 87

Stock KCLE

Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, Ohio (OH). An enhancement for the stock FSX scenery. By Kambiz Agazi. Runways at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. KCLE_KA.bgl is a modification to the FSX default KCLE. Some of the changes include: Airline Terminal assignments per official Airport Website with many gate assignments accurate as well. Ramp parking areas reworked to accommodate more Challenger sized GA. All cargo parking assignments per...

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San Francisco International Airport, California (CA). By Kambiz Agazi. Overview of San Francisco International Airport. KSFO_KA.bgl represents a modification to the stock FSX KSFO. Some of the changes are as follows. New or improved: All new ILS and RNAV(GPS) approaches with transitions and missed approach holds per the current plates shown on airnav. For RNAV(GPS) use the Y suffix plate except for Rwy 28R use Z and Rwy 10R use X. I also added the new LDA at 28R,...

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Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Quebec, Canada, v2. By Kambiz Agazi. Plane flying over Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport. Formerly known as Montreal-Dorval International Airport, the airport is located in the city of Dorval, on the Island of Montreal some 20 km (12 mi) from Montreal's downtown. CYUL_KA_v2.bgl represents a modification to the stock FSX CYUL. Version 1 additions are 1-12. Version 2 changes are shown below as...

File size: 986.17 KB | Download hits: 1036

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