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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Aerotaxi Avianca DeHavilland DHC-2Complete with Base Model

Avianca used the DHC-2 Beaver between 1960 and 1970, offering air taxi service between aerodromes. Repaint by Jorge Andres Calderon C. Model by John L. Woodward. Screenshot of Aerotaxi Avianca DeHavilland DHC-2 on the ground. Installation: Unzip the archive "". Copy the folder "DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver Wheels Aerotaxi Avianca". ...

File size: 7.90 MB | Download hits: 697

Ilyushin IL-14PComplete with Base Model

Ilyushin IL-14P licenced product of East Germany (VEB Flugzeugwerft Dresden). Complete aircraft with liveries for Interflug, Deutsche Lufthansa, Flugzeugwerft Dresden, East German Air Force. By Mehlin Rainer. Screenshot of Ilyushin IL-14P on the ground. ...

File size: 2.20 MB | Download hits: 230

Bristol Brabazon 1Complete with Base Model

This huge and good-looking aircraft was planned as a transatlantic airliner for BOAC. It was powered by eight Bristol Centaurus radial engines, and flew for the first time in 1949. The Brabazon never entered production; it was unable to compete with aircraft like the Douglas DC-6/7 and the Lockheed Constellation, so only one prototype G-AGPW was built. It was broken up after three years of flight testing. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Bristol Brabazon 1 in...

File size: 8.05 MB | Download hits: 473

Douglas DC-3CComplete with Base Model

An attempt to make the ultimate, most realistic DC-3 aircraft possible, using a wide variety of parts created by various freeware designers. A completely new failure mode system has been implemented, with each of over 64 failure modes being fully realistic. Includes self-installer. Package by Charles E. Owen. Extract to a temporary folder and then execute the Setup-DC3C program that came with this package. It will prompt you for the location of Your FS 2004 folder. It will find the likely...

File size: 26.05 MB | Download hits: 236

Avro 685 York C1 G-AHFEComplete with Base Model

Directly delivered to British South American Airways Corporation (BSAA) on September 30, 1946 bearing the name "Star Vista". Became part of BOAC's York fleet when BSAA was merged with British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) on September 03, 1949. On August 07, 1951 transferred to Lancashire Aircraft Corporation, started flying on Air Ministry contract work. Used on trooping flights serials WW468 and WW578. On February 28, 1955 transferred to Skyways. Broken up at Stansted,...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 306

Reeve Aircraft Lockheed ElectraComplete with Base Model

Reeve Aircraft Lockheed Electra with new start sounds and sound system. Also includes PSA aircraft. Package includes smoke effects. By Victor N. Merculief Jr. (See also SND-UPD.ZIP). Screenshot of Reeve Aircraft Lockheed Electra in flight. ...

File size: 74.69 MB | Download hits: 809

G-44 Widgeon UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update for the Grumman G-44 Widgeon (G44_20.ZIP) to correct the FDE's and the panel. The FDE's correct issues with the landing gear contact points, toe brake sensitivity and propeller parameters. The panel.cfg corrects a mis-sized GPS. By Michael Verlin. Screenshot of G-44 Widgeon in flight. Both versions had problems with the landing gear contact points. These were not so severe as to make them obviously un-flyable, but enough to be troublesome. I had erroneously...

File size: 23.42 kB | Download hits: 283

Grumman G-44 Widgeon RepaintsComplete with Base Model

A re-release of Joe Binka's G44 Widgeon. Two models are in this package; the inline 6 cylinder model and the 9 cylinder radial. This new package includes a full 2D panel, a new FDE, and sound packages. The liveries are new repaints by Michael Verlin. (See also G44UPD.ZIP). Screenshot of Grumman G-44 Widgeon in flight. There are two models of the G44 in this package. One is powered by Lycoming GSO480 270 hp inline air cooled 6 cylinder engines. After World War II, when surplus...

File size: 15.41 MB | Download hits: 637

DC-3 Airways Douglas DC-3 N18560Complete with Base Model

DC-3 Airways Douglas DC-3 N18560, in bare metal livery. A rework of the default DC-3, with aerodynamics of a C-47A, lights, interior and exterior improvements, and a panel with captain and F.O. views. Original model by Microsoft. Repainted, panel and reworked by Daniel Nole. Screenshot of Airways Douglas DC-3 on the ground. ...

File size: 27.29 MB | Download hits: 159

BOAC Avro 685 York C1 G-AGNVComplete with Base Model

Avro York c/n 1223 G-AGNV, military serial TS798, was never taken up by the RAF. Delivered directly to BOAC on December 9, 1945, and named "Morville" (later renamed "Middlesex"); sold to Skyways on March 30, 1955. In May 1964 withdrawn from use and stored at Luton, Bedfordshire. On October 8, 1964 flown to Staverton Airport and donated to the Skyfame Museum, preserved in the colors of the famous York LV633 "Ascalon", the personal transport of Prime Minister Winston...

File size: 1.45 MB | Download hits: 155

BOAC Avro 685 York C1 G-AGJAComplete with Base Model

BOAC Avro 685 York C1, c/n 1207, military serial MW103, was never taken up by the RAF. Delivered directly to BOAC in February 1944 inaugurating the first UK-Cairo route via Morocco on April 22, 1944. At this time colored in RAF wartime camouflage colors. On May 18, 1949 sold to British South American Airways (BSAA). On September 3, 1949 reintegrated into BOAC's fleet. On May 29, 1951 bought by Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ltd. Operated trooping flights with serials WW541 and WW508. On...

File size: 1.30 MB | Download hits: 117

MEA Middle East Airlines Avro 685 OD-ACZComplete with Base Model

Avro York c/n 1218, RAF serial TS793, had a colorful history. It was allotted to BOAC as G-AGNP "Manchester". Leased to South African Airways (SAA) as ZS-BRA in 1947. To Air Freight in 1952. To Lancashire Aircraft Corporation in 1953. Leased to Air Liban and registered OD-ABT 1953. To Skyways 1955 and used for trooping flights carrying s/n WW509. To Trans Mediterranean Airways (TMA) registered OD-ACZ. To Middle East Airlines 1957. On 15 March 1963 OD-ACZ was lost in an accident near...

File size: 1.54 MB | Download hits: 107

BOAC Avro 685 York C1 G-AGJCComplete with Base Model

Registration G-AGJC, c/n 1209, entered service with the RAF as MW113. It was part of a fleet of five early Yorks that were configured as a combination of passenger/freight with 12 passengers seated in the rear of the cabin. Some sources indicate that shortly after WWII two Yorks were painted in an almost 'inverted' BOAC color scheme and used by BOAC for crew training, mainly navigators. G-AGJC was one them. Textures only; requires AVROYORK.ZIP. Gmax exterior model and paintkit by...

File size: 1.31 MB | Download hits: 96

1960's Dan-Air Avro 685 York C1 G-ANTKComplete with Base Model

Entered RAF service as MW232 in August 1946. Joined fleet of Allied aircraft engaged in the Berlin Airlift in May 1947. Became G-ANTK in July 1954 with Dan-Air and was used for freight work until her retirement in May 1964. G-ANTK is now part of the exhibition at Duxford's Hangar 2. Gmax exterior model and paintkit by Manfred Jahn, FDE by Paul Edwards, repainted in Dan-Air colors by Hans Hermann, Virtual Birds Factory. Screenshot of Dan-Air Avro 685 York C1 on the...

File size: 1.55 MB | Download hits: 162

Dan-Air Avro 685 York C1 G-ANTKComplete with Base Model

In an early Dan-Air livery. Entered RAF service as MW232 in August 1946. Joined fleet of Allied aircraft engaged in the Berlin Airlift in May 1947. Became G-ANTK in July 1954 with Dan-Air and was used for freight work until her retirement in May 1964. G-ANTK is now part of the exhibition at Duxford's Hangar 2. Gmax exterior model and paint kit by Manfred Jahn, FDE by Paul Edwards, repainted in Dan-Air colors by Hans Hermann, Virtual Birds Factory. Screenshot of Dan-Air...

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 63

Avro York Base PackageComplete with Base Model

Used variously as a long-range freighter and/or passenger airliner, the York was designed around the wings, engines, undercarriage, and tail assembly of the Lancaster bomber, adding a box-shaped fuselage and a center fin. Gmax exterior model and textures by Manfred Jahn, FDE by Paul Edwards, panel by Phil Perrott (Alphasim), Paul Edwards, and Lars Fors. Textures represent MW207 of 246 Squadron RAF, BOAC G-AGNP ("Manchester"), and Skyways G-AHEY. Users can choose to fly these in any...

File size: 5.10 MB | Download hits: 442

Fairchild C-119 Boxcar UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update of the C119 Boxcar by Mike Stone. The author has added the rest of the wheels, updated the flight dynamics, added toggle icons to the panel, changed the GPS, and changed the view angle to make it easier to see to land. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of Fairchild C-119 Boxcar in flight. Unzip to a panel of your choice. After backing up your air, aircraft.cfg, and panel.cfg files, replace them with the ones in this update. See the reference speeds for operating...

File size: 81.44 kB | Download hits: 205

Short S.25V Sandringham V2.0Complete with Base Model

The Sandringham was a civil conversion of the WW2 Short Sunderland maritime patrol flying boat. Liveries for BOAC, Norwegian Air Lines, SAS, RAI and Aerolineas Argentinas included. Version 2 model modified to work with FSX as well as FS2004. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Short S.25V Sandringham on the water.   ...

File size: 9.84 MB | Download hits: 338

Worship Douglas DC-4Complete with Base Model

AI aircraft. This aircraft (FS-Design Berlin model) texture modified for Worship Int'l virtual routes and sceneries by Jimmy R. Martin. This is a stand alone folder; in other words you can uninstall My Traffic or other traffic programs and it will not uninstall this aircraft. Screenshot of Worship Douglas DC-4 on the ground. Simply place this aircraft folder into your FS9/aircraft folder OR FSX/airplane folder or both. Many of these aircraft are totally flyable and...

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 86

CATA IAI 201 AravaComplete with Base Model

An Israel Aircraft Industries IAI 201 Arava in the colors of Argentinian CATA Linea Aerea. By Victor M. Astiz. Screenshot of CATA IAI 201 Arava on the ground. Developed in the late 1960's, the Arava was IAI's first design to enter production. It is a multi purpose aircraft designed for rapid convertibility from passenger to cargo missions, and STOL operations from short or semi-prepared strips and improvised lots. High wing location provides ample ground...

File size: 2.77 MB | Download hits: 387


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