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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Canadair C-4 ArgonautComplete with Base Model

The Argonaut was the final, Merlin-engined version of the Douglas DC-4 to be produced by Canadair. 22 Argonauts were delivered to BOAC 1949-1950, and they later had long careers with other operators like British Midland and charter companies. All-new model by Jens B. Kristensen, flight dynamics by FSAviator. Screenshot of Canadair C-4 Argonaut in flight. For more details and flying instructions, please see the pdf document installed in the Manual folder. This model...

File size: 8.80 MB | Download hits: 68

Super Constellation UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update for the Lockheed Super Constellation by Mike Stone (SCONNIE.ZIP) with added toggle switches, a nav/GPS switch, a digital trim gauge, the rest of the wheels, and updated the flight dynamics. There is also a turbine engine option so you can have reverse thrust. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of Super Constellation in flight. This is an update for the Lockheed Super Constellation by Mike Stone. I have added toggle switches, a nav/GPS switch, a digital trim gauge, the...

File size: 201.83 kB | Download hits: 76

Lockheed L188 Electra UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update of the Lockheed L 188 Electra by Mike Stone (SL188.ZIP), with all the wheels, updated flight dynamics, and re-arranged panel. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of Lockheed L188 Electra in flight. This is an update of the Lockheed L188 Electra by Mike Stone. I have put in all the wheels, updated the flight dynamics, and re-arranged the panel. Unzip to a folder of your choice. After backing up your air, aircraft.cfg, and panel.cfg files, replace them with the ones...

File size: 98.60 kB | Download hits: 201

DeHavilland DH 104 DoveComplete with Base Model

The DH 104 Dove, a successful British executive transport aircraft, first flown in 1945 and still in limited use today. This package includes the Doves of British Eagle and Channel Airways and also includes a DH Sea Devon Mk. 20 of the Royal Navy. Aircraft and textures by Derek Palmer, custom-built panel by Saverrio Maurri and internal cockpit views by Dave Booker. Screenshot of DeHavilland DH 104 Dove in flight. Unzip this archive to your FS2004 root folder OR unzip to...

File size: 10.02 MB | Download hits: 468

Yellow Birdair Douglas DC-3 C-GYBAComplete with Base Model

Yellow Birdair DC-3 C-GYBA, C/N 20215, built by the Long Beach City production plant as C-47A-90-DL 43-15749 and delivered to the USAAF on May 4, 1944. Ex NC20754, Morrison-Knudson Company (1954) N36MK and Denver Beechcraft N364K. After operations over Oregon and Alaska, with Yellow Bird by 1976 at Toronto Pearson Int'l. Acquired by USA private owner in 1995 and registered N347AB; the plane was restored and painted as a Northeast plane of 1952 and registered again as N33623. Last report,...

File size: 7.54 MB | Download hits: 92

VARIG Curtiss C-46 CommandoComplete with Base Model

Features reflective textures, full animation, rolling wheels, opening cargo and passenger doors, sound and panel. Model by Mike Stone. Textures by Luiz Foernges. Sounds by Reinhard Herrmann. Panel by Paulo Afonso Pizzato. Screenshot of VARIG Curtiss C-46 on runway. [fltsim.0] title=Vasp Curtiss C-46 sim=C-46F_COMMANDO model= panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id= ui_manufacturer=Curtiss ui_type=Curtiss C-46...

File size: 1.76 MB | Download hits: 151

VOTEC Britten Norman Islander BN2A PT-IMIComplete with Base Model

No panel and sound folders included. By Marcel Kuhnt and Tomas Cubero Maingot. Repaint by Marcelo Rates Quaranta. Screenshot of VOTEC Britten Norman Islander BN2A on runway. [fltsim.0] title=BN-2A - Votec sim=BN2 model= panel= sound= texture= checklists=BN2A_check.txt description=Britten Norman BN-2A Islander Votec. Registration: PT-IMI.By Marcel Kuhnt and Tomas Cubero Maingot, Repaint by Marcelo Rates...

File size: 1.54 MB | Download hits: 123

Aerotaxi Antonov AN-2Complete with Base Model

Aerotaxi is a Cuban charter company. Model by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. Repaint by Eugene Zurita C. Screenshot of Aerotaxi Antonov AN-2 in flight. I hope you enjoy and like this modest work of a fan. Thanks to all the authors of those wonderful textures which I have worked. ...

File size: 7.53 MB | Download hits: 285

Aerotaxi Douglas DC-3Complete with Base Model

Aerotaxi is a Cuban charter company. Repaint by Eugenio Zurita C. Side view of Aerotaxi Douglas DC-3 in flight. I hope you enjoy and like this modest work of a fan. Thanks to all the authors of those wonderful textures which I have worked. [fltsim.0] title=Douglas...

File size: 14.01 MB | Download hits: 77

Air Caribbean Douglas DC-3Complete with Base Model

Air Caribbean was established in 1977 at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The company was effective in the late 1970s with a fleet of approximately of ten Douglas DC3's. The airline's top route was San Juan to St. Thomas. The company close operation on December 15, 1979 due to the competition of other airlines. By Carlos Marrero and Thomas De Jesus. Screenshot of Air Caribbean Douglas DC-3 on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=Air Caribbean De...

File size: 3.88 MB | Download hits: 132

2 Red Consolidated PBY CatalinaComplete with Base Model

The PBY-5A Catalina don't disappear with the end of the war. It continued flying in many duties. This file includes two Cats painted in red color, one for testing purposes, and the another belonging to Buffalo Airways. Package includes panel. By Mike Stone, repaint by Alejandro Hurtado. Screenshot of Red Consolidated PBY Catalina landing on water. The base textures folder in this zip file contains base (unpainted) texture files for use in...

File size: 1.24 MB | Download hits: 307

Harrison Airways Douglas DC-3 CF-CRZComplete with Base Model

Built by the Long Beach City production plant as C-47A-90-DL 43-15714. Ex Canadian Airlines Int'l, operated by Harrison Airways at Vancouver Int'l by 1975, then sold to private user in USA as N100MA and last report, possible confiscated after transport of illegal cargo. Repainted, panel and flight dynamics by Daniel Nole, four tanks conversion by Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont. Screenshot of Harrison Airways Douglas DC-3 on the ground. Localize your gauges...

File size: 7.32 MB | Download hits: 67

Caribair CV-340 RepaintComplete with Base Model

A photoreal repaint of a Caribair Convair CV340. By Carlos Marrero. [fltsim.0] title=CV-340 CARIBAIR sim=cv340 model= panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists=CV340_check kb_reference=CV340_ref ui_manufacturer=Convair ui_type=CV-340 ui_variation=CARIBAIR description=Notes: Convair 340 CARIBAIR by carlos marrero airlines History atc_heavy=0 atc_id=n3409 atc_airline=CARIBAIR atc_flight_number=340 prop_anim_ratio=0.9 ...

File size: 2.51 MB | Download hits: 25

Peau Vava'U Air DC-3Complete with Base Model

Registration ZK-AMY, "Lady Jane", C/N 13506, built by the Oklahoma City production plant as C-47A-25-DK 42-93579. Operated early as VH-ASD, VH-CAN and as Pionair ZK-AMY. Today in service with Peau Vava'u Air at Tonga together with the DC-3 ZK-AWP. This company was founded June 1st, 2004, operating normal passengers and cargo services between the islands of the Tonga archipielago. Listed destinations are 'Eua, Ha'apai, Tongatapu (Fua'amotu) and Vava'u. Includes...

File size: 7.64 MB | Download hits: 62

Short Empire UpgradeComplete with Base Model

A revised model, including a new panel and an improved virtual cockpit. The panel is more authentic, with improved gauges, improved layout, background, etc. The virtual cockpit is much easier to use. Requires one or more of the Short Empire models: S23_V10.ZIP, S30_V10.ZIP or S30LR_10.ZIP. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Short Empire virtual cockpit. This is a major upgrade of the panel and the virtual cockpit. The panel is more authentic, with improved...

File size: 3.65 MB | Download hits: 57

BOAC Canadair ArgonautComplete with Base Model

BOAC Canadair Argonaut, registration G-ALHX. By Robin Supwoods. Screenshot of BOAC Canadair Argonaut on the ground. Unzip to your main FS folder. [fltsim.0] title=BOAC Canadair Argonaut G-ALHX sim=argonaut model= panel= sound= texture=boac checklists= atc_heavy=0 atc_id=G-ALHX atc_airline=Speed...

File size: 16.89 MB | Download hits: 65

AI Partenavia P.68Complete with Base Model

AI Partenavia P.68. A Partenavia P. 68B for AI use. Model has 6 LODs. Included are three generic textures and a paint kit. Uses default flight dynamics. No flight plans included. You need TrafficTools or GA-Traffic to generate flight plans for the model. Textures and paint kit by Mal Lloyd, model by Klaus Brosemann. Partenavia P.68 shot against a white background. This beautiful light-twin is made as a low-poly-count multi-LOD model for AI use, built with FSDS 2.4....

File size: 1.43 MB | Download hits: 185

Short S.45 Solent 3Complete with Base Model

A flying boat airliner of 1946, in service with BOAC until 1950 on the 'Springbok' route to South Africa. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Short S.45 Solent 3 on the Thames. Installation: Just unzip this archive to the Flight Simulator 9aircraft folder. Remember to 'use folder names' when unzipping. Sounds: The stock FS2004 DC-3 sounds are used. Replace with more interesting propliner sounds if you wish. The gauges are to a large...

File size: 4.07 MB | Download hits: 78

Short S.45 Solent 4Complete with Base Model

The Solent 4 was a large and powerful flying boat airliner built for TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways Ltd) who used them from 1949 to 1960. One is preserved today in New Zealand. Textures for TEAL (early and late) and Aquila Airways included. By Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of Short S.45 Solent 4 in flight. Installation: Just unzip this archive to the Flight Simulator 9aircraft folder. Remember to 'use folder names' when unzipping. Sounds: The stock...

File size: 7.90 MB | Download hits: 238

Buckeye Air Freight Beechcraft D18SComplete with Base Model

This file contains textures and a new cargo model for the Beech 18 by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Andre Folkers. The original aircraft is required (D18SVC4.ZIP). The included skins are 32 bit for increased detail. By Eric Joiner. Screenshot of Buckeye Air Freight Beechcraft D18S in flight. Installation: Unzip the zip file to a temporary directory. A file will be created called "texture.buckeye" Copy this to your main D18SVC...

File size: 7.07 MB | Download hits: 250


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