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Peerhoven Super ConnieRepaint

Created in response to the enthusiastic suport for Peerhoven Air VA. Repaint by Rory Thomson in association with Steve Klinebriel of Partnership Paints. Textures only for Kazunori Ito's Lockheed Super Constellation (L1049TWA.ZIP). Screenshot of Peerhoven Super Connie in flight. Simply copy the texture folder for the super connie and rename it texture.Peerhoven. Place the texture files in this zip file into the new texture folder replacing the origionals. Then place the...

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Willair International Lockheed L1649ARepaint

These textures depict Willair in 1968. Textures for the Lockheed L-1649A Constellation model by Manfred Jahn. Textures by Gary Harper. Screenshot of Willair International Lockheed L1649A in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for "xx". [fltsim.xx] title=Lockheed L-1649A Starliner Willair...

File size: 4.24 MB | Download hits: 44

Curtiss C-46 N1511FRepaint

Textures only for L. Guzman's Curtiss C-46 Commando Flying Tigers in the fictional livery of Orville Brede Southport-Fleming Aero. Blue striped with white top on a bare metal fuselage similar to a DC-3 based in 1970's at KSGS, where Mr. Brede operated his flight service and school. Repaint by Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of Curtiss C-46 N1511F in flight. Move the "texture.Brede" folder into your Commando's main folder, then, as usual, simply copy and paste the...

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Air Flamenco BN-2 IslanderComplete with Base Model

Air Flamenco is a regional airline based in Puerto Rico that transports passengers as well as cargo in the Caribbean with their Britten Norman BN2 Islanders fleet. Here are some of their Islander passenger fleet with their respective names. Models have 2D panel and virtual cockpit as well. Model by Marcel Kuhnt, files by Roberto Ayala and repaints by Rafael Ortiz. Air Flamenco BN-2 Islander against a white background. [fltsim.0] title=BN-2 Islander Spitit of...

File size: 7.78 MB | Download hits: 343

XC-69/L-049 Constellation PrototypeRepaint

The XC69 is the Constellation that started it all. Originally designated as the "Excalibur", the Constellation had a legendary beginning and star studded designers. Depicted here in three liveries, rollout day colours, flight test colours, and USAAF delivery colours. This aircraft would later be transformed into the first L-1049 and finally the first WV-2. Original aircraft by Team 749 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme, Luis Pallas, Bill Tyne, and Stefan Werner), requires...

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Air Sunshine Cessna 414Complete with Base Model

Air Sunshine is a regional airline in Florida that operates also in the Caribbean using C402 but since there's no flyable C402 for the simulator the PAD Cessna 414 Chancellor was used. This repaint is in their new colors. Model by Premier Aircraft Design (PAD). Repaint by Rafael Ortiz. Screenshot of Air Sunshine Cessna 414. [fltsim.0] title=Cessna 414A_Air...

File size: 8.13 MB | Download hits: 1519

Buffalo Lockheed L-188 VC UpdatePatch

For use with L-188BUFFALO.ZIP. New VC colors for the L188. By Fabio Cabral. Updated Buffalo Lockheed L-188 virtual cockpit. Installation: Just copy and paste the files inside texture.buffalo and place into the folder "texture.buffalo" into your ELEC_PASS folder. ...

File size: 9.17 MB | Download hits: 591

Royal Air Moroc Lockheed ConnieRepaint

Textures for the L-749 Constellation by Manfred Jahn (LOCKHEED749.ZIP). These textures depict CN-CCP about 1959. Textures by Gary Harper. Screenshot of Royal Air Moroc Lockheed Connie in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for "xx". [fltsim.xx] title=L-749 Royal Air...

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Royal Air Maroc Lockheed L-749Repaint

C/n 2675 was delivered to Air France on August 9, 1951 as L749A F-BBDT. Bought by Royal Air Maroc on January 28, 1960 and registered CN-CCN. Converted to freighter and fitted with a front cargo door in November 1961. In June 1970 withdrawn from use and transferred to Royal Air Maroc Centre de Formation Professionnelle at Anfa Airport as a training airframe for ground training. Since 1990 no longer in use but restored and repainted in period Royal Air Maroc colours of 2004/05 and parked outside....

File size: 4.47 MB | Download hits: 130

Nolinor Comvair CV580Repaint

Repaint of the Dee Waldron (DWAI) Convair CV580 in Nolinor Cargo color scheme. Base files package (AI_CV580_V3.ZIP) required. This is an AI aircraft only. By Juergen Baumbusch. Profile view of Nolinor Comvair CV580. ...

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Regional Air Services BN-2 Islander YR-RACRepaint for Payware Model

Regional Air Services HTAI (Henry Tomkiewicz) Britten Norman BN2 Islander 'YR-RAB' and Cessna 182 Skylane 'YR-RAC' repaints for AI traffic including representative flight plans. By Billy Rutherford. Profile view of Regional Air Services BN-2 Islander, with registration YR-RAC. You require the payware HTAI Cessna single props package from the website. BN2 Islander - Add to cfg: [fltsim.x] title=HTAI BN-2 Islander Regional Air Services...

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Air North DH-114 HeronRepaint

Textures only for the smallest four engine aircraft in the world, the DeHavilland DH-114 Heron. The Prinair Pack from Carlos Marrero is required. Hand-drawn textures for Air North by Ingo Schwan. People standing around the Air North DH-114 Heron. First you have to download the by Carlos Marrero. Then choose the DH-114 Heron 2B and add the following lines to the aircraft.cfg: [fltsim.X] title=De Havilland Heron 114 2B Air North sim=De Havilland Heron...

File size: 6.12 MB | Download hits: 89

Lufthansa Constellation N6921CRepaint

Lufthansa German Airlines textures for L-1049H Constellation by Manfred Jahn. Lufthansa leased N6921C from Flying Tigers from 11/59 to 3/60 for additional air freight capacity. This aircraft was repainted in Lufthansa's original scheme for its four month lease depicted here. Lufthansa Constellation N6921C sitting idle. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for...

File size: 4.02 MB | Download hits: 65

Lufthansa Convair CV-440 FixPatch

For use with LH_4CONVAIRS.ZIP. Texture fix for engine nacelles on D-ACAT (long nose). By Markus Hellwig. Lufthansa Convair CV-440 engine with correct textures. The long-nose model of Calclassic's CV-440 has dedicated texture files for engine no. 2 - I disregarded this when packing the upload files ( Copy the two texture files included into your CV-440 'texture.D_ACAT' folder. cv440cowl2_t.bmp cv440cowl2_L.bmp This should make engine...

File size: 425.25 KB | Download hits: 123

Lockheed L-1049 PrototypeRepaint

L-1049 Prototype, early and late paint schemes. The original XC-69 prototype "The Beast" was purchased from Howard Hughes for $100,000 in 1950. Lengthened by 18 feet 7 inches, it became the prototype L-1049. Dressed up in special duds, the first flight occurred on 13 October 1950, and the rest is history. Original aircraft by Team 1049 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme, Luis Pallas, Bill Tyne, and Stefan Werner), requires L1049G.ZIP. Repaint by Dan...

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Lockheed WV-2/PO2W PrototypeRepaint

This is the original L-1049 Prototype used by Lockheed as a test bed for the PO-2W / WV2. Both the initial (no tiptanks) and the later test variants (with tip tanks) are included. Original Aircraft by Team 1049 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme, Luis Pallas, Bill Tyne, and Stefan Werner), requires both WV2-1.ZIP and WV2-A.ZIP. Repaint by Dan McManus. Screenshot of Lockheed WV-2 on runway. Thank you Team 1049 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme, Luis Pallas, Bill...

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Eastern Airlines Shuttle Lockheed 1049GRepaint

Lockheed 1049G, N6237G (cn4662). N6327G, in the "Hockey Stick" livery, was used on the Eastern Shuttle routes between Boston, LaGuardia, Newark, and Washington DC from 1961-1968. Original aircraft by Team 1049 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme, Luis Pallas, Bill Tyne, and Stefan Werner), requires L1049G.ZIP. Repaint by Dan McManus. Eastern Airlines Shuttle Lockheed 1049G waiting for passengers. Thank you Team 1049 (Manfred Jahn, Roland Berger, Volker Boehme,...

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Olympic Airways DC-6B MainlinerRepaint

DC-6B Mainliner SX-DAD (c/n 45539/1010). The DC6B was generally considered to possess the best operating economics of any piston airliner built. Passengers also appreciated their smooth, quiet ride. Olympic Airways operated thirteen DC-6 aircraft from 1958-1967. This is the fourth DC-6B SX-DAD, named Isle of Rhodes. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, requires CalClassic DC-6B. Repaint by Dan McManus. Screenshot of Olympic Airways DC-6B Mainliner on the...

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Overseas National Airlines DC-7BRepaint

Textures for the Greg Pepper/Tom Gipson Douglas DC7B. N823D was built for Eastern Airlines and delivered in November 1957. Sold to California Airmotive in 1965 and leased to Overseas National in 1967. Later converted to water bomber. These textures depict N823D in 1967. Repaint by Gary Harper. Screenshot of Overseas National Airlines DC-7B in flight. Copy the text below and paste in your aircraft config. file substituting your next consecutive [flightsim.__] number for...

File size: 3.03 MB | Download hits: 30

CalClassic DC-6B Damage ModulePatch

This module was written for the California Classics DC-6B (base pack, build 1/24/2010) by Greg Pepper, Tom Gibson and Ken Mitchell. This adds engine failures, carb icing, oil and water/methanol consumption making the DC-6B experience even more realistic. Oil and water/methanol levels are saved between flights and can be refilled on the ground. Includes widescreen and reference sheet. Oil and water consumption fixed for latest model, pause and time warp now supported. By Robert...

File size: 328.39 KB | Download hits: 33

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