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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Dominicana C-46 ModificationsComplete with Base Model

For use with C46CLH2.ZIP. Includes modified panel, air and aircraft cfg files for this plane. By Ricardo Jones. Screenshot of Dominicana C-46 outside the hangar. Changes to the Panel, Air & Aircraft cfg files for this plane. It flies a bit better now but I haven't been able to fix the pitch trim as much as I would have liked. Move the wheel slightly only since it's quite unstable still in this area. Save first your original cfg files before pasting these,...

File size: 15.19 kB | Download hits: 75

Dominicana De Aviacion C-46Complete with Base Model

Original Curtiss Commando model by J.R. Lucariny. Repaint by Carlos Marrero. (See also C46FIXES.ZIP). Screenshot of Dominicana De Aviacion C-46 outside the hangar.   ...

File size: 4.97 MB | Download hits: 97

Aviation Traders CarvairComplete with Base Model

Includes self-installer. By Mike Stone. Screenshot of Aviation Traders Carvair on the ground.   ...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 175

AN-2T/V Texture Mapping FixComplete with Base Model

New .mdl files correcting a texture mapping error on right lower flaps. This file contains replacement .mdl files for both the AN-2T (AN2TPPP.ZIP) and AN-2V seaplane (AN-2VPPP.ZIP). Only needed if you are having trouble with repainting different colors on top and bottom of flaps. By Tim Conrad. Screenshot of AN-2T/V with corrected textures. Installation: Simply overwrite the existing .mdl files for whichever AN-2 you have. Both the AN-2T and AN-2V .mdl files are...

File size: 8.22 MB | Download hits: 71

SAAB 2000 V1.1Complete with Base Model

BSMP is proud to present the SAAB 2000 v1.1. This version includes wing views, high quality 32 bit textures, realistic flight dynamics, 3D flight crew, accurate dimensions, dynamic shine, a custom panel, many animations, a HUD, push-back truck, airstairs and much more! This is the base package which includes both wing view and non-wingview models. This package also includes the liveries of Swelink, Air France, Crossair, Darwin, Swiss, and the Crossair Phantom of the Opera special livery. All...

File size: 34.23 MB | Download hits: 1467

Canarias Cargo Douglas DC-8-62FComplete with Base Model

Canarias Cargo operated two DC-8-62F from the Canary Islands to some African and European destinations. This file includes both DC-8 planes as were on the years 95 and 96. The company closed by June 1996. I'm including a folder with "dirty white textures" for repainters and a document called "DC-8 Flight Instructions.rtf". It belongs to an old FS2002 DC-8-63 model, but it is still useful. Original design by Historic Jetliners Group. Repaint by Alejandro Hurtado. (See...

File size: 3.75 MB | Download hits: 565

TAP Short S.25V SandringhamComplete with Base Model

The Sandringham was a civil conversion of the WW2 Short Sunderland maritime patrol flying boat. Liveries for Vintage T.A.P. by Francis F. Silva. Model by Jens B. Kristensen. Screenshot of TAP Short S.25V Sandringham in flight. The national airline of Portugal, T.A.P., came into being in the early 1940's. This aircraft and livery flew the routes of Lisbon to Madeira (Funchal) and to the Azores Archipelago. [fltsim.0] title=Short Sandringham DNL sim=Short...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 169

Miles HP Reading Marathon Mk1 - 1AComplete with Base Model

Manual install version. A four engined British Feederliner from the 1950's, supplied in two liveries: BEA and WAAC. Model and textures by Peter Larkham. Screenshot of Miles HP Reading Marathon Mk1 G-ALUB in the air. [fltsim.0] title=Miles Marathon Mk.1 sim=Miles Marathon Mk.1 model= panel= sound= texture=BEA kb_checklists= atc_id=G-ALUB atc_airline=BEA atc_flight_number=GALUB ui_manufacturer=Miles (HP Reading) ui_type=M.60 (H.P.R.1) Marathon...

File size: 16.41 MB | Download hits: 158

Miles HP Reading Marathon HPR5Complete with Base Model

Manual install version. A twin radial engined British aircraft from the 1950's, supplied in one livery: VX231. Model and textures by Peter Larkham. Screenshot of Miles HP Reading Marathon HPR5 in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Miles Marathon HPR5 sim=Miles Marathon HPR5 model= panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists= atc_id=VX231 atc_flight_number=VX231 atc_airline=Alvis ui_manufacturer=Miles (HP Reading) ui_type=M.69 (H.P.R.5) Marathon...

File size: 11.57 MB | Download hits: 94

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser PackComplete with Base Model

Includes several B377 Stratocruisers: Pan American (three schemes), Transocean Air Lines Stratocruiser, Boeing Airplane Company 2nd prototype colors. Built by Greg Pepper. Flight dynamics by FSAviator. Repainted by Dave McQueen. Screenshot of Boeing 377 Stratocruiser on the ground. Installation: Place the B377 folder into the Aircraft folder of FS2004. Unzip the Gauges zip file found in this download into the main Gauges folder of FS2004. ...

File size: 24.07 MB | Download hits: 927

TAP Douglas DC-7Complete with Base Model

A repaint based in vintage TAP airline of Portugal colors. Alpha channel modified to achieve a highly polished chrome exterior. Vintage TAP National Airlines of Portugal textures by Francis F. Silva of RSDG. Front on view of TAP Douglas DC-7 on the ground. Install by unzipping to your Flight Simulator 9aircraft folder, using the 'use folder names' option. [fltsim.0] title=Douglas DC-7...

File size: 4.04 MB | Download hits: 379

Boeing C97 StratofreighterComplete with Base Model

Built by Greg Pepper. Flight dynamics by FSAviator. Repainted by Dave McQueen. Screenshot of Boeing C97 Stratofreighter in the air. Installation: Place the GMAX C97A folder into the Aircraft folder of FS2004. Unzip the Gauges zip file found in this download into the main Gauges folder of FS2004. ...

File size: 12.88 MB | Download hits: 385

Airlines of South Australia Convair 440 VH-BZFComplete with Base Model

A repaint (textures and model only) of Greg Pepper's and Tom Gibson's CV-340. It requires the original aircraft file. This aircraft represents Airlines of South Australia VH-BZF as it appeared in service circa 1963. Repaint by Wayne Tudor. (See also ASA_C440.ZIP). Screenshot of Airlines of South Australia Convair 440 in flight. This aircraft represents VH-BZF of the Airlines of South Australia as it appeared in service circa 1963. This aircraft was originally...

File size: 7.83 MB | Download hits: 169

North American CV-10T CargoBroncComplete with Base Model

Proposed, but unbuilt, cargo version of the OV-10 Bronco FAC aircraft. The OV-10T was proposed to the USAF by North American Rockwell as a small tactical transport and spec ops plane. In the end USAF interest waned, and no prototype was ever built. This "what if" CV-10T CargoBronc (author's designation) represents a production plane in service with Air America in the late 1960's. This FS2002/4 model has reflective textures, full animations, full VC, a few custom gauges and...

File size: 2.70 MB | Download hits: 506

1956 Real Aerovias Convair 340 PP-YRDComplete with Base Model

Registration PP-YRD, circa 1956. Fifty years ago this aircraft was flying main Brazilian routes for Real, which was Latin America's biggest airline at that time. Original detailed model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. Repainted by Luiz Alvarenga. Screenshot of Real Aerovias Convair 340 in flight. This is a very careful repainting of a Real Super Convair 340, circa 1956. At that time she flew the main Brazilian routes, including the world's first Air Shuttle: S....

File size: 2.60 MB | Download hits: 182

The Flying Bulls Douglas DC-6BComplete with Base Model

A repaint (textures and model only) of Greg Pepper's and Tom Gibson's DC6B. This is The Flying Bulls DC-6B N996DM. It is a beautifully restored demonstration aircraft. This aircraft requires the version 2 model which is included. It also requires the other original aircraft files From CalClassic. Repaint by Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of The Flying Bulls Douglas DC-6B oin the ground outside the hangar. This represents The Flying Bulls DC-6B N996DM in its beautifully...

File size: 7.63 MB | Download hits: 200

ATL-98 Carvair V1.0Complete with Base Model

A Gmax built version of the classic Douglas DC-4 conversion: the Aviation Traders Carvair. Four liveries included, two from British Air Ferries, British United and BUAF representing the Carvair in its intended role as a car ferry, later used purely in a freight role the versatile Carvair saw widespread service world-wide. Two or three out of the 21 distinctive DC-4/C54 conversions remain operational today. Fully animated model, with reflective and specular textures. By Jon Walton. Accurate...

File size: 3.94 MB | Download hits: 298

Beechcraft D18S AmphibianComplete with Base Model

VC amphibian model only. Package includes an amphibian in cargo and passenger versions and features a beautiful custom era correct panel and easy-to-read virtual cockpit, photoreal exterior textures and gauges, matching interior, VC gauge backlighting, specular highlights in the VC and Html checklists. Original Mike Hambly sounds are customized for the D18S amphib by Scott Thomas. Bill Ortis provided the original pontoon Gmax source modified by Milton Shupe, with Ortis textures modified by...

File size: 23.70 MB | Download hits: 460

KLM Douglas DC-5 V2Complete with Base Model

KLM Douglas DC-5 v2; new and improved. By Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of KLM Douglas DC-5 in flight. This is a complete upgrade package with original model, new textures, new flight dynamics by FSAviator for J.R. Lucariny's Douglas DC-5. This package supercedes my original release. Two sets of textures are included. An improved set of textures for the original aircraft "WAKAGO" (PJ-AIW) as it was used by the KLM West Indies Division in 1940 and...

File size: 2.78 MB | Download hits: 294

Dolphin Blue Martin Model 404 V2Complete with Base Model

Original plane by Dee Waldron. Designed by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Joao Paz and Team 7. Repainted by Rene Maes for Dolphin Blue, ancestor company of Dolphin One. Convair panel by Greg Pepper, Alan Jennings, Tom Gibson and Francois Ouellette 3/03 included (zip) as well as sound files for Allison T-56 turbo-prop engines. Courtesy of William Schulz, and the Cielo Company. Screenshot of Dolphin Blue Martin Model 404 in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Dolphin Blue Martin...

File size: 15.06 MB | Download hits: 330


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