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FS2004 Propeller Aircraft

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Complete with Base Model

A repaint of Mike Stone's Grumman Goose in Dolphin-Blue Charters colors. Dolphin Blue Charters, subsidiary of Dolphin One VA, operates a passenger and freight service within the coastal regions and islands of the world. This package includes a new Grumman Goose panel. Repaint by Rene Maes and panel by John Davidson and R. Maes. Screenshot of Dolphin Blue Charters Grumman G21 in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Grumman...

File size: 7.24 MB | Download hits: 251

Dolphin Blue Charters DHC3-TTCComplete with Base Model

Dolphin Blue Charters DHC3-TTC Super Otter package. Two floatplanes and one wheeled version included. Plane/panel/model by Eugene Heyart. Repaint for Dolphin Blue Charters, subsidiary of Dolphin One, by Rene Maes. Screenshot of Dolphin Blue Charters DHC3-TTC on the ground. This airplane is the exact copy of the conversion created by (real world) Texas Turbine Conversions. This Otter has received a more powerful turbine for a much better performance. The interior is...

File size: 6.68 MB | Download hits: 325

Trans-Australia Airlines Convair 240Complete with Base Model

This is a repaint (textures and model only) of Greg Pepper's and Tom Gibson's CV-240. Requires 240WAL.ZIP. This aircraft represents Trans-Australia VH-TAO as it appeared in service circa 1954. This is an update and correction to my previous release. It includes the correct model with the ventral airstair. It also displays a correct nose logo which was not available at the time of the earlier release. This is a complete replacement for the previous release. Repaint by Wayne...

File size: 2.63 MB | Download hits: 76

Ansett Airways Convair 340Complete with Base Model

This is a repaint (textures and model only) of Greg Pepper's and Tom Gibson's Convair 340. It requires the original aircraft. By Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of Ansett Airways Convair 340 on the ground. This aircraft represents VH-BZD of Ansett Airways as it appeared in service circa 1956. This aircraft was acquired from Braniff and Ansett adopted the basic Braniff livery. Copy the included texture.Ansett folder to your CV-340 aircraft folder. Copy the...

File size: 2.96 MB | Download hits: 111

Fairchild C-119 BoxcarComplete with Base Model

Fairchild C-119 Boxcar of the U.S. Air Antarctica Scientific Research USAF Base (fictional). Original model by Daisuke Yamamoto. Repaint by Francis F. Silva. Screenshot of Fairchild C-119 Boxcar on the ground. This is my version of a U.S. Air Force C119, a livery taken from an old photo. I repeat that it is MY VERSION and now an attempt to replicate the one in the photograph. The polished aluminium or chrome effect was achieved by modifying the Alpha channel in a...

File size: 3.66 MB | Download hits: 283

DeHavilland DH-104 Dove V2Complete with Base Model

This is an updated package from the original DH104V1.ZIP with additional models, enhancements and textures. FSDS models by Derek Palmer, custom-built 2D panel by Saverio Maurri, FD by Brian Withers, additional textures by Garry Russell and Ian Warren and full cockpit internal views by Dave Booker. Screenshot of DeHavilland DH-104 Dove in flight. If you have added third-party repaints to the original release you will need to backup them and your aircraft.cfg as this...

File size: 19.87 MB | Download hits: 534

Copper & Brass Douglas DC-3Complete with Base Model

A repaint of the default DC3, giving it a new look on its 65th anniversary. By Francis and Christopher F. Silva. Screenshot of Copper & Brass Douglas DC-3 in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Douglas DC-3 sim=Douglas_DC3 model= panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists=Douglas_DC3_check kb_reference=Douglas_DC3_ref atc_id=N9969 ui_manufacturer=Douglas ui_type="DC-3" ui_variation="DC3 Copper & Brass...

File size: 16.45 MB | Download hits: 92

Flying Tiger Line Curtiss C-46Complete with Base Model

This is a repaint (and complete package) of J.R. Lucariny's Curtiss C-46 Commando. By Wayne Tudor and J.R. Lucariny. Screenshot of Flying Tiger Line Curtiss C-46 in flight. This aircraft represents The Flying Tiger Line's N67962 as it appeared in service with Flying Tiger in the 1950s. FTL operated a large fleet of C-46s in cargo service. IMPORTANT: If you have installed my previous version of the C-46 and textures, I suggest you back up your original C-46...

File size: 9.87 MB | Download hits: 169

Canadian Pacific Airlines Curtiss C-46Complete with Base Model

Canadian Pacific Airlines Curtiss C-46. By Wayne Tudor. Screenshot of Canadian Pacific Airlines Curtiss C-46 in the air. This aircraft represents Canadian Pacific Airlines CF-CZG as it appeared in service with Canadian Pacific in the 1950s. CPA operated a number of C-46s in support of the construction traffic for the DEW Line. Copy the included texture.CPA folder to your Curtiss C-46 aircraft folder. Add the following section to your Curtiss C-46...

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 118

Dassault MD 311 FlamantComplete with Base Model

Dassault MD 311 Flamant version 04c. By Emmanuel Geffroy. Screenshot of Dassault MD 311 Flamant on the ground. Installation: Unzip the file in the main directory of FS2004. ...

File size: 11.49 MB | Download hits: 563

Boeing 377 Update 2Complete with Base Model

This is a second update of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser by Mike Stone. It will now fly level at cruise and not float too much when landing. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of Boeing 377 in flight. Unzip to a folder of your choice. After backing up your air and aircraft.cfg files, replace them with the ones in this update. The new trim settings are from 5 to 10 for take off. Landing trim depends on how many notches of flaps you have down. Anyone: You have my permission...

File size: 58.47 kB | Download hits: 79

ATL98 CarvairComplete with Base Model

A four engined transport converted from the Douglas DC-4. Conceived as a cross-channel car ferry to and from the European continent from the U.K., hence Car-Via-Air. Carvairs saw wide spread use worldwide and a few remain in service today. Original aircraft by Rey Lopez. British United and Alisud repaints by J. Walton. Screenshot of ATL98 Carvair in flight. Place the unzipped RLATL98 folder in your flight sims aircraft folder. Unzip the gauges and copy all the gauges...

File size: 4.34 MB | Download hits: 112

Varig Curtiss C-46 Commando PP-VBO/VCGComplete with Base Model

Two Varig textures by Luiz Foernges. Model and panel by J.R. Lucariny. Screenshot of Varig Curtiss C-46 Commando in flight. Curtiss-Wright Corporation, began design studies for a new transport in 1935. Project was named Model CW-20 and intended to compete with the DC-3. The design was finalized in 1936 and when compared to the DC-3, it had 40 percent more passenger capacity, was to be pressurized giving it the ability to fly above the weather, had an area beneath the...

File size: 6.74 MB | Download hits: 112

Boeing 377 UpdateComplete with Base Model

An update of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser by Mike Stone. Now includes all the wheels, adjusted scrape points, aliased sound to the DC-3 instead of the Corsair, added panel from Mike's Connie and updated flight dynamics. This is the whole aircraft. By Bob Chicilo. Side view of Boeing 377 in flight. I have Mike's permission to upload the whole aircraft. Unzip to a folder of your choice. Copy the aircraft folder to the main FS aircraft folder. Copy the gauges to...

File size: 702.47 kB | Download hits: 99

Air France Super Constellation F-BHBAComplete with Base Model

Model by Mike Stone. Textures by Julien Scavini. View from above of Air France Super Constellation. [fltsim.0] title=Lockheed Super Constellation sim=connie model= panel= sound= texture=af panel_alias = sound_alias = kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=F-BHBA ui_manufacturer=Lockheed ui_type=Super Constellation ui_variation=Air France description=Air France Super Constellation on Mike Stone model nAir France's textures by Julien...

File size: 4.74 MB | Download hits: 118

2 Red Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaComplete with Base Model

The PBY-5A Catalina don't disappear with the end of the war. It continued flying in many duties. Trans Australian Airlines was a Qantas subsidiary that took charge of the New Guinea flights. After the war the TAA New Guinea operations were styled 'Sunbird Services'. Package includes panel. Model by Mike Stone, repaint by Alejandro Hurtado. Screenshot of PBY-5A Catalina on the water. Trans Australian Airlines was a Quantas subsidiary that took charge of the...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 475

Icelandic Douglas DC-3 TF-NPKComplete with Base Model

Icelandic Douglas DC-3 "Friends", registration TF-NPK. By David Skulason. Model by Mark Beaumont and Dave Bitzer. Screenshot of Icelandic Douglas DC-3 in the air. Installation: Unzip the map to a place on your computer. Put the gauges folder into your main flight simulator folder. Move the map from that place to MSFS9 Aircraft folder. Usually C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAircraft. Open Flight Simulator and...

File size: 7.76 MB | Download hits: 223

Northern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6Complete with Base Model

AI DC6 textures for Northern Air Cargo (NAC). All work was originally done by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas. The model is an FS2004 AI DC-6 by Tom Gibson and the textures are originally from an FS98 NAC DC-6. Edited textures by Rene Tanggaard. Screenshot of Northern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6 on the ground. As I like flying a lot in Alaska I was missing some NAC traffic and decided to make AI DC-6 textures for Northern Air Cargo. All work was originally done by Tom Gibson and...

File size: 415.98 kB | Download hits: 72

Aeroejecutivos Douglas DC-3 ModsComplete with Base Model

For use with DC3FJORL.ZIP. Some changes to the aircraft.cfg file. By Ricardo Jones. Screenshot of Aeroejecutivos Douglas DC-3 in flight. Nice plane, looks and flies nice too, better than Bill's DC-3 maybe? Pity the developers forgot all about the Air.cfg file and this shows when landing, lowering the flaps, braking, etc. (it didn't slow as it should). For this purpose I've changed some items in this file which I enclose as well as the Aircraft cfg file (save...

File size: 9.83 kB | Download hits: 51

Douglas DC-4 And C-54Complete with Base Model

An all-new model of the DC4 / C54 family of transports, with new, realistic flight dynamics. This base package includes color schemes for Pan American, SAS and a C-54 of the Royal Danish Air Force. Model by Jens B. Kristensen, flight dynamics by FSAviator. Screenshot of Douglas DC-4 on runway. This is an all-new model of the DC-4 / C-54 family of transports, with new, realistic Flight Dynamics. This base package includes: Pan American DC-4 N88903...

File size: 12.17 MB | Download hits: 357


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