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FSX Scenery

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Downtown Las Vegas X

Downtown Las Vegas X, Nevada (NV), USA, a more detailed replacement for Fremont Street X and covers Fremont Street and additional skyskrapers in the downtown area. It was designed to complement Aerosoft US Cities X Las Vegas scenery add-on but should be compatible with the default scenery, too. The Plaza Hotel, the Golden Nugget, the Pioneer Club, the Las Vegas Club and the Golden Gate Hotel are included among others. By Martin Reiffer. Screenshot of Downtown Las Vegas X...

File size: 18.03 MB | Download hits: 2429

Bagram Air Force Base

Bagram Air Force Base v3. Bagram, Afghanistan (AF). Bagram AFB (OAIX) is for FSX with Acceleration running in DX10 or DX11. Version 3 is a complete reworking of the airport based upon satellite imagery. Parking spaces include two cargo, 11 military cargo, 21 military combat (eight coded for A10s), 65 Heli Traffic 2009 compliant helicopter landing spots, and a fuel space large enough to accommodate Air Force One. By Dan Mesmer. Medvac ramp at sunset. IMPORTANT SPECIAL...

File size: 6.28 MB | Download hits: 2401

Khatmandu Tribhuvan Airport

Khatmandu Tribhuvan Airport (VNKT), Nepal. This scenery is done with ADE9X based on Google Maps satellite images with addtional scenery like flying birds, etc. ILS was added as well for easier landings; please note that the real world VNKT does not have an ILS. By Antoine Calleja. (See also VNKT_FIX_UPDATE.ZIP). Khatmandu Tribhuvan Airport Scenery. Copy & paste to your microsoftgames/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Enjoy it! Antoine Calleja ...

File size: 11.73 MB | Download hits: 2380

Puerto Rico East Package

This package contains photo-scenery for the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The scenery in standard FS2004-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. By Gottfried Razek /

File size: 95.91 MB | Download hits: 2372

Madeira Archipielago

Madeira Archipielago. The archipelago of Madeira this located in the middle of Atlantic ocean. By Toni Agramont. Madeira Archipielago Scenery. This scenery is free. It cannot be sold or distributed in diskette or CD without the author's permission. All the rights of these files are reserved. This scenery can be used freely but one doesn't respond neither the same one is guaranteed before problems that could arise in its use. The scenariodense Neither one...

File size: 14.12 MB | Download hits: 2353

ELLX Airport Findel

ELLX Airport Findel Scenery. Airport Findel (ELLX) Luxembourg v1 scenery includes the new terminal A, terminal B, Luxair Cargocenter, old terminal, old cargo center, old Luxair hangar, Sport Aviation and new CLX maintenance hangar. By Alain Welter. ELLX Airport Findel Scenery. This is scenery version 1 for Luxembourg Airport Findel ( ELLX ),base of Luxair and Cargolux. Special thanks to: EOD Matthias Brueckner. FSSC Derek Leung. AFCAD FSX Planner...

File size: 3.34 MB | Download hits: 2350

BSG Galactica at PHNL

This scenery adds: - 1 stock aircraft carrier offshore at Honolulu ( the same type carrier as at San Diego ) - Landable BSG Galactica above the carrier at 27,500 feet , use port landing bay * Battlestar Galactica Mesh and Textures by Coxxon * conversions for MS-FSX By Bruce Fitzgerald....

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 2338

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH). This is a frame rate friendly scenery. Terminals A, B and E have gate signs to show the number of the gate and ground painted taxiway signs for better orientation. By Stefan Liebe. Screenshot of Zurich Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 2.35 MB | Download hits: 2304

San Francisco International

San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), California (CA), v2. Updates the default scenery so that crosswind runways are activated, adds assigned parking, support vehicle roads, extra fuel trucks and other improvements. By Ray Smith. This is an update of my previous version, made with ADE Home Edition: my previous version not required: these 2 files are only for the FSX default airport: one with the Crosswind rwy's activated where all 4 rwy's will be used for takeoff/landing and...

File size: 68.62 kB | Download hits: 2294

Unalakleet Alaska

Unalakleet Alaska (PAUN) v3.0. Made famous on the Discovery Channel in the program Flying Wild Alaska, this is Unalakleet Airport, AK. Completely custom built with animated smoke and a reworked AFCAD. Works best with FSX SP2 or Acceleration installed. This airport works with Ultimate Terrain Alska and the default FSX scenery. More parking for traffic and beacon was upgraded. Thanks to Jim Dhaenens for the beacon. No more crash if you got crash detection on, fix and working. By Frits Beyer...

File size: 2.40 MB | Download hits: 2234

Cologne-Bonn Airport

Scenery Cologne-Bonn Airport (EDDK), Germany. Includes a version with the crosswind runway operating and one without. Also corrects runways, taxiways, signs, adds assigned parking and vehicle roads and more. By Ray Smith. Cologne-Bonn Airport Scenery. These 2 updated BGL files were designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.47) and made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the Crosswind rwy operating activated by ADE where all 3 rwy's will be used for take...

File size: 54.35 kB | Download hits: 2230

Nice/Cote d'Azur Airport

Nice/Cote d'Azur Airport (LFMN), France. An upgrade for the default scenery with assigned parking, support vehicle roads, extra fuel trucks and more. By Ray Smith. This BGL file was designed by ADE Home Edition and made only for the FSX default airport: assigned parking with extra parking, support vehicle roads rebuilt, extra fuel trucks and many other improvements, airport views are from the roof of the control tower (when in tower view) fully tested with Ultimate Traffic/WOAI but not...

File size: 14.96 kB | Download hits: 2226

AI Carrier Battle Groups

AI Carrier Battle Groups, pack 1. Adds moving naval ships as AI traffic at a variety of locations around the world, including Norfolk VA, Jacksonville FL, Napoli Italy, Atsugi Japan and many more. This pack features some moving naval ships as AI traffic for flight simulator X, to help you practice carrier landings. INSTALLATION: Just copy the trafficCarriers1.bgl file to the SceneryWorldScenery subdirectory of your FSX installation, eg c:program filesmicrosoft gamesmicrosoft...

File size: 86.76 kB | Download hits: 2211

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai. Just southeast of OMDB, the Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world. Converted from Google Earth by Andy Johnston. Screenshot of Burj Dubai Scenery.   ...

File size: 1.92 MB | Download hits: 2194

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH). A total makeover of the default airport, now with assigned parking, additional buildings, tank farm, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and more. By Ray Smith. I have given this airport a total makeover designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.37) and made only for the FSX default airport: assigned parking with extra parking, additional buildings, the tank farm laid out correctly, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt, and...

File size: 48.18 kB | Download hits: 2185

Meigs Field

Meigs Field Chicago, Illinois (IL). Restores the greatly missed one-time Flight Simulator default airport. Based on old aerial photos, the field has been reconstructed from scratch. By Pedro Vendeira, Bob Familton and Dick Stellweg. Meigs Field Scenery. Meigs Field KCGX, Chicago -------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to the people who were left stranded in Meigs on March 30...

File size: 2.75 MB | Download hits: 2167

KLTS Altus AFB Scenery / AI Package

Custom built hangars and buildings for Altus AFB, Oklahoma (OK), USA. AFCAD for 97th AMW includes parking for C17s, KC135s,and more. Added fuel trucks and GSE. Traffic files and instructions included to add Altus C17s, C5s, KC135s to scenery. EZ scenery, Rwy12, CalClassic Core Objects, and Dan French Core LibrariesVol1_FSX or higher required. PAI models and textures required for AI. By Dan French. Aerial view of Altus AFB scenery. This scenery package represents Altus AFb,...

File size: 16.42 MB | Download hits: 2148

Resized/Reworded Autogen Textures

I have resized and reworded all the files included in this zip file mainly because I was unable to fly using any "Autogen" what so ever. As a result of the work I have done on these files I can now use my Autogen which I have set at 60% and have also gained 6fps on my Test Computer. Ian Thatcher...

File size: 7.43 MB | Download hits: 2144

73 Airports In South Africa

73 Airports And Airfields In South Africa. Enhanced airports based on Google Earth data. By Hermann Kuhne. Using Google earth as template and Airport Design Editor I tried to enhance a few airports and airfields in South Africa. Mainly due to the lack of information I had to rely greatly on Google earth and as you would surely know, not even the resolution of those images are always satisfactory. I tried enhancing about 73 different airfields and airports and with the help of ADE...

File size: 207.89 kB | Download hits: 2115

Orly International Airport

Orly International Airport (LFPO), Paris, France. A total makeover of the default airport, now with the option of having crosswind runways active. Also includes extra parking, extra fuel trucks, roads rebuilt and more. By Ray Smith. I have given this airport a total makeover designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.37) with two files made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the Crosswind rwy's activated and in full operation, now activated by ADE where all 3 rwy's...

File size: 70.49 kB | Download hits: 2114


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