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FSX Scenery

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Calden Airport

Calden Airport, Germany. This is the first in a series of planned updates and improvements of Calden scenery. The update adds more wind farms and corrects all windmill heights to a more reasonable value. Needs CALDEN2.ZIP to be installed. By Christian Grimsel. Screenshot of Calden Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 190.12 kB | Download hits: 139

Playa Grande Airport

Playa Grande Airport - Huehuetenango v1.0. This scenery is located in Huehuetenango, Deparment of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Includes AFCAD file, Gmax objects, generic objects and landclass. Codes: IATA: HUG and ICAO: MGHT. This is a SEMARV Scenery design. By Omar Eduardo Herrera Galindo. Screenshot of Playa Grande Airport Scenery. Screenshot of Playa Grande Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 1.78 MB | Download hits: 111

Shahid Hasheminejad

Shahid Hasheminejad (OIMM), Iran, v1. Features: parking, gates, hangars, taxiways have been changed; military units added; lat and long changed to real world; fuel tankers are working. By Usof Kalantari. Screenshot of Shahid Hasheminejad Scenery. Copy two BGL files to "...Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery". You'll have OIMM near to real. Screenshot of Shahid Hasheminejad Scenery.   ...

File size: 1.91 MB | Download hits: 477

Emma Field Placeholder

Emma Field Placeholder. Anyone who had Emma Field in FS2004 remembers this airport well. Nestled in the Cascades, it was a regular meeting place for GA pilots during its heyday. An FSX version has yet to materialize and so in the interim here is what is jokingly called a "placeholder", this rendition of Emma Field until the real one rises from the ashes. By Ed Wells. This is my second rendition of the well known FS9 aviators haven "Emma Field". Nestled in the Cascades...

File size: 15.49 MB | Download hits: 269

Norvenich AB

Norvenich AB (ETNN) v1, an airbase located in western Germany "Jagdbombergeschwader 31 Boelke". Objects made with FSDS and done with Instant Scenery. Includes AFCAD By Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroder. Screenshot of Norvenich AB Scenery. NOTE: This scenery is developed on the VFR Germany 3 terrain. Use at ower risk. - unzip the file ETNN Nörvenich-AB_V1.0 zip anywhere. - from the Folder ETNN Nörvenich-AB_V1.0/Scenery move the bgl files to your...

File size: 5.17 MB | Download hits: 629

NAS Corpus Christi

NAS Corpus Christi, Texas (TX). Just as Whiting field serves both primary and intermediate flight training missions, so does NAS Corpus Christi with two Squadrons of primary flight training using the T-34 Mentor (VT-27 and VT-28) and two other squadrons for intermediate multi engine training on either the T-44 Pegasus or UC-12 Huron (VT-31 and VT-35 respectively) Additionally, NAS Corpus Christi serves as the base of operation of the Corpus Christi Army depot, who does depot level repairs...

File size: 44.02 MB | Download hits: 1292

Plassay Strip

Plassay Strip for users of Neil's Microlights. This is a strip not listed in Bryans Guide Book and is located near to Plassay Caravan Park near Wrexham, North Wales, UK. Short Grass strip 325x8m 10/19. altitude 210 feet ASL. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Plassay Strip Scenery. For users of Neil's Microlights this is a strip not listed in Bryan's Guide Book and is located near to Plassay Caravan Park near Wrexham, North Wales. Short Grass strip suitable for...

File size: 9.27 MB | Download hits: 50

Burke Lakefront Airport

Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL) OH. This airport was made using Google Sketch Up 8, Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery 2. Burke Lakefront Airport is a general aviation airport located next to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Includes custom 3D buildings using Google sketchup for the airport. All the buildings have photo textures to make it closer to real life. Also includes static aircraft on the ramp, airport vehicles and more fuel trucks, added parking and fuel spots. Also includes a...

File size: 10.16 MB | Download hits: 199

Nordholz Navy AB

Nordholz Navy AB v1. Nordholz AB is located in northern Germany at Nordholz between the cities of Bremen and Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony. The wing based at Nordholz Air Base is the Marinefliegergeschwader 3 "Graf Zeppelin" (Naval Air Wing 3). It moved 1964 from the island of Sylt to Nordholz and first flew the Fairey Gannet HS MK 4. 1966 The wing converte to the french Bregeut BR 1150 Atlantic and in addition in the early 1980 the wing got Helicopters of the Type Westland MK 88 Sea...

File size: 748.54 kB | Download hits: 504

Mashhad Photoreal Scenery V2

Mashhad Photoreal Scenery Iran version 2. Improvements include resolved disappearance of Mashhad around photo, traffic appears in city, some bridges has been completed, autogen trees, elevation continued to border. By Usof Kalantari. Screenshot of plane flying over mountains. Copy both folders to "Addon Scenery" in FSX to have Mashhad in your world. 1.Real photo 2.Real elevation 3.All season and night Only mashhad but the OIMM...

File size: 830.60 MB | Download hits: 671

Armilla LEGA X

Armilla LEGA X. This project is a recreation of the home base of "Ala 78" pilots of Spanish Air Force Helicopter Pilot School Base located at Armilla, Granada (Andalucia, Spain). The flight area of the base (hangars, control tower, fuel station, etc.) is included in this low detail version, A higher detailed version is only for "Ala 78 Virtual" active members. The buildings and ground marks were designed using Google Sketchup for a better performance. By Martin...

File size: 18.07 MB | Download hits: 493

ETSN Neuburg AB

ETSN Neuburg AB v1. Neuburg Air Base is located in southern Germany near the City of Neuburg/Bavaria. Neuburg next to the River Donau got a newly built airbase in 1961. The Jagdgeschwader 75 (FW 75) with their F-86K moved there coming from Leipheim AB. In Neuburg the FW 75 was renamed into FW 74. In 1966 the FW 74 received the F-104G Starfighter and 1975 the wing converted to F-4F Phantom II aircraft. Since 2008 the wing flies the Eurofighter Typhoon and is still active. This scenery is an...

File size: 752.08 kB | Download hits: 465

Middleton Field

Middleton Field (KGZH), Evergreen, Alabama (AL). Uses FSX Gold for some objects. Includes lighting, campers, fishing, boating, etc. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Middleton Field Scenery. For accurate camping and boating you need ultimate terrain X installed. Simply place the scenery/Texture files into your addon scenery folder. This is NOT photo real. Screenshot of Middleton Field Scenery.   ...

File size: 1.32 MB | Download hits: 128

General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International

General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport (SVBC) in Barcelona, Venezuela. Includes A nice area surrounding the airport, that was more suitable than the original. By Shanard Letang. Aerial view of General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Scenery. This is Gen. Jose Antonio Anzoátegui International for Flight simulator X. Corrected and added taxiways and parking for GA and Commercial aircraft. Also Added more specific road ways and land class to the...

File size: 461.78 kB | Download hits: 586

Stockholm (Bromma) Airport

Stockholm (Bromma) Airport, Sweden. A major upgrade of the basic FSX scenery for Stockholm Bromma Airport, located in the heart of the city. Highly detailed airport and alterations to landclass, roads and buildings surrounding it, to more closely reflect the real life airport and immediate surroundings. Designed using ADEX. Custom runway markings courtesy of FSX Runway Numbers And Markings freeware add-on by Lance Tucker (RWY_MARK.ZIP); not a pre-requisite but needed to see full runway...

File size: 2.02 MB | Download hits: 1598

NAS Fallon

NAS Fallon, Nevada (NV). Now where else in the world can someone do a vertical assault before the crack of dawn, slide into one of the most versatile fighter aircraft made right after breakfast, get in a SAED run before lunch, partake in a close air support function on the same flight, then merge for the first dogfight before high tea, and spend the afternoon in a Hawkeye watching an excercise (if he hasn't chosen the air conditioned comfort of a TACTS classroom). Oh... and rescue those...

File size: 60.08 MB | Download hits: 2294

Magdeburg-Cochstedt International Airport

Magdeburg-Cochstedt International Airport (EDBC), Germany. This is a scenery for the international airport Madgeburg-Cochstedt, which was a Russian military airfield in eastern Germany. After years of being a regional airport Magdeburg-Cochstedt now is an international airport. Screenshot of Magdeburg-Cochstedt International Airport Scenery. How to install: Put ALL files, which are in the folder scenery in C:/program files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon...

File size: 2.94 MB | Download hits: 464

RAF Kinloss

RAF Kinloss, UK. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. Also includes a new multi-LOD Nimrod AI aircraft with flight plans. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Kinloss Scenery. UKMIL RAF KINLOSS FOR FSX. Welcome to the RAF Kinloss for FSX package. THis scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way....

File size: 19.64 MB | Download hits: 805

RAF Leeming

RAF Leeming. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. Also includes a new Hawk AI aircraft, with flight plans. There is also packaged the AI Tornado ADV from Fernando Martinez. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Leeming Scenery. UKMIL RAF Leeming FOR FSX. Welcome to the RAF Leeming for FSX package. THis scenery is...

File size: 22.00 MB | Download hits: 757

RAF Linton-on-Ouse

RAF Linton-on-Ouse. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Linton-on-Ouse Scenery. UKMIL RAF UKMIL RAF Linton-on-Ouse FSX. Welcome to the UKMIL RAF Linton-on-Ouse FSX package. THis scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than...

File size: 17.20 MB | Download hits: 580


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