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RAF Linton-on-Ouse

RAF Linton-on-Ouse. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Linton-on-Ouse Scenery. UKMIL RAF UKMIL RAF Linton-on-Ouse FSX. Welcome to the UKMIL RAF Linton-on-Ouse FSX package. THis scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than...

File size: 17.2 MB | Download hits: 639

RAF Lossiemouth

RAF Lossiemouth. This scenery is 'representative' and is NOT true to life in every way. It is designed to give a better than default feel to FSX. Please do not expect a perfect true to life version. Also includes a new Seaking AI aircraft, with flight plans. There is also packaged the AI Tornado Gr4 from Fernando Martinez. By UKMIL. Screenshot of RAF Lossiemouth Scenery. UKMIL RAF Lossiemouth FOR FSX. Welcome to the RAF Lossiemouth for FSX package. THis...

File size: 21.06 MB | Download hits: 1341

RAF Coltishall

RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, UK. RAF Coltishall as it was before closure. Produced for FSX with Acceleration. Versions are included for both VFR and default scenery. It covers the whole site including the accomodation and magazine areas. Contains specific model libraries but also requires the download of third party libraries. By Mike Hudson. Screenshot of RAF Coltishall Scenery. This is a representation of RAF Coltishall in Norfolk as it was before closure. It was produced...

File size: 31.63 MB | Download hits: 921

Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport (CYYJ). This airport was made using Airport Design Editor. Victoria International Airport is an airport located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It has scheduled airline flights for a few airlines. Includes all the default buildings and more accurate ones. Also includes the main terminal with two jetways, the general aviation and the terminal in the correct locations. At the general aviation there are static aircraft and aircraft hangars. If you choose to...

File size: 6.8 MB | Download hits: 976

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. This airport was made using Airport Design Editor 9x (ADE9x). Manchester Boston Regional Airport is an airport located in Manchester, New Hamshire (NH). This replaces all the stock building with more accurate ones. It also adds more gates at the terminal A cargo gates to the southwest. At the cargo area are added cargo buildings and cargo trucks. At the main terminal are jetways and more gates. At the general aviation area are static aircraft and more...

File size: 11.75 MB | Download hits: 983

Sao Tome And Principe DeLuxe

Sao Tome And Principe DeLuxe. FSX flights and scenery. Sao Tome and Principe, officially the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, is a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa. It consists of two islands: Sao Tome and Principe, located about 140 kilometres (87 miles) apart and about 250 and 225 kilometres (155 and 140 miles), respectively, off the northwestern coast of Gabon. Both islands are part of an extinct...

File size: 8.52 MB | Download hits: 597

Schonebeck-Zackmunde Airfield

Schonebeck-Zackmunde Airfield (EDOZ), Germany. This is a scenery for the glider field Schonebeck-Zackmunde. The add-on corrects and adds taxiways, objects and aprons. The background will look like in reality. Screenshot of Schonebeck-Zackmunde Airfield Scenery. How to install: Put ALL files, which are in the folder scenery, in C:/program files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then start FSX. Go to Germany/Schonebeck-Zackmünde (ICAO-Code: EDOZ)....

File size: 2.13 MB | Download hits: 120

Tobago TTCP

Tobago TTCP. Scenery of Tobago (it is working with the Caribbean meshs in LOD 10, MESHANTILLES.ZIP). Redesign of all roads, coasts and land class. A.N.R. Robinson International Airport (formerly, Crown Point International Airport) By Valladier. Screenshot of Tobago TTCP Scenery. It is running under FSX SP1 and SP2. Installation: Unzip the TOBAGOV2.ZIP into a work subfolder. From your work subfolder: Copy subfolder in <Microsoft Flight Simulator XAddon...

File size: 6.37 MB | Download hits: 1183

Norway Airports

Norway Airports add-on for FSX SP1 and SP2, package 2. This file contains three Norwegian airports: ENAL, ENML, ZZBD. By Norway Airports Team. Screenshot of Norway Airports Scenery. This package so far contains 3 airports in Norway: Aalesund/Vigra ENAL Molde/Aaroe ENML Gossen ZZBD 1.Create the following folders, names and Disk Drive may be different if you so choose: C:flightsimNorway_airports and...

File size: 7.73 MB | Download hits: 923

Eggebek Navy AB

Eggebek Navy AB (ETME). Eggebek AB is located in northern Germany near the cities of Tarp and Schleswig/Schleswig-Holstein in the middle between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. In 1959 the Airbase was newly built for the German Airforce. The Aufklarungsgeschwader 52 (Recce Wing 52) was the first GAF Wing base here. 1964 the AG 52 (RW 52) moved to Leck AB and this base became a Naval Air Base. The Marinefliegergeschwader 2 (Naval Air Wing 2) was based here until 2005 when it was disbanded...

File size: 63.74 KB | Download hits: 297

San Isidro Air Base

San Isidro Air Base MDSI Vol. 1. The San Isidro Air Base or San Isidro Air Base became operational on March 23, 1953 and is located 25 miles east of Santo Domingo. Air Force Base was named Trujillo until 1961, when the name was changed to San Isidro. Most of the units, aircraft and helicopters of the Dominican Air Force have their headquarters there. Designed by Luis Bobea. Screenshot of San Isidro Air Base Scenery. IATA: ZXD - ICAO: MDSI This scenario is free,...

File size: 17.14 MB | Download hits: 321

Lebanese Millitary Airports

Lebanese Millitary Airports. Scenery for OLKA, OLRA, Z19O (Rayak AB--Rene Mouawad AB--Wujah AL HAJAR AB (or HAMAt air base). By Julien Lahoud. ...

File size: 9.69 KB | Download hits: 177

Vandel Base

Vandel Base. This is a scenery for the Danish military base in Vandel (EKVA). The add-on will correct the aprons and add taxiways and objects, and the background will look like in reality. Overview of Vandel Base Scenery. How to install: Put ALL files, which are in the folder scenery in C:/program files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then start FSX. Go to Denmark/Vandel (ICAO-Code: EKVA). FSX will load and you will see the...

File size: 1 MB | Download hits: 551

Husum Air Base

Husum Air Base (EDXJ). Husum AB is located in northern Germany near the town of Husum/Schleswig-Holstein not far from the Danish border and at the coast of the North Sea. It was used as an airfield during WWII. In 1947 the British Air Force of Occupation built it up to a full functional airbase but never used it. In 1959 the German Air Force took over the base and the Jabog 35 (FBW 35) was the first GAF Wing in Schweswig-Holstein. Later it became LeKg 41 and then JaboG 41. First equipped...

File size: 97.93 KB | Download hits: 290

Potronia Scenery Update

Potronia Update. This update was made by Wayne Jarrett for Orlandy Perez, the maker of Potronia. This update you will find that the whole country has changed and is much more frame rate friendly. ...

File size: 4.38 KB | Download hits: 27

Norman Cay Bahamas

Norman Cay Bahamas (MYXG). FSX Gold Acceleration is needed for some objects. Includes boats, people, swimmers, campers, birds, playing dolphins, lighting. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Norman Cay Bahamas Scenery. Library for users of Rwy12 Object Placer V1.0 ( This ESDG Ramp Lights library is for users of Rwy12 Objects Placer only. There are 4 Ramp Lights: Quad, Dual, and Single Floodlights, and a small "Street Light." All lights...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 390

Pease Air Force Base

Pease Air Force Base, New Hampshire (NH), v2.8. This is Pease AFB as it was in the late 1970s when it was the 509th Strategic Air Command base. Aircraft stationed at Pease AFB were the FB-111A mach 2+ swing-wing bombers, KC-135 refueling tankers and the T-37 trainers. Included in this scenery package are: parking spots for military combat and cargo aircraft; ground support equipment and vehicles; AI FB-111A, KC-135, and T-37 aircraft and flight plans; AI FB-111A's that ATC addresses by...

File size: 18.1 MB | Download hits: 696

McKenzie Valley Run

McKenzie Valley Run. These are the airports as seen in the TV show Ice Pilots NWT. It includes Deline, Tulita, Norman Wells and Fort Good Hope. Custom made models, textures and made to work with or without Ultimate Terrain Canada. Completely redesigned from scratch. FSX Acceleration will give the best results.(Also SP2 compatable). Acceleration users will have more eye candy By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha. Screenshot of McKenzie Valley Run Scenery. Please set your FSX...

File size: 2.9 MB | Download hits: 866

Leck Air Base

Leck Air Base (EDXK), v1. Leck AB is located in northern Germany near the town of Leck/Schleswig-Holstein and not far from the Danish border at the coast of the North Sea. It was used as an airfield during WWII. In 1964 there was a new built airbase at this place awaiting the F-86s of the Jagdgeschwader 72 "Richthofen" (FW 72 "R") coming from Oldenburg AB. In 1964 the JG 72 "R" was relocated to Wittmund AB and became JG 71 "R". Leck AB became a recce...

File size: 84.88 KB | Download hits: 226

Sheppard Air Force Base

Sheppard Air Force Base (KSPS), Wichita Falls, Texas (TX). So you want to be a fighter pilot? There are few places to learn with the armed forces only supersonic trainer, and Sheppard Air Force Base is one of them. Sheppard hosts the NATO training course for fighter pilots using the turboprop T6a Texan II and the T-38 Talon. Sheppard has hundreds of flights per day of student pilots. Wichita Falls Municipal Airport is on the south side of the field. By Jim Dhaenens. Screenshot...

File size: 13.63 MB | Download hits: 1171