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FSX Scenery

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Juneau International Airport

Juneau International Airport, Alaska (AK). Adds a new ILS for runway 08, some new parking and terminals for the airport. Stock scenery was not complete. Though it is fictional it has a lot more eye candy, like a new bridge on the upwind of runway 08. Created by J.D. Starseed. (See also JUNEAUFIX_JD.ZIP). Screenshot of Juneau International Airport Scenery. STARSEED PRODUCTIONS LLC. Distributed for: Red Eye Guys inc. All files created by: JD Starseed 1. Un- zip...

File size: 239.67 kB | Download hits: 836


Doncourt-les-Conflans, France. LFGR airfield a few miles east of Metz. Photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants. Detailed hangars, animated windsock, static planes, nearest village all in 3D, fuel area, cars, trucks, etc. VAC chart and doc included. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Doncourt-les-Conflans Scenery. Designed with SketchUp, SceneryBuilder, Airport design Editor and ModelConverterX. Thanks to their authors for their fantastic work.Credit goes to Arno...

File size: 7.16 MB | Download hits: 260

Metz X

Metz X, Metz X is a comprehensive scenery package for Metz airport (3CA7) in the Monterrey region of California (CA). Includes custom made models with hand-drawn textures inside Flight Simulator, giving you the most realistic version of Metz airport available for FSX today. Also includes a satellite ground image that aligns perfectly with the models, making this scenery very life-like. Due to the inaccurate placement of the airport in the default FSX, the runway has been moved to its correct...

File size: 6.27 MB | Download hits: 137

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Scenery (MMIM), Mexico. Photorealistic scenery of Isla Mujeres. By Fernando Rodriguez. ...

File size: 21.71 MB | Download hits: 194

Townsville International Airport

Townsville International Airport (YBTL), Queensland, Australia, v1.0. This is an upgrade to the default Townsville International. Includes new GA parking, upgraded RAAF base, static B-52, added jetways, new apron for virtual airlines (one gate small, five GA medium), small carpark, new buildings. By Jordan Gough. Acceleration. YBTL Townsville Intl YBTL Upgrade v1.0 Installation: Exract contents of folder to temporary location. Navigate to your FSX Addon Scenery folder (default:...

File size: 14.99 kB | Download hits: 636

Lodrino Generic LSLM

Lodrino Generic LSLM. Scenery Lodrino Airport RUAG Maintenance. Features: runway, taxiways and parking placed by Skyguide aerodrome chart and from Google Maps, airport assembled with generic buildings, heliport, night lighting, tower. By Michael Bruttel. Screenshot of Lodrino Generic LSLM Scenery. Features: - Runway Taxiways and parkings placed by Skyguide aerodrome Chart and from google map. - Airport assembled with Generic buildings. - Heliport. -...

File size: 97.28 kB | Download hits: 105


Invisiport (KINV) is the fictional home airport to Invisijet Technologies, maker of the Invisijet line of Flight Simulator aircraft. It is located in Franklin, Pennsylvania. The airport consists of two runways, 14-32 and 5-23 as well as a terminal with gates, aprons, taxiways and fueling capacity. By Andy Johnston. Aerial view of Invisiport Scenery.   ...

File size: 1019.07 kB | Download hits: 38

Nancy-Azelot Airfield

Nancy-Azelot Airfield, France, a few miles south of Nancy, that is not in FSX stock airports. Photoreal ground with seasonal variants. Custom hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cows, sheep, etc. Works with FSX and FSXA, compatible with LFEZ_FSX.ZIP, LFQC_FSX.ZIP and LFSN_FSX.ZIP. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Nancy-Azelot Airfield Scenery. Designed with SketchUp, SceneryBuilder, Airport design Editor and ModelConverterX. Thanks to their authors for their fantastic...

File size: 7.45 MB | Download hits: 197

Scenery For Collingwood

Scenery For Collingwood (CNY3), Ontario, Canada, using default and EZ Library objects. Ground layouts and buildings are accurately placed using the objects available in the libraries. No custom objects at this time but later versions will have them if there is interest. CNY3 is located near the Blue Mountain Resort, Scenic Caves, and Wasaga Beach. Compatible with Ultimate Terrain X Canada. By Andrew Barter. Screenshot of Scenery For Collingwood. This is scenery for FSX...

File size: 173.45 kB | Download hits: 97

Ants Aussie Airports 13 - YHML Hamilton

Ants Aussie Airports 13 - YHML Hamilton, Vic, Australia. Hamilton airport is located in Western Victoria with the Grampian Mountains only a short flight north east of the airfield. Regular passenger transport is supplied by Sharp Airlines with flights to Melbourne (via Portland sometimes) and Adelaide. Sharp Airlines operates a fleet of Metros. Fire fighting operations are also based at Hamilton (the water tanks and shed just north of the apron are for the fire fighting aircraft). The...

File size: 87.94 MB | Download hits: 271

Persian Gulf International

Persian Gulf International. Persian Gulf Airport or Khalije Fars Airport (IATA: PGU, ICAO: OIBP) is an airport in Iran. The airport has been operating since 2005 and, though small, enjoys one of the most modern passenger terminal buildings recently built in the region. This scenery adds OIBP airport to FSX together with related AI traffic, structures and etc. The airport was not available in default FSX database. By Touradg Morassaei. Persian Gulf Airport or Khalije Fars Airport (IATA:...

File size: 2.49 MB | Download hits: 378

Duesseldorf EDDL Scenery Updated

Duesseldorf EDDL Updated, v1.01 patch, Germany. This little update fixes the problem with collisions at the parking positions. Maybe you noticed that you get a crash detection when the frontwheel of your aircraft hits the ground pattern of the jetway. This update refers to the file TOMEDDL_PATCHME_V1_0.ZIP. By Max Epperlein, Thomas Ruth. Aerial view of Duesseldorf EDDL Scenery. This update refers to the download: Just copy the including folder...

File size: 933.02 kB | Download hits: 578

CFB North Star Scenery V7

CFB North Star Canada (version 7) fictional Canadian arctic military/commercial base. Features triple runway configuration of the earlier versions, along with custom buildings and effects. Three alternate scenery configurations are provided for, including opened hangars, with unique library objects that may be used in other freeware scenery projects. Also includes flightplans and AI ship traffic (the icebreaker CCGS Louis St-Laurent). By Brian Sturton. (See also...

File size: 14.90 MB | Download hits: 191

Gorlitz X

Gorlitz X (EGBX), Germany. An add-on for Gorlitz with a photorealistic scenery. By Dennis Weis, Georg Tomaschvili. Copy the files "EDBX_ADEX_DA_CVX.bgl" and "EDBX_ADEX_HH.BGL" in "Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Sceneryscenery". ...

File size: 10.53 kB | Download hits: 105

AAEE Foulness

AAEE Foulness. A fictitious scenery that assumes both A&AEE and the RAF built an airfield on Foulness Island in Essex shortly after WWI. Versions are provided for both VFR and default scenery. Consists of airfield, hangars, workshops, office and accomodation buildings, helicopter base, seaplane base and small harbour, magazine areas, fuel dump, ammunition and fuel jetties, surface to air missile defence batteries, and three helicopter landable Leander class frigates at sea. A large...

File size: 45.07 MB | Download hits: 105

Supadio International Airport

Supadio International Airport (WIOO), Indonesia. By Yodi Rinaldi. Just copy/replace the BGL file to Local Disc (c:)Program File>Flight Simulator X>Addon Scenery>Scenery and copy/replace the XML file to Local Disc (c:)Program File>Flight Simulator X>Addon Scenery>Texture. If confused on this step:deleted old WIOO_ADE on Scenery(Bgl) and Texture(XML). Build by Airport Design Editor(ADE). Sorry if this airport have fault/wrong taxi. Supadio International...

File size: 21.39 kB | Download hits: 540

Formosa X RCTP Airport 1.1 Scenery Patch

Formosa X RCTP Airport 1.1 Patch. This patch updates the Formosa X RCTP Airport to v1.1. Various issues with the photoreal background have been fixed. In anticipation of the Aeronautical Information Package becoming effective on August 25, 2011, runways 05-23 and 06-24 have been renamed 05L-23R and 05R-23L respectively. Formosa X RCTP Airport version 1.0 Parts 1 and 2 required. By Houting Chiang, Rudolf Liu, Jack Su, and Mike Huang. Screenshot of Formosa X RCTP...

File size: 2.67 MB | Download hits: 1159


Luneville-Croismare (France) and airfield LFQC. Photoreal ground with seasonal variants, landclass redraw of all the city, includes the castle and surrounding buildings, useful for VFR flight. Airport has 47 custom models, animated windsock, static planes, etc. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA, compatible with LFEZ_FSX.ZIP and LFSN_FSX.ZIP that are few miles away. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Luneville-Croismare Scenery. This is an complete rework of my old LFQC...

File size: 39.23 MB | Download hits: 474

Coro Airport

Coro Airport (SVCR), Venezuela. Regional airport located in the city of Coro, capital of Falcon state, in western Venezuela. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. This scenery includes terminal building and hangars with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly auto-install. By David Maldonado. Screenshot of Coro Airport Scenery. Aerial view of Coro Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 39.83 MB | Download hits: 225

BCATP Total Stations To Date

BCATP Total Stations To Date. These airports have been located in the flight simulator to mesh with Ultimate Terrain's roads. Includes approximately 160 British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airports from the 1940's. By Grant Wilson and Al Gay / Flight Ontario. Screenshot of BCATP Total Stations Scenery. If not already there, this installer will install a folder called BCATP_FSX in the Add-on Scenery folder of your FSX installation. This will install all of the...

File size: 46.43 MB | Download hits: 66


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