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FSX Scenery

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Port Of Tela

Photorealistic scenery of the Port of Tela, Honduras, Central America. By Felix Romero Jr. Screenshot of plane flying over the Port of Tela. Just drop the file named "TELA" into "FSX/ADDON SCENERY FOLDER", start FSX and go to "SETTINGS" Click on "SCENERY LIBRARY". Then click on "ADD AREA" look for TELA and click OK...That's it! Enjoy flying! ...

File size: 11.71 MB | Download hits: 153


V1. Lahr Air Base (EDTL) is located in southern Germany near the the city of Offenburg and not far from the German/French border. During the cold war this airbase was used by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The airbase is civil used. These sceneries are updated stock sceneries and done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock. Also included is the tower and fire station by Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroeder and Jim Dhaenen's hardened shelters. It has lots of parking spots and you can taxi...

File size: 5.2 MB | Download hits: 403

NFNM Matei Airport Upgrade

NFNM Matei Airport Upgrade for the default scenery. Includes more parking spaces and remarking of the runway. By Zain Khan. Installation: Place Both The NFNM_ADEX_FSX.ad2.bak And The NFNM_ADEX_FSX.bgl In The Addon Scenery/Scenery Folder Or The Scenery/World/Scenery Folder. Use it With the Fiji Airstrips Package (optional) & Start FSX And Experience It. ...

File size: 37.2 KB | Download hits: 88

Don Miguel Hidalgo International Airport

Don Miguel Hidalgo International Airport (MMGL) in Mexico. A major update to the default scenery with added gates, enhanced cargo ramp, added roadways, accurate AFCAD2 file. By Ponchiz Savinon. Add the MMGL_ADEX_PM.BGL on C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon SceneryScenery. And your ready to go! ...

File size: 11.64 KB | Download hits: 450

Z11L Leipheim AB

Z11L Leipheim AB v1. Leipheim Air Base (Z11L, earlier also known as EDSD) is located in southern Germany near the cities of Leipheim and Guenzburg. From 1961 till 1978 this airbase was a maintenance fascillity for FIAT G-91 and later for Alphajet. Also USAF unit was stationed here from time to time. The last Luftwaffe unit was the JaboG 44 (FBW 44) equipped with Alphajet. The airbase is closed now. These sceneries are updated stock sceneries and done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock....

File size: 5.22 MB | Download hits: 789

Erding AB

Erding AB (ETSE), v1. Erding Air Base is located in southern Germany near the the city of Munich. These sceneries are updated stock sceneries and done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock. Also included are German style shelters, the tower and buildings by Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroeder. It has lots of parking spots and you can taxi everywhere as it is in real. Note: the scenery has not been tested with any add-on software like Ultimate Terrain Europe X or VFR Germany. By Uwe...

File size: 3.75 MB | Download hits: 617

RAF Laarbruch AB

RAF Laarbruch AB v1. RAF Laarbruch Air Base (EDLV originally ETUL) is located in western Germany between the town of Moenchengladbach/Westfalia and the German/Dutch border. Laarbruch was one of four so called clutch bases. In 1999 the base was been closed. Since 2003 this airport is civil used as Niederrhein airport. This package contains only the old military airbase. These scenery is done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock. It has lots of parking spots and you can taxi everywhere as in...

File size: 4.52 MB | Download hits: 676


Bremgarten (EDTG), former AG 51 Immelmann in south Germany. Base was closed in 2002. Scenery design by Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroeder. Screenshot of Bremgarten Scenery. Scenery EDTG Bremgarten AB V.1.0. NOTE: This scenery is developed on the VFR Germany 3 terrain. Use at ower risk. - unzip the file EDTG Bremgarten zip anywhere. - from the Folder EDTG Bremgarten/Scenery move the bgl files to your FSX /Addon Scenery /Scenery. Have Fun !!! Scenery Design...

File size: 12.73 MB | Download hits: 609

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (KFLG) AZ. Scenery for Pulliam Airport, Flagstaff, Arizona. Includes new terminal, fire station, corrected taxiway signs, FBO, and a nearby ice cream cone factory. A fuel truck has been added to service your jets plus a fueling station by the FBO for small GA aircraft. Revised AFCAD included. EZ scenery, and Rwy12 libraries required. By Dan French. Screenshot of Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. Scenery for the modern Flagstaff Pulliam Airport using a...

File size: 921 KB | Download hits: 737

Aeroworx Enhanced V1

Aeroworx Enhanced Version 1. The scenery consists of default and Gmax objects placed in and around Theewaterskloof dam, Brandvlei dam, Krugersdrift dam, Kimberley Town, Big diamond holes and Dealesville with the aim to enhance your flying experience in South Africa. The previous release of Aeroworx FSXWORX17UPD6.ZIP and FSXWORX17UPD7.ZIP must be installed with this scenery. It is essential for the proper functioning of this scenery. By Hannes Steyn, Martin du Preez,...

File size: 46.11 MB | Download hits: 516

Greater Kankakee Airport

Greater Kankakee Airport (IATA: IKK, ICAO: KIKK, FAA LID: IKK) is a public airport located three miles (5 km) south of the central business district of Kankakee, in Kankakee County, Illinois (IL), United States. The airport was opened in 1962 and continues to operate as a general aviation facility serving the Kankakee area and South Chicago. It is 60 miles (97 km) south of Chicago and 75 miles (121 km) north of Champaign, Illinois. It is the largest airport between the Chicago Midway Airport...

File size: 4.09 MB | Download hits: 276

Kish Island

Kish Island (OIBK), Iran, v2. Taxiway disappearing bug has been resolved. Photo upgraded. Approach light and taxiway lights developed. By Usof Kalantari. Screenshot of Kish Island Scenery. Copy "Scenery" folder to "...Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon Scenery". You'll have OIBK near to real. Screenshot of Kish Island Scenery at night.   ...

File size: 32.44 MB | Download hits: 887

Argentine Airports

Argentine Airports. Six remote airports along the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Includes Andalaga Belen Fiambala Frias Tinogasta Chamical. All new scenery objects and AFCAD's. By Ed Wells. Screenshot of Argentine Airports Scenery. This is a group of 6 airports in Argentina on the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountain Range. Andalaga Belen Fiambala Frias Tinogasta Chamical As these are all very remote airports, they are devoid of any hangars,...

File size: 8.57 MB | Download hits: 405

Southern Africa Scenery V9

Southern Africa. Detailed updated terrain features for southern Africa, version 9. The scenery consist of highly detailed and satellite photo-accurate updates of roads, railroads and dams for South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This update contains improvements on dams (Theewaterskloof dam) and others and work on the south coast, roads and bridges in the area as well as work on the scenery at and around Vilancolos, Mozambique. The city of Bloemfontein has been improved...

File size: 13.04 MB | Download hits: 1436

Landclass For Southern Africa Scenery Update 5

Landclass For Southern Africa, update 5. Update 5 of detailed land class for the whole southern Africa. Consists of all the previous land class files of fsxWorx20upd1,2,3 and 4 and includes Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Improvements was done to the Free State, Northern Cape as well as the cities and small towns from Lesotho as far as Kimberly, from Upington to Gariep. The land class was done with meticulous precision, strictly according to satellite images. To get the best...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 674

Klein Muhlingen Airport

Klein Muhlingen Airport (EDOM), Germany. This add-on will correct the aprons and adds some taxiways and objects, and the background will look like reality. The airfield is usually used by sail planes and light aviation, there isn't very much traffic. Screenshot of Klein Muhlingen Airport Scenery. How to install: Put ALL files, which are in the folder scenery, in C:/program files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then start FSX. Go to Germany,...

File size: 1.64 MB | Download hits: 145

Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport (AGP / LEMG), Spain. Includes the new runway 12/30 to enter service on May 3, 2012. It also contains two variants, one with south configuration, and another with north. This scenario is made with ADE, Airport desing editor, basing on the AENA charts and images of Google Earth. By Luis Lopez. Screenshot of Malaga Airport Scenery. This scenery attempts to recreate as closely as possible the airport in Malaga, AGP / LEMG in FSX. Includes the new runway 12-30...

File size: 1.6 MB | Download hits: 4490

RAF Gutersloh AB

RAF Gutersloh AB (ETUO), v1. Gutersloh Air Base is located in western Germany near the town of Gutersloh. Gutersloh AB, first called Airfield Y.99, was overtaken by the British Air Force of Occupation (BAFO) in 1945. The airbase has seen many different aircraft such as Mosquitos and Hawker Tempests in the early days and later the Vampires, the Canberras, Hunter Lightnings and Harriers. In 1993 the RAF left Gutersloh and the British Rhinearme (BAOR) took over the base. The base has not been...

File size: 3.08 MB | Download hits: 536

KERI 2012 Runway Extension (PA)

KERI 2012 Runway Extension. Scenery for Erie, Pennsylvania (PA), Erie International Airport / Tom Ridge Field (KERI). This is an update to the previously issued 2012 runway 6-24 extension project simulation. This simulation depicts the expected appearance of the runway extension at Erie International Airport when it is complete. By Richard O. Finley. Screenshot of KERI 2012 Runway Extension. Erie International Airport began as Griswold Field in the early 1920s. It has...

File size: 671.53 KB | Download hits: 259

North Pickenham Wind Farm

North Pickenham Wind Farm for Neil's Microlights. Situated near Swaffham in Norfolk, UK. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of North Pickenham Wind Farm. This wind farm is located just North of Barrow Airfield at Millom in Cumbria. ...

File size: 592.76 KB | Download hits: 170