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FSX Scenery

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany. A major upadate for EDDB. The terminal buildings are situated between the two runways, creating a midfield airport. It will have an initial capacity of up to 30 million passengers, with the option of expanding the capacity through the construction of additional satellite terminals parallel to the initial building. Overview of Berlin Brandenburg Airport Scenery. This is another upload of the jamaican kid bgl for berlin germany third...

File size: 317.96 kB | Download hits: 1425

HMCS True North Battlegroup

HMCS True North Battlegroup. A logical follow on to the Majestic CVL, the incomplete HMS Audacious was purchased by the RCN and completed to Ark Royal's standard. A repaint for the Flying Stations HMS Ark Royal as HMCS True North, two repaints for Hama's FSX Coast Guard ship and DDG Hamagiri as a hypothetical 'River' class DDG and a Patrol-Training Frigate of the 'Town' class, a simple repaint of the default Acceleration EH-101 in RCN utility marks, and a simple...

File size: 8.59 MB | Download hits: 467

Port St. Johns Airport

Port St. Johns Airport, South Africa. A holiday destination set in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. It has a very dangerous approach and is situated on the edge of a cliff! It is a completely custom built airport made with a photoreal base that changes with the seasons. FSX Acceleration will give the best results.(Also SP2 compatable). Acceleration users will have more eye candy. By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Port St. Johns Airport...

File size: 2.70 MB | Download hits: 192

Carrier In Rio De Janeiro

Carrier In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This is fictional scenery for the USS Nimitz v2.0. This scenery will place the USS Nimitz and four other battleships in static position near the Rio de Janeiro city of Brazil. By default compatible for any Multiplayer game (Gamespy or other). The sounds, effects and the traps work. For assistance launcher you will need use the ARRCAB26 included in this package. By Hani Michal. Screenshot of fighter flying over carrier. This is Fictional...

File size: 18.98 MB | Download hits: 470

Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow

Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow. Blue Angels Homecoming Show Scenery for you to show off to the virtual show community and the home of the FSX Blue Angels (virtually). This file requires FS Recorder 2.1 and Jim Dhaenens's NAS Pensacola Air Show Scenery. Scenery by Holden Smith. Overhead view of Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow Scenery. This scenery represents the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. This scenery isn't that accurate because the first Pensacola Scenery...

File size: 1.63 MB | Download hits: 522

City Of Birmingham Scenery Update

City Of Birmingham. TalonSim is pleased to bring to you City of Birmingham 1.1 (an update to City of Birmingham 1.0). Finally Birmingham, Alabama (AL) has even more character as many features about this historic city have been detailed into Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This freeware scenery package depicts key architectural structures of The Magic City skyline. New detailed structures added include: City Federal Tower, Leer Tower, John Hand Building, Two North Twelve Building, Watts Tower,...

File size: 6.43 MB | Download hits: 366

Power Project V4.0

Power Project v4.0. Includes 10,000+ animated wind turbines accurately positioned around the world. 100+ power stations with smoke and steam effects. Many radomes and parabolic dishes placed worldwide. 28,000+ electricity pylons placed in UK - aligns with photo scenery. UK scenery shifter - aligns default scenery to UK photo scenery. Very Large Array [VLA] in New Mexico pictured. By Ray Porter. Screenshot of Power Project V4.0 Scenery. This scenery is for the MicroSoft...

File size: 1.74 MB | Download hits: 1713

Gulf Of California Airport

Gulf Of California Airport (fictional). This area was in need of an airport. So as a first project the author has released this runway and airport with no refueling. It is a stopping point to more inhabited Mexican destinations. The texture folder is left blank for future expansion. By Joe Guccione. Buena Villa Air Park. No Air Services. KGCA. Located on the Gulf of California as a resort stop over. Instructions: KGCA folder can be placed in fsaddons folder. Activate from...

File size: 2.60 kB | Download hits: 49

El Dorado International ILS 13L Frequency Scenery Update

El Dorado International ILS 13L Frequency Update. This updates the SKBO runway 13L ILS frequency to 111.3 MHz, which is the current frequency. Warning: Do not use this file if you have Colombia Xtreme sceneries, or the whole airport will be replaced. By Juan Carlos Cancelado R. How to install: Just paste the bgl file in the Addon Scenery folder of FSX. Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Juan Carlos Cancelado R. ...

File size: 16.43 kB | Download hits: 248

ILS For SKYP Yopal Airport

ILS For SKYP Yopal Airport. An addition for El Yopal Airport in Colombia. The brand new ILS (110 9) for SKYP. Warning: Do not use with Colombia Xtreme Sceneries or the whole airport would be replaced. By Juan Carlos Cancelado R. How to install: Just paste the bgl file in the Addon Scenery folder of FSX. Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Juan Carlos Cancelado R. ...

File size: 4.28 kB | Download hits: 115

Vignettes And Trient Mountain Hut

Vignettes And Trient Mountain Hut. Two mountain huts of the Swiss Alps with platform for helicopter landing; perfect for rescue missions. Works only with Switzerland Professional. By Sunny Tanner and Valentin Rime. Screenshot of Vignettes And Trient Mountain Hut Scenery. The "cabane des Vignettes" is situated under the "pigne d'Arolla" (3790m.) To find it in FSX: - Take off from Sion airport ( LSGS ). - Fly 6km heading E. - Go into the...

File size: 10.06 MB | Download hits: 320

Ried/Kirchheim Airfield

Ried/Kirchheim Airfield (LOLK), Austria. A sport flying airfield with a 743m long runway. By Alex Grunwald. This is my first freeware scenery! Please unzip it and place the 2 bgl files at CProgramms(x86)Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator XAddon SceneryScenery. Ready! Now you have the Ried/Kirchheim Airfield. Thanks for using my scenery... :D ...

File size: 2.69 kB | Download hits: 95

Sardinia And Tuscan Airfields

Sardinia And Tuscan Airfields. This is a lot of 64 airfields covering the Italy regions of Sardinia and Tuscany. Rwy12 and EZ Scenery objects are needed to run this scenery. Suggested also the installation of the first part ITACSAF_1_0.ZIP. By Giuseppe Mendola. Screenshot of Tuscan Airfields Scenery. This is the second part of my work on built sceneries after the south and center Italy Airfields. I have used Airport Design Editor X vs 01.47.7, that i discovered to be an...

File size: 516.53 kB | Download hits: 345

Chimoio Airport

Chimoio Airport (FQCH). Located in west Mozambique, Chimoio Airport is used for local flights. Includes the main building, the fire truck station, taxiways, runway approach lights and a VOR. By Hassan Ezzeddine. Screenshot of Chimoio Airport Scenery. Here it is! Yes it's Chimoio Airport. Located in west Mozambique, Chimoio Airport is used for local flights. The default FSX FQCH scenery has not been provided with any kind of tarmac or navigation facilities. so i...

File size: 329.79 kB | Download hits: 80

Duesseldorf EDDL Scenery Patch

Duesseldorf EDDL Patch, Germany, v1.0. With this patch following things were improved/changed in the Duesseldorf scenery by Thomas Ruth (TOMEDDL1.ZIP, TOMEDDL2.ZIP): heading of 05L/23R corrected; taxiways aligned to an aerial image and airport chart; considered the latest construction at the airport (exp. taxiway M moved and added N, L; and more), according to the GND-chart; all parking positions added (93 total now), only double occupancy and some GA missing; all airport buildings aligned...

File size: 11.91 MB | Download hits: 2324

Bethlehem Airport

Bethlehem Airport, South Africa (FABM) v2. The airport is used for general aviation. Completely custom designed objects and buildings. Nice for short hops. By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Bethlehem Airport Scenery. Instructions : 1.Unzip "Bethlehem Airport X" to a temp folder. 2.Copy the "Bethlehem_FABM" folder to your "FSX/scenery" folder. 3.Copy the "AFX_FABM_ALT.bgl" file to your...

File size: 19.80 MB | Download hits: 200

Harrismith Airport

Harrismith Airport, South Africa (FAHR) v2. Harrismith is the center of one of the five wool producing districts in Southern Africa. It was established in 1849. The airfield is used for general aviation and is situated in one of the more beautiful parts of South Africa. New photoreal and so on in v2. By Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha. Screenshot of Harrismith Airport Scenery. Instructions: 1.Unzip "Harrismith" to a temp folder. 2.Copy the...

File size: 8.38 MB | Download hits: 124

Bagram Air Force Base V3 Scenery Update

Bagram Air Force Base V3 Update 1. Bagram, Afghanistan (AF). Portions of some of the taxiways at the real-world Bagram AFB (OAIX) have been widened with concrete. This update adds the widened taxiways. Requires prior installation of BAGRAM_VER_3.ZIP. By Dan Mesmer. Screenshot of Bagram Air Force Base Scenery. Introduction: Portions of some of the taxiways at the real-world Bagram AFB have been widened with concrete. This update adds the widened...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 586

Chatham Islands For Vector Land Class NZ

Chatham Islands For Vector Land Class NZ. This project is a modified version of the CHATHAM_ISLANDS.ZIP project which allows the landclass and airports to work seamlessly with the free Chatham Islands scenery available from Vector Land Class New Zealand. This package allows the user to switch back and forth easily between the different scenery combinations and also provides standalone Chatham and Pitt Island airports which can be used with the Vector Land Class (VLC) scenery on its own. It...

File size: 3.77 MB | Download hits: 105

VFR Costa Rica Toda

VFR Costa Rica Toda v2.0. Costa Rican airfields, mountain, valleys, beaches and other many places to see in Tiquicia. Almost all airfields in the country. Many P.O.I. as Parque de diversiones, Banco Nacional, La Sabana. By Fernando Angel G - Konrad Stainvorth S. FSX Poster - VFR Costa Rica Toda. Like many of you, I went out and purchased FSX Acceleration. After attempting to install, I realized I would have to do a clean install. Once up and running, I was impressed by...

File size: 11.05 MB | Download hits: 553


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