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FSX Scenery

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Hamar Lufthavn Scenery Update V1.01Patch

For use with STAFSBERG_ENHA_FSX.ZIP. The airport of Stafsberg located in Hamar, Norway (ENHA) including all custom made ground, runway and 3D buildings. This VFR airport is located some 40 miles north of the capital Oslo, close to Lillehammer who hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. Enjoy flying in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Update: Change NDB and fixed some effects issue plus some minor adjustments. By Thomas Lorentzen, Stein-Ove Rud. Fixed an issue with effects not...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 97

Sainte Lucia Island

(Caraibes). Saint Lucia Island scenery including the correct redefinition of coasts and landscape two airports: George F. Charles (TLPC) Castries Hewanorra Int (TLPL) Vieux fort and the Hess fuel storage area. By Valladier Jean-Louis. Aerial view of Sainte Lucia Island scenery.   ...

File size: 47.21 MB | Download hits: 3209

F.D. Roosevelt Airport

A scenery update for F.D. Roosevelt Airport on the island of Sint Eustatius. This scenery makes the airport more like the real one although the real airport does not include any gates; gates were added to make parking places for FSX users. By Orlandy Perez. ...

File size: 4.13 KB | Download hits: 109

Barcelona El Prat Airport (LEBL)

This is an update of the default FSX airport according to current charts as of August 2012. It adds ILS to runway 02, VOR stations and initial approach fixes as well as all published VOR/DME and ILS approaches with all transitions including missed approach procedures. By Markus Schober. Overview of Barcelona El Prat Airport. Stand-alone update; other scenery files are not required. First version, does not supersede an older file. Added ILS Runway 02 (including...

File size: 32.18 KB | Download hits: 924

RAF Kenley

An accurate representation of this former RAF base as it is today. While the Spitfires and Hurricanes are long gone, it is still used by the Air Cadets as a gliding facility. By David Birch / DB FlightSim. Screenshot of RAF Kenley scenery. To install this package, please follow the instructions bellow. Extract '' to the desktop or another location of your choice on your computer. Run 'RAF Kenley by DB FlightSim...

File size: 3.05 MB | Download hits: 234

Botswana Airports Scenery Update 1Patch

This pack contains updates, a few new airports and improvements for the previous airports package covering Botswana (BOTSWANA_AIRPORTS.ZIP). It also contains other details, such as various radio masts across the country and the Gaborone SSR dome, and representative details at the following mines: Orapa, Damtshaa, Letlhakane, Francistown, Palapye, and Jwaneng. All were designed with ADE X v1.5, and tested in FSX SP2. There is also a set of landclass updates, which provide some local tweaks to...

File size: 175.05 KB | Download hits: 369

Namibia Airports Scenery Update 1Patch

This pack contains updates, a few new airports and improvements for the previous airports package covering Namibia (NAMIBIA_AIRPORTS.ZIP). It also contains other details, such as various radio masts across the country and representative details at the following mines: Uis, Skorpion, Tsumeb, and Arandis. All were designed with ADE X v1.5, and tested in FSX SP2. There is also a set of landclass updates, which provide some local tweaks to Aeroworx's Southern Africa landclass. By David...

File size: 244.3 KB | Download hits: 198

Mercer Airfield

New Zealand. NZME. Welcome to Mercer, a small general aviation airfield at the northern end of the Waikato district, about half way between Auckland City and Hamilton City in the North Island of New Zealand. By Lawrie Roache. Screenshot of Mercer Airfield scenery. This scenery was made for FSX SP2, without Acceleration, and with VECTOR LANDCLASS (VLC) (Payware) installed. Flight1 Software, INSTANT SCENERY Object Placer, and AIRPORT FACILITATOR X (AFX), were used in...

File size: 2.87 MB | Download hits: 78

Landclass For Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA. Scenery and landclass for Santa Barbara California. This is a detailed landclass and scenery add-on to use with the FSX CCCFSX Scenery by Al Wheeler. The scenery and landclass will also work without adding Al's scenery. The changes that have been created will make for excellent VFR flying. Hundreds of objects have been added that reflect the real layout and scenery for this location. By Charles Reid. Aerial view of Landclass For Santa Barbara...

File size: 5.22 MB | Download hits: 226

Death Valley Desert Strip

Death Valley Desert Strip (L51) was constructed as a location to test the Aeroworks ARX-6 Reno racer at low altitudes. This place even sports the world's lowest Formula 1 race course! But now that the ARX6 has been released, this facility has been converted to a desert retreat. It's still used occasionally as a test facility for other things and as a filming location. Scenery by Joshua B. Nyhus and Jason L. Terry. Screenshot of Death Valley Desert Strip...

File size: 5.04 MB | Download hits: 150

Saarlouis-Duren Airport

(EDRJ). This little scenery add-on contains the small EDRJ airport and a some obstacles (power plants, radio antennas) of the Saarland area (Germany). By Patrick Freitag. Screenshot of Saarlouis-Duren Airport scenery. Installation: Copy the complete "Saarland" file into your FSX/Addon Scenery file. Thereafter start FSX and choose the "scenery library". Choose "add scenery" and look for the pasted "Saarland" file...

File size: 4.93 MB | Download hits: 148

Punta Cana International Airport

First version of this scenery that includes the new runway at MDPC and it also includes a new tower area, with more gates too. By Orlandy Perez. To install the scenery simply just add the three files to your Add On Scenery/Scenery Folder. ...

File size: 9.38 KB | Download hits: 2028

Lanyu Airport

(RCLY), Orchid Island, Taiwan. Requires FSX Acceleration. By Lets Fly Association / TONO. By Shigeru Tomino. Screenshot of Lanyu Airport scenery.   ...

File size: 9.93 MB | Download hits: 645

Nenana Municipal

(PANN), Nenana, Alaska (AK), USA. This is the winter version of PANN found in PANN_FSX_TAV.ZIP. By Tony Vienonen. Screenshot of Nenana Municipal scenery. PANN - Nenana Municipal Airport updated to match data from Google Earth maps. Changes include: Changed the water runway to ice. Changed the grass runway to snow. Changed the dirt pathways to snow. Added smoke effects to building and static truck. Installation: Copy the *.bgl files...

File size: 1.19 MB | Download hits: 88

Gaya Airport

(VEGY), Gaya, Bihar, India. Gaya Airport is a public airport serving Gaya, Bihar, India. It is the second busiest airport in Bihar. Screenshot of runway 28, Gaya Airport. Gaya is 100 kilometers south of Patna, the capital city of Bihar. Situated on the banks of Falgu River, it is a place sanctified by the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Jain religions. It is surrounded by small rocky hills by three sides and the river flowing on the fourth side. The city has a mix of natural...

File size: 1.78 MB | Download hits: 117

Gorlitz X V2

(EGBX), Germany, v2. An add-on for Gorlitz with a photorealistic scenery. ...

File size: 160.45 KB | Download hits: 111

NAS Whiting Field North And South

NAS Whiting field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the Navy. Approximately 40% of all Naval Aviators will receive their primary flight training at Whiting Field. Whiting Field North caters to the fixed wing contingent and Whiting Field South serves rotary wing aviators in training. Aerial view of Whiting Field. The base actually serves the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards and Marines and has water towers representing the services served. Pilots fly the T34C Turbo Mentor,...

File size: 78.2 MB | Download hits: 901

Puerto Rico Airports Scenery Package Update

Includes Ramey Air Base (TJQB), Rossvelt Roads Air Base (NRR), Mercedita Airport In Ponce (TJPS), La Romana Airport Dominican Republic Civil Aviation (MDLR), Culebra Island Old Navy Air Station (PR18). By Francisco Acosta. Screenshot of Puerto Rico Airport scenery included in this package.   ...

File size: 26.15 MB | Download hits: 477

Foxpine Airpark

New Zealand (NZFP). FoxPine AirPark is situated near the small provincial town of Foxton on the southwest coast of New Zealand's North Island. This private airfield set in park-like grounds is sited on a broad coastal plain of mixed farming and forestry bounded by sweeping beaches, a meandering river, and off to the east, rugged bush-clad ranges, all great places to fly. FoxPine is also the New Zealand home of the Jabiru light aircraft, where is assembled, sold and serviced. This scenery...

File size: 3.95 MB | Download hits: 718


Tafelberg Scenery. By Reben Niemand. ...

File size: 14.8 MB | Download hits: 92