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FSX Scenery

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CFB North Star Detail Modification Patch

CFB North Star Detail Modification Patch (version 7.2). Requires CYNS_V7_FSX.ZIP. Adds overhead lighting to parking areas, to create a more busy look. Raw source files are also included for use in any freeware scenery projects. Freeware by Brian Sturton. Screenshot of CFB North Star scenery. This modification only adds parking lot lighting objects, however the overall effect turned out quite nice and enhances the scenery considerably. I've also included the raw macro...

File size: 721.66 kB | Download hits: 45

Midway Atoll (Midway Islands) Photoreal

Midway Atoll (Midway Islands) Photoreal Scenery. Midway Atoll - or Midway Islands as it is often called - is a tiny atoll at the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Islands chain. It lies halfway between Asia and North America which made it an ideal refueling stop on transpacific flights. Henderson Airfield on Sand Island has an 8000 foot runway which is ideal for all kinds of heavy metal. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15). Package comes with a simple runway and taxiways and basic airport...

File size: 17.23 MB | Download hits: 891

Scenery Of St Vincent The Grenadines

Scenery Of St Vincent The Grenadines and The Grenada. Requires the Meshs Caraibes (LOD 10) file MESHANTILLES.ZIP. Includes redesign of all roads, coasts and landclass of islands. Includes six airports of St Vincent et les Grenadines: Canouan (TVSC) E.T. Josua (TVSV) J.F. Mitchell (TVSB), Mustique (TVSM), Union I. Int (TVSU) plus airport Argyle (may be open for 2013, TVSG). Also two airports of The Granada: Maurice Bishop (ex Pointe Saline) (TGPY) and Lauriston (TGPZ). By Valladier...

File size: 21.83 MB | Download hits: 1599

Mt Washington And The Presidential Range Photo

Mt Washington And The Presidential Range, NH. Welcome to the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. At 6288 feet, Mount Washington's summit is the highest peak in the northeast. An orientation guide with an imbedded map notes nearby airports, etc. Installation instructions are included. By Richard Sorochak. Screenshot of plane flying over Mt Washington scenery. INSTALLATION: This is a simple copy/paste operation. Copy the folder,...

File size: 314.52 MB | Download hits: 1158

Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport

Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (PACV), Alaska (AK). Puts some life in the airport and surrounding area. Utilizes UTX Alaska and FS Genesis mesh. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Merle K Smith Airport. Simply put the bgl into your ADDON SCENERY/SCENERY FOLDER. This area is beautiful. These screenshots include: Ultimate Terrain FSX Alaska FS Realtime FS Genesis terrain mesh My Traffic AI aircraft Active Sky Advanced (real world weather) Flying around...

File size: 133.12 kB | Download hits: 108


Bar-le-Duc (France) and its LFEU airfield a few miles south of Verdun. Hi res photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants, bumpy and sloped runway. Detailed hangars (specular, bump materials, smoke effects), animated windsock, static planes, nearest village all in 3D, cars, trucks, and the nearest windfarm of 33 animated and lighted wind turbines. VAC chart included. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Bar-le-Duc Scenery. Designed with SketchUp, SceneryBuilder, Airport design...

File size: 16.70 MB | Download hits: 300

Acc MSPG Sceneries Mach Loop

Acc MSPG Sceneries Mach Loop Scenery. This scenery is for FSX Acceleration SP2 use only as this is all it has been tested with. MSPG Mach Loop Spotters is some scenery that places some aircraft spotters on CAD East and CAD West also some spotters on the Bwlch all placed in real world positions. Also includes a view in CAD West and the Bwlch so you can watch yourself fly through from the spotters view in LFA7 North Wales. VFR GenX Photographic Scenery Volume 2 is recommended. By Matthew...

File size: 103.74 kB | Download hits: 292

Scenery For Lahr Airport

Scenery For Lahr Airport (EDTL). Two versions, one with VFR Germany and one for standard FSX scenery. By Peter der Ostfriese. Screenshot of Lahr Airport. Welcome to the home base of Pilots-Pup-Phoenix in Lahr (EDTL)! I created this scenery as our home base for the flight community "Pilots-Pub Phoenix". The Scenery: The scenery is complete from the imagination world of „Peter der Ostfriese“ developed in collaboration with "Jürgen...

File size: 6.10 MB | Download hits: 233

Scenery And Landclass For Molokai

Scenery And Landclass For Molokai, Hawaii (HI). This is a detailed landclass and scenery modification for the entire Island of Molokai. The island has been corrected for more realistic landclass textures and scenery. The houses and buildings are in their exact locations for most of the island. All of the airports have been corrected for errors and look more realistic. The VFR flying is now excellent. By Charles Reid. Screenshot of Kualapuu scenery. This is a complete...

File size: 8.48 MB | Download hits: 399

Diego Garcia Photoreal

Diego Garcia Photoreal Scenery. This scenery package is dedicated to Pesso and includes the Diego Garcia Atoll. Diego Garcia is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it's the southern extension of the Maldives archipelago. It is actually British Indian Ocean Territory and belongs to the UK but also has a US base called Camp Thunder Cove. Diego Garcia has a 12,000 foot runway which makes it an ideal destination for any kind of heavy metal. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15)....

File size: 42.76 MB | Download hits: 1161

Scenery Of IWM Duxford

Scenery Of IWM Duxford, UK. Just about the definitive representation of the Imperial War Museum, Duxford you could wish for. Includes comprehensive photo-realistic buildings and structures on both the north and south sides of the airfield. Fully customisable from a quite day through to an optional air show add-on. Complete with a package of 20 representative AI aircraft. By Stephen Legg and John Young, ACG. Screenshot of IWM Duxford on a quiet day. On behalf of John...

File size: 77.67 MB | Download hits: 2862

Ghost Airports - Youngstown Exec

Ghost Airports Youngstown Exec, Ohio. Youngstown Executive Airport was opened in the early 1960s. It served the area southwest of Youngstown, OH. The airfield was utilized by heartland general aviation types and a lot of freight operators hauling car parts for Packard Electric. Youngstown Exec did not survive the economic pressures of the modern age. It closed in the late 1990s. Let FSX and the Richard O. Finley Youngstown Exec simulation take you back there one more...

File size: 387.68 kB | Download hits: 172

San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport, California (CA), USA. This photoreal scenery is a complete rebuild for the default KSAN airport using the latest version of ADE and SBuilderX scenery design tool. SAN is one of the author's favorite airports to fly into because of its beautiful scenery and it also is ranked as #10 on the world's most dangerous airports list. This scenery includes the new expansion of Terminal 2 that is scheduled to be completed in 2013 but the gates and ground...

File size: 33.45 MB | Download hits: 8383

Chateau New Zealand

Chateau New Zealand. Package contains custom photoreal 3D buildings for New Zealand's Mount Ruapehu. The Chateau sits best with VLC 20 meter mesh and vector landclass add-on. By Michael Allen-Andrews. Screenshot of Chateau New Zealand Scenery. Package contains Custom 3d building for New Zealand mount ruapehu the chateau. FREEWARE ONLY. This scenery "3RD party "was designed sp1 sp2 sdk and to fit best with VLC though should work with any landclass...

File size: 638.10 kB | Download hits: 139

Chatham Islands New Zealand

Chatham Islands New Zealand. This is a basic photoreal upgrade to default NZCI Chatham Islands airport from which sits best on the VLC 20 meter mesh add-on. By Michael Allen-Andrews. Screenshot of Chatham Islands, New Zealand Scenery. Package contains Custom 3d buildings and some default FSx objects.. FREEWARE ONLY Some textures used in the 3D models have been created with images from CGTextures. This scenery "3RD party "was...

File size: 1.39 MB | Download hits: 265

Ghost Airports - Martin Field

Ghost Airports - Martin Field. Located about five miles northeast of the heart of Canton, along Route 62, Martin Field served the Canton, OH area from the late 1930's to the late 1990's. For a while, it was home to the Akron Skydivers. Here it serves as Ghost Airports Collection first Ohio airport. By Richard O. Finley. Screenshot of Martin Field Scenery. Martin Field was opened in the late 1930's and closed around 1997. It served Canton, OH area. The...

File size: 603.31 kB | Download hits: 63

Raglan New Zealand

Raglan New Zealand. This is a basic photoreal upgrade to default NZRA Raglan airport from which sits best on the VLC 20 meter mesh. By Michael Allen-Andrews. Screenshot of Raglan New Zealand Scenery. This is a basic upgrade to default NZRA Raglan airport from which sits best on the VLC 20meter mesh addon by Installing - For the experienced user, any other scenery folder you wish, provided it is...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 159

Taupo Extras New Zealand

Taupo Extras New Zealand. Includes photoreal Hukafalls / Helistar helibase / Lake Taupo float plane and helipad which is located on the Lake Taupo entrance of the Waikato River right in the heart of Taupo township. Hukafalls is a quick flight up the same river and Helistar is just up from that on the hill which is easy to make out with its trademark Mil Mi17 helicopter and raised helipad, all very handy to the main TaupoX "NZAP" airport from By Michael...

File size: 5.78 MB | Download hits: 316

Te Kuiti New Zealand

Te Kuiti New Zealand. This is a basic photoreal upgrade to default NZTT Te Kuiti airport from which sits best on the VLC 20 meter mesh add-on. By Michael Allen-Andrews. Screenshot of Te Kuiti New Zealand Scenery. This is a basic upgrade to default NZTT Te Kuiti airport from which sits best on the VLC 20meter mesh addon. Installing guide : For the experienced user, any other scenery folder you wish, provided it is activated within...

File size: 695.58 kB | Download hits: 117

Ghost Airports - Pennsylvania Scenery Update 4

Ghost Airports - Pennsylvania Update 4. Ghost Airports Collection - Pennsylvania update 4 presents Franklin, PA airport. This is the original Franklin airport where the Franklin Sport aircraft manufactured in the Franklin Aircraft factory were brought to be assembled and flown. By Richard O. Finley. Screenshot of Pennsylvania Scenery. Installation: This is very simple. Now that you have unzipped the downloaded file, put the two resulting .BGL files in ~~microsoft...

File size: 36.18 MB | Download hits: 118


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