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Neuchateau LFFT Scenery Patch

Neuchateau, France. New main BGL of the LFFT scenery that fixes some shadow bugs and removes tall trees too close to the runway ends. Requires LFFT_FSX.ZIP. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Neuchateau LFFT Scenery. Patch for Requires installed on your system ! New main BGL of the scenery that fixes some shadow bugs, and removes tall trees to close to the runway ends. FILES: - readme_patch.txt: this file. - lfft_adex_db.bgl: new BGL of...

File size: 266.51 KB | Download hits: 183

Freshwater Microlight Strip

Freshwater Microlight Strip, Isle of Wight, UK. Freshwater for users of Neil's Microlights FSX South-East. A small grass strip located on the Isle of Wight. You will need the full set of Neil's Microlights including the final version of the South-East for all of the objects to be visible. Plus you need UK VFR. The ground poly can be used with the default FSX. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Freshwater Microlight Strip scenery. Simply copy the .bgls into C:Neil's...

File size: 8.9 MB | Download hits: 83

Grafenwoehr Army Air Field

Grafenwoehr Army Air Field (ETIC). Based on Google Earth and the author's memory, a more realistic representation of the actual air field. By James Bowders. Screenshot of Grafenwoehr Army Air Field Scenery. I originally did the Grafenwoehr Army Air Field scenery for MSFS98. With the upgrades to the more modern versions of FS I tried to keep the scenery updated but I found it difficult. With ScruffyDuck's ADE I was able to make a few alterations to the FSX...

File size: 9.66 KB | Download hits: 160

Scenery Of Airfield LFFT Neuchateau

Scenery Of Airfield LFFT Neuchateau (France) forgotten by MS. Hi-res photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants. Detailed hangars with specular and bump materials, animated windsock, static planes, nearest police compound and farm. Landclass design of the city and the landscape (radius approx 10 miles), various antennas and TV tower. VAC chart included. By D. Bur. (See also LFFT_FSX_PATCH.ZIP). Screenshot of Airfield LFFT Neuchateau. Designed with SketchUp,...

File size: 9.55 MB | Download hits: 193

Mitchel AFB Scenery Update 3

Mitchel AFB Update #3 NY. Ghost Airports Collection - New York: This is it, update #3 for KMCH. This should be the final update for Mitchel Field as no further changes are anticipated for this simulation. This update installs an ILS with MALSR approach lights and a VASI on runway 30. There is now a working control tower. This update fixes a taxiway lighting glitch and sprinkles a little more eye-candy around. By Richard O. Finley. Screenshot of Mitchel AFB scenery. This...

File size: 793.31 KB | Download hits: 181

Los Angeles Airport Scenery V3

Los Angeles Airport Scenery v3, California (CA). This photoreal scenery is a complete rebuild for the default KLAX airport using the latest version of ADE, Google SkecthUp 8, and SBuilderX scenery design tool. This new KLAX scenery includes new terminal buildings that have been resized and redesigned to look more realistic. Includes terminal lights, (no night light lamps yet), new trees, cars to the parking garages, ground vehicles taxiway usage fixed, and several other nice details to enhance...

File size: 16.33 MB | Download hits: 23497

Philadelphia Municipal Airport

Philadelphia Municipal Airport (KMPE), Mississippi (MS). Simple improvement to this nice airport. By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of Philadelphia Municipal Airport. Simply place the scenery and texture folders into your addon scenery library. No need to activate. Located in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Screenshot of balloons over Philadelphia scenery.   ...

File size: 313.04 KB | Download hits: 139

MYGW West End

MYGW West End, Bahamas. This airport is now used for cargo. It has the longest runway on the island and can handle the largest aircraft. By Jimmy R. Martin. Aerial view of MYGW West End Scenery. To install simply place the scenery folder into your addon scenery folder. its contents into a folder of your choice in your addon scenery folder. IF you slide this entire folder into your addon scenery folder be sure to activate it. Screenshot of...

File size: 154.05 KB | Download hits: 118

FSX Skara Scenery Bonaire X

Skara Scenery Bonaire X. Flamingo International Airport or Bonaire International Airport (IATA: BON, ICAO: TNCB) is located at Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Flamingo Airport is the third largest airport in the former Netherlands Antilles. The Flamingio Airport is large enough to accommodate most international wide-body airliners. The new apron, built a little time ago, has been placed. The terminal, now is completely new and more details make the airport alive. By Skara...

File size: 27.4 MB | Download hits: 546

Bagdogra Customs Airport

Bagdogra Customs Airport, India. This is Bagdogra Customs Airport (ICAO:VEBD IATA:IXB) situated nearby of Siliguri, West Bengal, India. It is rapidly increasing its importance as commercial airport. It was formally started as an Indian Air Force Airport. Afterwards it was opened as civilian airport. This scenery is made with default buildings. By Smithangshu Ghosh. Installation:Unzip it and place it on FSXAddon Scenery then start fsx and open scenery library and activate it.Now you are...

File size: 27.91 KB | Download hits: 191

Mogadishu X

Mogadishu X, Somalia. This is Mogadishu International Airport in Somalia. Made from custom created models and textures. It has a photoreal base that changes with the seasons. Completely redesigned for FSX with a new AFCAD file, new coastline, roads and landclass. It is a unforgiving country ravished by war. Includes some easter eggs in the form of two downed Blackhawks in the exact spot that the real Blackhawks went down. See if you can find them. Also includes the Olympic Hotel with a hard...

File size: 40.39 MB | Download hits: 976

New Orleans International Airport

New Orleans International Airport, Louisiana (LA). This photoreal scenery is a complete redo of the default KMSY scenery using the latest version of ADE, SBuilderX scenery design tool, and Google Sketchup. The author has replaced all of the default terminal buildings, added the new 2012 Concourse D expansion, new 2013 rental car garage, added gate signs to terminals A, B, C, and D, and included several nice scenery enhancements. Runways 01 and 19 are now selected by ATC for take offs and...

File size: 26.41 MB | Download hits: 3691

Ghost Airports Updates For Cradle Of Aviation

Ghost Airports Updates For Cradle Of Aviation Airports. This file contains updates for R. O. Finley's two Cradle of Aviation airports. They are update #1 Roosevelt Field (GHOST_AIRPORTS_ROOSEVELTFIELD_MINEOLA_NEW_YORK.ZIP) and update #2 for Mitchell AFB (GHOST_AIRPORTS_COLLECTION_NEW_YORK_MITCHEL_AFB-1.ZIP). It makes improvements on a number of fronts especially night operations. Some new eye-candy is sprinkled around. By Richard O. Finley. Screenshot of 'Cradle Of...

File size: 425.82 KB | Download hits: 87

Kittyhawk Aero Estate

Kittyhawk Aero Estate (FAKT) and private airfields, South Africa. An updated Kittyhawk Aero Estate as well as two private airfields nearby, Zyn Kraal and Rhino Park. These aerodromes are located east of Pretoria and are becoming increasingly popular due to the high fees at bigger public airports such as Wonderboom and Grand Central. Modelled as they were on 5 November 2011. By WJ Bonnet. Screenshot of Kittyhawk Aero Estate Scenery. Thanks for downloading my rendition of...

File size: 204.02 KB | Download hits: 176

Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)

Frankfurt Airport (EDDF), Frankfurt, Germany. With new runway 07L-25R. ILS, taxiways and taxiway signs are up to date (November 2011). The gates have gate signs to show the number of the gate and gates and parking positions have ground painted taxiway signs for better orientation. By Stefan Liebe. Screenshot of Frankfurt Airport Scenery.   ...

File size: 2.13 MB | Download hits: 4760

Jandia Airportt

Jandia Airportt (GCJD). This is a made up airport located on the island of Fuerteventura. The airport has three runways, two 2000 meters long runways and one 3000 meters long runway, all of which have full ILS capability. A total of 69 heavy, medium and cargo spaces are available. The file also comes with seven traffic files for the airport. A list of requirements for the traffic is stated in the read me file. By Cory Rees. ***How to in stall*** Place the "GCJD_ADEX_CORRI"...

File size: 57.35 KB | Download hits: 212

CFB North Star Detail Modification Patch

CFB North Star Detail Modification Patch (version 7.2). Requires CYNS_V7_FSX.ZIP. Adds overhead lighting to parking areas, to create a more busy look. Raw source files are also included for use in any freeware scenery projects. Freeware by Brian Sturton. Screenshot of CFB North Star scenery. This modification only adds parking lot lighting objects, however the overall effect turned out quite nice and enhances the scenery considerably. I've also included the raw macro...

File size: 721.66 KB | Download hits: 54

Midway Atoll (Midway Islands) Photoreal

Midway Atoll (Midway Islands) Photoreal Scenery. Midway Atoll - or Midway Islands as it is often called - is a tiny atoll at the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Islands chain. It lies halfway between Asia and North America which made it an ideal refueling stop on transpacific flights. Henderson Airfield on Sand Island has an 8000 foot runway which is ideal for all kinds of heavy metal. Texture resolution is 1m/pixel (LOD 15). Package comes with a simple runway and taxiways and basic airport...

File size: 17.23 MB | Download hits: 1267

Scenery Of St Vincent The Grenadines

Scenery Of St Vincent The Grenadines and The Grenada. Requires the Meshs Caraibes (LOD 10) file MESHANTILLES.ZIP. Includes redesign of all roads, coasts and landclass of islands. Includes six airports of St Vincent et les Grenadines: Canouan (TVSC) E.T. Josua (TVSV) J.F. Mitchell (TVSB), Mustique (TVSM), Union I. Int (TVSU) plus airport Argyle (may be open for 2013, TVSG). Also two airports of The Granada: Maurice Bishop (ex Pointe Saline) (TGPY) and Lauriston (TGPZ). By Valladier...

File size: 21.83 MB | Download hits: 2143

Mt Washington And The Presidential Range Photo

Mt Washington And The Presidential Range, NH. Welcome to the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. At 6288 feet, Mount Washington's summit is the highest peak in the northeast. An orientation guide with an imbedded map notes nearby airports, etc. Installation instructions are included. By Richard Sorochak. Screenshot of plane flying over Mt Washington scenery. INSTALLATION: This is a simple copy/paste operation. Copy the folder,...

File size: 314.52 MB | Download hits: 1554