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Richu-Pochi, a village in Peru. Once every two weeks a cargo flight is made by Brother Ephrom from the Holy Heart Mission Main House in Cuzco, Peru to several villages where the Brothers and Fathers help out the peasants with seeds and technology. This flight is important to the village of Richu-Pochi (Rock of gods in Imara) since it's time to plant the corn and habababa beans. Weather is changing almost daily. New 2D scenery in a hard place to find! Have a nice flight but be very...

File size: 2.23 MB | Download hits: 79

Houston Hobby Airport

Houston Hobby Airport (KHOU), Texas (TX). This is a photoreal scenery redesign for the default KHOU airport with added airport buildings and photoreal ground textures, to give the airport a more realistic feeling. Includes the new (Y shaped) main central concourse building and the original 1940 terminal building (located next to runway 17/35). Also includes several warehouse buildings, real gate assignments, and several other little scenery enhancements. The runways and airport aprons are...

File size: 19.46 MB | Download hits: 1616

Oralndy Perez Intl Airport

Oralndy Perez Intl Airport. This is Oralndy Perez Intl Airport on the Island of Potronia. This update is only for FSX and what it is does is make the runway 85000 feet long now can handle A330-200 with out any weight limits. By Orlandy Perez. Oralndy Perez International Logo. JUST ADD TO ADD-ON SCERNERY / SCERNERY FOLDER DONT FORGET TO THE DELETE THE OLD ONE. ...

File size: 116.11 kB | Download hits: 32

Lake Weir Seaplane Base

Lake Weir Seaplane Base. The Lake Weir facility (24FA), in Oklawaha, Florida (FL), is a private seaplane base facility. Located two miles west of the nearest business district, Lake Weir covers 6000 acres. The scenery was made with Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery. It adds seaplane docks, static seaplanes, medium marina, fueling dock, buildings and vehicles to make landing here more interesting. The real seaplane base does not have docking for seaplanes/float planes. By Bruce...

File size: 6.74 MB | Download hits: 99

Gary Gale Seaplane Base Florida

Gary Gale Seaplane Base Florida. Gary Gale Seaplane Base (0FL8) is a real private seaplane base located in Jacksonville, FL. The default base was modified and includes added seaplane float docks and a medium and small marina. Also includes an ADF/NDB frequency to make it easier to locate the base. By Bruce Bouley. Screenshot of Gary Gale Seaplane Base, Florida. My home airport is Ocala Intl (KOCF) and enjoy flying Seaplanes/Float Planes in FSX. The problem I find is that...

File size: 4.00 MB | Download hits: 108

Phoenix Sky Harbor International

Phoenix Sky Harbor International (KPHX), Phoenix, Arizona (AZ). Updated for FSX as of September 2011, including photoreal satellite imagery, FSX car traffic, FSX moving jetways, Terminal 3 garage helipad with beacon, new vegetation, several added scenery objects, corrected taxiways/ramps/vehicle roadways, and more. All files included, nothing else is needed. Update by Matthew Bell, original FS2004 scenery by Mach-1 Design Group/Jaxan Prier, Jose Gutierrez. Screenshot of...

File size: 15.34 MB | Download hits: 2667

Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base

Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base, Florida. Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base (FD46) is a private seaplane base located in Frostproof, FL. It is classfied as a seaplane base and as such only available to approved aircraft. Made with Airport Design Editor (ADEX) 1.50. Docks, ADF frequency and VOR frequency added. By Bruce Bouley. Screenshot of Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base. I am based out of Ocala, Florida and my home airport is Ocala Intl (KOCF). I enjoy flying...

File size: 1.95 MB | Download hits: 99

Andaman And Nicobar Deluxe

Andaman And Nicobar Deluxe. Andaman and Nicobar are a large group of nearly 600 islands in the Bay of Bengal. Though they are a part of India geographically, they are closer to Myanmar and Thailand than to the Indian mainland. FSX has these Islands totally bare so it was decided some face lift was in order. LC for the main towns and villages, seaside villages with small ports, four new airfields. At the Indian Naval Base you can land your helicopter in the destroyer at the bay. Many new...

File size: 9.11 MB | Download hits: 229

Tenerife North - Los Rodeos GCXO

Tenerife North - Los Rodeos GCXO. This update has been designed with the version 1.08 of Airport Facilitator X only for the Sim-Giants airport and FSX. This includes the new platform, new taxiway E1, view from the new control tower, parking airlines with assigned codes as currently used, and many more improvements. By Javier Chafes. Screenshot of Los Rodeos GCXO Scenery. INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the SGXO001.BGL 2. Copying the folder where you installed the...

File size: 6.27 MB | Download hits: 2826

Lodrino Generic LSML / LSXR

Lodrino Generic LSML / LSXR. Scenery Lodrino Airport LSML / LSXR RUAG Maintenance. Features: runway, taxiways and parkings placed with Skyguide aerodrome chart and Google Map, airport assembled with generic buildings, heliport, runway, night lighting, tower. By Michael Bruttel. Screenshot of Lodrino Generic LSML - LSXR Scenery. Scenery Lodrino Airport LSML / LSXR RUAG Maintenance Features : - Runway Taxiways and parkings placed with Skyguide aerodrome Chart and from...

File size: 88.96 kB | Download hits: 286


Cornelius-Moore (Polk County), 4A4, Georgia (GA), USA. By Alf Denham. Screenshot of Cornelius-Moore Scenery. When I offered to consider producing small local airfields on request I had UK flight simmers in mind but was surprised to hear from Lou Clemmons who resides in Georgia USA. He asked if I would have a go at Cornelius-Moore-4A4, an airfield he flies from both in Flight Simulation and also in real life. After checking it out in Google Earth I agreed to do it. Lou...

File size: 23.92 MB | Download hits: 113

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (KMSY), Louisiana (LA), USA, v1. This is a redesign of the default KMSY scenery using the latest version of ADE (v1.47). It adds several warehouse buildings, more gates, visible jetways, gate signs to terminals B, C, and D, and a bunch of other little scenery enhancements. Runways 01 and 19 are now selected by ATC for take-offs and landings based on the direction of the wind. Also aligns the taxiways and airport aprons to match Google and...

File size: 13.30 MB | Download hits: 495

Paraguanį Airport (SVJC) - Venezuela

Paraguaná Airport (SVJC) - Venezuela Josefa Camejo International Airport, located in Las Piedras near the city of Punto Fijo, in western Venezuela. This scenery add facilities Amuay refinery, the world's largest. Includes some interesting special effects, like the explosion of a transformer at the airport every hour o'clock and smoke effects in the refinery. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. Includes terminal building and hangars with realistic...

File size: 79.54 MB | Download hits: 531

Cockerham Airfield (Pattys Farm)

Cockerham Airfield (Pattys Farm). For users of Neil's Microlights, although Pattys-Farm-p.bgl can be used with the default Horizon VFR sceneries as well. Cockerham shows as a grass strip on the VFR Sceneries so the correct tarmac strip has been added. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of Cockerham Airfield Scenery. These bgl's are mainly for users of Neil's Microlights and adds the tarmac runway to Cockerham Airfield (Patty's-Farm). For users of Midland and...

File size: 1.36 MB | Download hits: 43

MDOP ILS Scenery Update

MDOP ILS Update. This update will add an ILS to runway 36 at Orlandy Perez Int'l Airport (MDOP). By Orlandy Perez. Screenshot of MDOP ILS Scenery. Just reaplce the AFX_MDOP.BGL from the main scernery with this one that i have gave you and MDOP will have ILS for runway 36. ...

File size: 221.74 kB | Download hits: 44


Epinal-Dogneville, France, and airfield LFSE. Photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants, complete landclass re-design of Epinal city: factories, strip malls, industrial areas, etc. Custom photoreal hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cars, nearest houses in 3D, fuel area, etc. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur. Screenshot of Epinal-Dogneville Scenery. This is an complete rework of my old LFSE scenery for FS2K2. It has been designed...

File size: 16.57 MB | Download hits: 316

My Airport MDOP

My Airport MDOP. A fictional airport named Orlandy Perez Int'l Airport in the country of Potronia (fictional) in the city of Perez. Airport's runway is 7000 feet long. By Orlandy Perez. I dicided to make my own Airport named Orlandy Perez Intl Airport is locaed about 10 minutes from the Dominican Republic the country is call portronia and the city is callled perez i added a lot of things to do on the isaland the runway in 7000 feet long and also has one helipad. To install...

File size: 5.60 kB | Download hits: 34

My Airport MDOP Scenery Update

My Airport MDOP Update. An update for my country's airport MDOP. Makes the island look my better and more populated. By Orlandy Perez. Aerial shot of My Airport MDOP Scenery. With this UPDATA IT ADDS MORE BUILDINGS AND MUCH MORE THE ISLAND LOOKS LIKE IT GETS MORE PEPOLE NOW. To install just add the BGL Files to Add-on Scernry/Scernery folder. ...

File size: 222.62 kB | Download hits: 32

County Class Destroyers

County Class Destroyers. Helicopter landable, provided in both static and AI form. Two versions are provided, original with two 4.5in twin turrets, Sea Slug missiles, Sea Cat missiles and two 20mm Oerlikon, and Batch 2 conversion with Exocet in lieu of one turret. Can be used alone or as escort to an aircraft carrier. All three are provided with and without wake. By Mike Hudson. Screenshot of County Class Destroyers Scenery. As someone who is interested not only in...

File size: 9.99 MB | Download hits: 363

1 WTC Scenery V2

1 WTC, New York, NY. Approaching the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001, the construction of 1 World Trade Center is currently underway. By Andy Johnston. Screenshot of 1 WTC Scenery.   ...

File size: 2.85 MB | Download hits: 872


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