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1937 Aeronca LC Classic Sport Plane Now Available

Posted on Sat, 31 Jul 2004 05:17:38 GMT
Just released by William Ortis / Lionheart Creations Ltd. is the classic 1937 Aeronca LC Low-Wing Classic, a rare radial engine powered sport plane from the golden age of aviation. For full details, click on Read More.William Ortis at Lionheart Creations Ltd. is releasing the Aeronca LC Low-Wing Classic. This is a rare plane of which 67 were produced in limited production between 1936 and 1937, of which it is rumored that only 6 have survived.

The LC class low-wing was a brake away from the normal form of aircraft created by Aeronca Aircraft Company, featuring aerodynamic wheel skirts that helped shape the new aerodynamic aircraft design era.

The LC was powered by the Warner Scarab Jr. radial 5 cylinder engine, rated at 90 HP. She was good for a ceiling of 16,000 feet altitude and featured a top speed of 128 knots with a good economy cruise of 105 knots for long trips.

The roomy cabin of the LC held two passengers in comfort and provided as an excellent ship for long journey's. The controls of this classic bird featured dual floor mounted joysticks which enabled both to fly. The landing gear and tires were set up for field landings, the tires being wide for soft touchdowns on a rough runway.

This model of the Aeronca LC by Lionheart Creations Ltd. features 4 different paint schemes which include the the factory yellow with black stripe, as well as red with white stripe, a white with a Gee Bee paint scheme from an actual owner, and a blue version. The paint schemes include dynamic reflection and shine especially on the aluminum panels. Just as well, all control surfaces are animated including the tail wheel, suspension, and passenger door.

The interior sports a custom 2D panel with burled walnut wood which is carried over into the virtual cockpit which gleams functioning instrumentation with some antique gauges courtesy of Bill and Lynn Lyons and JL Stubbs. The usual controls in the VC are animated as well for a bit of realism when on a good sim adventure. Note the over size throttle knob which was a fad back in the days.

Lionheart Creations set out to make a good air file for a more realistic flying airplane. It has taken a lot of testing and tuning to avail the latest performing aircraft. Such flight features also include a rare flap/air-brake that is mounted on the under belly between both main gears. Such air-brakes could be bolted into aircraft of that era as aftermarket options as flaps were fairly new to aviation. This particular air-brake works well in the third notch position.

If you like classic aircraft and fancy some good ole flying in a rare bird, you might wish to add this to your simulation hanger collection.

Kind regards, blue skies, and Gods blessings,

William Ortis
Lionheart Creations Ltd.

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Ian Stephens

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