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FSX General Aviation Aircraft

Many users of FSX prefer to fly smaller, private general aviation aircraft.  This section covers all of the planes that you would find at your local airfield or airstrip, from training aircraft used for your private pilots license to acrobatic propeller driven aircraft.  Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a great all-round simulation, with the realism of commercial flying using IFR rules, to private social flights using VFR. 

Double engine private aircraft flying over West Texas.

Image shows a double engine private aircraft flying over West Texas using one of the add-ons for FSX.

You don't always have to follow the "rules" when flying, you can simply jump in a smaller aircraft and go sight seeing.

General aviation aircraft are usually propeller driven and usually come in single or double engine versions depending on the size of the aircraft.

This section is growing daily, covering many of the aircraft from names such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and others well know in the private aviation field.  Almost all of the add-ons include detailed installation instructions to aid the user in getting the aircraft up and running in FSX.

Each of the downloads include a description and information text from the developer, explaining the file in detail.  This is the second most popular section, while the commercial jets is  number one.  While developers usually focus on large commercial aircraft, there is a large group of developers that produce only private aircraft, and all of their creative efforts go into this; delivering high quality, highly developed freeware aircraft that is equal to that of some payware models.

Browse through the pages below to choose an add-on that suits what you're looking for.

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Sequoia Aircraft Falco F8LComplete with Base Model

This is the version 1.2 of the model which corrects some errors or problems, present in the former version. This version fully replaces the version 1.1. The aircraft was designed by the renowned Italian designer Stelio Frati in 1955, and originally built in Italy by Aviamilano then Aeromere and later Laverda. The Falco is currently sold in kit or plans form for amateur construction by the Sequoia Aircraft Company. The aircraft is single-engined, propeller driven and designed for private and...

File size: 4.35 MB | Download hits: 0

Piper ApacheComplete with Base Model

Lynn and Bill Lyons' Piper Apache updated and adapted for FSX. Includes four liveries with companion, color-coded panel sets. Each panel set is distinctively gauged with complementary 2D and VC views. Special thanks to Milton Shupe and Scott Thomas for Scotts period gauges and to Aaron R. Swindle for his "Big Twin" sound package. This is Kenwigair Kustoms' Resto-Mod #1. By Ken Wigginton. Screenshot of Piper Apache in flight. Installation: Open the download...

File size: 47.98 MB | Download hits: 0

LET Z-37A Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Pavel Karasek, Zlin Z-37 Cmelak. The panel was made more FSX friendly, the VC glass, and prop textures replaced, plus texture thumbnails added. This package has both 2D and VC panels. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of LET Z-37A on the ground. [fltsim.0] title=Z-37A pevny sim=Z37A model= panel= sound= texture=OK-NJB kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id_enable=1 atc_id=OK-NJB editable= ui_manufacturer=LET ui_type=Z-37A...

File size: 88.02 MB | Download hits: 0

Air Tractor AT-301 Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Stuart Greene Air Tractor AT301. This package includes the Mike Hambly Pratt and Whitney R-1340 sounds, FSX compatible gauges, and texture thumbnail. Package has 2D panel and a transparent VC panel. The AT-301 makes a great addition to any ag-plane collection. Spray effects included. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Air Tractor AT-301 in...

File size: 5.54 MB | Download hits: 0

Transavia PL-12 Airtruk Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Mike Stone Transavia PL12 (an Australian crop duster). Included are the George Csillag 2D panel, the David Molyneaux Auster-Agricola gauges, the Mark Rooks Lycoming IO-540 (Cessna 182) sounds, and six textures by various authors (with thumbnails). 2D panel only, no VC panel. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Transavia PL-12 Airtruk Package in flight. ...

File size: 14.05 MB | Download hits: 0

Ayres Turbo Thrush Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Andrew Holden FSX Ayres Turbo Thrush Modification. The panel uses the Bruce Fitzgerald Cessna 208 amphib gauge that is included, and his Cessna 208 sounds. Also added are the Thrush spray effects, and six textures plus texture thumbnails by various authors. This package has both 2D and VC panels. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Ayres Turbo Thrush in flight. The S2R T65 NEDS special ops aircraft is a development of the Ayres Turbo Thrush crop duster....

File size: 21.91 MB | Download hits: 0

PZL M-15 Belphegor Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Jeffrey Nissen PZL M15 Belphegor two aircraft package. This is a 1970s era Soviet jet powered bi-plane, intended for crop dusting. Included are the Plamondon, M. Cranston Rolls Royce Avon sound pack, gauges by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, and texture thumbnails. 2D panel and non-functional VC panels included. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of PZL M-15 Belphegor on runway. ...

File size: 26.31 MB | Download hits: 0

Grumman G-164A AgCat Crop Duster UpdatedComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Marcel du Plessis Grumman G164A Ag-Cat. This package includes the Pratt and Whitney R-1340 "Wasp" sound package by Jay McDaniel, the Sin Jedinac JAT texture, the Manuele Villa Hellenic Air Force texture, and a realistic but fictitious repaint of an American crop duster, and texture thumbnails. Includes both 2D and VC panel. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Grumman G-164A AgCat Crop Duster in flight. ...

File size: 12.98 MB | Download hits: 0

Cessna 337/O-2 Skymaster Updated PackageComplete with Base Model

This is an update to the Mike Stone Cessna C337/O2 package. Included are the Rip Lichliter alternate panel bitmap for the O-2, the Mike Stone original panel bitmap for the 337, FSX compatible engine and landing gear gauges, the Bob Chicilo "Cessna 337 Update", the Luis Gustavo Panceri Continental IO-360 sounds, thirty-seven 337 textures and two O-2 textures by various authors (forty textures and thumbnails in all). 2D panel only, no VC panel. Package by Michael E....

File size: 46.92 MB | Download hits: 7

Microlight Flight And AircraftComplete with Base Model

A guided flight from Popes Farm Lancashire to Dairy House Farm Cheshire England. For users of Neil's Microlights. Includes the CFM Streak Shadow. Includes a new airfield scenery for Dairy House Farm, Cheshire. By Neil Birch. Screenshot of a red CFM Streak Shadow in flight. [fltsim.0] title= Streak Shadow G-BONP Red/Black sim=CFM Streak Shadow model= panel=red sound= texture=red atc_id=G-BONP ui_manufacturer=CFM ui_variation=Red and...

File size: 49.04 MB | Download hits: 2

Carenado Commander 114 New FDEComplete with Base Model

This FDE includes a totally new flight model for the payware Carenado Commander 114. With a lot of practice you can perform the same breathtaking aerobatics sequence Bob Hoover did with the stock 114. By Bernt Stolle. [fltsim.0] title=COMMANDER 114 WHITE sim= 114_ng model=1P panel= sound= texture= kb_checklists=Commander114_CHECK kb_reference=Commander114_REF atc_id= ui_manufacturer=Carenado ui_type="Commander 114" ui_typerole="Single Engine...

File size: 19.40 kB | Download hits: 397

Beechcraft/Raytheon A36 Bonanza N36LBComplete with Base Model

A36 Bonanza, registration N36LB (fictitious) "Little Bandit". A repaint for the payware Carenado A36, and also has engine modification files included. This engine modification was first developed for the Dreamfleet A36 Bonanza with tip tanks. This modification was the work of Peter McLeland who was kind enough to assist with this engine modification for the FSX Carenado A36 Bonanza.. a.k.a. "Little Bandit". By Kevin Michael. Side view of Raytheon A36 Bonanza N36LB...

File size: 3.80 MB | Download hits: 1433

Private Bede BD-5GComplete with Base Model

A private livery for the payware Iris Bede BD-5G model. By Colin Sefton. Screenshot of Private Bede BD-5G in flight. I have included some edited flight dynamics if you wish to add a more realistic bede prop behaviour. If you wish to add the improved and more accurate flight dynamics. This will reduce performance and speed more in line with reality and not the way too fast 365mph+ the original gave (the Bede-5j jet version only did 300mph, most prop versions would do 200-250...

File size: 2.91 MB | Download hits: 1758

S.A. Bulldog Mk1Complete with Base Model

S.A. Bulldog Mk1 training aircraft, updated for FSX. Original Scottish Aviation Bulldog model by Tim Conrad. Textures BHZR, DOGE and emuas by Ben Hartmann of UKMIL. Packaged for FSX by "Craig B". Screenshot of S.A. Bulldog Mk1 in flight. Installation: Unzip and copy the folder BulldogMk1 into your ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes folder. Copy all the gauge files from the BulldogMK1Gauges folder to ...Microsoft Flight Simulator XGauges. Copy...

File size: 19.00 MB | Download hits: 2142

Piper P28A WarriorComplete with Base Model

A rebuild of Hauke Keitel's Piper PA28-201 with .air file, animated 2D panel and high detail paint designed for Flight Simulator X. Aircraft is painted in a highly reflective finish. By Mel Mutter. Screenshot of Piper P28A Warrior in flight. Extracted gauges from WinRAR archive and install into / Flight Simulator X / gauges. Or put all extracted gauges into panel...

File size: 14.91 MB | Download hits: 1826

Piper Warrior Turbo (Fictional)Complete with Base Model

Features new animated 2D panel flight controls as well as in VC. Includes tweaked .air file and new paint. By Mel Mutter. Based on original by Rien Cornelissen. Screenshot of Piper Warrior Turbo in flight. The door will open using . First the door latch will open together with the storm window, a small window within the window directly to the pilot's left, and then the door itself. The baggage door will open and close by followed by <2>. The ribbon to keep this door...

File size: 9.11 MB | Download hits: 700

Cessna 177RG CardinalComplete with Base Model

A Gmax FSX/SDK retractable landing gear version of Cessna's 177 Cardinal proposed replacement for the 172. At 200 hp and considerably more aerodynamic than the 172, it was truly a standout airplane in its own right. This model is based on the real C177RG in which the author received his complex endorsement. Includes full function VC with accurately modified gauges. Model, textures and flight dynamics by Brett Henderson. Screenshot of Cessna 177RG Cardinal on...

File size: 4.60 MB | Download hits: 3468

Beriev BE-103Complete with Base Model

Beriev BE-103 light amphibious aircraft. The Be-103 light multipurpose amphibious aircraft is a monoplane with low-set water-displacement wing with a root strake, all-moving horizontal tail located in the propeller blow zone, and tricycle landing gear. Screenshot of Beriev BE-103 in flight. A unique feature of the amphibious aircraft includes implementation of a water-displacement wing concept, which improves seaworthiness and stability when moving on water. Power plants are two...

File size: 8.32 MB | Download hits: 2718

Piper PA-31 NavajoComplete with Base Model

Piper PA-31 Navajo, a family of cabin-class, twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft using Lycoming engines for the general aviation market. In the mid-1960s, an aircraft of this size was sorely needed and founder William T. Piper requested the type be developed. Targeted at small-scale cargo and feeder liner operations and the corporate market, the aircraft was a success. It continues to prove a popular choice, but due to greatly decreased demand across the general aviation...

File size: 3.95 MB | Download hits: 1966

Blue And White Moo's Mooney AcclaimComplete with Base Model

Using the default Bravo model, the Mooney Acclaim is Mooney's newest model. Like all models before the Acclaim is built to go faster. New flight dynamics by Mary Moo of RDG. Screenshot of blue and white Moo's Mooney Acclaim in flight. To install this aircraft: As always back up any original files. Unzip downloaded folders to your desktop or temporary directory of your choice. Copy the " Acclaim " folder and paste it in the main aircraft...

File size: 15.59 MB | Download hits: 418

56 pages with 1103 downloads.



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