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FS2004 AFCAD Files

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KBIL, Billings Logan International Airport, Billings, Montana (MT). By Allen Bagwell. Made with AFCAD 2004. May only be used in Flight Simulator 2004. Added coded gates according to airport website: A1 - Northwest A3 - United B1 - Delta/Delta Connection B2 - Big Sky B3 - Horizon Air B4 - America West Fixed runway 10L/28R and numerous other problems using taxiway diagrams and other information. Cargo gates added for FedEx, UPS, and...

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KMEM, Memphis Int'l Airport, Tennessee (TN). Adds many gates, corrects concourses A, B and C. Also updates local airports. M01 corrected runway to new numbers, and added the new ASOS installed to KAWM. New v1.1 fixes details on KMEM gate numbering, and taxiway procedures, added real parking at KDYR, KFCY, KPGR, KTKX, M04, M36, and M05. By Diego Tellez. V1.1. Adds many gates, also has correct concourses A, B and C. Contains current gate assignments for Northwest and other airlines. Also...

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KSFO, San Francisco International Airport, California (CA). By Rob Payne. This file is only suitable when using FS2004 default scenery. Has been compiled using Lee Swordy's excellent AFCAD 2 program. To install, simply place the file KSFO.BGL into the scenery folder of 'Addon Scenery' within Flight Simulator 9. I have delegated airlines to various terminals as per the SFO website. However, whilst those airlines listed are in the correct terminals, the list of airlines is not...

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LGAV, Athens - El. Venizelos Airport, Greece. Use with LGAV airport from George Dorkofikis, Ted Katranas and Panos Georgotas. By Orestis Athanassiadis. Simply extract this bgl. file into .../Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. NOTE: The scenery is not 100% compatible with the FS9! Happy landings! ...

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LGTS, Makeonia, Greece. Use with Makedonia Airport from Vangelis Vasilias and George Dorkofikis. By Orestis Athanassiadis. Simply extract this bgl. file into .../Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. NOTE: The scenery is not 100% compatible with the FS9! Happy landings! ...

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LIMC, Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy; Alitalias intercontinental hub. ...

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Tokyo Narita Airport

Tokyo Narita Airport (RJAA), Japan (not for the default FS2004 airport; details inside). Lars Armgart. Aerial view of Tokyo Narita Airport. The Tokyo scenery is currently not fully compatible with FS2004. In order to avoid crashes on the ground use the "Ignore crashes" option within FS2004. You'll also notice some elevation and texture problems, hopefully we'll see an update for this scenery in the future. I have not included all gates because of the frame rates...

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PHNL, Honolulu Int'l Airport, Hawaii (HI). By Martin Erinin. Overview of Honolulu Int'l Airport. Just put into FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then go to AFCAD.2, open airport the from file open then FS9 Addon Scenery/Scenery/XX. Happy flying! ...

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EGLL, London Heathrow, UK. Modeled on the official ICAO charts for the airport, almost all the gates are shown along with some of the maintenance areas and the BA cargo area. Designed for use with the JustFlight British Airports Scenery Series. By Andrew Rendall. Taken from the ICAO charts for the airport using the full gate numbers (not prefixed with letters). Includes all open runways, gates, cargo, and some maintenance parking. All taxiways and hold short points as defined in the scenery...

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Olbia, Costa Smeralda (LIEO), Italy, only for use with ISD Project's Olbia Airport. By Cristian Cassina. This file reproduces the exact layout of the ISD Project's Olbia airport. Gates are positioned in the exact way needed to make the right planes going to the right gates or ramps. In order to achieve the best result, you should also edit your AI aircrafts' MDL files (with the proper option in AFCAD2) in order to force GA planes to reach for their exact parkings. Some more...

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Ramstein AB

This is my representation of Ramstein AB, Ge. I've tried to replicate as best as I can all of the parking spots on the various ramps. Some I've intentionally left off to allow the AI to taxi freely and reduce the FPS hit if maxed out with aircraft. Overview of Ramstein AB, Germany. The way I laid this out was to give my C-130s the Mil_Cargo code, so they will only park in those designated spots (mainly Ramp 1 & 2). Any heavy C-X type aircraft (C-5, C-141, KC-135, etc)...

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KCLT, Charlotte-Douglas Int'l Airport, North Carolina (NC). By Bob Blackmun. This .bgl file adds gates to the default facilities, including gates D5 - D13 and E1 - E26 that are not shown in the default scenery. This file will work with the default FS2004 scenery but works better with Larry Hart's excellent Charlotte-Douglas scenery for FS2002 ( that includes Concourse D expansion and Concourse E (that are missing from the default scenery). Parking Codes are used to assign...

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Des Moines International Airport, Iowa (IA). By Steve Lewis. Overview of Des Moines International. This AFCAD2 file shows TWA sharing gates C6 & C7 with American/American Eagle. All other airline gates are coded properly as taken from the Des Moines International web page on the internet. Sufficient cargo spots are shown at the cargo ramps (FedEx, UPS, & Airborne). Installation: Place the AF2_KDSM.bgl file into Flight Simulator9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then start up...

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KRDU, Raleigh-Durham Int'l Airport, North Carolina (NC). By Bob Blackmun. This .bgl file adds gates A10 through A28 and C1 through C26 to the default facilities. Gates A5 - A9 are not included because the default scenery does not include the south concourse of terminal A. Gates C1 - C11 do not have any airline assigned at this time because they are closed for renovation. Parking Codes are used to assign the gates to the correct airlines. Set the parking_code and parking_type correctly...

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UAAA, Almaty Airport (Kazakstan). This file is reasonably accurate to previous AFCAD versions and FS2K2 sceneries. Although the gates are not coded for airlines. By Mike Pearson. Created with Lee Swordy's new AFCAD2. Enjoy! ...

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Int'l Airport, France. Includes two versions, one with gates not assigned to specific airlines and one where gates are assigned to real airlines according to the airport guide. By Patrick Leps. There are two files included: AF2_LFPGnoAI.bgl which means that the Gates haven't been assigned to special Airlines. AF2_LFPG.bgl, this is the one where I've tried to assign certain Airlines to the gates. I'm sure that the airlines assignment isn't...

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AFCAD2 Mexican Files

Includes the following airports in Mexico: Tijuana, MMTJ Cancun, MMUN Mexicali, MMML Mexico, MMMX Monterrey, MMMY Guadalajara, MMGL Just unzip the file to the "flight simulator 9/addon scenery/scenery" folder. By Jose Castaneda. ...

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EDDS, Stuttgart Airport, Germany, for use with German Airports 1 commercial scenery. By Johan van Hensbergen. I have used Lee Swordy's AFCAD2 (2.04) to adjust the taxiway's, parkings and Runway to match Stuttgart Airport from German Airports 1. Stuttgart Airport installed under FS2004 causes the AI traffic to taxi besides the taxiways as the default and add-on do not match. I have removed the default parking positions and have added new parkings so that it matches the GA...

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EDDV, Hannover, Germany. By Tim Unger. Overview of Hannover, Germany. I've tried to make it as real as possible, most of the gates are at the right position and also have their right names. I've had to left out a few gates because there wasn't enough parking space in the standard scenery , but in fact there are a lot more gates than default. I also changed some small taxiway parts which were the reason for some annoying brown texture parts on the apron, they're...

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EGFF, Cardiff Int'l Airport, Wales, UK. This file was created using Afcad 2.04. Will only work in FS2004. Installation: Just place this file in your FS9/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Then start FS2004. I've added all the gates from the real airport and the parking places. Hope you enjoy! ...

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