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Quad City Int'l Airport

Quad City Int'l Airport (KMLI), Moline, Illinois (IL). Adds parking and gate codes to the terminal area and more accurately models the taxiway system. It also adds GA parking at various areas. By John Lupori. To install: Drop in the addon scenery/scenery folder in FSX and restart. Other changes: Replaced a default hanger where fire station should be with a default station. As defined in this release, added some extras at the main cargo area. I believe that at the actual airfield...

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South Australian Airports Pack 2

South Australian Airports AFCAD Pack 2. These files will add airports missed with the release of FSX, Mostly small general aviation, gliding clubs, etc. Also ads some extra scenery at some airports; requires Rwy12 object libraries. By Kym Burton. Files are named below: GA-Hangers_lib for RWY12. Rwy12 Object Placer V1.2 - Library Collection #1. Rwy12 Object Placer V1.2 - Library Collection #2. Rwy12 Object Placer V1.2 - Library Collection #3. YLGC Rwy12...

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South Australian AFCADS Pack 1

South Australian AFCADS Pack 1. These AFCAD files add airports that were missed in FSX. Generally they are all small general aviation airports, gliding clubs, etc. By Kym Burton. YADG Aldinga (Small aeroclub situated in southern suburbs of Adelaide). YARS Ardrossan (Small strip on Yorke Peninsula). YALA Marla (Situated in far north of South Oz on Stuart Highway). YARK Arkaroola (Situated in northern Flinders Ranges). YAMT Amata (Aboriginal community far...

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Madrid/Barajas Airport

Madrid/Barajas Airport (LEMD), Spain. Includes gates renumbered based on AENA data, additional stands, correct airport code assignments, PAPI 4 light system. By Miguel A. Perez Soria. Poster for Madrid/Barajas Airport. This is a modified version of the default LEMD airport. The most important improvements are: - Many gates renumbered based on AENA data. - Added several additional real ramp stands, also based on AENA data. - Airline codes assigned to the stands....

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Auckland Int'l Airport

Auckland Int'l Airport (NZAA), New Zealand. This version corrects the missing taxiway D8, removes the 05L/23R runway designators and approach lighting, includes parking for DHL and additional fuel trucks, the support vehicle road has been completely rebuilt around the airport terminals and linked together; this gives easier access for the support vehicles and now virtually eliminated support vehicles from using the taxiways and causing holdups. By Ray Smith. As promised, This updated...

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Revelstoke Airport

Revelstoke Airport (CYRV), British Columbia, Canada. Corrects the runway heading and runway designators for runway 12/30, adds runway edge lighting and new airport autogen, fixes aprons and general layout of the airport. By Reggie Fields. This file is compatible and 100 percent compliant with FS X ONLY. Some discussion on the forums identified CYRV - Revelstoke as having the wrong runway designators in FSX (and FS2004). Research showed the source data before 2006 was in error on the...

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McCarran Int'l Airport

McCarran Int'l Airport (KLAS), Las Vegas, Nevada (NV). Features resized gate with assigned parking, additional fuel trucks, rebuilt support vehicle road, improved views. By Ray Smith. As requested, this BGL file is only for the FSX default airport: many gates resized where possible with assigned parking including extra parking, additional fuel trucks, the support Vehicle road around the terminals has been completely rebuilt and Linked together including the Cargo area, this gives...

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Kingsford Smith Int'l Airport

Kingsford Smith Int'l Airport (YSS), Australia. These four .bgl files are only for the FSX default airport: two with crosswind runway 7/25 operating and two without. All have airport views from inside the control tower, many gates corrected at the international terminal, cargo area and the domestic terminal area and a medical heli pad added. By Ray Smith. My thanks to Jim Vile and Reggie Fields for their information to get these files operating in FSX, but there's still room for...

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61B Corrected AFCAD

This AFCAD file corrects the AI aircraft hanging up entering runway 33 for Boulder City Airport, Nevada (NV). By Jimmy R. Martin. Screenshot of 61B scenery. You may search for the zip name and download the needed files if you do not already have them. or FS9 Scenery 61B Boulder City NV. The AF2 file goes into your FSX addon scenery/scenery folder. The scenery bgl 61B goes into your FSX addon scenery/scenery folder. The scenery object libraries have their own...

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