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FSX Military Aircraft

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Piaggio P-149D

FSX Piaggio P-149D. Textures only for use with PIAGGIO2.ZIP. By Mel Mutter. ...

File size: 4.39 MB | Download hits: 624

Piaggio P-149D PackageComplete with Base Model

FSX Piaggio P-149D Package. The Piaggio P-149 is a trainer-laison aircraft. It first flew in June 19th, 1953. It's a development of the P-148 model, with increased seat capacity, tricycle retractable landing gear and a more powerful engine, featuring a three-bladed constant speed propeller. Repaint, panel mods and aircraft file updated for FSX and mods by Mel Mutter. ...

File size: 25.67 MB | Download hits: 2202

Sukhoi Su-34Complete with Base Model

FSX Sukhoi Su-34 with three paint schemes. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. ...

File size: 10.8 MB | Download hits: 8512

Martin Seamaster P6M-2Complete with Base Model

FSX Martin Seamaster P6M-2. A swept wing, four jet, transonic flying boat--what a handful! Entirely new aircraft and effects made with FSDSv2. Plane and panel by Frank Elton, Pegasus Aviation Design. Converted to FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 5493

Pirate Ship

FSX Pirate Ship. A modified version of JP Bourgeois' Alpha Jet model for Flight Simulator X In a high luster two tone black paint scheme. This is a complete aircraft. Modified .air and .cfg files for FSX by Mary Moo of RDG. ...

File size: 10.39 MB | Download hits: 2000

CF-220 GrizzlyComplete with Base Model

FSX CF-220 Grizzly. Visual model completely reworked from the earlier versions, incorporating a VC (no 2D panel included). Total file size amounts to 56% of my original Grizzly, despite having the VC and additional details. Textures included for Canadian Armed Forces (two military versions plus an air display scheme), Australia, Japan, Finland, and two paintkits, with a choice of armed or unarmed models. See Readme for acknowledgements and additional details. By Brian Sturton. ...

File size: 17.15 MB | Download hits: 2765

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

FSX Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. A modified version of Craig Richardson's F117 Nighthawk in a low luster stealth paint scheme. This is a complete aircraft and new panel modified by Mark Rooks. ...

File size: 7.57 MB | Download hits: 15548

A-10 Warthog

FSX A-10 Warthog. By Will Braun. ...

File size: 1.42 MB | Download hits: 2515

F4D1 N.O.T.S. Project

FSX F4D1 N.O.T.S. Project. This is a modified version of Kazunori Ito's F4D1 Skyray for FSX with new flight dynamics and new .air and .cfg file. This Navy F4D1 is painted in the Project N.O.T.S. colors. Project N.O.T.S. was the first attempt to launch a satellite from an aircraft June 6, 1958 at China Lake. Historical pictures and history doc included. This is a complete aircraft with afterburner and effects modified by Mark Rooks. ...

File size: 9.1 MB | Download hits: 1785

TVA Lockheed C-141B StarlifterComplete with Base Model

FSX TVA Lockheed C-141B Starlifter. Model by Mike Stone. Textures by Garry J. Smith. ...

File size: 7.51 MB | Download hits: 5793


FSX F-16 "Fireball". A repaint of Kirk Olsson's F-16 Viper (Fighting Falcon), using updated flight dynamics and updated panel by Bob Chicilo. This F-16 Viper is painted in a flame pattern based on a real Air Force paint scheme; pictures included. Textures by Mark Rooks of RDG. ...

File size: 13.9 MB | Download hits: 1715

Boeing X-45Complete with Base Model

FSX Boeing X-45, updated for FSX. The X-45A is a UCAV, "Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle". Model by Kazunori Ito. ...

File size: 503.91 KB | Download hits: 2665

Northrop YB-49 Flying WingComplete with Base Model

FSX Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing. The YB49 was an XB-35 prototype that had the original powerplant of four piston engines replaced by eight turbojets. They also were modified with the addition of four fins and "air dams" or fences along the swept wings. By J. Higgs. ...

File size: 4.03 MB | Download hits: 3193

Grumman F-14D TomcatComplete with Base Model

FSX Grumman F-14D Tomcat Rev 2. Flight Dynamics,(V 03-07), FDE & Aircraft.cfg by IVAN KOSTIC". Aircraft perfectly controllable & maneuverable within the whole original Tomcat's flight envelope. F14D custom sound file by Christoffer Peterson given to me as a gift will full usage rights. Rework of Scott Printz's HUD_Hornet.XML for HUD development for the F14D & original aircraft.cfg by Ivan Kostic.  FSX aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg...

File size: 85.63 MB | Download hits: 61076

French Air Force DH Vampire T.11

FSX French Air Force DH Vampire T.11. A repaint of the payware Alphasim DeHavilland Vampire T.11. It is painted as a fictional Vampire T.11 of the French Airforce (who only used single-seater Vampires). Repaint by Valentin Schneider. ...

File size: 4.02 MB | Download hits: 2034

Lockheed Martin F-16 Repaint

FSX Lockheed Martin F-16. A repaint of Kirk Olsson's F16 Viper (Fighting Falcon), using updated flight dynamics and updated panel by Bob Chicilo. This F16 Viper is painted in low res desert camo textures by Mark Rooks. ...

File size: 10.14 MB | Download hits: 3897

Fuerza Aerea Espanola Tornado GR4

FSX Fuerza Aerea Espanola Tornado GR4. Textures only for a Panavia Tornadr GR.4. By Joy Egea. ...

File size: 1.19 MB | Download hits: 2289

Lockheed/Kawasaki P-3C Orion JMSDF Package v2.9

The Team FS KBT P-3 Orion updated for FSX. Operates normally in FS2004 and is usable if not perfect in FSX. By Daisuke Yamamoto and Hiroaki Kubota....

File size: 89.38 MB | Download hits: 10254

F-117 ThunderGoblinComplete with Base Model

Original Aircraft design and Panels- Craig Richardson Panel by Pete Boleng modified by D.L. Tarbox for the F117 Texture - D.L. Textures (Duane Tarbox)....

File size: 8.14 MB | Download hits: 2520

Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 30 Hellenic Air Force PackageComplete with Base Model

The Hellenic Air Force (or Greek Air Force) has ordered a total of 180 F-16 aircraft, including F16C/D block 30, 50, and 52 aircraft. These aircraft are equiped with state-of-the-art weapon systems: JDAM, JSOM, and WCMD ground attack munitions; IRIS-T and AIM-120C AMRAAM air-to-air missiles; JHMCS and NVG for the pilots; LANTIRN navigation and targeting system; and ASPIS electronic warfare suite. HAF has 8 Squadrons equipped with Vipers and based at Larisa, Nea Anghialos and Suda. This repaint...

File size: 45.48 MB | Download hits: 7668