FSX Halloween At Salem (Fix 1) Mission

Halloween At Salem Fix, for use with SALEM.ZIP. Includes missing .bgl and texture files that were part of FSXSimCopter. By David Crandall.

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Halloween At Salem Fix, for use with SALEM.ZIP. Includes missing .bgl and texture files that were part of FSXSimCopter. By David Crandall.

Halloween At Salem Mission.

Halloween At Salem Mission.

If you have not downloaded my FSXSimCopter missions, then you are most likely not able to get Salem Night to work. The reason why is that you are missing the bgl and texture files that I used from FSXSimCopter. This download includes those missing files.

1. Open the BGL folder and select all and copy.
2. Open your Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/scenery and paste.
3. Open the texture folder and select all and copy.
4. Open your Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/texture and paste.

David Crandall

The archive simc_obj.zip has 208 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
bgl11.02.070 B
simcopter.bgl10.13.074.73 MB
simcopter.txt10.13.072.19 kB
Readme.txt11.02.07565 B
texture11.02.070 B
3B9ACDEA_Skip.bmp08.30.0465.05 kB
3B9ACDEA_Skip_Green.bmp09.02.0465.05 kB
5025_006.bmp06.21.0717.05 kB
Ali plate.bmp07.15.0565.05 kB
bb111.bmp06.20.0765.05 kB
bb165.bmp06.19.0765.05 kB
bb187.bmp06.20.0765.05 kB
Bench_metal.bmp10.23.0465.05 kB
boxes.bmp09.26.0465.05 kB
Bright Stone.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Bright Stone_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
bright_pebbledash-ground.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
bright_pebbledash.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
bright_pebbledash_lm.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
Bungalow.bmp11.04.04257.05 kB
Bungalow2.bmp11.05.04257.05 kB
Bungalow2_lm.bmp11.05.04257.05 kB
Bungalow3.bmp11.06.04257.05 kB
Bungalow3_lm.bmp11.06.04257.05 kB
Bungalow_lm.bmp11.05.04257.05 kB
BWPolice1.bmp07.29.0765.05 kB
BWPolice1_LM.bmp08.03.0765.05 kB
BWPolice_LM.bmp08.03.0765.05 kB
cable drum Nortel.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
cable drum Pirelli.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
cable drum top cable.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
Cable planks.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
cablewinding grey.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
cablewinding.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
cat_black.bmp06.26.0516.81 kB
cat_grey.bmp06.26.0516.63 kB
cat_logos.bmp06.26.0565.05 kB
cat_yellow.bmp06.26.0516.94 kB
cc026.bmp06.19.0765.05 kB
cc035.bmp06.20.0765.07 kB
Ceiling tile.bmp02.01.05257.05 kB
Ceiling_tile_lit_lm.bmp02.01.0565.05 kB
chainlink.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
chainsaw.bmp01.27.05257.05 kB
Cheap_veneer.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Cheap_veneer_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Cheap_veneer_white.bmp08.27.0464.20 kB
Cheap_veneer_white_lm.bmp08.29.0464.20 kB
color plate.bmp06.18.0717.05 kB
Dirty moss stone grey.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_Blue.bmp02.09.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_Blue_lm.bmp02.09.0564.74 kB
Dirty_panel_red.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_red_lm.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
Dull_brick.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Dull_brick_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Face4.bmp06.20.0765.05 kB
Factory Unit L1 Blue.bmp09.24.04257.05 kB
Factory Unit L1 Blue_lm.bmp09.24.04257.05 kB
Factory Unit Prefab.bmp09.24.04257.05 kB
Factory Unit Prefab_lm.bmp09.24.04257.05 kB
fp03.bmp06.20.0765.07 kB
FSX ambulance.bmp08.04.0765.05 kB
FSX ambulance_LM.bmp08.04.0765.05 kB
Fun_sign.bmp02.12.0565.05 kB
Fun_sign_lm.bmp02.12.0565.05 kB
Gutter.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Gutter_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Hair.bmp10.13.0765.07 kB
Hanger_L2.bmp10.06.04257.05 kB
Houchin.bmp05.01.05257.05 kB
Houchin2.bmp05.12.05257.05 kB
House_English_1.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
House_English_1_lm.bmp08.28.0465.05 kB
jcb black.bmp07.01.0517.05 kB
jcb dirty yellow.bmp07.23.0565.05 kB
jcb fork lift.bmp06.30.05257.05 kB
jcb grey.bmp07.01.0517.03 kB
jcb yellow.bmp06.28.0517.04 kB
lambretta blue.bmp12.02.04257.05 kB
lambretta.bmp11.26.04257.05 kB
Len-brick2 Dark.bmp03.16.05257.04 kB
Len-brick2 Dark_lm.bmp02.03.05257.02 kB
Len-brick2 light.bmp02.03.05257.05 kB
Len-brick2 light_lm.bmp02.06.05256.78 kB
Len-brick3.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
Len-brick3_lm.bmp02.27.0564.62 kB
Len-brick4.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
Len-brick4_lm.bmp02.25.05256.10 kB
Len-brick5.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
Len-brick5_lm.bmp02.25.05256.10 kB
Len_Logs.bmp03.23.05170.75 kB
len_stonework.bmp04.24.0565.05 kB
len_stonework_lm.bmp04.24.0564.91 kB
link crane.bmp07.13.05257.05 kB
link-rivet.bmp07.27.0565.05 kB
log_cabin_1.bmp01.01.05257.05 kB
log_cabin_2.bmp01.03.05257.05 kB
Lori.bmp10.13.0765.07 kB
Mobile tower Military.bmp01.14.05257.05 kB
Mobile tower.bmp01.13.05257.05 kB
mt14.bmp06.20.0765.05 kB
mt352.bmp06.20.0765.05 kB
Office_seat.bmp10.11.0465.05 kB
Office_seat_lm.bmp04.24.0565.04 kB
old_brick-ground.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
old_brick-ground_lm.bmp04.20.05257.05 kB
old_brick.bmp04.17.05257.05 kB
old_brick_ivy.bmp04.21.05257.05 kB
old_brick_ivy_lm.bmp04.21.05257.05 kB
old_brick_lm.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash-ground.bmp04.19.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash-ground_lm.bmp04.19.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash.bmp04.17.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash_lm.bmp04.19.05768.05 kB
padlock.bmp05.01.0565.05 kB
Pallet wood.bmp06.15.0565.05 kB
planks 256x256.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
riveted_plate.bmp02.12.0565.05 kB
riveted_plate_lm.bmp02.12.05192.05 kB
riveted_plate_v.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
riveted_plate_v_lm.bmp02.24.05192.05 kB
Roof_tile.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
roof_tile_2.bmp09.11.0465.05 kB
roof_tile_6_len.bmp04.21.0565.05 kB
roof_tile_6_len_lm.bmp04.21.0565.05 kB
roof_tile_7_len.bmp04.24.0565.04 kB
roof_tile_7_len_lm.bmp04.23.05192.05 kB
roof_tile_8_len.bmp04.23.0565.05 kB
roof_tile_8_len_lm.bmp04.23.0565.04 kB
Roof_tile_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
sacking.bmp06.08.0565.05 kB
sacking2.bmp06.09.0565.05 kB
sacking3.bmp06.09.0565.05 kB
sailplane_window1.bmp02.13.0564.66 kB
sailplane_window1_lm.bmp02.13.05192.05 kB
Steel_box_section.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
steel_Red_flange.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
steel_red_lead.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
steel_rusty.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
steel_yellow.bmp06.05.0565.05 kB
steel_yellow_box_section.bmp06.11.0565.05 kB
TDS Dirty_panel_Blue.bmp05.08.0565.05 kB
TDS Dirty_panel_Blue_lm.bmp05.08.0564.96 kB
TDS interior wall with door.bmp05.07.05257.05 kB
TDS interior wall with door_lm.bmp05.07.05257.05 kB
TDS interior wall.bmp05.07.05257.05 kB
TDS interior wall_lm.bmp05.07.05257.05 kB
TDS sign.bmp05.06.05257.05 kB
TDS sign_lm.bmp05.06.05257.05 kB
TDS tile floor.bmp05.08.0564.30 kB
TDS tile floor_lm.bmp05.08.0565.05 kB
TDS Upholstery blue.bmp05.08.0564.37 kB
TDS Upholstery blue_lm.bmp05.08.0564.37 kB
tds_clipper_314.bmp05.15.05257.05 kB
tds_clipper_314_lm.bmp05.15.05257.05 kB
tds_flying_clipper.bmp05.15.05257.05 kB
tds_flying_clipper_lm.bmp05.15.05257.05 kB
tds_fort_lauderdale.bmp05.15.0565.05 kB
tds_fort_lauderdale_lm.bmp05.15.0565.05 kB
tds_wall.bmp05.07.05256.05 kB
terminal interior wall with door.bmp02.10.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall with door_2.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall with door_2_lm.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall with door_lm.bmp02.10.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall.bmp02.02.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall_2.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall_2_lm.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
terminal interior wall_lm.bmp02.02.05257.05 kB
terminal wall blue door.bmp02.23.0565.05 kB
terminal wall blue door_lm.bmp02.23.0565.05 kB
terminal wall blue.bmp02.23.0565.05 kB
terminal wall blue_lm.bmp02.23.0565.05 kB
tile floor blue diamond.bmp03.09.0565.05 kB
tile floor blue diamond_lm.bmp03.09.0565.05 kB
tile floor blue.bmp01.31.0565.05 kB
tile floor blue_lm.bmp02.02.0565.05 kB
tile floor brown.bmp01.31.0565.05 kB
tile floor brown_lm.bmp02.02.0565.05 kB
tile floor green diamond.bmp03.09.0565.05 kB
tile floor green diamond_lm.bmp03.09.0565.05 kB
tile floor light brown.bmp03.05.0565.05 kB
tile floor light brown_lm.bmp03.05.0565.05 kB
Tool_chest aerosoft.bmp07.30.0565.05 kB
Tool_chest.bmp10.17.0465.05 kB
Tool_chest_blue aerosoft.bmp07.30.0565.05 kB
Tool_chest_blue.bmp10.19.0465.05 kB
Town_hall.bmp09.13.04257.04 kB
Town_hall_lm.bmp09.12.04257.05 kB
Toyota black.bmp06.27.0517.05 kB
Toyota decals.bmp06.27.0565.05 kB
Toyota grey.bmp06.27.0517.05 kB
Toyota orange.bmp06.27.0517.05 kB
Trans_window1.bmp09.24.0464.66 kB
Trans_window_dark.bmp02.27.0585.43 kB
Trans_window_dark_lm.bmp02.27.0585.43 kB
Upholstery blue.bmp02.08.0564.74 kB
Upholstery blue_lm.bmp02.08.0564.74 kB
Upholstery red.bmp02.24.0564.70 kB
Upholstery red_lm.bmp02.24.0564.70 kB
wall_concrete.bmp02.10.0565.05 kB
wall_concrete_lm.bmp02.27.0564.89 kB
weathered_stone.bmp01.07.0565.05 kB
Welcome_sign.bmp02.27.0565.05 kB
Welcome_sign_lm.bmp02.27.0565.05 kB
wiremesh.bmp01.15.05128.07 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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