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X-Plane Photographic Scenery Volume 1 Update Released

Last updated Sun, 24 Feb 2013 11:21:30 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:23:04 GMT

Circle Software & Simulation has announced the release of an update to volume 1 of their X-Plane Photographic scenery: England & Wales. For details, click on Read More.

The first official update to Volume 1 of X-Plane Photographic Scenery: England & Wales is available for download now.

What's included in this update?

The following items have been addressed in this update:

1. An area of the North Sea above the North Norfolk coast had elevation artifacts (where sea level was upto 130m high!). This has been rectified.

2. London Heathrow airport had a few night lights too near the South and North side runways. These have been moved slightly further away.

3. An updated and more accurate elevation mesh has been implemented. After the release of XPPS Volume 2 an error in processing of the elevation data for XPPS Volume 1 was discovered. This was not too noticable since Volume 1 is the 'flatest' of the three volumes. However, it was noticable near the borders where Volume 1 met Volumes 2 & 3. The effect of this error was that it reduced all elevations in Volume 1's mesh by approximately 20%, so an elevation of 100ft was actually being rendered as 80 feet. These issues have been fixed. No update is necessary for Volumes 2 & 3.

4. The runway at Old Sarum has been changed to a grass strip. Some industrial buildings around Old Sarum have been removed.

5. Ratcliffe o­n Soar Power Station has been fixed. Before there were eight cooling towers, but four of them were 17 feet tall!. They are all now the same size (350 feet).

6. Eastchurch airport o­n the Isle of Sheppey has been modified as a result of user feedback. The modifications include placing the runway in a more accurate location, adding a grass taxiway/ramp area and placing the windsocks in their correct positions.

Some additional updates are pending for this and other volumes, so if your update is not included here, hopefully it will be next time!

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