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Force Dynamics Offers Official X-Plane Support

Last updated Sun, 08 Jul 2018 18:01:22 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 10 Jul 2016 12:29:47 GMT

Got a few thousand dollars lying around and a copy of X-Plane? Now, you can get the full experience. One of the most celebrated flight simulation products in recent history, the Force Dynamics, is finally fully supportive of X-Plane. Combining one of the most beloved simulators with one of the most powerful pieces of hardware around should give you, undoubtedly, the perfect flight experience.

What is Force Dynamics?

Force Dynamics is an immensely detailed and utterly realistic flight simulation platform. This is a motion platform that tilts, rotates and moves to help you fully experience the simulation experience. FD is used for more than just aircraft, though; people use it for trying out cars, planes, buses, boats, jeeps – you name it, there’s a modular input for FD to let you try it out.

The Force Dynamics motion simulator

This piece of hardware is ready to go as soon as you get it, with everything included that you could possibly need. This includes an on-board computing system that is ready to kick into life at any moment, a range of monitors, a booming 900W sound system, and force feedback wheels. All of these tools and systems come to life together to create a genuine outstanding piece of hardware.

It offers the ultimate way for simulation fans get as close to the real thing as they are likely to at any point. This is also going to make sure you can enjoy a comprehensive flight system that feels realistic and fun.

This is a truly built-up from the ground simulation platform. With everything you need waiting for you to get the full engagement and enjoyment possible, flight simulation fans will absolutely love this. Not only will this make sure you can get a wonderful system that provides excessive realism, it’ll help you become a better pilot.

With 500lbs of peak thrust for as much as 2gs of acceleration power, this 3HP peak servo gives you a 1:1 yaw axis. This means that you feel everything your system is dealing with, whether it’s for driving a simulator car or – as we are discussing – bursting through the skies with an aircraft.

Using the FD platform for a driving simulator

Introducing X-Plane

If there is one major element that FD has been missing in the past, it’s been full integration with aviation support. Now, with X-Plane finally supported, you can get the ultimate aviation experience. Flying with the joystick can feel good. Even getting a pilot style chair and all the gear you can find to make yourself "feel" like a pilot can help to add to the realism of the encounter.

What it can’t do, though, is give you the “real feel” effect that FD can provide you with. This makes you feel like you are actually in the cockpit of an aircraft. Given that it offers the rotation you would expect from the cockpit of a real aircraft this can feel exceptionally realistic. You’d need to get a rodeo chair installed in your room if you wanted to get this same kind of realism normally!

Major FD Features

  • Makes incredible use of strong and effective display features. You can choose from HD projection screens, a single 55” 3D capable display, or a triple monitor setup that uses 24-27” displays. It’s entirely up to you, but you’ll find that this FD system manages to boost you to the very limits of digital design. This will make sure that, whatever kind of simulation you want to mess around in, you’ll find it here. This system ensures that you can enjoy a high-end approach with 144hz motion that is up there with the best systems of its kind.

  • Takes the audio, and improves it beyond normal recognition. With a 600W amplifier that drives five Boston Acoustics satellite speakers, and separates 300W amplifiers, you get a truly booming sound from this. It provides power using a 12” driver in a tuned enclosure. All of the audio systems for this were custom-built by the FD team to give the most terrifying and wonderful source performance.

  • Control mechanisms have been changed, refined and improved time and time again. Working with an in-house feedback wheel that was created specifically for FD, this works to give you close to 50x the torque of a normal FFB wheel. This is going to give you the utmost level of feel and control, with on-board electronic damping allowing you to enjoy oscillations, jerks and overall hardware craziness. If you want even more control, then you can add on extras like handbrakes, gear shifters and pedal sets if you want to use this for cars, too.

VIDEO: Force Dynamics 401cr + X-Plane 10

Pricing & Operation

Force Dynamics promo shotGiven that the price starts at $30,000 you might not be buying one just yet, but this is a project well worth keeping an eye on. For simulation fans of all genres it also supports the likes of Project Cars and iRacing, so you can still enjoy a wonderfully realistic simulation program outside of X-Plane. However, for simulation purposes within aviation you really should consider using this mod.

Want to see how this works in full? Then you can see an excellent video of the Force Dynamics system using X-Plane above. This gives you a clear way to understand and fully appreciate the overall command and control of the simulator itself. You’ll get to see the motion seating in action, the force dynamics of the system working, the quality of the image that you get on screen, and the control functions.

You get everything from a yoke to the differential braking, meaning that you get a setup which would be similar to what you would find with any traditional civilian aircraft.

Given that this uses fully FAA certified controls, you can get all the help that you need in making this really feel like the genuine project. If you have always wanted to get the closest ideal possible to flying a real aircraft, and happen to have five figures spare, then you should definitely consider taking a look at Force Dynamics with X-Plane.

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