Bergen Airport Scenery for X-Plane Released by Aerosoft

Despite being one of the most beautiful nations in the world, the snow-swept land of Norway lies rather barren in the simulation world. Not only does it tend to lack the solidity of detail such a country deserves, many of its airports feel extremely sparse. Bergen Airport is the second largest airport in the nation, and this Aerosoft modification looks to try to provide it with some extra detail.

Control tower and airfield

Using high-resolution scenery that was captured on the actual airports’ grounds, this helps to add some much-needed familiarity. By helping to create a more welcoming atmosphere throughout the airport, those landing here should find it to be a whole lot more hospitable than beforehand. Scenery has been moved around to help add a more detailed image of the airport. The new facilities that have been added into place add a busier feel to the airport. The main terminal, too, still under construction, has been added for effect.

The runways and various minor parts of the airport such as taxiways and shrubbery have all been reworked. The aim of the add-on is to help add some attention to detail to an important Scandinavian airport, with a more realistic look and scale to the airport brought in.

New animations and movements help to make the airport look as busy as it should. Also, new customized height data and authentic sloping help to make the airport an enjoyable challenge to try and land in. Should you feel like Bergen Airport needs to be more enjoyable in simulation, this offers an attempt to do so.

Official Preview Video

New Features

  • Fully capable of being used with X-Plane 11.
  • A much closer take on the airport than beforehand, making it much more like the real Bergen Airport itself.
  • Newly detailed models of buildings, installations, taxiways, runways and general features help to bring more life to the airport.
  • Better scaling and placement of objects to help ensure it meets the standards one would expect.
  • Newly animated jetways and service vehicles. Simply download the Autogate plug-in for the jetways to come to life and move accordingly.
  • Customised new static aircraft help to ensure that the location as a whole feels as alive as it should.
  • Terminal interior has been reworked from the ground up to help make it look as close to reality as it can.
  • New winter and night time effects help to add a much-needed warmth and glow to the airport.
  • Customised runway sloping and mesh helps to make take-off and landing more enjoyable than ever

You can pick up your copy over at SimShack here. While we don't have much in terms of freeware for Bergen airport just yet, do check out the XP11 scenery category and HD Mesh Scenery for X-Plane 11 and 12 here (both freeware).

Additional screenshots


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Ian Stephens

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